Yang Zi’s Fans Ecstatic with Her New Modern Drama Release The Oath of Love with Xiao Zhan After The Golden Hairpin is Confirmed to be Banned Due to Wu Yi Fan’s Arrest

Summer is winding down and the beginning of September as kids get fully back into the swing of school there will be a new drama to hopefully inject some buzz into what has been a dull C-drama season so far. Even better is that it changes the bad mojos around popular C-actress Yang Zi who has been in the news this whole month due to her period C-drama adaptation of The Golden Hairpin getting mentioned and then later banned due to male lead Wu Yi Fan and his alleged rape scandal and subsequent arrest. Her fans have been sad but accepting that The Golden Hairpin will likely never see the light of day, reportedly now there is even no chance that it could be sold directly to overseas streaming platform such as Netflix due to the drama being officially banned in China by the authorities plus Wu Yi Fan’s alleged crimes are so severe. But now her fans will see her next month in the modern romance C-drama The Oath of Love (余生,请多指教) costarring with popular young actor-singer Xiao Zhan who rocketed to fame in 2019 thanks to The Untamed. The posters look great and the preview is plenty angsty to start off, but it’s before they meet so obviously after the fated destined things start to look up for her cello player and his doctor characters. Even better is the drama is undubbed since it’s streaming on WeTV and not airing on television, which requires dubbing as Chinese authorities want uniform accents for anything shown nationwide on television.

Preview for The Oath of Love:


Yang Zi’s Fans Ecstatic with Her New Modern Drama Release The Oath of Love with Xiao Zhan After The Golden Hairpin is Confirmed to be Banned Due to Wu Yi Fan’s Arrest — 25 Comments

  1. The summer season of c-drama this year hasn’t been poppin but You Are My Glory did crash the server with fans swarming to watch the wedding. I will say I lost interest after they got together. But it’s a good drama to put on when you’re on your phone half paying attention. As is Crush with Lin Yan Jun and Wan Peng which I am enjoying more than I thought I would.

    As for this, I think I may enjoy this so I am looking forward to it. I can see it achieving the same popularity of Go Go Squid.

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      • I have issues with the FL in this drama but in Falling into your Smile too. They made them so cute-childish… It’s frustrating because except that, they were pretty smart.

        I like Crush too. I have to watch the angsty episodes for now… Hoping for the best after that.

      • @Sayari
        Not a fan of the whole cutesy girl/Lolita girl type characters either. It Go Go Squid isn’t so bad but I feel like it doesn’t match Yang Zi.

        The whole drama of Falling Into Your Smile is a fail. Not a fan of the ml and fl characters. And don’t even get me started about Cheng Xiao supposedly being a shortie in it to make her more cutesy. So cringe.

      • @ Ilikehim:

        Exactly! I hope they fired the stylist that dress YZ in “Go Go Squid”. She was also chubbier in that drama.

  3. I am a fan of Yangzi’s acting. She is the first C-actress to bring me back to watch C-dramas after a long while. I’ve watched quite a few of her dramas and she is good. The biggest challenge here for her is this role is quite similar to Go Go Squid ‘s character. It will be interesting to see how she handles this role. I am still hoping to get a chance to watch The Golden Hairpin one day after a new male lead has been chosen but who knows.

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing her drama, it has been almost been 2 years since she came out with a new one. I also believe this drama will be aired on Hunan TV, I think that was the reason it took so long for this drama to come out, Tencent was just ready to stream it but they couldn’t do it without Hunan TV actually broadcasting it at the same time.

  5. I read in twt there’s rumors productions looking for a new actor to cast for the golden hairpin. Nways, not a fan but Yang Zhi has a soft spot for me. I’ve enjoyed GGS and AOL.

  6. wth… the show will be televised on hunan station. as for whether a show will be dubbed, there are a lot more factors than that.

    as for the show, i think a lot of the book’s fans will be disappointed. the lead female character is supposed to be cool, distant, level headed strong and individualistic, and a female lead that fitted the role was chosen.

    but because the untamed aired, sean quickly gained fame and people saw potential in this small production and yang zi decided to invest in it financially and starred in it herself. the female lead role was rewritten into something a lot more similar to go go squid’s since she can’t do aloof and cool. so yes you guys, you’ll be getting cutesy again.

    • Yang Zi has not invested in The Oath of Love. This drama is Tencent invested. Xiao Zhan is the darling of Tencent. All his dramas are from them. Tencent wanted it’s drama to air on local TV stations and seeing how popular Go Go Squid was, they invited Yang Zi to star opposite him.

  7. I dropped Go Go Squid so fast despite its popularity because her acting is pretty awkward or it’s probably because the character herself is cringe. Why does e-sport drama always have cutesy FL?

    I don’t know why you said this season c-drama is dull. We have You Are My Glory, The Day Of Becoming You, Our Secret, Summer Again. I’ve been watching more cdrama these days because I need light/romcom dramas. Kdrama light dramas are too boring nowadays

  8. I think her character was written as cutesy in Go Go Squid because she was supposed to be a young girl who was advanced in her studies. It was based on a popular novel and her character was written as such. In Ashes of Love, she was a bit naive and cutesy in the first part (it was also based on a book). So I am looking forward to a drama in which she is more mature.

  9. Yang Zi’s best role to date was still in 战长沙/Battle of Changsha. Not sure why she went onto continuously take these cutesy, dumb FL roles since. She is capable of greater range.

  10. Go Go Squid is nonsensical so I don’t know why it’s popular. I read the novel upon hearing the casting and it turned me off the drama. Both the male and female leads have really unlikable personalities (the characters). This show… Well, it’s difficult for actresses in her age range to find an on-screen partner who can act, is decent looking, and doesn’t have rabid fans that bite. Yang Zi mentioned before that she likes male leads who can guarantee buzz (sorta), so she has to put up with it. Dilraba is fine because her fans can hold up to male celebs, but most female celebs can’t put up a fight. I think that Li Xian, Jing Boran and Deng Lun are better acting partners in general because they have a milder fan base. The best will be someone like Zhang Ruoyun, but he’s not likely to play second fiddle now.

    • Yo, I also went to read the Go Go Squid novel because I enjoy a good Chinese romance novel and just NO! It’s so CRINGE. The FL is so cutesy she cannot be real. If anything, Yang Zi toned it down because even she can’t make herself act like an adult baby on screen in front of millions. The ML was also not likable, the characters were so 2D. I was under the imrpession that the novel was also popular (hence, the drama) and I don’t understand.

      Now I did the same for A Love So Beautiful and I actually enjoyed the novel so so much that it makes the drama even MORE endearing as I have a face to the characters when I was reading.

    • Yangzi has never said she wanted male leads that needs buzz. If she did why is she starring opposite Li Xian when he wasn’t popular prior to GGS??? YXH on Weibo are feeding too much fake news

      • I watched her interview myself. She said before that her co-star is an important factor and she prefers those who are able to help get the show on TV and whatnot. Not exactly “buzz” but similar considerations. I don’t know why you’re so uptight about it, it’s a practical consideration.

      • You said it yourself. How is the word ‘buzz’ the same as considering your co-star who might be a good actor that allows the drama to be broadcast??? Totally separate things. Anyway, C-ent is changing fast. ‘Buzz’ actors who have bad reputation are being put aside.

      • It has nothing to do with whether her co-star is a good actor. That’s not the reason why a drama gets to air on TV.

  11. I’m super excited for this drama. So far the trailer hooked me up. It’s been a long while since I watch a chinese romance drama. I’ve been on too many wuxia and xianxia drama recently? Appearance wise both Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi is well matched. About the acting, I’m not so sure, the last Yang Zi drama I watched is Ashes of Love, her character didn’t really appeal to me because of how emotionally distant she is, but I guess she acted true to the character since she did lost her romance feeling’s pearl. Xiao Zhan’s acting was really good in The Untamed so I wonder how he will tackle modern drama since he mostly only take xianxia drama. All in all I’m excited and can’t wait for the drama to arrive. I need some romance in life now? and by the way Ms. Koala, it’s airing on Hunan TV station. Most modern drama don’t really dub though nowadays.

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