Zhao Li Ying’s Fans Cause Mass Muting and Banning on SNS Accounts After Organizing Online Conflict Over Unhappiness With Her Rumored Drama Reunion with The Legend of Fei Costar Wang Yibo

Man, I’ve long heard that popular drama C-actress Zhao Yi Ling has one of the worst fandoms in C-ent (if not the worst) but now it’s out in the open for the world to see. News leaked on August 22nd (2 days ago) that Zhao Li Ying and C-actor Wang Yibo will be reuniting for a new drama after working together on the 2020 wuxia drama The Legend of Fei. That set off Zhao Li Ying’s huge fanbase, or perhaps just a segment of them but it appears to be a vocal and broad segment which doesn’t like Wang Yibo and considered that his bad acting in Legend of Fei brought down Zhao Li Ying during the drama. So this reunion news pissed them off and they organized a revolt saying they will create online complaints, conflict, and harassment so Zhao Li Ying’s agency knows how they feel and will not let this reunion casting go through. This was slapped down HARD by the SNS sites and to date Zhao Li Ying’s own agency official Weibo page and that of her major fan clubs have all been muted for 15 days due to violation of terms of use, and some personal fan Weibo pages have either been banned for 15 days as well or banned permanently, those who orchestrated and further incited the chaos. I personally find Wang Yibo totally bland and stiff but goodness does this fandom behavior just make Zhao Li Ying look bad especially in light of the Chinese government wanting to reign in out of control star stanning behavior.

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