Zhao Li Ying’s Fans Cause Mass Muting and Banning on SNS Accounts After Organizing Online Conflict Over Unhappiness With Her Rumored Drama Reunion with The Legend of Fei Costar Wang Yibo

Man, I’ve long heard that popular drama C-actress Zhao Yi Ling has one of the worst fandoms in C-ent (if not the worst) but now it’s out in the open for the world to see. News leaked on August 22nd (2 days ago) that Zhao Li Ying and C-actor Wang Yibo will be reuniting for a new drama after working together on the 2020 wuxia drama The Legend of Fei. That set off Zhao Li Ying’s huge fanbase, or perhaps just a segment of them but it appears to be a vocal and broad segment which doesn’t like Wang Yibo and considered that his bad acting in Legend of Fei brought down Zhao Li Ying during the drama. So this reunion news pissed them off and they organized a revolt saying they will create online complaints, conflict, and harassment so Zhao Li Ying’s agency knows how they feel and will not let this reunion casting go through. This was slapped down HARD by the SNS sites and to date Zhao Li Ying’s own agency official Weibo page and that of her major fan clubs have all been muted for 15 days due to violation of terms of use, and some personal fan Weibo pages have either been banned for 15 days as well or banned permanently, those who orchestrated and further incited the chaos. I personally find Wang Yibo totally bland and stiff but goodness does this fandom behavior just make Zhao Li Ying look bad especially in light of the Chinese government wanting to reign in out of control star stanning behavior.


Zhao Li Ying’s Fans Cause Mass Muting and Banning on SNS Accounts After Organizing Online Conflict Over Unhappiness With Her Rumored Drama Reunion with The Legend of Fei Costar Wang Yibo — 46 Comments

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  2. Honestly this kind of fan behaviour makes me not like an actor/actress. Yes it has nothing to do with the celebs themselves but fans are part of an image you can’t control. It’s totally off putting. In this case, the level of stanning is just too crazy. Such a turn off.

    • Just let the woman recover from her failed marriage and get her act together! Please, dear people a failed marriage is not a joke. To think of the uproar over a Wang Yibo pairing as a bad thing tells me how shallow and insipid her fan base really is. The woman is a mediocre actress at best and has sadly lost her splendor. She needs to take a chill and back off from the public view. She has become a worn item with little charm. Instead of fighting to have her star alongside a superstar like Mark Chao or one of the guys from Nirvana in Fire, encourage her to REST.RELAX. and CHILL OUT. Desperation is ugly and tiresome. So. .. cool it guys

    • I am really like veautifull zhao linying andhandsome wangyibo two ofthem was profesional very good akting skill im waiting for new drama savage growth i hope fans wamg yi bo and fans zhao liying join together to support relation ship was private life .all the best for Zhao li ying and wang yi bo always ????

  3. When it comes to stan wars, cnetz really take it to a whole other level. I took a look at the missives the fanclub issued and started laughing. This kind of wide-scale coordination is more sophisticated than that of many political campaigns.

    Given the gov crackdown on celebrities, I predict a few more celebs are going to be cancelled or muted through the year.

    • They are already starting. And it is quite scary if your Idol is one of the main stream artist. Now, Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi already issue a statement about this harmonized working environment. As for my opinion, even they were not the real fans (they call it black powder) they are the one started spreading malicious comments. For me who has a Weibo account and following it’s contents, it’s really scary. Fans on Cnetz, I don’t know how to call them actually. Very barbaric. Never met such things on other entertainment circle before.

      • I personally would say Yibo played his part very well in the drama. And I DON’T wanna sound ride but this type of fandom behaviour makes other watchers not like he actor or actress. I am already pretty mad thinking how they said they will mass report and ask the company to withdraw if it’s really true.like?? Why? Juts because you SAID so? Do people forget that we are just fans and we don’t have the right to control their lives- Let the girl work with whatever she wants?? Also can they be a little concious of her feelings?

  4. This is a pretty one-sided take. Wang Yibo’s fans aren’t all that innocent as well. It’s pretty well known that fans of actors are more foul-mouthed. In any case, obviously they shouldn’t be running their mouths off, but I think the initial statement from Zhao Liying’s fans was okay. At least from what I read, they were just protesting the reunion, which is fair. What happened afterwards perhaps made the issue bigger that it should’ve been. But honestly, not just her fans, no drama watcher can see the reason why she will work with him again. The first reaction when the rumours broke out was “why?”.

    • i don’t understand.. why weibo didn’t do the same thing on bailu’s fans? correct me if I’m wrong.. but didn’t bailu’s fans did the exact same thing when there’s rumor abt her to act with luo yunxi again? seems zly was targeted on purpose

      • Zhao Liying is a top actress whereas Bai Lu is just a no-name 90-er. I’ve also heard people say how ZLY’s fanbase was deliberately inciting conflict, but I’m not convinced. I feel like things just got out of hand and they were the biggest target. Though from a bystander pov, I feel a little sorry for them. If they had to ban accounts they should’ve just banned both of them.

  5. Hilarious. I didn’t finish LoF but from what I’ve seen it’s ZLY whose mind seems to be somewhere else the entire time. WYB was more watchable than the last time I saw him in the untamed but I didn’t expect anything from him anyway. I know ZLY could’ve acted better but she chose not to for some reason.

    • I also found him stiff and very quiet in variety show Tian Tian Xiang Shan. He talked almost nothing. I think he is overrated in the entertaiment industry.

      • I agree with you comment about him being stiff and overrated, in my book. He is good looking, however in acting, I don’t connect with any of his roles except for untamed, which kinda fit his quite, stiff and non talkative persona, just my opinion people.

      • More like overhyped by his fans and overpushed by his agency. Just like any other current and past male traffic stars really.

      • WYB’s acting is so so, when I saw the untamed I didn’t find him all that great. But I saw the variety dance competition “Street Dance Season 3” in which he was a team leader, and I have to say that his passion and love for dancing really shines through and made me see him in a very different light. Yes In that dance show as well he doesn’t talk much, and he looks more serious compared to say Lay so I think that’s just his personality. But from how he demands perfection in his own dancing and how he works so hard in the routines he is involved in, and his typically stuff face would light up when the professional dancers show some good moves, I could really feel his passion for dance and i found him very attractive there. Then LOF came along and I couldn’t finish it! Now Street Dance season 4 just started and WYB is back as team leader and I’m back to enjoying watching him. Maybe he should stop acting and just focus on dancing! Lol. ?

      • That’s just Wang Yibo. You’re expecting every celeb to be the same lmao, entertaining everyone and shit. This guy is just different, he got a real personality that also helped him be known. By saying “overrated,” you’re making it seem like he doesn’t deserve the fame at all. He takes time to get comfortable, he has many talents too. Having a fun and talkative personality ≠ having multiple talents ≠ popular.

        Not Yibo’s fault he got them all. And he’s passionate about everything he does. He definitely deserves the appreciation he gets rn. Leave the dude alone he literally doesn’t even care?.

      • Entertainment Industry is also a field of hard work. Movie or a drama is purely a team work. ZLY and WYB are both professionals. Unless they hv put so much efforts, they would not have made this far with huge admirers. Judging and comparing them just by viewing a single drama of a certain genre is not worth of spending so much emotions. 2nd drama with same pair only shows that these two professionals are at good terms on working as team. Also we will get to see their performance in a different genre than the previous one. A fan group or fan base is audience. Casting of actors in a drama / movie is done by director+writer+producer since they only know which person will best portray the character of script paper to life. It’s upto them to decide upon their parameters and constraints. We only hv to enjoy the fruits of their team efforts and hard work.

      • That his job nit to say anything until they ask cause of him ddu ratt6is sky hight .by wat u say I believe u dont like yibo as he said he learing every day as for other of his drama even the director praise on him saying hoe good he is .so are u the director or yibo hater

    • Look at you generalizing all the current stars as “overhyped” just because you don’t like WYB. Try to disguise your biased opinion of him next time; it gets in the way of you trying to sound rational.

    • I agree I felt her acting was very wooden and as she was the star of the drama it let the whole show down. Wibo acted so much better than she did so not sure what her fans were on about. Think it would be better for him to not work with her again tbh lol

      • Thank you! I dropped the drama because i couldnt feel anything from ZYLs acting, at least WYB portrayed more emotions in the show.

  6. I get banning fan accounts and groups, but why ban the studio? I don’t see how the celeb is at fault here. The role of actors are to act in drama / movies or are they suppose to police over their fans. Tell me how does one control millions of fans. Teachers can’t even control 20-30 students in class, imagine controlling millions of fans who just want to use internet to vent. This should not be a celeb’s duty, And I can already see this trend going wrong. I mean all you have to do to be an anti is just join the fandom you don’t like and pretend to be a fan and cause stir to create trouble. This is something anti fans can do to target celebrities they don’t like also. I’m just thinking there’s that possibility too. I do believe actors/actresses and their studio should be left out of fan mess.

    • Yes,very,low rating,terrible story,no chemistry between them,she looks tired and distracted.at least yibo is young and an eye candy.do not watch it,pure torture.better watch her other drama.

  7. LOF was not a good drama for ZLY. She passive aggressively posted something that indicated she wasn’t happy with how the script was written, that it significantly deviated from the original, so if she wasn’t “there” (aka she didn’t act well like she normally does), then her unhappiness was obvious. Agree with one comment above on this new collaboration- Why? LOF can be considered a flop when you consider this to be a ZLY drama. It was very hard to watch WYB – stiff as heck. It also doesn’t help that whenever I see him on any photos, he look grumpy. Also agreed that the fans of WYB is not as innocent here. They attacked ZLY before this happened. Overall, they should not collaborate anymore. It wasn’t believable the first time.

    • I’m from no one side, im from side of script n good acting side. As well known she is good at acting n she have many experiences but just bcuz script is not good n her opponent is not well experienced,,she also shouldn’t act badly, its seems she didn’t give her 100 % here,any artist should not be distracted by their opponent personal life (habits),to behave in our own will is every one’s right until it doesn’t harm. But I think yibo gave here also his 100% though this acting was also opposite of his personality also being not much experience or script not being good. He behaved in a perfection way. May be just for the good of both it’s better they don’t work together now, may be oll the best for future reunion for both of them.

  8. Wang Yibo put out a better performance in Legend of Fei compared to Zhao Liying. She look distracted and distant throughout the whole drama. Plus the bad reception of the drama itself was entirely the director and production team’s fault. Terrible writing that completely removed the elements that what made the source novel great in the first place, bad directing, pacing was off, lackluster performance by Zly and cheap looking costumes and set.

    Wang Yibo should be the least concern for why Legend of Fei was bad. So for zly fans to blame Wang Yibo and attack him unprovoked is utterly malicious in intent. This ban serves them right.

    • Both sides are liable it’s just that it’s most of Liying’s fan who started the massive boycott and in those fanwars, it’s the actors/actresses who gets called names and all riling their fans even more. Here’s a video talking about this issue if you want to check it out: http://youtu.be/J6Fdflp-1pw

    • +1 It’s just those who personally don’t like Yibo that are going after him when there is a lot to be blamed for LOF not doing as good in the charts. I personally found his acting to be improving as the episodes went on which is – weird, yes, but it’s still better than ZLY.

  9. Her studio deserved to be banned. Official Fan clubs in C-ent have strong links. Her studio could have toned down the fan fighting but instead they went the opposite way. Asking fans to join together & changing their Weibo badges to reject a rumoured co-star. The drama hasn’t even been officially announced. That is bad leadership. They got off lightly with only 15 days ban. I totally agree that her fandom is one of the worst in C-ent. They have instigated fights for years & especially on second female leads that have worked with ZLY. Seems like they are scared that they will steal ZLY’s limelight because her acting isn’t that broad.

  10. LOF was my favourite c-drama of 2021/2021. I don’t know why people say the actors have no chem. They do and I think they acted really well (my personal opinion of cos. If they CMI I would not even bother watching). It is the 1st c-drama that I have invested a lot of time in (watching & re-watching multiple times) and money (for the drama related merch). It was also the show that introduced me to WYB (baby MTJJ here) and to ZLY. The only gripe I agree is the poor post production; like the voiceovers (words do not match what the actors are saying) and some minor prop mishaps (costumes were fine) and the CGI was somewhat terrible. I am actually looking fwd to them reuniting on maybe a modern drama but I guess with this issue blowing up it seems to be impossible. And that is sad. Hope the situation will get better regardless if there will be a reunion or not.

    • I agree with you. I like LOF just fine. Well maybe not as much as you do, but I actually binge watched that drama, so it’s good in my opinion (I often stop watching drama on certain episode and may or may not finish it).
      I’m not Chinese and I’m quite new in C-dramaland but reading all this, I think C-star fandom really is something else. I get why you want to stan your fave actors/actress, but there’s really no need to bashing others. And to dictate star’s behavior/choice in choosing roles.. That’s just too much. They can end up crippling the actor/actress let alone let them grow…

  11. U can read those above comments they are totally some of toxic fans of yibo..
    How they want to drag down the image of zhao liying..
    She look tired lol to them.. they talk like they editor or director.. even the man who teach martial arts in drama also said that zhao has excellent skills.. in everything but these toxic would never accept that..

  12. I my opinion, LOF was a good cdrama. I love their chemistry. They both acted well. It’s just that the costumes were not that good. Fighting scenes were excellent. I just love Zly doing stunts. But I think the story was at first too fast but when I watch it again, it became good.i don’t know why. FYI, I HAVE WATCH IT FOR 4 TIMES.

  13. For me if you dont want to watch that movie dont watch,all the actor actress is just only human and work for all people,they work hard becouse they want to be happy,and pls dont comment if you agains for this movie and all movie of this cast of LOF,for me this movie is ok,,thank you,dont be so selfies to just happy for what they done,.

  14. Out of topic but there are some good C-drama around. Remembrance of Things past and The Bond are really enjoyable. No buzzy actors but the story is good

  15. Wang Yibo’s role in LoF has a “sickly” character which I think suits his character as stiff and quiet. There’s a bigger world outside China, and more people too who would love to see them together in another drama. I hope it will be another good story to watch! Fighting ZLY-WY ?
    Stay safe everyone!
    Let’s spread love not HATE!

  16. She should take on a more mature role. Maybe act as WJB’s older sister or stepmother rather than a love interest? Anyway this banning of her fandom serves as a warning to all verbally abusive fans not just hers. Cyberbullying should be banned.

  17. She really does have some of the worst fans despite how long she’s been in the industry, like those trendy idol-level fandom type. Anyways, I find her acting in LoF mediocre. I was actually quite surprised that Yibo performed better than her even though I found him quite bad in The Untamed.

  18. Wht man who r we to judge em they r alwz entertaining us and why saying sucha rubbish things like they don’t act nice and all. Who all r saying first look at ur self that how bad U r at acting. Nvr say anything bout anyone. And why adding Xiao Zhan here he’s not the part of this thing so don’t mention his name. And of course though this is bout Yibo don’t say any bad thing bout him… I beg U.

  19. With all honesty, it’s Zhao Li Ying who acted so bland in Legend of Fei and not Wang Yibo. The story also sucks. The side characters are so annoying and not fun to watch, and the villains look so comical and therefore not effective.

  20. I am really like veautifull zhao linying andhandsome wangyibo two ofthem was profesional very good akting skill im waiting for new drama savage growth i hope fans wamg yi bo and fans zhao liying join together to support relation ship was private life .all the best for Zhao li ying and wang yi bo always ????

    • Came to find out why the fan war. I love the show, yibo is so deliciously cute and did a great job acting this role, didn’t even notice him in untamed (personally couldn’t finish that drama). Liying always does a great job. I feel fans who complain it’s not martial arts enough has nothing to do with the acting, but rather the script. I loved it because of the love story aspect which they did brilliantly. I can’t wait for him next drama preferably costum with a love story as his just such eye candy!!!

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