The Long Awaited Vincenzo Kiss Scene Arrives on Easter Complete with Adorable and Hilarious K-netizen Appreciation GIF Set

Happy Easter 2021 Yeorobun! I don’t think as many I-netz are watching Vincenzo alongside me which is fine but I think drama lovers everywhere will still appreciate a hot smexy sweet classic kiss scene so here you’re present. You’re welcome, but really all the thanks goes to Jeon Yeo Bin‘s Cha Young for initiating the kiss in episode 14 and for Song Joong Ki in unleashing his w-have-seen-it-many-times-before onscreen kissing ability after too long of an absence as his reticent Vincenzo just needed that forwardness to unleash his hidden ardor. I’ll have A LOT more to discuss about the plot progression in episode 14 but for an appetizer please enjoy the below GIFs.


The Long Awaited Vincenzo Kiss Scene Arrives on Easter Complete with Adorable and Hilarious K-netizen Appreciation GIF Set — 23 Comments

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  2. rhat kiss is hella Hot… i hopebit won’t be the only one kiss scene in the drama. hhh…. like for real kiss when they admit their feeling to each other.

  3. Koala I’ve been LIVING for your posts haha my friend and I have been watching Vincenzo together and my love for this show has grown so much just like yours has!!!! It’s my fave drama of this year and thank you for posting updates about it :’)

  4. it’s kind of all over twitter especially the k media fandoms side. even kpop fans are tuning in. I can barely escape it on tiktok too. but it’s quieter on forums and drama blogs which I find interesting lol. joongki for real gaining new younger sets of fans with this drama

    • i can’t believe it’s been like 5 years since his last onscreen kiss. last one was for DOTS and that was 2016 yo.

      • I’m still annoyed that Arthdal Chronicles was half a drama so we never got a kiss scene between SJK and Kim Ji-won, their chemistry when he was playing Saya was ?

  5. As far as I can tell, the show & the couple have developed a very solid and pretty hardcore fanbase on tumblr. I’m fairly neutral when it comes to ‘shipping’, but I was swooning all over their scenes yesterday. And no, I do not have gazillion gifsets of that scene on my phone. Nor was I getting tired of their fans screaming for a kiss with every breath for weeks. That couldn’t have been me, no no no.

  6. not many watching? I think its popular among international fans too. Its been trending on twitter every weekends. First on netflix in most SEA countries, tik tok, etc. bravo to vincenzo team for getting double digit ratings eventho it was release in netflix an hour after shown in TV. #1 in netflix korea and double digit ratings. Wow

    • Not many watching from those visiting Koala’s site. I think she is judging from those who visited the Vincenzo’s posts.

    • It’s getting talked about on the kpop comment translating blogs too, I keep seeing posts about it on netizenbuzz, netizen-kore, pannchoa, iirc even knetizen etc even before the kiss scene.

  7. The scene was nicely shot, no awkward frozen FL right there, lol. Looks like JYB is shaping up to be one of my favorite k-drama actresses with broad range. I’ve realized she’s probably not really well-coordinated in real life, hence some over the top movements really look like super over the top, but I can overlook that lol. SJK is always a safe bet, better in acting than most of the other pretty boys. Still watching the drama, although I must say I find the story development dragging and some scenes repetitive so I am not invested in the story itself, but I am still entertained by the comedic scenes of the ensemble.

  8. After being trolling so many times, I’m really happy they finally did it! I don’t care about Babel, I watch this drama for Vincenzo and Cha-Young 😀

  9. Not many commented on Vincenzo posts on your blog as much as say, RWTMR, but then many of those comments in River posts are mainly about toxic comparison about ratings and fanwar arguments instead of people discussing about the drama merits. Such a shame.

  10. I thought kdramas these days have progressed from the slo-mo, shocked wide eyes, hands covering lips type of kisses. Guess not.

  11. I just want to register that I LOVE these two and I was allll of those reaction gifs too (didn’t have time to watch over Easter and just finished it now). It’s a 7/1p from me, yay for Cha-young being in character and initiating but also it’s partly staged so I just want them to repeat it….in private this time ?

    (Their chemistry is off the charts, wow)

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