Taecyeon Offered Male Lead Role Opposite Jung So Min in Sageuk Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi Replacing Jo Byung Gyu After Bullying Scandal

The fallout of the February spate of bullying allegations continues albeit less fast and furious. Young actor Jo Byung Gyu was on the verge of total breakout after three consecutive hit dramas Stove League, Sky Castle, and The Uncanny Counter is not on ice. He was accused by former classmates of bullying, he has denied it, but it appears his next drama isn’t ready to bank on him probably due to these allegations not being so clear to dispel. He was signed on for tvN sageuk drama Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi with female lead Jung So Min but the production has not offered the male lead to Taecyeon. His agency confirmed that Taec received the offer but is one of many he’s considering. I think this is a great high profile drama, fantastic leading lady, and a true challenge taking on his first sageuk drama. He might such but at least I know he’ll try really really hard. The drama is from the PD of Designated Survivor: 60 Days and the screenwriter of Tamra the Island (one of my all time faves!) and The Undateables. Currently the drama is scheduled for end of 2021 airing.


Taecyeon Offered Male Lead Role Opposite Jung So Min in Sageuk Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi Replacing Jo Byung Gyu After Bullying Scandal — 23 Comments

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  2. Seo In Guk would have been perfect many other actors actually but him not really, he is a so-so actor and you can’t be average in a sageuk…

  3. The thing with Taecyeon….he is an actor that you know is acting. I know it’s weird but I get the sense that when he is emoting, his mind is focus that he needs to focus or act a certain way….. and it shows on his acting. A theoretical type of actor. A lot of idols turn actors have this tendency. It takes them a long time before we get that “Ï am the character”,and less of the “I am idol name acting as this character”.

    • @j on
      Funny you said this, I feel exactly the same, just don’t know that there’s a name for it. It’s the same feeling I have when I watch Ha Ji Won and that actress from When Camellia Blooms. While watching them,I am so conscious of their acting, like I know they are acting. That’s why I couldn’t watch any of their work till the end.

      • I have this feeling with Ji Chang Wook. Like, he was amazing in Healer. I ONLY saw the character.

        But most of his dramas since then, I see the acting effort. It feels “stagey” and somewhat contrived.

  4. What a weird choice! They’re so many better actor. I can’t picture him in a sageuk.

    Jung So Min needs a really good project after the last one.

  5. I would like to see this pairing. Why do I keep thinking a modern day drama would be more suitable for them together? And more fun.

  6. Why not cast Yoon Shi Yoon instead of Taecyeon? He already did a sageuk twice. Sageuks are harder to do. Even Park Seo Joon failed in Hwarang. Are there no other actors available or is it related to Taecyeon being in a hit drama right now?

    Because if it is, Vincenzo’s high ratings is due to SJK and the director.

  7. And some user here was like JBG had been cleared. Huh.

    But Taec? Dude’s barely passable in modern dramas, how much more sageuks which are onerous.

    “He might suck but he’ll try really really hard”?

    It’s only in K-world that I see these kinds of excuses for atrocious acting. If you’ve chosen to appear on the screens of viewers who will be investing their time to watch you perform, then you better bring your A-game. Nobody comes to watch a so-called actor “try“ to act.

    • For real. “He/she works really hard!” and “he/she has improved!!*” are like the ultimate in idol fan excuses and it’s extra ridiculous when it’s for someone who has had so many chances and routinely gets outshone by better actors in dramas where he was meant to be the lead (see: Kim Soo Hyun in Dream High, Woo Do Hwan in Save Me)…his acting being considered lead-worthy is a farce and he can’t even pull it off when he’s playing a supporting role.

      * ‘improved’ meaning s/he went from godawful to just somewhat bad/mediocre at best

      • I guess a lot of idol actors really do get multiple chances to show improvement, lead role after lead roles. I guess it’s being fair that he gets the chance, as idol actresses like Suzy do get theirs as well. And the stand for improvement for them is not as strict, as expectation are quite low, hence a miniscule growth is already acceptable even if that is not at par with the expected.

      • @j – TEN YEARS though. An acting career as a lead is not a right for an idol who doesn’t have the acting skills, whether it’s Suzy or him.

        And it’s not even like he has the It factor to carry a drama as lead or has carried a drama to hit status, like I said, he gets outshined multiple times by other actors who break out of dramas he’s supposedly leading in. And he sucks in the role he’s got in Vincenzo.

  8. I agree with the comment that Taecyeon is barely passable in modern dramas, who in their right mind would want to cast him in a saeguk. So many other actors that have saeguk experience would be better. I want Yoon Si Yoon for this role. Or a reunion with Seo In Guk would be great too.

  9. Omg… What happened to Byeong Gyu. I hope he’ll pass that hard time. Oth, not a fan of Taecyeon but a fan of Somin so definitely gonna watch this.

  10. I’m sure he’s a nice person in real life and all. And I have nothing against him really. But Taecyeon is really…not a good actor. I cringe whenever he throws in English phrases here and there in Vincenzo. Yeah not sure how he’ll pull it off in a saeguk.

    • What you said… it’s true. I am conflicted because I have a big soft spot for Taec. But JSM is going to act circles around him and sagely calls for such a range of emotion. You need gravitas, barely restrained passion, believable sword fighting and the ability to emote tortured tragic love.

      I’m having a very hard time picturing this not suck. My preferred lead would be Yoo Ah In. For nearly any drama and any role.

      • Yes, YAI and JSM pairing will have viewers tuning in! I’d like that a lot! YAI won’t disappoint in saeguks!

        Saw your post above, agree with you 100% on Ji Chang Wook’s unnatural acting. I too couldn’t watch any of his projects after Healer. Haha

  11. Hes a terrible terrible actor but at least will be more age appropriate opposite Jung So Min than JBG. Alist actors do only 1 project a year and up and coming actors are atm inundated with offers. Not everyone is a Song Kang (hardworking to the boot)and also everyone knows its a filler job due to JBG scandal. Still not the most ideal casting. He is for me one of the worst points of Vincenzo. Overacting, weak charisma. Sigh.

  12. The only idol turned actor who can do this role is Park Hyung Sik. I can’t even recommend Seo In Guk coz sag is not his forte (his diction is a bit wonky in King’s Face). Though like other SIG+JSM ship fans I truly love a reunion of him with her. They had wonderful chemistry in TSHLYE and Abyss cameo.

  13. Jung So Min deserved a better male lead than this guy. Jung Ill Woo is a good choice but he’s tied up in another sageuk. Bogummie is on the army. Sigh. I’m wary of other idol actors. I can see Lee Jun Ki pairing up with So Min if the drama is not a comedy fusion like Queen Cheorin. Lee Jae Wook is okay too as he looks older than his age and has that brooding quality.

  14. He might be a nice and good person irl but his acting is godawful. Sorry not sorry, just telling it like it is – if he’s like this after ten freaking years of doing acting jobs, it’s embarrassing. They really couldn’t find anyone else to fill in for JBG?

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