K-netizens Swoon Over College Graduation Pictures of Popular Korean Actors Including Song Joong Ki, Won Bin, Kim Sun Ho Among Others

I feel mentally exhausted from yet another scandal in K-ent so time for eye ball cleansing positive bleach! K-netizens gathered together a batch of college graduation era pictures for popular Hallyu and top stars which show (1) they were all gorgeous back then, and (2) dang they don’t age! Song Joong Ki was a competitive speed skater and in college when he injured himself and transitioned his career into acting. Clearly the sports gods lost that round with the drama gods. His first few roles look straight out of college central casting and to date he’s grown more seasoned but still that that boyish appeal. Other good looking young men who got their college degrees and then dipped their toe into acting include Kim Sun Ho, Won Bin, Lee Jong Seok, Ha Jung Woo, Park Bo Gum, and Jung Hae In. Check out the hotties when they were all just cuties.


K-netizens Swoon Over College Graduation Pictures of Popular Korean Actors Including Song Joong Ki, Won Bin, Kim Sun Ho Among Others — 18 Comments

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  2. WonBin is so handsome but with years even more handsome. Kim Sunho is handsome and cute in puppy-like way…everytime he smiles he looks like a puppy?

  3. Song Joong-ki’s photo looks like it’s straight out of a later-00s photoshoot haha (but there’s no denying he is handsome, can’t wait for Vincenzo next week!)

    • He was! I heard he was a loner/outsider in college. His words, as he didn’t party nor drink, and was very quiet in school. I guess, he found himself as he got older. My one thing is, if you look at his High School pics, he looks so different. Yet, he said he didn’t get plastic surgery, hmm…and I don’t see many people critiquing for that compared to SYJ (Altho that’s for other reasons lol).

      • You mean Kim Seon Ho did plastic surgery before? I think he looks the same as he looks right now.

      • I mean dude said he’s all natural/against plastic surgery as its against what he was born with. But the leaked high-school pics of him legit shocked me, when I first saw them after his fame w/ Start Up. It’s online/was trending on The Quoo. He looks so different in them, its like “What, KSH?” He has smaller eyes, and a more masculine demeanor to him back then. I was perplexed at first, I guess after high school he did go under the knife? Since starting from college to now, he looks the exact same.

  4. Seon Ho says his eyes looks like his mum now and dimples from his aunt and he looks like his patents that’s what he said during many interviews nothing about not having plastic surgery. If he had plastic surgery, I am sure he will say it and he does not consider himself good looking, he says nam hoo huk is handsome. I believe in Seon Ho that he has never done any ps. I like Seon Ho not for his looks but for his pure personality.

    Numerous celebrities was accuse of ps based on photos and argue toixically like they are expert ps surgeon even when there are many celebrities did not have ps. It is hilarious and vicious.

    • This whole did he/she have ps or didn’t they is tiring. Who cares? Are people that miserable or bored that they have to put the actors down? It is ridiculous and vicious.

      • If your referring to my comment, I was referring to was how SYJ is now being raked over the coals over her “I’m natural, no surgery” talks compared to KSH who said the same thing too. It’s just that he looked different in his hs yearbook vs college, same with SYJ. But w/ her, she’s been vilified for her plastic surgery rumors.

        But IA, that its really not our business at the end of the day who does what, as long as they try not to pretend they’re all natural/sell a false image to their fans/public eye. Everyone/mostly have done some nip/tuck, as long as its their choice.

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