Netizens Agree with Song Joong Ki’s Own Choice of Yeorim in Sungkyunkwan Scandal as His Onscreen Visual Pinnacle

This is admitting a super shallow task but still worth polling what viewers think. Song Joong Ki recently finished hit drama Vincenzo where he got praise for acting and for his incredibly handsome visuals. He’s always been a looker since his debut and recently he was asked to pick the performance he believes to be his own visual pinnacle/top. Song Joong rifled through a lot of characters and deemed it “out” one after another before he picked his breakout role as Yeorim (Goo Yong Ha) in Sungkyunkwan Scandal as the performance where he was the best looking visual. Netizens agreed but some feel it should be a top three with Yeorim, Kang Maru (MARU!!!) and Vincenzo. I could go for the top three, one appetizer, the other a main course, and the final one dessert heh. Sadly Yoo Shi Jin doesn’t make the cut despite the career making hit with that one, the buzz cut makes him look more boyish than manly and all those fatigues don’t do him justice.


Netizens Agree with Song Joong Ki’s Own Choice of Yeorim in Sungkyunkwan Scandal as His Onscreen Visual Pinnacle — 37 Comments

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  2. After watching Vincenzo, Nice guy, and syunkyunkwan scandal,Dots totally fades and look pale compare to rest of his work. Though as a long time fan I am glad he chose dots as it gave him huge international fandom and vincenzo solidify his career. He is one solid Actor and hope best for him.

  3. I can see why SJK and netizens might pick Yeorim, but I disagree. Yeorim is too flowerboy (for me). His visual peak so far is Vincenzo. He has always looked super boyish (almost underage) before, but he looked like a MAN in Vincenzo, and had that silver-fox, dark sex appeal. I didn’t think his baby-face looks would age well but Vincenzo changed my mind. He’s aging like fine wine.

    • Can’t argue with their top 3 but I’d put Vincenzo before Yeorim and Kang Maru. He has always been good-looking but I couldn’t get past how boyish he looked even in DOTS. With Vincenzo though it wasn’t just his visuals but he had charisma in spades too and the combination is just hot.

    • It depends on your individual taste really – he’s always been good looking but Yeorim was when he was young and in his peak flowerboy years.

      Think of it this way, roses and orchids are both pretty flowers but some prefer a rose while others like the exotic look of an orchid. One isn’t less beautiful than the other, just different.

  4. Still remember watching Running Man because of him but stay till now for the casts.
    For me best look was Vicenzo then Kang Maru.
    He suit grey character better

  5. It’s too early to say his career is successful and stable.I hope he can following footsteps hyun bin and gong yoo.Don’t choice drama that make you big and bigger aka bonafide hallyu star and choice big budget drama like arthdal chronicle again.Although vincenzo was big budget drama lol!

    • he is well established at this point. the actors you named also had their fair share of underperforming works, same as SJK. some media articles called him “trendy actor” recently and knetz were laughing at it saying he’s pway ast the “trendy” stage now, and also wondering how long can someone be “trendy” because if he is trendy then he has been trendy for 10 years. so basically everyone pretty much agreed that he’s stable top actor now.

    • I don’t think there is one actor without a flop drama/movie in Korea. They still manage to bounds back. As for the title not stable/successful yet, SJK is no longer in his 20 or his early 30’s. Most of his big budget productions (except for Arthal Chronicle), are really successful.

      • Korean actor without flop movie and drama?Lee byung hun.Many actor have flop drama and movie but the difference was artdhal chronicle was most expensive korean drama in history.

    • uh are you a time traveller from 2011?

      Because that’s the last time saying “it’s too early to say his career is successful and stable” was true at all lol

      • I am so wondering how 49 Days will end! That drama is crack! By the way, what is up with the casting for The Greatest Love? I cannot imagine Cha Seung-won in a romantic comedy!

    • I don’t know why anyone obsess with one or two flop project ? It’s normal right? If you always think about that, you will end up always to choose saver drama who will bring great rating. Despite middling rating, I’m glad he choose arthdal after DOTS. At least I won’t call him completely into Kim Soo Hyun road yet. Become a pure a trendy actor.

      Audience reaction is hard to predict. And Actor too need a challenge. You can’t end up always pick saver road. It won’t help you as an actor in the long run of your acting career .

  6. Hum… I guess he’s bitter with DotS but it looked pretty good in this after army drama too.

    He looked pretty in SS but I really like him in this role. Maru was his first very masculine role and he suited him.

    Vincenzo was a really great character, he was perfect for the comedy and fighting scene. He looked handsome in suits.

    • I dont think he’s bitter with DotS or anything. I’m not sure if you know but this is in the context that he was to choose the positions of all the characters he played for an idol group. And he chose Yeorim as an visual , Sijin as the entertainer, Vincenzo as the leader etc.

    • he never gave any indication of being bitter about DOTS at all. he spoke of the drama and his character normally. if anything he was the harshest on taeho, his space sweepers character lol. and this article is about netizen choice of who would be the visual of an idol group consisting of his past drama and movie characters. it makes perfect sense that gu yongha would be by far the most popular choice for visual member of an idol group. but i think this poll is not knetz? from what i see his kfans also put yoo sijin in the visual line-up with gu yongha and vincenzo

  7. Vincenso and Saya for me. Vincenzo is so sexy of course, but Saya is so so pretty, sometimes even prettier than the female leads in Arthdal.

  8. SJK career is successful enough, even with the upset of Arthal Chronicles. Not all big-budget dramas are a big flop. Some truly live up to their hype. Plus, he has a wide acting range and can act in a diverse genre, unlike certain actors who only are struck playing rich guys or playboys.

  9. I might the only one who don’t like his appeareance in vinzenco. especially the first 8 episode His make up looks uneven and he looks horrible. his chubby cheek also can’t hrlp either. it’s when they hit epis 9 onwards his make up artist do him justice and he looks stunning. his best appereance is his looks is in episode 11. but overall… I love Yeo Rim more. because his visual looks consistently boyish and charming throughout the drama.

    I love Yoo Si Jin the most in terms of appereance.. because he is just consistently look good in everything he wear and his make upnis always consistent. and he looks best in non military clothes. the third is Kang Maru, despite at times his clothes is the worst especially when he anter taesan (it’s the worst suit ever. how can you work in Taesan and wear THAT kind of suit?) but still, her clothes when he doesn’t wear suit is just the best. i love his fashion when he is at the beach on epi 8-9 in those heartbreaking scene. He is so HOT! and the clothes he wear when he dates EUn Gi in Japan, too! I Think It’s when he act as MARu in that kind of acting make him sexually appealing for me!

    OmG I’m becoming a shallow fangirl at this point. still

    • i kind of agree re: vincenzo although my issues are probably not all the same episodes as yours. i thought he looked generally stunning on the show, some of the make up and styling was questionable to me especially early on when they styled his hair too flat and towards the end when he lost too much weight and looked a bit too ghastly.

      ia that yoo sijin still one of his top looks along with maru. although for me, gu yongha is also tops for flower boy visuals and saya is tops for his stunning androgynous looks.

      when it comes to sjk it’s kind of hard not to go onto the shallow side? he’s song joongki lmao

      • @yoa I agree,in Vincenzo at times he looks like a vampire, especially at the end of episode 10. Lol, I don’t know if this is bcause of the lighting or make up artist. but yeah. His stylish is uneven. might be due to live shooting.might be that’s what I Like about him as Maru.
        in Innocent Man as Maru, he at times without any make up.

  10. SJK and PBG giving me the same feels with their flower boy type of visuals. I liked him in DOTS, although I concur that he is not visually matched for the role. He looks so baby-faced for it but acting-wise, he is an absolute yes. However, in terms of visual Vincenzo proved otherwise. He was just so hot as a mafia consigliere. Maybe I favor him more in suits.

    • This has been my main issue with SJK. I like him and his acting is great but he has always been too baby faced for my liking. He is also someone who looks much better in motion than in pictures. I think darker roles like Vincenzo suit him better. He just needs to age a little and then he will be perfect, maybe at 40 ha!

    • I think it’s good that sjk wasn’t in blossom entertainment because they didn’t help his career develop and remained stagnant.

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  12. Hope sjk would take another saeguk drama…i would like to see him in saeguk like SS.He look good with saeguk attire like hanbok.

    • Yes, please! And even better if he would act in a role that shows his vulnerable side like in Tree with deep root, except where he is the lead. He was amazing there but his part was too short.

  13. Does he accepts youngest son if chaebol?I hope he reject the role because jtbc doesnt full of tanked drama no one drama get double digit rating.Starting from sisyphus:the myth since all drama becoming flop.Tvn still the best tv cable so far.

    • I am not going to judge by a few dramas that flop. It has law school and undercover, which did not end with 2%. Hence, i am still going to watch it.

  14. Jtbc this year doesnt have hit rating 10%.Sisyphus big budget drama 20b won even hitting 3-4% rating.They best drama beyond evil get 4-5% rating even law only get 6-7%.Too soon for him doing revenge drama after vincenzo.Vincenzo hits because park jae bum and kim hee won have good track record. But youngest son of chaebol writer and director track record just so-so nothing spesial.I hope i’m wrong but i have feeling this drama will be flop like sisyphus.

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