jTBC Launches Public Voting on Best Drama to Celebrate its 10th Anniversary

Go vote, peeps! Cable network jTBC is celebrating its 10th anniversary all year, and with it a new event is here to commemorate 10 years of airing quality and not-so-quality K-dramas. Voting is open to the public from now until May 23rd to select the favorite/best K-drama from the network’s roster. Each person can select up to three dramas. Not every drama is listed but the ones that stand out are Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat from 2011 which launched the network, Secret Love Affair in 2014 that made uncomfortable age inappropriate romance hard to look away, the two hits in 2017 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Women of Dignity, rich people behaving badly dramas Sky Castle and The World of the Married, made everyone cried buckets The Light in Your Eyes (Brilliant), underdog revenge drama Itaewon Class, and the best and worst examples of dramas with this years Beyond Evil (excellent) and Sisyphus: The Myth (turd of the first order). It’ll be interesting to see which drama wins and honestly it could either skew to the highest rated, most critically acclaimed, or heaven forbid fans of a popular actor/actress spamming the votes so meh drama wins out.


jTBC Launches Public Voting on Best Drama to Celebrate its 10th Anniversary — 19 Comments

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  2. From those listed in the post, it’s “The World of the Married” as favorite/best kdrama for me.

  3. I would vote for Something in the Rain or Be Melodramatic or Age of Youth or My Country. Heartless City, She Would Never Know and The Package were my favourite too.

  4. SWNK was the definition of a snooze fest and IC was over hyped cliche with zero romantic chemistry. Sky Castle, Light and WOTM are good. AOY is now forever cancelled because of the FL.

    • Pbio, Lawless Laywer and save me were all from TVN i guess…But again TVN dramas have pretty big fandoms..so competition will be tough…

      • Sorry but what’s tvN got to do with this? Isn’t this public voting only exclusive to jTBC dramas in celebration of jTBC’s 10th anniversary?

      • Because the person whom i replied to mentioned abt Seo Yeji and her fans voting for her to prove her relevance…I just mentioned the 3 dramas she starred in and surprisingly they were all from TVN..

    • I was just about to say the same thing. I’m still listening to the ost which was just perfect.
      I miss writer Jung and Pd Ahn. They were my favorite duo back in the days.

  5. Secret Love Affair is the first “high quality” kdrama I ever watched and it’s still a kdrama masterpiece, almost like art.

    • Was Heartless City on Jtbc? That is still one of the best dramas I have ever seen and one of my favorite acting performances of all time (Jung Kyung Ho). They should have had that on the list!

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