Vincenzo Episode 10 Hits New Ratings High of 11.375% as the Anti-hero Lures Out the Big Bad in Thrilling Battle of the Minds

It’s midway point for tvN Sat-Sun drama Vincenzo and boy do I need a breather. Each episode is like a mini-movie at nearly 1.5 hours long, full of twists and turns and quiet lovely moments. The ratings hit a small new high at 11.375% and I once again wish the first 2 episodes did a better job at keeping the viewers so more people can enjoy this operatic bibimbap fusion treat. Vincenzo goes all in finally, committed to a greater cause than finding the gold or avenging Daddy Lawyer to poke holes in Babel. He finally sees Babel as worthy of being his enemy for total takedown once Babel killed the families of the drug test victims, all happy to go on a trip and then kidnapped and offed just like that. Vincenzo also knows that Geumga Plaza folks know about the gold and has to balance that with the increasingly impatient Manager Cho who just wants to get the gold out and his share divvied up. I don’t know how this screenwriter continues to interject such LOL humor that cracks me up – from the pigeon Inghazi scene in episode 9 to Vincenzo wearing a pigeon masked calling himself Inghazi to spill the tea on Babel going along with the typical Cha Young style attack. Joon Woo now knows Vincenzo is a top consigliere and won’t play around anymore, and by the end of the episode these two men see each other face and face and BOOM mic drop. As an aside, I am LOVING the directing and cinematography, the framing of scenes (the makgeolli scene and the final boss reveal in the tunnel for example), the visuals are as operatic as the story.


Vincenzo Episode 10 Hits New Ratings High of 11.375% as the Anti-hero Lures Out the Big Bad in Thrilling Battle of the Minds — 9 Comments

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  2. Song JK is really good looking but I feel that he is a little too dainty to be beating the asses out of thugs. Not very believable. I enjoy watching the drama, I like it but do not love it. The comedy somehow feels out of place at times and the villain character JW is also not very believable. It is a drama that I watch to pass time while doing my household chores like ironing and not a drama that I became addicted to and look forward to the next episodes.

    • I do like the vicenzo character but really still cannot stand the female lead and teac. So forwarding all the scenes with the two is causing me to miss out on the story. SJK is still the best thing for me in this drama. He’s handsome, smart yet brutal. Quite the anti hero for sure. Im pulling a hwarang and record of youth where I watched the series for Park Hyung Sik and Park bo gum only. Too far in to stop watching, yet each new ep is frustrating with the constant fwding … gah!

      • I had to refrain from forwarding Joon-Woo scenes, too. Lol. I tell myself, coming this far into the drama, I would miss out on some important points of the story and waste 16 hours if I did that. Lol

    • Manny Pacquiao is the greatest professional boxer alive today. A LEGEND. He stands at only 168cm tall; but anyone who has ever watched any of his matches can tell you what invincibility looks like.

  3. I absolutely loved this weeks eps,the way it was able to move from humor to romance to action without making us feel lost
    Joonwoo’s darker side is finally out in the open & its creepy as hell. I feel his brother is holding in so much & he’s gonna blow soon. I didn’t expect to like any chemistry between our leads but they are surprising me
    Looks likes its gonna be evil vs evil & am here for it all

    Can’t wait for next week

  4. No matter how hard I try I just can’t take the Joon-woo/Babo character seriously. The lady prosecutor turned crooked lawyer..,she’s the epitome of a true villain.

    Fight scene between Vincenzo and the three bad guys at the end was awesome!

  5. For me, I’m still having trouble getting into the plot. They’re trying to make this into some huge social justice story, but I’m having a hard time buying into it. For one, pharma companies do some unethical things, but they’re not going to go around killing victim’s families. It’s simply ridiculous and makjang.

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