New Romantic Posters and Meet Cute Second Preview for SBS Sageuk Drama Red Sky

Mid-August is here which means two weeks out from the premiere of SBS romance sageuk drama Red Sky (Lovers of the Red Sky or Hong Chun Gi). The network released two posters of leads Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob, a new preview, and character stills of antagonist Kwak Si Yang. The pose of the two leads in the poster has already been revealed when the same picture was used as a book wrap for the new prints of the source novel by the writer of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and The Moon Embraces the Sun but it’s still very pretty and nicer to have it framed with the right color and background. I remain more excited for this drama conceptually than the previews have generated, the new one has the usual meet cute, childhood portion, and the usual awkward early interactions. Kim Yoo Jung can do this type of role in her sleep and remains always vibrant in character for sageuk dramas but I’m pleasantly surprised that Ahn Hyo Seob is actually holding his own and gives off decent screen presence.

Second preview for Red Sky:


New Romantic Posters and Meet Cute Second Preview for SBS Sageuk Drama Red Sky — 13 Comments

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  2. Racket Boys is over, I need a good drama to fill it. It will be hard, Racket Boys was so good! But I have hopes for this one! There will be Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, Yumi’s Cells, Hometown, Lost, The Veil.

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  4. After watching the teaser and thinking about it more; I think I blame Awesome EnT managers more than Sbs. They are the one who negotiate the billing for their clients and it should be in the contract or they will step down and not accept the drama. If billing is as important in Korea as some people stated then it wouldn’t be glossed over. Look at Dear M; the actress stepped down after they realized what the billing was going to be. If the drama is male centric, they who read the script, should know that it’s focusing on the male more than the female. So I’m thinking that we are blaming the wrong entity this entire time.

    The teaser looks pretty but besides that, it seems like they are making my girl play a love interest and that’s it and they’re focusing more on the male lead. I wish her role would be different because it does seem similar to her past historical roles. We see common tropes such as the girl falling and the guy catching her and etc. we waited 5 years to see her in another historical drama, I wished they gave her a meatier role. Anyways I will still watch to support her, I hope the drama does end up surprising me and making her role female centric and not a female in distress, my girl deserves better ❤️

    • Is she already with Awesome when she accepted Hong Chun Gi?
      I feel like there’s so much more than the teasers shown. The very first teaser from the SBS Drama awards has a dark vibe, then the 2nd one is mysterious and the last one is funny and romantic. I will still hope that they followed the novel and making our girl the main priority as the novel is originally a female centric one. I hope writer Ha Eun didn’t ruin her character. And also I’m hoping that they will also focused on her job as a Painter.

      • This is difficult to say because we know she was confirmed in Awesome EnT in September but it was announced in early October she was in talks for the role; also we don’t know if she was privately offered the role earlier. And we don’t know when she officially confirmed for the role. She started filming before an article was released. So even if she was offered the role before signing up with Awesome, her confirmation is most certainly in my opinion after her signing up with them. Therefore they should be responsible for the finalized contract and all the legal details. So I’m leaning in giving Awesome EnT the full responsibility for their handling this situation, and I think they’re aware of the billing in advance because when pressed about this issue, they said, “no comment.”

        I didn’t read the entire novel only bits and parts that was shared online in the past so I will trust in your words when you say it’s a completely female centric novel. I heard that book/part 1 was her story and book/part 2 was more of his story. So maybe it’s possibly it could balance both characters evenly or the drama writer could choose to focus more on book 2 and make the drama male centric which I hope not. So I suppose we will all wait and see 🙁 I think it will show her being a painter but half way it will focus more on him and their romance only. Female characters tend to forget their first love/career when they fall in love in dramas :/

        I agree, there surely must be more than what is shown so far, I’m excited for the final trailer and for more fantasy elements.

        Currently I’m more excited to watch her 21st Century Girl Netflix movie, like without a doubt, it’s a female centric role ❤️

      • I see your point. But I feel like their “no comment” statement is for the controversy not to fully blown up out of proportion, just also for the sake of their artist. But yeah, no one really knows what happened. We can only hope for the best for our girl. The novel is really female centric for both part 1 and 2. But HaRam has a very important role in the story. Anyway, I will also just wait and see what will happen, but I’m still crossing my fingers that, hopefully, our girl’s character is still the bold Chun Gi in the novel.

  5. All the best for Kim Yoo Jung and HCG Team!
    I hope it would be successful and my girl can definetely shine. I’ll cross my fingers that this is female centric. Even if you already finished filming.

  6. Kim Yoo Jung fighting! We will support you all the way and all the cast!
    Please, make our girl the center of this titular role. Surprise us, please. I hope all the earlier complaints will not justify when we watched this drama.

  7. Regardless of the direction this drama will go through, my support for Kim Yoo Jung is still full. Like others here, I want this to be female centric like in the novel, but no one knows exactly how did they execute it. I will just watch it for my girl.

  8. Whatever her role is, I know she’ll be able to imprint the character like no other

    Teaser is making me freaking crazy already as both look so freaking awesome and look soooooooooo good together

    I feel we’ll see another beautiful portrayal by yoojungie

    Just hope to enjoy the drama without any further fuss

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