Im Shi Wan Out, Cha Eun Woo In Joining Kim Nam Gil and Seo Ye Ji in tvN Fantasy Thriller Drama Island

There is casting updates around second half 2021 tvN drama Island, with a new fresh-faced male lead taking over for a prior name associated with the drama. Cha Eun Woo will be the other male lead in Island for the role that was initially courting Im Shi Wan who has clearly passed on it. I’m still unsold on Cha Eun Woo but if he’s going all in on his acting career then this is great step forward for his resume. He gets to work with Kim Nam Gil who is the male lead as well as Seo Ye Ji, who has established herself with strong acting depth. Kim Nam Gil will play the male lead a monster hunter named Ban/Pan, he’s half human and half demon. Seo Ye Ji is a rich girl sent to Jeju after she keeps creating scandals in Seoul and finds herself targeted by monsters. Cha Eun Woo’s role is that of an exorcist priest who is super cool and hip thanks to growing up in the US. The drama is adapted from the manhwa of the same name so those interested can get a first read.


Im Shi Wan Out, Cha Eun Woo In Joining Kim Nam Gil and Seo Ye Ji in tvN Fantasy Thriller Drama Island — 23 Comments

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  2. They really need a pretty man for the role. Shiwan and Eunwoo has similar vibes in terms of visual, but I will always pick Shiwan for acting. I really like him since Misaeng, and I love his last drama, Run On. For Eunwoo, I believe he will improve like how L improved his acting in the past years.

    • Im Siwan was too good to be true. Him and Kim Nam Gil worked on Emergency Declaration, so they already built up a solid chemistry together. Going from a respected actor in film/tv to Cha Eun Woo (It Boy of the Month) feels like a massive downgrade. Men can get several chances to improve their acting, but women gets one and if they bomb it, they’re out. In KNG/SYJ’s shadows, CEW is going to be squandered. I bet he’ll be more prominent towards S2, as it’ll begin on Kim Nam Gil/Seo Ye Ja’s arc first before the 3rd Main (CEW’s role).

      • I do agree in general on the statement that it’s much more challenging for actresses to prove themselves. Though there are exemptions, as these actresses have been given multiple chances: Idol turn actresses (i.e. Suzy-still shaky on her acting footing, Yoona, IU), Goddess like visuals as per k-standard (i.e. Song Hye kyo, Kim Tae Hee are example).

      • @J For idol stars, SM pushes them a lot. That’s why Yoo-na falters, she gets multiple chances same with Suzy (JYP not with Soop). Agencies have so much power. Also looks too play a huge factor. The K industry is small, that being said for films its harder to break into the upper class of actors still. IU writes/composes her own music, so I say she’s more respected than Suzy/Yoo-na in S.K. Plus My Mister/HDL proved her chops.

        So many want to create the next big superstar, but its just impossible now. Also doesn’t help that actresses don’t have meaty/heavier roles to do in their 20s vs actresses/actors in the 1st/2nd generation. Esp. since many aren’t willing to take a chance on a newbie or unfamiliar wise. On the flip side: Vincenzo/Jeon Yeo Bin will become a bigger name/star due to it. So these big name A List guys need to be willing to be side by side w/ their FL. Jeon said SJK was cool w/ her acting all out, which helps her be memorable.

  3. Drama, you had me at Kim Nam Gil and Seo Ye Ji. I couldn’t care less who else is in it. That casting is gold. 🙂

    • the dude has multiple big budget movies lined up… he dont seems to care that he had to reject a studio dragon project…

  4. I’m excited for this drama for the 2 leads. I hope though that she attacks the character “rich girl causing too many scandals in Seoul” differently from her character in IONTBO. Is the role of the 3rd lead in the manhwa big and challenging? Maybe it’s not so heavy or significant and Eunwoo can do justice to it.

  5. The visual this drama is offering from seo yeaji to cha eunwoo such a shame siwan rejected this role but i’m excited what cha eunwoo can offer as he is acting with A-list Actors i hope he improved

  6. I know eunwoo is more popular than siwan but how can their be huge drop in acting quality the drama already had kim nam gil and seo yeaji as the main lead so they dont have to worry about the rating or being popular

  7. Looks like they’re packing as much star power as they can to make sure this blows up both domestically and internationally. Has the network now been confirmed? Cos OCN was promoting this drama and yet this article says tvN.

    • OCN is under CJ E&M, which also owns tvN. But this is a OCN drama. It’s part of their cinematic universe alongside Dark Hole, so expect a higher budget but also stylized cinematic vision too.

      Right? Not into CEW, but he is very popular rn. Let’s just hope he brings his acting chops b/c he’s the weakest link out of the cast.

      • Yeah I know they’re both under CJ E&M but my point is, this drama will be aired on OCN yet Koala wrote tvN in this post which is incorrect information.

        I found ISW dull in Run On but I loved him in Strangers From Hell and he’s the faaaaaaaaaar better actor. He’d have been the delicious icing on an already delicious cake but instead we’ll be getting bitrex. I haven’t liked CEW’s performance in any of the dramas I’ve seen him in but popularity means something so there you go. Funny thing? I see his fans online protesting that this second lead role is beneath their oppa and he should be the main lead or decline. Oh. My. Ghad.

      • It’s a mistake, b/c this is 100% going on OCN.

        ISW is a Chungmuro actor, he done more variety in risky projects and has proven his talents. I thought b/c he and KNG worked together in a new film, that perhaps he could’ve signed on. But instead, we’ve CEW sighs. Also dude is 24, so I guess this show really wants every age group lol.

        K-pop fans are so annoying. Like get off ya high horses. CEW beneath this plz, he’s a flavor of the month types that gets replaced every 1-2 yrs. He’s lucky to be working with KNG, who is a Daesang winning/Chungmuro/veteran. Cackles. That’s one thing that I was like eh about is once CEW is cast, stupid fan wars/baggage over who should get SYJ rme. Plus SYJ wanted to work w/ KNG.

    • Dunno if my comment went through lol. IA on CEW. My biggest gripe of casting him were his fans trying to make it seem like he’s the award winning/ratings actor instead rofl. Rme indeed, his fans online need to zip it. Saying its beneath him, when he’s the weakest actor in this cast is ironic.

  8. I don’t find ISW so good, he’s when the character looks like him. CEW was the weakest in True Beauty, so if he needs to take a new role, a second one is the best. I just hoped we won’t have his acting from the Rookie Historian.

    The most important are the leads and I’m excited to watch them together!

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