Ji Hyun Woo and Rookie Leading Lady Park Se Hee to Headline Next KBS Weekend Drama Gentleman and Young Lady

I’ve heard mixed things about KBS weekend drama Revolutionary Sisters so much that my love for Kim Young Nam is still not enough to venture into it (yet). Something about highly unpleasant personalities for the three female leads which sometimes is done on purpose to then later show growth. The network has assembled the leads for the next weekend drama to take over in September and Gentleman and Young Lady is described as a sweet warm tale. Ji Hyun Woo plays a widower with three young children still mourning his wife, he hires a bright happy personality new nanny/tutor for his kids and the two fall in love. This drama casting got a lot of news recently for the selection of rookie actress Park Se Hee as the female lead, she’s been in other dramas but in small roles, and her casting here came after a 500 actress audition. Directing is a daily drama veteran who directed Man in a Veil, Dal Soon’s Spring, and Love to the End with the script from the writer of My One and Only, Rosy Lovers, Here Comes Oh Ja Ryong, and Blow Breeze.


Ji Hyun Woo and Rookie Leading Lady Park Se Hee to Headline Next KBS Weekend Drama Gentleman and Young Lady — 8 Comments

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  2. As for Revolutionary Sisters, unlikable characters who do not act like normal people is kind of Moon Young-nam’s trademark. I am not sure my fondness for the three female leads can make me endure 50 episodes of Moon’s writing.

  3. KBS weekend dramas are only worth the watch if you leave them in the background while doing your own stuff. That is, if you are a local. These dramas are just cuts from the same cloth, always the same tropes and plot. There’s really no point.

  4. I tell you what? I might watch it if the children casting is well done. The Korean child cast or actors have been a highlight for a lot of dramas. They are so almost always so good and they bring a smile to my face.

    However the adults can make my blood boil with their stupidity and brainless actions.

  5. I couldn’t stand EP1 of Revolutionary Sisters so I dropped it. However, since I have some spare hours in the weekends, I was skimming the synopsis for each episode and the characters are now thankfully less loopy but there are still some irritating bits. I started to watch the more recent episodes and although I still skip some parts and fast forward, some parts of the story are enjoyable now. I don’t hold my breath though for new episodes but if I have a spare time and there’s nothing else to watch, I watch this.

  6. im watching Revolutionary Sisters rn – it’s a typical weekender. Nothing extra ordinary. For this new drama, im not that fond of the ML but so many notable veterans actors including my favourite halmoni

  7. My Only One’s scriptwriter makes me shudder… While I did finish that drama, the last 10 eps or so were mentally draining but the final two eps where jarringly cute after the miserableness they put me through… I actually do like KBS weekend dramas, there are so many good ones like Five Kids, Ojakkyo Brothers, What Happens to this Family, Father is Strange and my last favourite was Once Again (so good!). For non-KBS dramas, I loved Smile You. But I’m the only one in my family that has the patience to watch these but they’re like comfort food and a bit relatable.

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