Taecyeon Teases His First Sageuk Role in K-drama Tale of Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi

It’s from one fire into another for idol-actor Taecyeon, he’s just wrapped Vincenzo a few weeks ago and is diving right into his next drama. He’s taking on another challenge after doing the psychopath villain role in Vincenzo, this time it’s the vaunted sageuk character that requires precise diction and a very authentic period vibe. We all know it’s a streeeeeetch even those of us who cheer on Taec for his hard working positive attitude, that only goes so far when it comes to portraying a role well. He’s the male lead in Tale of Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi opposite Kim Hye Yoon, who is also filming jTBC period drama Snowdrop so she’s a busy bee as well. Theirs could be a very cute onscreen pairing so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


Taecyeon Teases His First Sageuk Role in K-drama Tale of Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi — 6 Comments

  1. Poor Taec, we all know it’s a stretch for him ? but applause for trying! The thing about Taec is he’s adorable trying. I find him and Nam joo Hyuk pretty similar in that vibe. Have a soft spot for such spirit so fighting Taec!

  2. he is not exactly a subtle or nuance actor since he lack talent. But admit it, his dramatic acting has improved alot especially shown in vincenzo. so kudos to him.

  3. Will give him a chance. Yuri, an idol actress, is firing in all cylinders in Bossam. Taec might excel in here.

  4. Taecyeon is clearly not the best actor… Sageuk will challenge him..

    Kim Hye Yoon was good in the sageuk parts in EY, so I’m excited to watch her in a sageuk.

  5. I remember how he made tough blue dragon awards audience clap and drool when he ripped his shirt❤

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