Song Joong Ki and Seo Ye Ji are the Most Google Searched Korean Actor and Actress Name in the First Half of 2021

The pure data analytics available from Google search terms are exactly that, the number of times a word was typed into a search bar and pressed go. No subjectively whatsoever. So it’s definitely been an eventful year so far into 2021 in K-ent (and really in multiple other Asian ent industries) so the recently released Google top search terms for South Korean actors and actresses is quite illuminating. The top male actor was Song Joong Ki, a positive search term thanks to his hit tvN drama Vincenzo, whereas the top actress search was for Seo Ye Ji in a negative light due to her scandal this year being the ex-girlfriend of Kim Jung Hyun who gaslighted him into acting like a major douchey jerk on the set of the K-drama Time. The rest of the searches are a combo of perennially popular stars along with stars with major projects/buzz this year. The actor searches after Song Joong Ki in the following order of second through ten: Song Kang, Hyun Bin, Park Seo Joon, Park Bo Gum, Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Sun Ho, Yoo Ah In, Gong Yoo, and Lee Do Hyun. The ladies side after Seo Ye Ji are in the order of second through ten: Han So Hee, Yoo Yeo Jung, Jeon Ji Hyun, Lee Ji Ah, Son Ye Jin, Kim So Yeon, Kim Tae Ri, Jeon Yeo Bin, and Kim Go Eun. Like I said, the buzzy stars are the youngsters like Han So Hee, Song Kang, and Lee Do Hyun, who all had dramas this year so far. Perennially popular stars who still are in the Google top ten despite being in the army (Park Bo Gum) or having no current projects (Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin), and of course the leads of Penthouse got their deserved big search breaks.


Song Joong Ki and Seo Ye Ji are the Most Google Searched Korean Actor and Actress Name in the First Half of 2021 — 35 Comments

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  2. well I think I contributed alittle bit to that statistic since I always search SJK news on google almost every day.. lol

  3. Seo Yeji is the most bizarre development of a scandal I’ve witnessed yet. What started as a dating(?) reveal morphed to become a scandal that took down someone who wasn’t involved in the original reveal. Kim Jung Hyun isn’t even in the Google rankings despite him getting the ball rolling, lol. Talk about butterfly effect.

    • the scandals she collected through the years were pilled up. while she was nugu nobody cared enough. but she had to taste her own medicine after giving so much hard time to everyone.

      • Exactly. That’s just how karma rolls. It lets you think you’ve gotten away with it and just when you reach the top, it sneaks up on you like, ‘Gotcha!’ And the fact that she didn’t fight tooth and nail to save her career (unlike others who’ve done way less than she has), hasn’t clarified any of the thousand allegations against her and hasn’t sued anyone (AFAIK) but chose instead to hide after releasing a shyte statement and wait for people to forget then release a cartoon months later saying she’s glad there are people who believe her while still clarifying nothing, just to test the waters is very telling of her guilt.

      • @nj – wow, yeah, karma really came back for her, didn’t it? Just when she finally had a hit work that gave her the level of recognition of a lead actress…. boom.

  4. damn son ye jin and hyun bin are hanging on even almost 2 years since cloy ended. I mean their dating news probably helped boost their relevancy to a whole new level but the fact that they still beat out actors who had multiple projects release in the same time is just amazing.

  5. Congratulation song joong ki,i wish he can work with director park chan-wook in future it will boost his career in chungmuro.Rather than focus in hallyu drama. I want him became chungmuro actor like yo ah in etc.Too bad when bong joon-ho want work with him in 2013 (sea fog),he must go to military enlistman.

  6. Where is Lee Min Ho? The king is headlining a 130 billion won international drama and it will be the biggest drama this year! TBH all these local names combined can’t hold a candle to him.

    • Who cares if it is 130 billion won drama and so-called biggest drama. He is irrelevant, as he was in a flop drama and did not win any main/major awards. These local names are popular domestically and internationally, something you a foreigner can never understand.

      • @Lai Pei Yee – no point arguing with people whose brain is stuck in 2009.

        SJK got searched because he headlined a well-reviewed hit drama that was expected to do well but not to the extent that Vincenzo did. Some people just need to deal.

      • Hehee…Ikr? I knew it was only a matter of time until one of the lmh fantards showed up to question this list just because their eternal chaebol isn’t on it.

    • Forget it. His drama is not out yet. He didn’t win or was nominated for a single Baeksang/Daesang by the time he is 30-something.Some of the actors in the list did. I’m not surprised the buzzy actors in the list might make LMH disappear..

      • Exactly! His drama is not out yet and he will dominate second half of 2021. Who cares about Baeksang/Daesang, it just a small local award show run by narrow minded people. Lee Min Ho is going to be nominated for Emmys for Pachinko.

      • He’s going to win an Emmy for Pachinko? Did your crystal ball tell you this? Is it the same crystal ball that made your delulu fandom run wild claiming TKEM was going to be the biggest hit drama of all time and beat CLOY in popularity and ratings? How did that work out for y’all?

      • It is too early to predict. Don’t forget jirisan and other dramas are coming up. I am sure the Emmy and other international awards are gonna pick some veteran actors over some guy with flop-but-same acting. Ohh..talking abt that, LMH did not make Seoul International TV awards.

    • Without kim eun sook drama,song joong ki get nominated best actor in baeksang and seoul international drama award and soon he will get nominated in apan award too. And your king eternal flop still mediocre actor since forever lol.

  7. Song Joong ki and Jeon Yeo been are indeed two of the brightest stars this year and Vincenzo is still the no. 1 K drama so far. So happy for my faves!

  8. I love Seo Ye Ji on screen. Hoping for her strong return and hope she learned her lesson hard. It takes 2 to tango so i bet her old boyfriends werent so innocent either.

  9. I am new here. Just started watching K-drama on Netflix last year during the lockdown. I am not a fan nor hater of Lee Min Ho. Just curious why he didn’t win any awards in his long career. I researched on him. In 2015, he won the Best New Actor in a film Award in the 52th Grand Bell and was nominated in the 51th Baeksang new actor in a film and 36th Dragon Film Awards for Gangnam 1970. In 2009, he won the 45th Baeksang Best new actor in a TV drama for Boys Over Flower.

    • He didnt win the the top prizes. All his prizes are all new actors only, while his peers in his 30’s manage to rise beyond best new actor.

    • I see. Just don’t understand all the hate towards LMH. I only paid attention to him after he was cast in Pachinko. I am a fan of the book and really excited to see the characters come to life. My favorite character is not Hansu but Isak, the noble and loving husband of Sunja. There are speculations that LMH will play both Hansu and Noa. All the characters but Noa have been cast. It makes sense since Noa looks just like his father. It’ll be interesting to see LMH play both the flamboyant but cruel Hansu and the bookish Noa. Sorry for digressing. Just looking forward to see Pachinko as a TV drama.

      Sorry if this is a double post. My last one didn’t go thru.

      • He has his fair share of haters like every other star. But some of the hate he gets is caused by his insecure and loudmouthed fans who go round bashing other actors to make themselves feel better about oppa’s shortcomings. Take @Lena’s thoughtless comments above for example. No one even mentioned his name until she did. And she had to stoop to insulting the listed actors and dissing a prestigious Korean award-giving body just to elevate him.

      • @jubilee is correct. A lot of the “hate” is just irritation at his badly behaved fans making everything about him, even other actors’ posts. And they do this consistently.

  10. Song joong ki will on list gallup and forbes next year,thanks Vincenzo. The king eternal flop only win on hallyu poll only LOL.

  11. Not song joong ki fans acting like lee min ho fans are the worst..have you guys seen yourself? No better than LMH stans. Worse fandoms of both top actors who doesn’t leave any chance to bash others especially the actresses that work with them

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