Filming Begins on One Ordinary Day with Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won, the K-version of BBC Drama Criminal Justice

There has been a change in the title of upcoming mystery thriller drama from That Night to One Ordinary Day. Not sure why the change but it does from dark and foreboding to merely intriguing. The drama stars Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won adapted from the BBC series Criminal Justice and will air exclusively on Coupang Play streaming as an 8-episode series. Kim Soo Hyun plays a college student accused of murder and his life turns upside down. Directing is the PD of The Fiery Priest, Punch, Whisper, and Backstreet Rookie with the script by the writer of Warrior Baek Dong Soo and Jackpot. The drama is reportedly to have a nearly 40% higher per episode production cost than recent big budget dramas and there is a fan leak that actress Han Ye Seul is part of the cast as she was spotted filming in the nighttime by the Han River opposite Kim Soo Hyun.


Filming Begins on One Ordinary Day with Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won, the K-version of BBC Drama Criminal Justice — 13 Comments

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  2. Oh GOD!!I can’t stop bitter when know Gold medalist will co-produce this drama series?Why?Why?Kim soo hyun still working with his cousin hyun!He was dating his hyung or what?Isn’t it Real was bad alarm for him?Why he doibg this?He want destroy his career??Absolutely stupid!!

  3. Meh on the title change. It does nothing to make me more or less interested in the drama. Much more intrigued by Coupang Play getting exclusive rights. Does that mean it won’t be on any terrestrial or cable channel? Netflix usually has exclusive rights on a streaming platform but concurrently airs dramas with local networks.

    Separately (and somewhat selfishly) I do hope Coupang’s rights is only exclusive to SK. I want this to be on Netflix desperately. Because so far, everything about it sounds pretty darn awesome. Very excited.

    • I’m all for short episodes format. The current 16 episodes is really too long to hold my attention now.
      The title change is interesting, I can’t find anything interesting about One Ordinary Day, but I can imagine plenty with That Night.

      • Eh, to me it’s the drama’s actual story that matters – not the title. Everyone knows it a remake so I wouldn’t necessarily look at a title and think – oh I can find something interesting in that. I know what I will get in terms of story. Execution is something that can only be judged once it’s out ??‍♀️

        Anyway, I’m not in the short drama train. In this drama? Sure, the originals were short too and the story is already established. In general tho? We’ll have to agree to disagree because 16 well written episodes is great to me.

    • Coupang’s exclusive rights is domestic only. The latest update is that the production is still in discussion with regards to global rights/distribution. I guess we just have to wait. But I agree, I also want this to be on Netflix.

  4. It’s great to see K Dramas getting on board with shorter episode counts. I switched to mostly J doramas in the last couple of years after giving up on K Drama ever realising the truth of the old adage “less is more” Dramas of 8-12 episodes are amply long enough for most stories, so much less of the pointless padding K Dramas normally have to use to fill up the time.

  5. Hmm…a bit disappointed they changed the title… Anyway I will still watch since I need to see how well KSH’s performance is.

  6. Aside from Han Ye Seul who is speculated to be playing the dead girl, I heard actresses Kim Shin Rok (Beyond Evil) and Lee Seol (Less Than Evil) will also star in the drama as prosecutor and lawyer. Ignoring the insipid title (dramaland isn’t usually good with titles, anyway), I’m stoked for this one. The cast so far is fire and the British show it’s based on + its US remake are both acclaimed and award-winning. They better not muck it up.

  7. I’d literally watch any drama with KSH in it. He also hasn’t given me a reason not to. He picks his projects very well in dramaland. Han Ye Seul must be a special appearance though (cameo?) because she’s a big name for it to be a casting without confirmation. If they’re already filming, is there hope the drama will be out by late summer?

      • Ah, so most likely an extended cameo then. Or special appearance.

        And Nov seems far away for a drama already shooting now and has only 8 eps. Maybe the post production is expected to take a while then. That makes think it’ll be high quality so guess can’t complain.

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