Bae Soo Bin Joins Sageuk Drama Affection Playing Ro Woon’s Father

Okay, this post really should be a series of exclamation points and question marks and WTF headdesking. Or perhaps I’m simply unable and unwilling to look at that butcher’s cleaver that is time and accept that reality when I heard of this casting. K-actor Bae Soo Bin is returning to his sageuk roots joining the cast of Affection (Yeonmo) adapted from the webtoon. I first saw him in Jumong (wow!) and one of his first roles was in Emperor of the Sea and he played King Jeongjo in The Painter of the Wind so he’s one of the best sageuk talents out there. I know he’s been acting for nearly two decades but it’s still wild to me to hear that in Affection he’s playing male lead Ro Woon‘s father. Bae Soo Bin is Ro Woon’s dad? Okay, as long as he gets to be hot daddy (zaddy) then I’m good with it.


Bae Soo Bin Joins Sageuk Drama Affection Playing Ro Woon’s Father — 19 Comments

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  2. Be right back… I’m going to apply some eye cream.

    Ok, he’s 44 so I guess the age checks out. But he’ll always be the evil ex from Secret to me. I HATED him in that show- so he did a great job being smarmy and self righteous.

    • Yup! They’re probably going to style him with an older vibe version of himself. I must say that he is an excellent actor.

  3. Isn’t this somewhat the sageuk version of true beauty and extraordinary you with idols and models populating the cast? No idea what PEB is doing in this drama because not only is she much older than most of the cast this plot is very juvenile and clearly aimed more at the teen population. They should have gone for an actress in her early 20s like SYE, JDB, NJE or some other rookie actress or even idol. PEB is 30 now she should be doing mature romances not this.

      • @kitai – I assume SYE =Shin Ye Eun and JDB = Jung Da Bin. Don’t know who NJE could be though.

        But @knight is correct, there is a considerable skill difference between Bae Soo Bin, Park Eun Bin and the rest of the cast.

      • @Royal We

        Interesting, I also thought about Jung Da-bin but I guess we were thinking about different JDBs, which is why I was very perplexed at the comment. Also, these are near no-name actors they really shouldn’t be referred to by their initials. I had to Google them even after knowing their actual names…

  4. Seeing the comments here shows that he is a good actor . He was the jerk in 49 days, Secret, but also the one that didn’t get Han Hyo joo in Brilliant legacy . He is part of my younger days as Ji Jin Hee, Kim Jae Won, Jo Hyun Jae,…

  5. OMG! I had the same reaction. I first saw him in Jumong and Emperor of the Sea. Painter of the Wind – such feels! I loved him to pieces. OH, and in Dong Yi! He was just everywhere in sageuks. Then he was in a bunch of makjang and I didn’t see him for a long time. So happy to have him back in sageuk-land!!!!

  6. He’s 45 this year – dad role time checks out!

    But seriously I was watching Goong earlier this year and decided to check on the ages of the actors…Yoon Yoo Sun (who played Joo Ji Hoon’s mother) was only 37 in that drama and that’s bit a typo! but the heavy sageuk styling and tension in the character gave her an older vibe, along with the speech. I imagine it’ll be the same here!

    (This cast minus Park Eun Bin tho….doesn’t inspire confidence)

    • @ Royal We ,Yoon Yoo Soo , i really like this actress . She played Yoon Eun Hye’s mother in the mini drama Go Go Song and a villain in Doubtful victory. She is a very beautiful woman who aged nicely unlike other veteran actresses who use too much plastic surgery .

      • @cahill – same, the most recent drama I saw her in was Save Me (2017), she played Seo Ye Ji’s mother there and finally looked old enough to be the mother of a teenager!

        She has a very classic, gracious look to her and her speech was so perfect too, it really suited the queen role at the time even though she was barely 37 (1969-line). Not that I noticed when I was young, lol, anyone in the 30s just seems ‘old’ at that age. But I remember so many comments in youtube saying Shin’s mom is pretty, it’s just that she always looks so worried/anxious because her character was really under a lot of stress!

  7. I love him so much! I consider him super underrated because he was so great in his historical dramas, and all these roles being so different. He was so feminine in Jumong yet he can still fight there, he was a villain in Emperor of the Sea, he was a charismatic King in Painter of the Wind (before Hallyu actors start taking roles of Kings, he was the most memorable Joseon King to me), and such a loyal brave man with one sided love in Dong Yi. I had always wanted him to be a lead. I loved Ji Jin Hee but I wished he was the King in Dong Yi, also before the lead guy in Princess’s Man was announced, I had hoped it would be him. Alas, he wasnt popular. I had so many good memories with this great actor from my childhood and teenage kdrama watching days

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