Park Min Young and Song Kang to Star in jTBC Office Rom-com Drama Office Romance Cruel Story

This sounds like a derivation of jTBC office romance Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick (She Would Never Know) complete with office and noona-dongsaeng romance. I sure hope there are more stakes that Sunbae because that drama has like zero tension albeit lots of sweetness. Park Min Young and Song Kang are in talks for the leads of romance jTBC drama Office Romance Cruel Story (Workplace Romance Tragedy), but since its a rom-com I’m guessing there is less torture and more emotional heartache in the cruelty. It’s set in the Weather Bureau with Park Min Young playing the capable no-nonsense Director who draws her personal boundaries and takes no fools. Song Kang is a country boy come who loves the weather with a high IQ and a sweet demeanor. It’s from the PD of When the Camellia Blooms and the screenwriter of Can’t Live Without You and Miss Ripley, with a scheduled second half of 2021 premiere.


Park Min Young and Song Kang to Star in jTBC Office Rom-com Drama Office Romance Cruel Story — 26 Comments

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    • I think it’s super weird that Korean dramas are obsessed with this trope. What is the fascination? It’s just the reverse Candy.

      • I think it is about the $$. You get an actress at a certain level who is paid more $$ per episode and mix with a cutie pie up and comer actor. Once in a while a production can get two big names like in CLOY, but if budget is a concern, they can only swing one. It works the other way as well sometimes, but this is my working theory on why noona romances seem to never lose favor.

      • @Kat I totally agree with is really rare to get two big names under one drama..CLOY was the exception..Their budget must be really really huge given that despite paying so much $$ to the casts, they still gave out best qualities in other areas ..for example the set, cinematography(minus the paragliding scenes) etc…the Pyongyang and NK village looked really believable..
        Studio dragon gave it all ..But it was a wise decision…they got paid multiple times back..
        As for Park Min Young, her roles are getting repetitive..(her last drama was an exception though)

    • I dont get why its much acceptable to act with an actors who 10yrs older than the female lead but have prejudice in a noona-dongsaeng romance drama

  2. I wish PMY would choose a different drama. Her last 3 drama has been romance. Would love to see her in a mystery thriller or even sageuk again.

    • I couldn’t agree, she was so good in Seven Day Queen,great sageuk that was so intense, emotional deep that she showed more acting ability that I expected from her. Her last rom coms have been the superficial type with no plot,no real emotions. Waste of her talent really.

      • queen for seven days was really well done, I remember crying buckets at the last episode. It was tragic that it didn’t get the ratings it deserve but definitely earned PMY a lot of goodwill – she was consistently good in it.

  3. I’d prefer to see her in a thriller, …but not another rom com . After the hit Why secretary Kim ? Her private life and the one with Seo kang Joon were boring, i couldn’t finished them .

  4. I really liked PMY in When the Weather Is Fine, it was a beautiful story and after Secretary and Her Private Life, it was a nice change. At least, she always has a great chemistry with her costar!

    I only watched Song Kang in Love Alarm and When the Devil Calls and I didn’t like his acting, but I didn’t watch Sweet Home. Why not.

  5. I love Park Min Young. 2 of her dramas are in my top 10 favorites (Seven Day Queen and City Hunter), but I don’t like noona romances so this is a pass for me. I would love it if she does melo and sageuk again.

  6. still not over that Sunbae finished. I like PMY but I would like to see her in something different. Song kang has so much energy, he never rests =).

  7. I may be in the minority for saying this, but, while I love PMY and absolutely adore Song Kang, I just don’t see them as a couple. The age difference between them is too obvious and in your face. While some Noona romances work regardless of age because the leads look compatible, I just don’t see it in this case. I loved PMY in her last melodrama: ‘When the Weather was fine,’ but even I could see the gaps between her and Seo Kang Joon especially when it came to romantic or couple scenes. She seems to do her best work with older actors like Kim Jae Wook or actors closer to her age like Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook or Park Seo Joon. Basically, actors with a more mature, manly vibe instead of a boyish aura. I would also like to see her in a Sci-fi, thriller, saguek or action role again. Her last few dramas were either in the romcom or melo genre. Time for something different. And I’m not counting Busted on Netflix cause that was shot as more of a variety, than a drama.

  8. I am a fan of the noona romance, but I think it has been done to death. I like PMY so I will give it a go and see if anything different is being offered. I see a lot of people want to see PMY do other stuff. I am not convinced she gets those offers. I think her last drama wasn’t a rom/com but more a slice of life melo so she isn’t doing neverending rom/coms, but I too would love to see her in a historical again if a good one comes her way.

    • @Kat

      I see your point about probably not getting the offers to do stuff other than romcoms. Earlier in her career, she was able to do a lot of non-romcom work where although there was romance, it wasn’t the focus of the drama; for example, dramas like City Hunter, Seven Day Queen, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Healer, Remember, and A New Leaf. Looking at her career, she has had an impressive body of work, has been in the industry a long time and must have made a lot of contacts in the drama industry along the way. It’s difficult for me to believe that an actress of her experience and caliber cannot find scripts in other genres if she really wanted to. I feel that because she’s gained a lot of recent public recognition and acclaim from her romcoms, it has become her safety zone and she may not want to rock the boat and try other things, since she’s acted in other genres before. And there’s nothing wrong with that. The danger is that she may end up typecast, and boring her fans with a repetitive kind of content.

      • I just think it probably comes down to two things: 1. $ How much is she being offered because, you are right, she is a successful actress so I think her price per episode has gone up. This means budget comes into play and it also means that a production might be willing to pay for her for a romance drama where they wouldn’t in a different genre. 2. Solid scripts. I mean there is a lot of crap out there in k-dramaland. I’m sure she’s getting stuff but is it any good?

        Anyway, just throwing that out there. People always assume that these actors are turning down all these offers, and I just think it’s probably not that simple. It could be that PMY sees herself possibly aging out of the rom/com thing and is trying to make bank while she can. Who knows.

  9. I love PMY and her last drama was surprisingly my cup of tea but yeah at this point “pmy” and “romance” in the same sentence are starting to get boring. Actually I don’t mind romance…that is her specialty but I wish she’d take something like HEALER or CH again where romance wasn’t the focus. As for Song Kang I haven’t properly seen him in anything yet…LA isn’t my type of drama and I only lasted 2 eps of SH.

  10. If this is confirmed, wow, Song Kang is fully booked this year. I don’t particularly like his acting (yet) but I suppose because he has the height advantage, he has been getting lots of attention. I wish the characters in this drama are peers though who each can hold their own, rather than focus on noona-dongsaeng romance, which has become predictable in my opinion.

  11. I love PMY in romance, she’s the perfect female lead: absolutely beautiful without being intimidating, charming and dynamic on screen and great at acting.

    That said, I would love to see her in more than low-stress slice of life romance. She has taken back to back projects with similar theme that it’s easy to forget just how great she is at acting. I feel like she’s been typecasted when she’s capable of so many other dynamic roles.

  12. will she act cutesy again in this drama? lol..
    Park min young’s drama choices- zzzźzzzz
    She and Ji Chang wook should work together again because they both love romance drama. Yikes.
    btw her last drama was a Big f…l
    . …o….p

    • will she wear school uniform again. now puking. I cant look ar her in her last drama. PMY in school uniform is anoying. shes too old for that.

      • i thought, i’m the only one cannot stand her in school uniform. She not too old, but not suitable to school uniform anymore.mybe her style did not match

  13. Another office rom com from PMY? Come on. I love her but it has become too repetitive.

    And another noona romance. I agree with whoever said upthread that they just want a high profile FL, and a cute young ML to entice the younger viewers. Why cant we get a proper mature romance with older actors? If its well done people will watch it.

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