SBS Romance Sageuk Red Sky Wraps Filming and Confirmed to Premiere on August 30th with Streaming on VIU

Okay, now it’s time to get EXCITED people! Upcoming SBS Mon-Tues romance sageuk Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi or Lovers of the Red Sky) is scheduled to premiere on August 30th, according to VIU Singapore streaming platform which has the South Asia distribution rights for the drama. It sucks that streaming partners are more on top of dates and promos while SBS is sitting on its arse doing next to nothing in hyping up Red Sky. The drama also officially wrapped production last week and the two adorable leads Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob took BTS pictures with the cast and crew and a few were posted online. I like Ahn Hyo Seob’s classic yangban look way more that the weird emo hair slash thing he was sporting in the teaser preview, not to mention he’s a drop dead doppleganger for Park Seo Joon here it’s not even funny. Now I need those two in a brother comedy movie next.


SBS Romance Sageuk Red Sky Wraps Filming and Confirmed to Premiere on August 30th with Streaming on VIU — 38 Comments

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  2. They keep moving the date. And it seems like VIU is the broadcasting channel not SBS.
    I don’t know anymore with SBS.
    I feel like they are still afraid of what happened to JE. But the thing is, they will still air it anyway, so why not just promote it properly.

    • Ugh, I don’t know why they didn’t just go with Netflix for the broadcasting rights because who even has a VIU subscription? It’s a high profile drama and both leads have worked with Netflix before so it just pisses me off.

      • Yeah. I am also hoping for Netflix. It’s the most popular streaming site worldwide.
        I’m not really familiar with VIU. But I will pray for the drama to still have an international success despite not being in Netflix. Really praying for Domestic & international success of this drama. I’m so invested with the Novel just by reading some excerpts of it.

    • Olympics will finish on the 8th right? Am I correct? The original date is Aug. 23 but they moved it to 30th. And SBS should have aired a trailer during Olympics for promotion but they didn’t use their chance. I hope before it ends, they will air it so many people will know that it’s going to premiere soonest.

      • yes. but there’s also paralympics after olimpic. i also don’t understand with sbs. tvn sept drama already gave out their teasers. i won’t be surprised anymore if they decide to postpone everything to September

  3. They are still filming. Some of the cast finished already but the main cast are still filming.
    Anyway, SBS is really not promoting Hong Chun Gi. It’s their another loss if they will not do their job.

    • Yes, they’re not yet done.
      They’ve been filming since Dec. 2020 and it’s been so many months already. Sageuk really requires a lot of filming. SBS should promote HCG well. I hope they will do something.

  4. The only thing I don’t get is the lack of promotion from SBS. We keep getting update from VIU instead of the broadcasting channel. I heard they are not yet done filming but almost there.
    I wanna see the trailer already.

    • Exactly my thoughts. Even if they moved it to 30th, it’s still August. And no character posters yet. While other broadcasting channels who will air a drama in September, already have trailers and char. posters.

  5. LOL.
    VIU is the one updating everything.
    SBS doesn’t want to cooperate.
    Do they think they will bounce back from their loss from JE if they will not promote Hong Chun Gi? They’re too careful this time to the point that they forgot to promote.

  6. Sbs know this drama will flop that’s why they don’t promote it.I feel bad for kim yoo jung.
    Btw i wonder why han so hee decided not doing movie with joo ji hoon?Maybe because nevertheless flopped hard?I don’t belived the reason is healthy.

  7. I hope Hong Chun Gi will still be a successful drama even with the lack of promotion from SBS. Praying that Knetz will support this drama by watching it real time, not just on streaming platforms and make a lot of positive buzz.

  8. I still want to think positive that this drama will succeed in ratings despite of what is happening. I’ve been waiting for this drama for almost a year now and I would like to fully enjoy it. Fighting Kim Yoo Jung and HCG team!

  9. We saw a behind the scene low quality pics of their first glimpse in character through some staff who uploaded in their personal blog. Because SBS didn’t do their job in promoting this drama. They didn’t even announce themselves that the drama airing will be moved. It was VIU who first gave notice. What do you think are you doing SBS? It will air in August but not a single character poster was released.

    • True. It’s so annoying already. But waiting is the only thing we can do right now. Let’s just pray for the drama’s success even with the lack of promotion. I hope many Knetz will tune in so we can have excellent ratings. ?

      • Yes! I will really pray that this drama will have high ratings because of good storyline, excellent acting and everything! ?

  10. If not with the crumbs I see online, like some of the location pics of their filming, pics of their props, etc, I think I will not survive waiting honestly. This is the first glimpse of KYJ and AHS in character and even if it’s a low quality, I’ll still say many thanks to the OP.
    SBS is so….nevermind.

  11. Even with low quality pics, I can already sense their perfect chemistry. Plus the storyline is just so lit.
    I wanna see them act now.
    What taking them so long for the premiere and promotions?

  12. I expect a great promotion blitz the last two weeks. A good project will attract many viewers despite anything, especially word of mouth ❤️ Three more weeks!

    • You have a very good point. Maybe because fans are waiting for so long since they announce it last year, and now that we are nearing the premiere, we crave for some real promotions like character posters, additional trailers, etc. But my main prayer is that I hope they will never be criticized about historical distortion or china related issue.

      • We waited this long for the drama, we can most definitely wait a little longer ❤️ We will be bombarded with so much goodies in the coming weeks, I can feel it ❤️

        I think there won’t be any issues since they change the historical era and made it fictional, correct me if I’m wrong haha

        @ Erica it is strange but I see it as a good thing because it will be more fresh on my mind and I won’t get tired like I do for certain dramas that release too many promotions way too early haha

      • @Laura Yes they changed it. Good move from them. I would be very thankful if I will drowned for their updates by next week to end this long drought. Hahaha!

    • I just find it weird that other broadcasting channels who will air a drama by September are giving trailers already and character posters. But HCG who will premiere this month, August, only has 2 posters without the actors and no trailer yet.

  13. someone said in this blog that kim yoo jung is an SBS favorite? how come SBS is not promoting thus if this flops, crazy fan of this nose access will blame the lack of promotion-

  14. They released a teaser pretty fast but not real trailer since… I would have hoped it will be on Netflix. I’m really excited to watch it!

  15. Imo shorter promotions before a drama airs is better just like what Netflix is doing with most of its kdramas. JTBC has been teasing the JDY and RJY drama for a while now and I’m already bored with it haha and it airs September

  16. That one on the longer would probably be the demon counterpart of Haram. Expect to see a lot of switch between joseon styling (in drama it’s Dan Dynasty) and Goryeo. Because all the supernatural people in here are from goryeo era

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