SBS Releases Script Reading Stills for Upcoming Sageuk Romance Red Sky

It’s been a mixed bag so far this year in 2021 with sageuks but overall it felt like I’m getting that genre satisfied nicely with the ones I’ve watched. It’s also nice that one finishes and another starts right after so I can focus on one at a time and up next is SBS drama Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi). It takes over the Mon-Tues time slot from Racket Boys which ends in late July so the drama starts the first week of August. The network released script reading stills with leads Ahn Hyo Seob, Kim Yoo Jung, Gong Myung, and Kwak Si Yang and wow what a good looking cast! Seriously, Kim Yoo Jung’s smile would be mine if I was surrounded by these hunks lol. She also looks adorable and I can’t wait for her to shed the weight of her last two less than ideal modern drama picks and deliver something that hopefully utilizes her talents to the max.


SBS Releases Script Reading Stills for Upcoming Sageuk Romance Red Sky — 31 Comments

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  2. What a good looking cast indeed! Love AHS’s new look. It really suits him. Wish he would keep this look for a modern drama.

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  4. Finally, Hong Chun Gi coming this August.
    Gosh, the waiting game is finally over. Will support Kim Yoo Jung and all the cast!

  5. I hope our uri KYJs drama will be loved by the Knetz and will not have controversy about historical distortion or whatsoever. Please Knetz.

  6. I’ve read naver articles, mentioned that the era is fictional, and called as “Dan Dynasty”. is it true? if it is true, sbs really want to avoid the joseon exorcist tragedy and make this drama work. coz i remembered that last time, they also removed the negative news from dispatch which mentioned the bad cgi and accused it similar to hometown legend. and sbs also removed the hot topic in qoo that discussed abt the bad cgi by knetz. and if I’m not mistaken, there’s also criticism abt similarity with xianxia. but correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t prince anpyeong and suyang is real life figure? and please correct me if I’m wrong abt the fictional era “Dan Dynasty”, coz that’s how my google translate informed me.

    anyway..ahnyeosop eyes are really seductive ? he looks like a demon fox in ancient chinese. soooo handsome!

    • What I know is they now changed the name of the 2 Prince. It bacame Yang Myung and Ju Yang. I’m not aware with the other issues. But I hope SBS learned their lesson already if they don’t want to repeat what happened to Joseon Exorcist.

      • then that’s good.. if the name of the 2 princes were changed, then it is true abt the dan dynasty, as it was mentioned in naver. yes.. sbs should learn their lesson from joseon exorcist. there’s nothing good from adapting real life figures but doing something totally fictional. i guess the female lead also is no more related to the last painter woman in joseon, as now they adapted it to a fictional era dan dynasty now.

    • Actually the real Hong Chun Gi was just briefly recorded in history. Nothing is known about her except that she’s the first and only female painter who was admitted to the prestigious painting school in Joseon. No one knows about her background or anything. So whatever they do to her character no one will complain about historical distortion because she was a mystery to historian

  7. After what happened to Joseon Exorcist, I hope HCG will have the opposite fate and will be so well loved in general. SBS please, do it right this time.

  8. She looks so tiny with them :p I’m not really happy with AHS being the ML, but excited to watch KYJ’s drama!

  9. Yoojungie is back on TV! I hope the drama will hit jackpot. Hehe! But I really love the novel Hong Chun Gi.
    I hope the drama will be so good as well. I also heard before that it looks like Chinese historical drama or something like that when they aired showcase for SBS dramas on the 2nd half of 2021. Oh no, please SBS don’t make Knetz cancelled again another drama because of chinese related issue.

  10. My god the cast looks so amazing and i m already feeling the chemistry between the three.
    Hope knetz dont make an issue abt everything and let us fans enjoy the drama without any stress

    Fighting team HCG

  11. Kim So Hyun fans are surely jealous right now because HCG sounds like a massive success like LITM. Kim Yoo Jung will now have 2 hits compared to KSH which is zero. LOL

      • IGNORE THIS @kayla
        You’re not welcome here.
        You will not succeed in creating fanwars.

    • Coming from a KYJ fan, we don’t claim this @kayla person. She’s just another troll wanting to create fanwars because her life is so boring lol
      I won’t be surprised if she’s not even a KYJ fan, just someone acting like she is to make our fandom look bad.
      @Laura and @Peng are right, please ignore this person and don’t take the bait.
      Remember that Yoojungie is friends with So Hyun in real life, and she won’t be happy with anyone bashing her friend

      Ignore this @kayla
      This person is representing the evil black eye of eighth night(full of resentment)

    • Kimsohyun has learnt a lot from KYJ , KYJ is her Sunbae , So thank you so much for comparing Rising global Star Sohyun with Vetern actor KYJ. It’s her Honour and Also don’t u dare to spilt anything abt Oris.

      From ORI ( ksh fan)

    • True beauty was a great drama but i dropped it after 5th episode becoz i was diagnosed myself with second lead syndrome.
      This script reading pics already making me have second lead syndrome here but i know my love for yoojungie is bigger than any syndromes.
      My girls choice will be my bias.❤

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