Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk Have Eyes Only For Each Other in First Gorgeous Posters for tvN Drama Doom at Your Service

I can stare at these posters and these two leads all night long, that’s how soothing and beautiful it is. tvN fantasy romance Doom at Your Service (One Day Destruction Came to My Door) released the first two official drama posters to start the week and all I can do is swoon. Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young already sounded like a great onscreen pairing on paper but seeing them together in such romantic moments just confirms it. He plays the messenger between the Heavens and the humans, the titular Doom or Destruction himself, and winds up living in the same house after inking a 100 day contract with her average Jane who is an online novel editor. The backdrop of these posters reminds me of that parallel universe pathway traveled by the leads in last year’s fantasy drama The King: Eternal Monarch, beautiful pink with swirls of soft blues and purples. I am concerned that most K-drama romances with a human paired with a supernatural/undead/fantasy character always leaves me flummoxed at the mental twists needed to deliver a happy ending but eh my burns each time aren’t scarring enough so I’m always game for another shot.


Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk Have Eyes Only For Each Other in First Gorgeous Posters for tvN Drama Doom at Your Service — 29 Comments

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  2. I heart PBY! Dunno him but they sure look gorgeous and dreamy together in that poster. Hope this drama will be good.

    • I would recommend Hello Monster, Shopping King Louie and The Smile Has Left Your Eyes to have a feel of his work. he also has a body of work in music. I’m a new convert.

      • His songs are more R & B, soul and hip hop. There are some ballads as well. His last concert was in 2019. Check it out in yt.

    • He did 2 duets with Jung Eun Ji in 2012 called All For You and Our Love Like This. They were very popular back then. I personally like him singing Jekyll and Hide Broadway musical song This Is The Moment in Shopping King Louie. He played the piano while singing. That was the moment I fell in love with him all over again.

  3. The colors remind me She Would Never Know with the hug in the middle of the road and the difference of height.

    The poster looks beauutiful. I’m happy to have dramas that don’t involve killing…

  4. Its SIG so this couldn’t go wrong, right? *cross finger* Its feels so long since i’ve seen him so i can’t wait for this project, with PBY nonetheless.

  5. This looks so good, I can’t wait. Do we have a date? I haven’t watched a new drama in ages, but SiG and PGY together has me excited again.

  6. The colours look stunning. Great job tvN. When is it showing? Hope it’s on Netflix. Poor PBY’s neck, the height difference actually works in favour of this pair.

  7. tvN often comes up with great posters for rom-com fantasy dramas. The pink, blue & purple hues remind me of MBC bright cheerful rom-com posters but the mood has a melancholic feel to it. I need something something soothing and comedic after all the brouhaha lately.

  8. Giving me Tomorrow With You vibes. I heard some scenes were shot in Jeju island. That would bring us gorgeous cinematography. If they sing a dreamy OST together would be icing on the cake.

  9. DAYS is starting on May 3 Mon-Tue timeslot after Navillera. PBY character posters just dropped. I’m seriously hyperventilating now.

    • SIG is killing us all. He’s making a cameo in Navillera as a lead-up to DAYS. Director of N worked with him in Squad 38.

  10. Thank you Koala for putting the Louie and Bok Shil beach side photo below your title. They are in blue and pink too like the poster hues.

  11. I love SIG in Hello Monster, he plays the perfect combination of cheeky and dashing professionalism.

    In the poster, SIG looks so soulful like his character in The Smile, unfortunately I can’t watch that drama because it is too tragic, so I’m really looking forward to seeing him in this lighter drama.

    • That was a leak of some clips a while back. tvn quickly took them down. I would say dark comedic fantasy romance. The leaked scenes showed SIG gazing at PBY in a cafe but she avoided his eyes. Another scene showed SIG in a supermarket saying “Stop! I’m Kim Sa Ram” in a cheeky way ala James Bond. His Doom character probably is a cross between funny Louie and moody Moo Young.

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