Lee Sung Min to Play the Chaebol Patriarch Opposite Song Joong Ki in the K-drama Adaptation of Revenge Novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang

Wow, what a powerhouse duo of male leads, this can only get better from casting onward. Lee Sung Min has been confirmed as another male lead in the upcoming K-drama adaptation of the novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang (The Youngest Son of the Chaebol Family). The drama will star Song Joong Ki in the titular character with female lead Shin Hyun Bin. Lee Sung Min will be playing the patriarch of the chaebol family that is at the center of our male lead’s revenge plans, but in the novel that patriarch is the grandfather and I can’t for the life of me imagine Lee Sung Min playing Song Joong Ki’s grandfather lololol. With that said, maybe they will change it to a father-son relationship which is plausible I guess. I’m just in it for the sure to sparks flying acting intensity and knowing these two guys typically pick good drama projects.


Lee Sung Min to Play the Chaebol Patriarch Opposite Song Joong Ki in the K-drama Adaptation of Revenge Novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang — 14 Comments

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  2. Dayum, IDK how they’ll pull off the reincarnation angle, but if this is anything like HBO’s Succession with a vicious, power hungry patriarch versus his children (in this case grandson), count me in!!!

    I take it that the 2 main leads are actually SJK and LSM given how this announcement was delivered?

    • oh god, I really wish you hadn’t mentioned Succession because now I might be comparing the two in the back of my mind. Anyway, I’m more excited about Lee Sung Min, I haven’t watched him in a drama in awhile and I’m looking forward to it.

  3. ok i have no complaints regarding SJK acting and talent but after coming out with a succesful drama in vincenzo why has he taken up another drama that deals with the same theme of revenge
    ofcourse both these dramas are completely different but i am worried that SJK may end up acting the same way he did in vincenzo because he has eerily taken the same role
    i think its all upto SJK to make his character and acting in this drama different from vincenzo otherwise people will end up comparing the two characters

    • Yeah is not good idea he choose another revenge drama after vincenzo.Just like he did in dots and take another military movie the battleship island.Knetz will roasted him alive if his acting same as vincenzo. I hope this drama wont be like another disaster sisyphus drama.Because when you cast song joong ki and lee sung-min together in one drama it will be big budget drama 26 billion won.

    • Actually Vincenzo is described as black comedy and never about revenge theme so basically this time iit’s difference theme. However, eventhough you may see they have a same theme, don’t worry, SJK is quite good at revenge theme and you will surprise how difference character he will potray. His acting will be different, you may watch Nice Guy – one of his best to see he never picks same role eventhough it’s same theme with Vincezo.
      Neverthless, there is some rumors that SJK have picked this drama even before Vincezo as he really admired Writer and have worked with this writer in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. So let’s see what can he do now.

  4. I think another revenge drama could be tricky for SJK, but I imagine this won’t have comedic tones? Or be as gruesome if he’s not shooting people and setting people on fire?

  5. Vincenzo was on revenge mode only in the last 4 episodes so I wouldn’t categorize Vincenzo as a revenge drama. The character description does seem similar though, as the main character here is described as someone quite cold and hard to read on the outside. It will be challenging for SJK to make his character different from Vincenzo.

    About LSM role, I wonder if it’s possible to do some kinds of makeup to make him look like SJK’s grandfarther? I heard one of the most interesting aspect of the novel is the main character’s relationship with his grandfather so if they change into a dad-son relationship, the dynamic would be different and it would be kinda risky.

    Anyway, this will be the first time SJK has two dramas in two consecutive years. I’m just happy I won’t have to wait for 4 years for his comeback!

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  7. If the writers pull off another 60 days Designated Survivor kind of drama, but this is not so much about country, but more about good corporation conflict, it will hell of a ride. I love 60 days Designated Survivor make me tear up despite the theme they

    I’m quite surprise Song Joong Ki pick project so fast considering he just filming vincenzo.I thought he would wait at least another 2-3 years. I’m so glad he is so busy nowadays, lol.

    But I think the potrayal won’t be the same since this drama might won’t have comedy in it. or even if there would be, it won’t be as much as Vincenzo did.

    I will keep lowing my expectation to this, but can’t help My expectation is higher than Vincenzo in terms of writing. and lower in terms of rating.

    I thought I would be enjoying Vincenzo since I need comedy despite it’s not exactly price worthy writing. But in the middle of the drama, I end getting bored since I’m not enjoying character of Vincenzo and the rest of the geumza Plaza community. And the comedy end up getting boring. I love the comedy in episode 1 though, it’s geniunely funny haha.

  8. Okay looks like he need to do 3 or 2 drama before reaching 40 years old. If he was still at the old agency (blossom), they wouldn’t have allowed him to take on the drama so soon. So goodluck for him. He wasted 2 year dating and marrying song tax evasion. Hope him for the best.

    • Lol moved on already. Song Joong Ki has and so did Song Hye Kyo. Stop being bitter but if you choose to stay in 2015-2019 then continue preaching your bitterness. You already Crash Landing On Love so move on.

  9. WOW. That’s a real acting heavyweight, Lee Sung Min+ Song Joong Ki is a combination to look forward to all right.

    As for SJK taking on another drama – I don’t see why not tbh? He generally chooses interesting dramas, DotS ironically is the most conventional thing he’s done. Arthdal Chronicles was messy thanks to the seasons/half filmed aspect but the plot/story itself was not your usual sageuk. Not to mention, double role!

  10. Hull the title drama change but same character.If this drama flop in rating get ready with hate and harsh comment from knetz.

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