Youku Deletes Zhang Zhe Han’s Name From Word of Honor, SNS Platforms Disable Comments on His Accounts, and Chinese Association of Performing Arts Issues Official Ban

Whether one thinks what is happening to C-actor Zhang Zhe Han is the degree of consequences for his past actions or wildly overblown and overwrought, it’s still worth noting exactly what is happening still. This weekend, the Chinese Association of Performing Arts issued an official statement telling all its members (concerts, variety, shows, programs) to boycott and ban his involvement. The largest social media site Weibo has disabled all comments on his accounts for violation of platform policy. Youku which owns the rights to hit wuxia drama Word of Honor has deleted Zhang Zhe Han, who is the male lead, from the cast list. NetEase and QQ, the music platforms, have deleted all of Zhang Zhe Han’s songs as had video sharing site Douyin taken down all his videos. Lastly, Zheng He Han’s SNS account has reportedly self-deleted all posts with his popular costar Gong Jun from WoH, likely to keep the fallout from hitting another currently popular actor.

I think the CAPA ban is the nail in the coffin and the best Zhang Zhe Han can do is one day, years from now, return as a character actor or supporting role. He will be losing the prime of his acting life which was set to hit the stratosphere in the coming two years thanks to his WoH breakout, and it’s hard to re-climb the ladder when there are countless young actors waiting in the wings for their own breakout. There is no shortage of male leads in C-ent. And for those wondering if Zhang Zhe Han is punished for a myriad of his past actions which have come to light – it’s only for his visit to Yasukuni Shrine, the other stuff is ancillary. The Chinese government is setting an example about forgetting or making light of Japanese military atrocities during the war against China so anything related to military era Japan (Yasukuni Shrine, the rising sun flag) has and will always be completely unacceptable.


Youku Deletes Zhang Zhe Han’s Name From Word of Honor, SNS Platforms Disable Comments on His Accounts, and Chinese Association of Performing Arts Issues Official Ban — 81 Comments

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  2. Yikes! The speed with which he has been cancelled is insane. I hope for his stake he was prudent with this money these last few years because he is unemployable now. I think there MUST be something more behind this for these pics to just become an issue now. Clearly these pics were not just discovered so why did they only blow up now when he has been a reasonably successful actor for years prior to this? is it just because his career reached another level this year that he is under more scrutiny?

    • He has been warned by his own fans about those pictures before it’s blew up to this scale but apparently he didn’t care. That is why many of his fans left him now.

      • @LadyBird: Thanks for explaining. So do you think if he had admitted to and apologised for these before he wouldn’t be cancelled now? Or has he just got so arrogant that his fans got fed up and that’s why they have exposed him?

      • It was him upload his pic when viditing yasukuni temple?? Is he not aware for his own country history n how sensitive that temple in china? I dont understand with his action

    • @Sunny
      His arrogance causes his fans to left him en masse. Few hours before he got canceled he even posted a now deleted status implying people should mind their own business. These pictures were posted few years ago, he got more than enough time to deleted it and apologized before he got canceled. So even though there’s people who were preying on him, he handed them the ammunition/bombs to destroy him on silver platter.

      • Yes. He had all the time in the world to delete it almost 4 years. Mind your own business is not the way to say to people who love and protect him so much. Government has a right of action it differs from country to country .

      • Ego kills. As your brain tells you, you are the King… There are No Right or Right in Culture. We respect what was past. YOU WILL BE THE “EXAMPLE ” TO ALL ARTISTS.

      • Wow, he really did that? If so, then he truly dug his own grave. I feel bad for him but at the same time, he truly should have let that ego go and be more humble. He is now paying the price for it now. I feel bad for him but what can any of us do? What’s done is done and there is no turning back. He is blacklisted which means he is banned for life. I wonder if he can even find a regular job now. The only way is if he immigrated to another country and starts over and starts a new career. Otherwise, I wonder how can he survive in China as everyone will view him in such a negative light. Sigh… life is so hard.

    • i think so like the pic was taken in 2018 and no one cared about that pic and now when he is on the rising top actors they started hating him and brought out that pic from 3 years which was literally nothing in those time but now became a pic that is against whole china … crazy news

      • No one is perfect,people makes mistakes sometimes.Even his an actor his a human to so he make mistake and beside why now?The picture was took 3 years ago and no one care about now his in the top,the anti’s brought it up.Like someone is really planning this ha?!And we all have dark history,yes i know he made mistake and kinda disrespect the history of china but isn’t it to much?like his punishment is like he killed so many people and rape someone to get so much punishment.Like litterly this is to much,why don’t they just give him charity work and just ban him for actinf for just a while to self reflect his mistake and beside he already apologize on his past action,i know i know its not right to forgot your country history but we all make mistake right?we should learn from our own mistake amd not do it again,but look how can he do that,if they already dig him beaneth the ground with no way out.I knkw i should’t say to much because im not a chinese nor know so much about their history,so my apologize.

    • We all have our own sad history,but we don’t act like clowns about it. “Removing his name from the Word of Honor cast? Disabling comments? Official ban?” How is that going to change the fact that he is an incredible actor? This is a ridiculous thing to be doing.

  3. That’s what I’m thinking! plus for me this is too much for him, I know he should be a role model but doesn’t mean he shouldn’t make mistakes…

  4. This is too much. It is likely a scorned someone that is doing everything they can to bring him down. What is sad, is that everyone else is so easy to jump on the bandwagon to gang destroy a person. This was awhile back, although in poor taste, he is not a traitor to China. When there is no grace, this behavior is a slippery slope and will come back to bite you (the culture of china) in the butt.

  5. still your my favorite idol…keep it up Zhang this is only the trials of your life. there are still many people who love and support you..

  6. I dunno if the govt just thinks they’re on a roll with the Kris Wu takedown but this just boggles my mind with its intensity and fervor. I get it – his actions have reactions, you shouldn’t be posing in front of any memorial, let alone a war memorial, and have incriminating photos like that one of him pinching the n*pples of a statue, BUT. This absolute decimation of his career is extreme no matter how you look at it. I wholeheartedly support stuff like this happening to actual criminals that deserve it but an ignorant young man who was too stupid to know any better? It’s brow raising for sure. I know every celebrity in China right now is on high alert watching this go down so its clear the point goes to the govt here – I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be seen as a fan of anyone susceptible to this type of crackdown.

    • Problem here is, most people there don’t think he is innocent with all his posts and friend/ramily’s connections to the Japanese right wingers and that’s why it became this extreme.

      P.S don’t come at me. I’m just explaining what I have seen on weibo

      • May I know about his family connection? I don’t have weibo so perhaps I couldn’t get the bigger picture

      • @n

        They dug a lot of stuff that somehow connected to Japan right wingers. Like his mom’s company and so on. Anyways, they dug a lot of stuff. Not saying they are all 100% true but just say it got complex and messy issue

      • At the moment he’s not in any position to say anything and has no platform left to refute any of those claims so people on weibo can make up whatever they want.

    • Because it’s communist country and government so they can do this. It’s not like Chinese government are innocent. I read Arther Chen relinquished his US citizenship so he can be an actor in China. I hope he doesn’t regret it in the future if he ever went through something like this.

  7. This is insane. Everyone should take responsibility for own action. But we should also give chance for people if they admit their mistakes. The purpose of forgiveness and punishment guide
    human being in doing the right thing.

  8. If God treated us the way human beings do each other, like in this case and others, we would all be doomed to an eternal punishment of hell’s fire. Whilst I agree there should be some level of discipline, this here is a total destruction of a person’s career and livelihood. I believe some measure of mercy should apply if he is truly repentent for his actions. This culture of canceling/banning people to the point of taking away one’s livelihood is dangerous and soon we will see the repercussions of this, unless the rest of us become like God, infallible, and that is impossible, therefore live room for error and learning.

      • I agree. It seems because a person is loved, they have no room for mistakes or trial and error. No second chance to prove themselves. Has anyone ever did something wrong and wish they could be forgiven? It appears being an actor or singer that works hard to get where they are is never their own doing and the public and government can take it all back if any or all have been offended. I would not want to share my gifts and talents with these people. If they do something the people dont like, you ostracize and or exile your own. WOW!

      • What career? Most certainly not in entertainment, neither as a director, producer, or toilet cleaner for that matter. I feel sorry for him, but he had it coming. He should have treated film directors, photographers and other crew members of staff with due respect, but instead he acted like an Hollywood Diva and a complete jerk

    • What repercussion are you talking about? For banning him from being a public figure? He still has supporters, and can still make livelihood doing something else. He can still learn and reflect.

      • How about being labelled as a traitor for the whole of his life? He may not be able to find any job in China given how heavy this label is. His whole families may even lost all of their livelihood. Going out may even be dangerous for him and his families. So yes, we’re talking not only about a destruction of his whole career but even whether it is still safe for him and his families to exist in their own country.

        The irony of all of this, his last drama is basically a story of redemption after making horrible choices in the past. And people lapping up this message and loving it. There is no redemption worth to be given apparently in real world. At least Kris Wu will have his day being defended by his expensive lawyer in a court of law, but none of this will be available for him. Because apparently he has been “sentenced” to be guilty without any rights to defend himself and his actions by the court of internet. Even nazi war criminals got their day in the courts of Nuremberg trial. Apparently what he did is worse than these mass murderers for he does not deserve even this.

        He may be a jerk and some people may say that he deserved this. But the destruction of someone’s life without any chance of even defending himself is giving me chills to the bone. The lack of empathy in the comment sections by chalking this up as another “case of a pretty boy being cancelled” is making my jaw drop. This is beyond just a cancellation of another pretty boy, this is about a person getting stripped of all of his basic rights for due process. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Today it may be him that you probably dont like, next time who knows who. So think twice before celebrating or flippantly commenting about this.

      • I am a patriot, however, I find this punishment towards ZZH is harshed. We’re human and we erred but the main and most important factor here is that he has reflected upon his error of judgement and begged for forgiveness. He didn’t kill anyone and in his bad judgement of errors he went to this Temple without any recognizant and did what all mass or visitors do as tourists. I know I have and it was embarrassing when I found what was the Freedom Path in Boston was dedicated to. I nonchalantly walked the path and thought what brilliant did the designer whom created the steam chambers for people to warm themselves when they walked the path in the cold Winter. But when I found out that the steam chambers was to emulated the gas chambers which killed millions of Jews. I was so ashamed of myself for not knowing the history of the monuments was for. I felt so guilty and ashamed of myself but to promise to learn and understand of historical sites prior to visiting instead of being ignorant.

  9. He is reaping the consequences of his ignoranct and insensitive actions now. But I still didn’t expect the cancellation would be to this extend. I think it’s a little overblown.

    Initially I thought he would be heavily criticized and that’s it. I thought he could make a comeback to cdramaland in a year’s time if he act smart and keep his head down. But now it looks like his career is done for good.

    • Not just his career, his life is done. His and his whole family are being treated like traitors to the nation and thry might even be executed. He does not deserve that just coz he was ignorant. Thus is extreme and inhumane.

  10. Its such a shame. I mean, he didn’t choose the venue of the wedding and the pictures I’ve seen, there’s nothing obvious to show which shrine it is. It jist looks like a historical building in one pic and a cherry blossom tree in another. So it’s a little suspect that it’s only blown up now when he went to this wedding in 2018. Why didn’t this all happen years ago? Why only now when he’s so popular? Is it jealousy that has him being targeted? It’s a shame because I enjoy his work and from a western perspective taking a picture at a wedding (regardless of the historical context of the venue which I have looked up) is really not a big thing. Sure a slap on the wrist, but this? The extent at which they’re taking it has me actually worried about the guys safety! Whether that be from others or even himself.

    • I think it’s one thing on top of another. If it was just the wedding, then there was some room for ignorance since that particular shrine for the wedding wasn’t that well-known. Then there was the cozy pic with the infamous Nanjing-Massacre denier (just the 2 of them; not a group pic) and the pictures from the infamous Yasukuni shrine, which was just too much.

      He was definitely targeted. The scandal timed perfectly with the anniversary date of a major battle between China and Japan. but as a celebrity, he should always expect to be targeted and do things to avoid it. But from what someone else said above, it looks like he handed people the bow and arrow and painted a target on his back. The Yasukuni shrine pics were his own uploads. And whoever was involved in managing his career did a poor job.

      I wouldn’t have expected him to get endorsements or lead roles ever again after this slap in the face to the parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents of all the people in China, but it’s sad that his name is getting deleted from past works and his past works will likely be removed from streaming platforms. It’s like erasing his existence.

      • And his 2017 post of Japanese rising sun flag (that they used during ww2) was not helping at all.

  11. God, please save Zhang Zhehan at all times. (People thought that they are doing the right things for their country and nation. Btw, it’s all up to them. Everyone has their own thoughts and judgement thinking.) As an ordinary fan, i still pray for his safety and his well being even though he is no longer become a favourite actor and singer anymore. I don’t forget how his works and his masterpieces ever save me from my nightmare and years of life sufferings, and finally have warmed my heart and my soul, whih give me lots courage for me to live my life until today. Stay safe and take care,Zhang Zhehan.

  12. Chinese people supporting this type of state directed cancellation of a person or group of people are really digging their own graves.

  13. not even a fan but i feel really bad for him and his fans – only knew him thru Nirvana in fire as the young lin shu. saw some threads in twt and i kind of understand why he’s getting hate from the public but the extent was unexpected and too much then again its not our place to say whether it is deserved or not. Just a shame for his now booming career. Someone’s definitely behind this.

  14. The extent to what has been done, he may not even get a normal job. His news is probably reached every single Chinese citizen there and now that everyone is painting him as some kind of national traitor (which I think is ridiculous ) he may really not be able to live a normal live. Unless he has enough money to survive for rest of his life , which company there will even hire him for even a normal job. And I probably think he’ll have to pay fine for all his endorsements and dramas for causing issue, not sure. I’m just worried for this person. The punishment is too high for the mistake committed. I was watching this movie called ‘Shockwave 2’ by Andy lau and there’s a line in the movie, “This is a society that everything is disposable after use, including human beings.” Don’t know which celeb is going to get targeted next. Their flaw is that everyone knows them so to live normally even after a downfall is little impossible I personally think. The hatred in this world is just too much. Another line from the movie, “The world was beautiful, but now it’s incurable”.

  15. Other than being labeled as a national “traitor”, there are multiple sources on weibo claiming that he and his team are one of the worst to work with in the industry – I think the latter has made the entire issue worse cause of his questionable work ethics.

    One source mentioned how he made the makeup team (not his own) redo his makeup for more than 3 hours cause he wasn’t good looking enough (lol dude I mean it’s your face, people can’t change how unflattering you think you look); another mentioned that he refuses to speak with the photographers or art director, and leaves his team to negotiate his demands with them (which are often infuriatingly to the directors); another mentioned he used a body double for a outdoor shoot for one of his brand endorsements; one mentioned he made an entire team of filming crew wait in the 38deg hot sun for more than 1.5 hours because it was too hot for him to film; his team hogged clothes while other stars were kept waiting because he was late to the shoot and hasn’t changed yet; acts of him helping the elderly being exposed as scripted… there are lots more on weibo.

    I guess this was a long time coming if he really acted like a diva in his early days :’) all the best to him…

    • I think he’s being used as a scapegoat and people are taking advantage of the issue to bring drag his name further (I’m talking about the work ethics and team thing). These can’t be trusted.

      • Well, we don’t know that’s real. We don’t even know who ZZH is in real life. So your comments (some above) are just like denial.. denial and denial to everything info that doesn’t paint him in good light

      • Typo. I mean

        ‘We don’t know what’s real’ as in, the info might be untrue but we also push all these info as ‘fake’. Again. None of us here know the artist himself personally. Yes. Even for you guys, the fans.

      • True. Based on people said in other platform, the weibo become so toxic with rumours and baseless accusations to slender him. With no one can say anything to defend him or what the truth against the made up rumours (anyone says good things about him will be dragged down and targeted), the malicious comments going wild.

      • Is it not possible for him to go to another, with his good looks and talent, I’m sure he’ll find a job or become a director or producer. I hope he finds something.

    • They already have a proved that how kind he is as a young man in industry. But the “big boss” really did a good job. Everytime someone said nice about him. The statement will be gone.

  16. Wow … he must have offended someone big shot in China to do that to him.

    Maybe someone with power wants him as toyboy n he flatly refused.

    To actually dig up past pics to name him as traitor like as if he sell info as spies is crazy. Buying people to write nasty articles to bring down someone is very easy to do in China where everything can be bought with money.

    Don’t drive a person to the brink of suicide with such witch hunt. Then all those who prosecute him online endlessly without justification n blindly or for monetary gain will have blood on their hands.

    • Those were my thoughts as well, that he personally crossed someone who has the clout to hound him mercilessly. Yes a public figure should be a little more aware of things they say/do..but errors in judgement are made all the err is human. Even UK Queen Elizabeths grandson dressed up in a Nazi uniform! thoughtless actions but fit a punishment if there need be one at all accordingly.

      • The thing is that ZZH didn’t even do a Hilter Salut. It’s just a pic of him with 1 hand holding a drink n the other hand raised the same manner like Hilter Salut. Just this photo as it us n there’s netizens claiming that he did a Nazi Salut. ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ This is insane. I could gave done the same but I wouldn’t even have realised that that might look like a national Salut. So basically this netizen is just out to drag mud on ZZH.

    • An obsessive fangirl-turned-anti-fan can easily do this if the pics are public. And he’s popular enough that anything tagged with his name would get clicks.

      I get people being furious with him for appearing to pay respect to those who deny the atrocities inflicted on their parents and ancestors and for being a douche, but him being branded as a spy is just crazy and dangerous. He can’t even be a private citizen anymore at this rate. Can’t even leave the country. People are going to feel entitled to physically hurt him. If he was a spy, the government would surely find out before the average netizen. What valuable info would he be sending to Japan? Hairstyles and makeup techniques for costume dramas?

  17. Read news, people. 3 days ago (August 13th), both Chinese and South Korea governments strongly condemned Japanese government due to its ministers went to this very shrine to pay respect there. And this is about Japanese who went to the shrine. This issue made into all the headlines.

    So what do you all expect the government to do with their OWN artist who went to the shrines and took pictures there?

      • It was encourage to do so in 2018? what considered “OK or even good” in 2018 is used to witch hunt him in 2021. Whoever did this is really clever to fool everyone.

    • lol it’s funny how human are quick to judge one another. The same weight a person uses to judge someone is the same that will be use to judge them.Anyone who travels have made this mistake; we see something pretty and interesting we naturally want to photograph it. No wonder why so many Asians celebrities commit suicide;it’s because of the extremity the public take their accusations. Please let’s keep in mind that someone livelihood is at risks.

  18. Am his fan alwys and I wil be..who doesn’t make mistakes who doesn’t have past. We should appreciate the gift of the present not judge the past of anyone

  19. For those who wonder why China and Korea still hate things that related to Japan and “exaggerated” this case, maybe you can Google “Unit 731”, human experiments by japanese during World War II located in China…

  20. I won’t be like the other ‘fans’. I won’t abandon him or condemn him. I am genuinely afraid for his life now. While I understand that being at that shrine was a very insensitive thing for him to do, he is being vilified way too much. Even though he apologized for his ignorance, it means nothing these days. One mistake and you’re condemned forever with no forgiveness. When an evil, controlling government wants to ‘set an example’ it generally means death for the target. What they are doing to him just proves more and more that the Chinese government is evil.

  21. I read something on weibo. “The world wide web wrote an article in 2017, every chinese should visit the yasukuni shrine” so all people there want to request investigation. If he no crime they want clear his name but the article disapear. They up that aritcle so many time but everytime its gone. They also said “this case also have motive behind the scene. The next danmei is mastermind, bring down zhang zhehan for their actor”.

  22. Koala, do you know about the Japanese media posted status saying thank you to ZZH for promoting the yasukuni shrine and welcome him to Japan? Omg, during this sensitive time, the Japanese is mocking the Chinese and ZZH is in the middle, like a little pawn stuck in political war.

    • Then those ‘info’ people dug out about his relatives and friends being closely linked to Japanese right wingers would make it more believable to the c-public.

  23. Why is nobody doing any thing for this man this is more than what is being posted this appears to be a personal vendetta how cruel and evil to destroy this man’s career he has not even done anything illegal to be persicuted like this just when you get the impression China is becoming part of the world market place and then they do something archaic and disgusting this is old China do we really want this kind of vindictive evil attitude in this day and age.

  24. Please everybody stop, you are just making the situation worse for him. Please stop engaging with news about this and stop defending him, because they will use any support from foreigners against him. The safest way is to lay low and let this pass. I beg you not to make this worse for him.

    • totally understand. However, if we don’t raise different voices, he will carry the blame for rest of his life (if any is left). at the moment, we need civil and factual conversation to help him. If not, he can be silenced forever.

  25. International fan. I don’t understand or want to get involved in any political topic. Per entertainment I am his big fan. I’ll still support him in any films and if he is reinstate. He’s young and he is living a life.

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