Lee Do Hyun and Kwak Dong Yeon Offered Male Lead Roles in Upcoming K-drama Hunting Dogs

K-actor Lee Do Hyun may be pulling a Song Kang this year with multiple dramas but I’m not too worried about his overexposure (yet). He’s currently in Youth of May and will also do Melancholia with Im Soo Jung, and now he’s also in talks for the upcoming webtoon adapted K-drama Hunting Dogs with Kwak Dong Yeon, and there will be a third male lead added as well. It’s about three men who get entangled due to debt so I’m expecting a third actor to join these two supremely talented young actors. Lee Do Hyun and Kwak Dong Yeon in the same drama is like using up one wish from the genie but worth it. The scheduled 8-episode drama will be filming in the second half of 2021 with an eye towards first half of 2022 airing. Directing is the movie director of Midnight Runners and The Divine Fury.


Lee Do Hyun and Kwak Dong Yeon Offered Male Lead Roles in Upcoming K-drama Hunting Dogs — 21 Comments

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  2. A word of appreciation for OTT platforms for changing the drama landscape and putting out more gritty dramas with fresh faces. I’m also looking forward to Disney+ and Apple TV+ making their official debuts later this year. There’s more variety online than offline these days but having said that TVN and JTBC still manage to put out some quality dramas every year especially TVN. Terrestrial channels are stuck with their cliche routine dramas and it shows in their ratings.

  3. LDH is my favorite rookie actor. I don’t really watch for the 90s guys but he is definitely one that I look forward to. Enjoyed 18 again and watch sweet home because of him.

    I am still stuck with those fm 86-88 gen though.

  4. I’m so glad to see Kwak Dong Yeon finally start breaking into lead roles, he was SO freaking fantastic in Vincenzo (any young actor who can hold his own opposite Song Joong Ki, is someone to watch our for – and he did it a lot better than certain other actors a lot older than him!)

  5. Add Yoo Seung-Ho or Yeo Jin-Goo as the 3rd male lead and I will offer my extreme gratitude to netflix and casting gods. Lol. I could watch a silent movie with these guys and will still be moved by just their “eye acting”. Truly talented actors in their early 20s.

  6. I really dont get the hype for song kang his just mediocre in acting with no hit drama compare to lee do hyun who bagging awards for his acting i’m looking forward to this project

    • Wdym? All his dramas are successful! LA, SH, Navillera are all hits and have positive reviews! Nevertheless will be another hit drama because HSH is also very popular! Netflix’s Son can never be wrong!

      • 2% Navillera is a hit? In which alternate universe? And Netflix dramas are hits just by being Netflix dramas so that point is moot. Let’s see how Nevertheless also fares.

      • Navillera had extremely high positive commentary despite the ratings and yes did perform well on Netflix as well. Song Kang performed well on popularity rankings and tvn itself refers to the drama as a success means they must have got the target audience they wanted. It had strong competition going up again River Where the Moon Rises so 2% for a drama for a non mainstream plot is decent.

      • Ahaha navillera rating 2% considered hit? Ok ok. Netflix son always hit. His next drama with park min young will be hit too.

      • 2% is something one called a decent rating for a cable channel (five years ago).

    • Why brought up Song Kang’s name? Personally, I also don’t find him a good actor compared to LDY and KDY, and even the other male lead of Love Alarm but I can see that he is charismatic on his own and he can improve a lot, just give him a chance. I give him credit tho of accepting different genres of dramas.

      Anyway, LDY and KDY has same vibe [visual and talent wise] for me like they could just easily act with their eyes alone and the audience already knew what they want to convey. Hopefully, the third male lead is as great as these two.

  7. Kwak Dong Yeon!!! Was really impressed with him in Vincenzo, so I am really happy with this.

    I have only seen Lee Do Hyun in Sweet Home. And honestly didn’t enjoy the show so I didn’t remember anything from it including performances. But with multiple positive feedbacks, I guess he’s been excellent in his other projects.

    Hopefully, they get an equally talented third lead, and excellent writer and director. Woop!

  8. The casting director or director (whichever one) for this drama is a big brained genius for wanting to cast these two. I’m so happy we might be seeing KDY in his first lead role soon!!

  9. I will definitely watch this, both have turned out to be good actors. This past year or couple of years have been good for their career. I can now understand why actors who leave for the SK military service are worried about their career after 2 years. A lot can happen.

  10. LDH acts well in Youth of May. His cameo in Beyond Evil was not bad either. He played many younger versions but showed on his own role as well. Looking forward to this drama! BTW the 90s are shining brightly – Yeo Jin-goo, Kim Young-dae, Lee Jae-wook to add a few

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