Byun Woo Seok Signs on as the Second Male Lead in Sageuk Drama Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom with Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri

K-actor Byun Woo Seok in my current opinion of him is a case of reel to real. As second male lead in Record of Youth, he seemed to steal the spotlight in the promo posters from Park Bo Gum but when the real deal arrived he was flat and dull in the drama proper. When he tried to emote you can actually see him “acting”, very hard he tried to act, but goodness it just wasn’t quite there. Like his drama mom tried so hard to push his acting career, I feel he’s got to deliver a LOT more to show me he’s got improvement potential. That will come soon now as he’s signed on for a new drama as the second male lead in sageuk Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom. Headlining are Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri, and somewhere is the joke that Yoo Seung Ho needs to built up for all the hard carrying he’s going to have to do.


Byun Woo Seok Signs on as the Second Male Lead in Sageuk Drama Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom with Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri — 33 Comments

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  2. The main issue with RoY was the writting, his character wasn’t so interesting in the first place. But yeah, he’s not completely bad but neither good.

    Poor Yoo Seung Ho! His last drama had good actors but the script was not so good… this time the actors are not so good, so I hope for him the script will be very good.

      • Yes. I’m not sure I will continue to watch Law School, I’m kinda tired of the “who is the killer” kind of drama. I was hoping for more school than murder.

        The first two episodes of Sell Your Haunted House kept their promise. Their story building was strong, the FL was a badass and ML a real fraud, there is humor, etc. I liked them.

      • Same! I dropped Law School after EP1 because it just wasn’t working for me. It comes off as a pale K-imitation of HTGAWM with none of the original’s appeal.

        I’m loving everything about fierce JNR in Sell Your Haunted House but I haven’t warmed up to the ML yet. Maybe I will, eventually.

        About Yoo Seung-ho, does he have any good drama you could recommend or are they all duds?

      • Hum…
        Master of Study : It was a really cute school drama.
        Warrior Baek Dong Soo : he was the second lead but his character was far more interesting than the main one.
        Operation Proposal : it was Japanese drama remake, but it was pretty good.
        My Strange Hero : He was adorable in this drama!
        His cameo in Arang and the Magistrate was pretty fun.

        I didn’t watch I’m Not a Robot, but I think it had good critics from his fans.

      • If i may come in your conversation , I agree with all the suggestions of Sayaris , but i’ll add “I miss you” because he was young but delivered a good interpretation . I know that the drama is “banned” thanks to Park Yoo Chun but there is the children part with Kim So Hyun and Yeo Jin Goo who were fantastic ,lee se Young and Oh jung se who had a little role but were already scene stealers . You can skip the scenes with Yoochun

  3. You Seung Ho has to be one of the most talented actors who cannot seem to pick a good script. He has all the potential but just doesn’t seem to know what’s good for him in terms of a solid script. I do love him tho, so I’ll try with this. But his costars already sound dreadful.

    • AGREED!!! I love him to death, but I am trying hard to remember the last drama he was in that I could watch all the way through (of his last 8! dramas the only one I made it all the way through was I’m Not a Robot and it was only okay. He really cannot pick a project at all. I like him best in sageuks, but if he is going to have this bad of a cast around him, it’s already a dud in my book. So sad. 🙁

      • I mean, my goodness, he even did a sageuk with Kim So Hyun but the script was so bad I dropped it! I love sageuks. I love KSH. I love both of them in sageuks. I should have been able to suffer through, but it was that bad.

      • Me too. I love YSH and KSH but the writing really sucks. I hope they can work together again in a modern drama with a good story. For this drama, HARD PASS!!!

  4. Not that YSH has the ability to carry an entire drama but Hyeri, Minah and Byon Wooseok in any drama together would make anyone roll their eyes. Does this drama need to exist?

  5. Yoo Seung Ho is one of the mysteries of Kdrama land . The guy has all for him ( visual looks, acting skills, …) but he seems not be able to pick the project who will propulse him to stardom . Sad when some rookie actors are having lead roles in ” big projects ” . I like him , but his last big impact was his Harry character in Missing you and it was 9 years ago .

  6. Was looking forward to seeing YSH again, but can’t say I’m excited about this one because of Hyeri. Let’s see if she has improved in the Jang Ki Yong drama.

  7. Fans of this girl kim so hyun are something they always bring up this girls name in almost all koalas posg. why dobt you create a blog dedicated to this girl alone.
    Glad that her latst dramaa rating was a meduocre one…hahhahahhah

    baeksang nominee my ass

      • LMAO Ignore that troll joane ?
        She was literally exposed bashing an actress’ nose using another username, an actress that she’s claiming she’s a big fan of ?
        Exposed by Koala herself, how embarrassing this joane is ???
        And whoever is her real idol, I bet she’s never been the youngest Baeksang Best Actress nominee like KSH, so this nasty troll is super jealous and salty ???

      • @joane is an attention-seeking troll. I thought everyone knew that by now. But she also has a point. I see ksh fans around here always whining about how their girl gets the most hate (which is an arrogant claim, tbh) yet they’re also constantly bringing her up in unrelated posts and making the conversation about her when she’s not even the topic. That’s bound to annoy others and attract haters to her. J/s.

      • @Eva I see your point, but context matters. It’s not like the commenter just randomly brought up KSH’s name. The article is about YSH and the comments are about his inability to choose the right project, of course his past leading ladies are bound to be mentioned. KSH’s name was only brought up because the commenter was mentioning YSH’s past dramas and how bad they have been. I think he/she was just making a point about how bad YSH’s previous projects have been that not even a competent leading lady like KSH can save it.
        It seems like a lot of people on here are triggered by the mere mention of KSH’s name. I bet if the commenter above had mentioned any other YSH leading lady, no one would bat an eye lol

    • I’m not a hardcore fan but I love her because I appreciate an actress with actual real talent. Your hatred towards her only proves how good she is. People just love to throw stones on a tree with abundant fruits.

      • @Unnie Me too, I’m not an avid KSH fan either, maybe that’s why I’m not super angry or anything lol
        But the KSH haters are the funniest thing on this blog haha, to think that KSH has that much power to make their blood boil is super funny to me
        KSH is really the embodiment of “People throw rocks at things that shine”
        And yes, I might not be a big fan, but I’m also happy when a legit talented actress like her gets recognized

    • Aww joane super jealous because her loser idol is irrelevant and not recognized like Baeksang-nominee maknae KSH ?
      Keep it coming joane, your jealousy is super entertaining haha

      • You claim you’re “not an avid KSH fan” and yet look at how defensive you are to the extent of dragging an innocent actress you assume is joane’s idol with extreme insults like “loser idol is irrelevant and not recognized…“ How are you any different from joane who is notorious on this site for being a troll and hater? If you and your co-fans can’t shut her down without stooping to her level, then you’re just the same as her.

    • this clown is jealous because the female lead of that Backstreet Rookie drama did not get any nomination from Baeksang this year.

  8. YSH has been one of my favorite young actors for a decade now, but I just can’t bring myself to watch his recent projects, and this one looks like a pass for me again.
    He has the looks, abundant acting talent, charisma, screen presence, everything he could ever need to shot to superstardom, but for some reason, he still couldn’t. Sad, especially when rookie actors who are frankly less talented than him are landing the big projects.
    I’m still rooting for him though, just won’t watch this

  9. hey @luna please dont drag another actress name, Joane have been a long time troll and I think that she’s not a KYJ fan or anyone’s fan either. She’s like the most awful trigger of any fanwar in this site using different user name.

  10. What’s the difference between a person who dislikes people who criticise their fave and yet being a person who has no qualms about criticising another actress???

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