K-netizens Find Lee Jun Ki and Lee Jong Seok Always Take on Drama Male Leads that Have the Worst Things Happen so That Image Stays with Them

This is a funny and all too true post – K-netizens were discussing which actors have such a strong image because of a certain type of role and they uniformly landed on Lee Jun Ki and Lee Jong Seok in the pantheon of playing male leads with the most awful things that happen to them, i.e. worst life possible. I agree and no wonder I love them both so lololol. The consensus is that when you see either onscreen you’re already girded for the most awful fate to befall and one bad thing after another to happen. Lee Jun Ki it’s Iljimae, Joseon Gunman, Two Weeks, Flower of Evil, Time Between Dog and Wolf, and Moon Lovers and with Lee Jong Seok it’s I Hear Your Voice, Pinocchio, W: Two Worlds, Dr. Stranger, and School 2013. Stuff that happens include getting shot/getting stabbed/losing girlfriend-fiancee-wife-child-parent/bullying/betrayal/arrested/jail/backstabbed/framed…..and you get the picture. It’s not every single drama per se but more often than not, and also the bad stuff that happens to their male lead is so so awful it’s traumatizing to watch. Netizens feel that every time they see Lee Jun Ki or Lee Seok they just want to ask if they are almost, are they unhurt, are they doing well hahaha. There is also a third actor that netizens think belong on this pantheon but he’s recently steered away from such character types – namely Kim Nam Gil who lived through Queen Seondeok, Bad Guy, and Shark.


K-netizens Find Lee Jun Ki and Lee Jong Seok Always Take on Drama Male Leads that Have the Worst Things Happen so That Image Stays with Them — 20 Comments

  1. well I completely agree to this but with a little different perspective
    well here the knets are talking about the characters these two have taken and i relised that LJK and LJS pretty much play safe when they choose their roles
    LJS is an amazing actor but just doesn’t challenge himself and when he did he played his villainish role in VIP pretty caricaturish
    LJK is also great but only shines through certain roles like the one in flower of evil. many may argue that he only does sagueks but the problem is he plays all his saguek characters the same way
    I feel this actors need to come out of their comfort zones

    • I don’t really agree to this esp when comes to Lee Jun Ki.

      Did you even consider that after MS especially, it wasn’t so easy to pick and choose roles with limited offers unless he has the star status like Hyun Bin? Not to mention that he was ever blacklisted for offending past president for whatever the reason was, till he never get to do movies until now.

      Why no one mention abt Gong Yoo stuck doing rom-com and never done sageuk? Or the acclaimed actress like Kim Hee Ae been playing same roles abt extra marital affairs time and time again? Not considered stay in safe zones because their dramas are rating hit, i guess, thus excusable.

      • I think same applies to Hyun Bin. He’s a good and charismatic actor but most of his roles have been similar. From MLSS to SeGa to HJM (which he chose over the non-safe KMHM) to MOTA to CLOY, he’s played one too many rich aloof jerks with some kind of trauma. He’s mostly played it safe like another actor we all know. But Binnie’s the better actor, of course. ?

      • Gong Yoo stucked doing the same thing. Literally from Coffee Prince to Goblin, same character.

        Hyun Bin had explored in couple of his drama but I guess he realised not many people liked it so he is back to the calm and stoic characters. I must admit I love Jekyl and Hyde better than Kill Me Heal Me because Ji Sung is so overdramatic, or “overacting” as some people call it, in his interpretation in that drama. Sometime you just love that no emotion type of performance.

      • I have nothing to say on Gong Yoo since I’m not too familiar with his work.

        On HB though, all the above dramas I mentioned were big hits (except HJM which flopped big time.) So he must be doing something right. More often than not, when actors take the risk and try something different, it backfires on them. So I do get why some stay in their comfort zones. Even if it won’t help ’em grow/evolve in their craft.

      • Gong Yoo has a movie filmography the both of them don’t have. He chooses very different roles like Train to Busan, Silenced, A Man and a Woman, Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982, etc. And his role in Goblin showed that he could totaly act in a sageuk.

      • @Sayaris

        LJK could have filmography that Gong Yoo has if not for the fact that he was BANNED and BLACKLISTED. He started his career as a movie actor after all.

        Just few scenes in sageuk does not mean he can totally carry a sageuk drama. He still stuck being a prince charming in dramaland.

      • Their movies does not cover that fact that they doing similar characters in drama. Nothing to be defensive about because it looks like it’s a strategic choice for them.

        Some actors are too focused on the art side and some on the business side and some have balance. I admire Hyun Bin on how he handles his affairs. The guy has a business acumen and smart.

      • Check these info or number of projects so far.
        Lee Jun-ki; Movies – 8 and Dramas -12
        Gong Yoo; Movies -14 and Dramas -9
        Hyun Bin; Movies -11 and Dramas-9

        Although, Lee Joon-gi only have 4 Korean produced movies. The other 4 movies are non-Korean being 2 Japanese produced movies, 1 Chinese produced movie and 1 multinational produced movie. He has not done a Korean produced movie since 2007.

    • Sorry I totally disagree about Lee Jun Ki. He’s probably one of the k-actors who played varieties of roles over his career. All his dramas are quite heavy and intense but every role he played is distinct from one another. Definitely an actor who never played it safe. In fact, one of the bravest k-actors.

    • I feel like weird when I think LJK just good at certain role, as I see him, he can do romance and better as the bad guy than morally right protagonist. He also overreact, if that is a things in acting,

      I feel the same with Lee Jae Hoon,he lack charisma

      • Lee Jae-hoon is tends to put more emotions in his performances. Is he a theatre actor? Jo Jung Suk does the same as well.

        Lee Jun-ki is theatrical on his Saguek dramas but isn’t how Saguek should be. But he nailed his character in Moon Lovers. Time Between Wolf and Dog and Flower of Evil were his best performances in modern dramas.

        The other actor who’s too dramatic was Yoo Ah In. His performance in Fashion King was legit overacting. But I think that kind of interpretation was more suitable for Saguek.

        And, there’s Kim Soo Hyun who has the same vibe. He tends to be overdramatic as well.

    • The article did not describe about their characters but the background of their characters. Their characters may have strong and awful past but it did not mean and did not say they are portraying similar characters.

      I think some people just love to jump in even their responses are totally far-out, just because they are to eager to grab the opportunity to spout their hate on the actors, on Lee Joon-gi in particular.

  2. I can see lot of people have such a grudge against Lee Joon Gi. I mean are these people are blind. Look at the list of legendary productions and list of awards that Lee Joon Gi has taken. I think he is third most award wining actor in South Korea. When it comes to actors like Hyun Bin and Gong Yoo they only have few acting awards compared to Lee Joon Gi. Lee Joon Gi didn’t do films because he haven’t found the right movie to do since he us an actoe who always try to do a meaningful project. If he has such a bad reputation since he was blacklisted by a former president just because of having another perspective of a problem at thatleast time, why he was cast in Moon Lovers which is a product of an american , universal studio budget, why was he casted in Hollywood movie and had his name with the main cast even though it’s a special appearance and why he was casted in Japanese and Chinese movies as a representative actor of South Korea and why his career is being more promoted 200 Korean actors project in south korea, and why his movie character was portrayed in a honor wall of korea???? So he is well respected actor both in korea and worldwide. And is there any actor who can play his roles in Moon Lovers, Flower Of Evil, Time Between Dog and Wolf, two weeks and iljimae???? I cannot think of anyone. He is an amazing committed actor who always gives his bery best. He doesn’t always chase for fame by doing silly trndy love stories. He challenges himself to do new things and meaningful things. So stop insulting an honorable actor andof a man. And more of it , just please do notanother compare him with other actors. Because he is notthe a persongreat to be compared with anyone..Thank you

    • Hahaha, what’s wrong with some people? Lee Joongi is not the type of actor people should question his acting ability, he’s a superb actor wheter you like him or not, and he has a huge variety of characters under his belt. Yes, all his characters are complex, with a painful past or difficult life but that’s just his taste, he chooses characters that allow him to express the diffenret ways of human suffering, but every character has their own color. Anyway, if you asked me I definetely prefer an actor like Lee Joongi with all his difficult and complex characters that many other actors doing romantic comedies where their only contribution to kdrama world is their looks.

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