Former C-drama Costars Wu Qian and Zhang Yu Jian Confirm Marriage After She’s Spotted Out with a Toddler Girl

Well, at least this scandal has a happy ending so to speak, I’m still traumatized by Zheng Shuang abandoning two babies in the US after asking if surrogates can still abort. Chinese stars Wu Qian (Janice Wu) and Zhang Yu Jian, who costarred as the OTP in romance C-drama Le Coup de Foudre (Love at First Sight) in 2018, are married in real life and the parents to a toddler girl! They apparently had great chemistry in the drama and Chinese gossip rags rumored that the two were actually a real life couple but both repeatedly denied it. This week Wu Qian was spotted out with her mom and a toddler girl in tow and rumors heated up that it was her child. Zhang Yu Jian stepped up and posted on his Weibo confirming that they were married and the child is theirs. His post was rather jerky, yelling at the invasion of privacy for photographing their child, how Wu Qian was upset, and demanding it not happen again. He also said he didn’t care that netizens were upset at him because he doesn’t know them. Dude, 100% of the annoyed commentary towards you is because you spent the last 3 years openly, repeatedly, giving interviews and going on programs stating that you were single, wanted to have a girlfriend, and hoped there was a woman out there for you. Like, Zhang Yu Jian didn’t just not tell his fans he was married and a dad (fine and understandable to keep silent on your personal life), he went out of his way to manufacture a bachelor lie and milk it for all it was worth on variety shows. D-ouche with a capital D for that. Otherwise, congrats to cutie Wu Qian on being a mom though honestly her taste in men is a little suss.


Former C-drama Costars Wu Qian and Zhang Yu Jian Confirm Marriage After She’s Spotted Out with a Toddler Girl — 19 Comments

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  2. Weren’t there also like two other married & with children couples that came forward from C-Ent after Shuanggate?? Wtf is going on???? Why this epidemic of denials not only after marriage but after HAVING A DAMN CHILD?? Honestly, I think less of them keeping this CIA-level secrecy over their personal lives than couples that have children before marriage.

    Like, I truly do not understand the need for all this lying and scheming??? Not only are you disrespecting your partner and spitting on your marriage vows by proclaiming your bachelor status (like this dirtbag) but feigning ignorance about YOUR OWN CHILD until proof is smacked in your face is one of the most shittiest parental antics as well. What absolute trash.

  3. Damn, using his child now to cover for his bad behavioral of deceiving the public of a single status. That is low. You can’t have it both way by milking it and then blaming it for exposing it.

  4. respect to sun yi and dong zijian who was open about their marriage and child but still commit to their carrer.

    i know marriage is also privacy things but as public figure janice and yujian should be honest to their fans..

    anyway congratulations to this good news, please always be happy with your loves one..

  5. It seems though that neither of them wanted to go public. Let’s not forget she’s very much her own person with her own autonomy. She is also a celebrity with her own team and could have went public if she wanted. She “hid” her pregnancy and their relationship just as much as he did. Let’s also not forget there’s still tons of drama surrounding celebrities to coming forward with their relationships. Chris Wu and Ivy Shao? These are two married adults,who for whatever reason, made what they thought was the best decision for their family and careers.

    • I don’t know about them both wanting to keep it a secret. Insiders said that after she got pregnant she wanted to publicly announce it but he was strongly against it cause he didn’t want it to effect his career. She could’ve went public for sure but if he was against it she can’t just come out alone.

  6. Besides the privacy angle, some actors/actresses (or celebrities in general) may feel they lose some of their marketability or appeal if they are known to be dating, married or have a family.

  7. Well, when you choose to be a celebrity, there really is no such thing as privacy anymore. This is what comes along with the job description, no? If he didn’t care about being relevant in the industry still, he would of never lied. If he didn’t care about what people thought, I shouldn’t have lied but still he’s lying because yes he does care. Honestly, just tell us your married. Most people don’t care or can’t do anything about it lol most likely you would get congratulations, not hate like now since the trust disappeared.

  8. He should have hired a PR agency just like Hua Chenyu then they will do the dirty work for you & your image will be intact. Nothing that money can’t buy.

  9. I respect them wanting to protect their privacy but I think if you are both public figures the best thing to do is to just come out with the truth from the beginning and ask people not to invade their privacy for the protection of their child. one way or another this was going to get out and with how janice and zhang yu jian were pretty much an open secret in the industry they had to realise it wasn’t going to be long until people found out.

    zhang yu jian is seriously sus for what he went around saying in variety shows though and I don’t find it hard to believe the rumours that janice wanted to announce her pregnancy and he didn’t for the sake of his career. its hilarious, if there is any credit to this rumour, that he thought his marriage and child would actually affect his career in any way when a) he and jancice were so loved by the general public after LCDF for their characters and the potential of them being an irl couple and b) he is not a young 20 something up and coming idol who would have to worry about his fans dropping him when they find out he’s dating or married or has a kid, he is a grown 30 year old man. other than the odd group of fans who don’t want him to date I seriously doubt most of his fans would’ve cared. i don’t know if this is in any way comparable but sun yi got married and had a kid at the peak of her popularity and very early in her career and she’s still popular and has a good amount of projects lined up. If anything,the fact that he lied about his wife and child,claimed to be single and went around saying he wanted to find someone to date has hurt his image FAR more than saying he was married and has a kid from the beginning would actually have.

  10. Being a celebrity doesn’t mean he/she has to tell everyone of their private life. They owe no one any explanation nor need to justify themselves. Whether to reveal or not is between them. Both are on the same opinion. They never knowledge their relationship publicly nor hide it. They just want public to just respect their private life and private space when/if public see them out in public doing stuff like very normal people. To purposely stalk them and hound them just to justify public curiosity n force them to out their status is literally cyber bullying. To snap pic if their kid and reveal their child’s name is invasion of privacy. How would the public like it if strangers stalk you, snap pic of you and your children, reveal your children name to the whole world? I’m sure we ourselves will not like it and will feel like we are being invaded. Stars are normal people just like us. Only difference is that they use their talent to keep us entertain. That’s their profession. We can admire them for their talent but we do not own them nor have the rights to demand them to let us know their private life. When and what they want to share with us about their private life is up to them to reveal, not for the public to dig n dig n force them like they are some criminal. We normal people like to have our own privacy respected so do these stars.

    As for him keeping single status even when married, most of the time actors/actresses did it because of agency contract or at the instrucof agent/agency.

    Who are we to condemn him? By judging him, we are equally cyberbullying him like the rest of those keyboard warriors. He is only answerable to his wife.

    Leave the stars alone to date, get married and have a family. When they feel comfortable to share it with us one day, we shall just rejoice with them and wish them well. Such a happy news, why are the netizens turning it into a crucifixion of stars. And the netizens wonder why stars are dating in secret and not willing to share. Geeze!

  11. I understand celebrities wanting to keep their personal life private but rather than evading, lying and making it a secret, it’s better to control the narrative and public opinion from the start by admitting cleanly that they’ve gotten married and have a child together. It’s not like you are doing anything bad.

    Their most notable work in their career is their drama together. Many fans ship them together. It’s already an open secret that they are a couple. Their relationship will be received well by the public. Just say “Yes, we are together. Please respect our privacy”. Done. Denying your marriage only gives nosy paparazzi more motivation and ammunition to stalk the private life you want to hide so bad.

  12. I always thought official news of their relationship would make me happy. I adore her, and their chemistry in Coup was SO cute.

    Sadly his statement burned off a bit of my goodwill… humph. Congrats or whatever.

  13. Okay, call me a sympathetic person. But first off, he was commenting towards people who were questioning him and then some who were being VERY rude. He said, and I quote, “Normal dating and marriage, have a cute child, and the legal procedures are complete. I don’t care if you scold me because I don’t know you. I am not OBLIGATED to tel you anything about my personal affairs. I just want to give the child a normal enviornment to grow up. You shouldn’t have filmed my daughter and exposed my daughters name. It was the parents negligence for not protecting her well this time. Her mother is still blaming herself and feels very bad till now. Don’t do this again.” Can you blame him for wanting some privacy? Yes, because the world is very curious, he even went to these lengths to convince the world he was single, to protect his child and probably his marriage included. Like he said, we don’t HAVE to know his personal life, we have no right to be mad about it. It’s HIS personal life, HIS marriage, and HIS child. We don’t know him, all we do is watch his dramas. His personal life is not our entertainment!

  14. honestly no one would be hating if not for his “I need a gf” pr shit. Olivia Wang came clean about her secret child a few days ago and received nothing but congrats (and she’s even a single mom who had a kid out of wedlock).

    • Yeah, that is what irks me too. Also his post where like some parent scolding a child who did wrong. Netizens were angry for Janice and for his words and lies what is a totally normal reaction. It reminds me a lot to the Feng Shao Feng and Zhao Li Ying relationship who were lying so much that today hardly anyone besides avid fans believes anything now what they say. Keep your mouth shut and people will accept it since most of them have a RL and understand boundaries. I also ask myself if he irked someone too much that he was outed since his relationship must be widely known behind the scenes.

  15. As public figures especially in Asian countries where you’re looked upon as role models whether you like it or not, whether you choose to or not, it’s important to have morales as decent human beings. Asian celebrities lie about their private lives for the sake of their careers yet always use the protection card for sympathy. If someone who is way more popular and surrounded by avid crazy fans like Luhan can openly date and for a while now too, with his fans threatening to kill themselves, ruin his life, and not support him anymore, I don’t see why anyone would hide their marriage and children. I can understand if they kept their dating secret but marriage and children? That’s completely different. I think fans are a lot more understanding these days, as celebrities more than ever, live normal lives. Like he said, they fell in love, got married, and had a child like normal SO why whine about their privacy? Obviously, they had enough privacy and space to raise a family for two years. Haha. Anyway, thanks to reality shows, social media, and more celebrities openly dating/married, fans just aren’t that crazy anymore because celebrities don’t choose to live in that fake illusion of perfect human beings. There are tons of famous celebrities who openly date, get married, and have children in the public eye and fans have only showered them with support. It’s a personal choice they made for their careers, not necessarily for the protection of their child. It sounds bogus. And no, stop blaming the company and fans that supposedly made them lie. Dude, he’s a grown man, a married man, a father, he made his own decisions all along, so take responsibility and face the consequences of lying, point blank. No one is saying he can’t date or get married or that he has to ask his fans, but seriously, stop blaming people. And the way he admitted to the truth too shows that he lacks morales. Lying, hiding your wife and child for years, how did this become a trend? Why are people so shameless now? As an entertainer, your career, your living, is tied to your image and face. Generally, people don’t like liars, cheaters, and so forth, so it’s very normal how netizens are angry at this guy. There has to be boundaries and morales, too. How far can the “privacy card” last before it’s BS? I think a simple weibo post that I’m married in the beginning would’ve saved the invasion of their privacy this month. It’s because they gave the reporters and paparazzi something to reveal that made it a hot story to chase. It’s sort of their own doing. Reporters rarely show the faces of celebrity babies and it’s a line they don’t cross if that couple is known to have children, but in this case, how would the paparazzi know? Of course, we have some rude ones too, but what I’m trying to say is, if you want your privacy and space, start with protecting them publicly because you in the end, are a public figure. I don’t see how sharing your marital status whether you believe the public is entitled to that information or not won’t allow you to live a normal life. Heck, Chen Kun has raised his son over a decade, solo, for now, and still, no one hounds him for the mother’s identity. People have more manners and respect than what they’re given credit for.

  16. Western vs asian culture clash.
    In the west nobody associates/criticises celebrities because of their personal lives.
    In asia one must be a model child or else killed on the spot.

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