Seo Ye Ji’s Agency Confirms She Will Not Attend 2021 Baeksang Ceremony to Accept the Most Popular Actress Award

The potential rubbernecking and torrent of criticism has now been avoided by what is the most practical decision that could be made. K-actress Seo Ye Ji will not attend in person this week’s Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony, which will be held with socially distanced attendees like last year. She won the public voting for Popularity Award Actress side, with Kim Sun Ho winning for the Actor side, and it’s an award that in previous years goes to whichever fan base orchestrates the most effective coordinate voting drive for their star. Nothing wrong with that. If the goal of Seo Ye Ji’s fans was to “stick it to those criticizing her” for her recent scandals, it’s sorta a two-edged sword. If she shows it would be awkward for her and everyone else and open herself up to public scrutiny, as she’s chosen to do the lay low and let things die down with time, and if she won and didn’t show up (like this decision) it can also be criticized for being rude to the awards body by not accepting her award in person. Honestly, if I were her diehard fan I would just voice my support until it’s time for her to try a comeback and then support her then.


Seo Ye Ji’s Agency Confirms She Will Not Attend 2021 Baeksang Ceremony to Accept the Most Popular Actress Award — 34 Comments

  1. I really hate that you cannot post about celeb news in the Kdrama subreddit. Do the mods really think people cannot have civil discussion about this scandal?

    Every post related to SYJ or KJH immediately gets locked. It’s a shame because I think it’s one of the most active kdrama discussion forums these days. Dramabeans is basically dead. I miss a lot of people who use to blog about Kdramas such as MisterX and Thundie.

    • I really think it’s for the best SYJ doesn’t attend.

      On another note, I am surprised KJH is planning on taking legal action against his former agency O&E. I was waiting for koala to make a post about this. I want to hear what @Lydia1 thinks about all of this.

      Seems like it’s going to get more messy. Lots of retaliation coming from both sides.

    • r/KDrama mods are emotionally-stunted power-trippers who treat dramas as only a form of escapism. They censor negative news about TV ratings and even news articles that are in the Korean language but with translations. All they want to do is express lust for Lee Min-ho and nothing else. It is basically a land shut out from the realities of the industry. If they really love Korean dramas, they will be willing to talk about its problems too.

      • can attest to this 100% r/kdrama used to be a fun place but around the time start-up was airing, the mods really showing their asses. they constantly censor people who have differing opinions from them, and show extreme bias in handling sensitive issues. it’s basically just a circle jerk at this point, members included.

      • I’m starting to think you’re just a troll here. Everything you say is just mind boggling lol.

        Don’t bother typing to me anymore. You’re on my ignore list, thanks.

    • Yeah, I find that you can’t get information from that subreddit at all.

      At least make it as a news rather than discussion if they think that’s too toxic to acknowledged that it happened.

      They censored everything that sounds bad and bad review doesn’t even fly well. Despite keep having discussion post about how Kdrama has toxic relationship, they stay away from real life “alleged” toxic relationship.

      The hypocrisy baffled me.
      At least shows that the drama land isn’t all butterfly fly away when no one is bad, no drama is bad and we all live happily ever after.

  2. It’s so interesting to me that she got over 700k votes and her costar in PBIO Kim Soo Hyun got like half of that. I distinctly remember last year’s voting with Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin winning and the fans, both the shippers and individual fans, supporting them almost equally, with the final numbers being very close. Girlie here got into a huge scandal and her fans are voting for her individually like they’re going to save her career. Welp.

    • Lol, there were many who apparently voted to see what she’d do if she wins. Also I’m pretty sure unlike HB-SYJ who’s fans loved them both and supported the pairing, KSH’s fans don’t really like SYJ and vice versa. So there no collab there. KSH fans aren’t really that interested in popularity awards anymore like others pointed out here previously. It’s more for newly popular actors like Kim Sun Ho and ironically Seo Ye Ji.

      HB-SYJ fans last year were a force. Then again, it was mostly due to how huge CLOY was. Before them, usually idols win these awards like Suzy, D.O., IU, Yoona, etc.

      • Correct me if i am wrong but if Kim Soo Hyun fans were not interested in popularity awards why were they fighting tooth and nail during Apan (Baeksang is more prestigious) .Infact the Apan voting involved huge sums of money as well whereas in Baeksang it was free .

        Such a good way to demean an award just because you lost..This shouldn’t be the spirit .Kim Seonho fans worked hard for him so it wasn’t something like he got it out of charity because fans of other nominees thought popularity award is something cheap.
        I am not even his fan but the way i am seeing many people downplaying his win makes me feel bad for him.

    • @Bella you are right..I just checked and found out Yejin had 1.65 M and Hyun Bin had 1.52 M votes..
      Last year the competition was really tough and nail biting with idols involving big fandoms.Ong Seung woo was a member of a group called Wanna One..Ask anyone in kpop abt monster voters and wanna one fans would definitely make it to the list.. Although the grp disbanded but their fans still retained that voting capacity.
      As for IU, I don’t even have to talk abt her popularity.
      Anyways it was the collective effort and hard work of everyone that made HB and YJ win..

      Infact this year Kim Soo Hyun lost , I am kind of glad.. Imagine the possibility of going to the stage and recieve that award with ur rumoured ex who is currently cancelled in korea..How awkward it would be.. Although i don’t believe they dated but i do think she has something going on with the Ceo

      • Song joong ki get 900k vote and kim soo hyun get 350k.Like i say before when know seo ye ji get number 1 vote,wth sjk fans don’t need to try hard vote tik tok award.Because his name will be linked with seo ye ji.It will be ruined their image.

  3. Why is everyone so up of this actress ass like so what if her fans still supporting her? their the one wasting their money and time and not you. if their blindly believing her even with those scandals then she must have build a strong connection with them clearly its their business

  4. I am seeing many yeji fans blaming Kjh for her decision to not attend saying how sus it was that he released it one day before Baeksang..
    Lol who is going to tell than that his contract expired on 11th May so obviously he would make some statements on 12th May..His ex and her popularity award should be the last thing in his mind..I felt so bad as how the agency treated him.It’s good that he decided to sue them and provided proof that he really had problems related to his mental health and not some “women issues” claimed by his company…
    That’s why i never believed that Kim Jung Hyun released thise texts cause it did him more damage in South Korea .

    • they really have problem to think everything is related to her. and cant even read maybe that it was all over the news his contract will expire on may 12th

      • I would rather call it karma..?..See how coincidentally his contract ended a day before Baeksang.. Although he didn’t say anything abt her and took all the blame on himself, still it made her skip Baeksang..
        I am almost certain that if kjh didn’t release his statement (which put him in a comparatively positive light showing how his company mistreated and overworked him), yeji would have attended Baeksang.

        Back in 2007 Son Yejin won both the popularity and best actress award but she wasn’t given the popularity one..Ha ji won who was second in votes didn’t attend so the award ultimately went to Han Ye Seul, the third placed one..
        Now if Baeksang follows the same rule (i doubt they will),the other runners up may have a chance.Her fans would be distraught.But again maybe Yeji will just send a VCR message

  5. @Epikish. Just discuss among ourselves and ignore misty/peym/nad. Holier than thou readers who thinks they are too righteous for “gossipers” like us. The best clap back at people like that is when they realise they are neither liked nor hated but people dun give a half wit to what they have to say and just make them oblivious. Skip their replies and just ignore them. P.s – the hypocrisy is how they are so disturbed but yet obsessively keep checking back into the site to see if anyone replies them. Joke really.

    • ??..Well said..??..If they aren’t interested why do they bother posting here when they know what’s the discussion is going to be abt ..These were the same people accusing Kim Jung Hyun of playing the mental card and hiding behind women..But lol now his medical reports are out in the open and nor did he ever take any woman’s name other than Seohyun who deserved an apology from him

  6. I don’t think she can make a comeback. She’s a 90-er who’s only just made a name for herself, which is very slow by Korean standards. Most top stars have breakout roles before 25.

    Also, It’s Okay to be not Okay is technically not a hit. If Yoon Eun-hye couldn’t make a comeback off just a plagiarism scandal when she’s got Coffee Prince and Goong under her belt. I don’t think SYJ has any chance at all.

    • I think she can comeback because she isn’t actually a big star, people know her but people forget her easily too

      • It had ratings in 5-6 Pc range with the finale peaking at 7 pc..So that’s pretty much average..Infact I would put Start up and IOTNBO on the same table.

      • Errr, the Baeksang nominations would say otherwise. The drama got nominated in the Best Drama, Screenplay, PD, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress amongst others. It’s the most nominated – total of 8 – along with Beyond Evil. It’s like saying Beyong Evil isn’t a hit.

        lmfao, comparing IOTNBO to Start Up is showing your ignorance.

      • @Butterfly

        Take a bow! Screw it, take more. One each for IOTNBO’s Baeksang nominations. ????????

      • @Butterfly I didn’t say anything abt awards.And since when were Awards a measure of a drama’s success..My mister got average ratings but won big during award shows…My comparison was based on the domestic ratings and international popularity..Start Up had average ratings but it was a hit outside just like IOTNBO.

      • @hhh

        Wait… so you’re trying to argue this by claiming My Mister is not a success?!?!? Or that it’s equivalent to Start Up because the ratings is similar?!

        Seriously?!? What in the world…

        LOL if that’s the level of ignorance, I’m out. Your definition of “success” doesn’t fit the realm of realty, but whatever floats your boat!

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