Kim Tae Ri and Jeon Yeo Bin Showcase Same Agency Camaraderie and Charisma in New Pics

I’m guessing these two talented actresses were already good friends before the recent move under the same agency because I vibe a lot of comfort with each other. Kim Tae Ri and Jeon Yeo Bin are in new pictures together, the agency released duo shot above and Jeon Yeo Bin posting work pics with Kim Tae Ri below. Both are really top of the talent pool in their age range and better yet project different charm and style which helps in they are likely not up for the same roles all the time. Both are also pretty low key with social media and have consistently supportive fandoms so I can see a lot of new career rises in the coming years if this new agency manages each right.


Kim Tae Ri and Jeon Yeo Bin Showcase Same Agency Camaraderie and Charisma in New Pics — 21 Comments

  1. I’ve loved Kim Taeri ever since The Handmaiden and became obsessed with Jeon Yeo Been after discovering her in Vincenzo – ran off and watched all her works. Both are the creme de la creme of their cohort and truly special actresses. So excited to see them paired up in same agency and where their career goes next.

      • Oh that’s a good match! Armani is that very ‘classic Italian’ type of brand and their makeup gets a lot of love, especially their foundation line – it’s a good fit for her after Vincenzo!

    • Not the most flattering haircut for JYB. I was used to her longer locks in Vincenzo which really suited her. KTR is someone I always watch out for.

      • @Adi – Same. The crop cut is…eh…

        I haven’t seen alot of actresses be able to carry it off. I don’t like either her or KTR’s current haircut, but I think both did it for their new dramas.

  2. I like Kim Tae Ri a lot. She is by far the best actress of her generation. Just not looking forward to her next drama because of her leading man being Nam Joo Hyuk.

  3. Tae Ri is great. Loved her in Handmaiden, Mr. Sunshine and Little Forest cemented my affection for her unaffected onscreen charm. Looking forward to 2521 and Alien. As for Jeon Yeo Been, I’ll wait to see how she commercially fares in future without Netflix, whether she can carry a project on her own. Her upcoming Netflix series sounds meh, maybe the one after would be better.

    • KTR has major “It” factor, on top of being a good actress – making it in Chungmuro is not easy, especially as a young actor and the fact that she did it/has hits that she headlined, is pretty major. I can’t wait to see where she goes in her 30s!

      As for JYB, Vincenzo isn’t a Netflix original either. I think, given her versatility and stable abilities up to now, she’ll do well.

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  5. JYB!!! Been following her since Be Melo. Her films are a class apart from her drama work. Really happy that she finally got her big breakout this year with Vincenzo. I think she has a rare chameleon quality to both her face and acting. I have trouble believing her characters are all played by the same person.

  6. The first pic is super cute.

    Lydia1 was right – they have different aesthetics and it’s interesting to see them juxtaposed against each other. Their manager / agency really lucked out on getting them two under one roof.

    I still don’t know how or why KTR agreed to be paired with NJH for her next drama. Yikes.

    • @Ophelia – I agree, they look great together! They both have a cool-girl/that ‘slightly older girl you look up to’ kind of vibe and self-assurance but it looks different on each of them, it’s very intriguing to me.

      As for KTR upcoming project – one thing I have noticed about her male lead is that he’s ok in a supporting capacity or in FL-centric dramas. KTR being in this one with him could be a good sign that it’s mostly focused on her (and she better be getting paid accordingly since without a doubt, she is the bigger star here).

  7. Jeon Yeo been is one of the finest actresses of this generation. She’s so good in Vincenzo and Night in Paradise. Tucked under her belt are 11 (or more) Best Actress awards. Can’t wait to watch her in Glitch.

    • I think Jeon Yeon Been has won a number of Best New Actress but not Best Actress just yet. She was good in Be Melodramatic and Night in Paradise though it took a while for me to warm up to her character in Vincenzo. It will be exciting to watch her in the future if she can continue her momentum and carry a drama or movie on her own. She’s a bit of a late bloomer but her rise to fame is worth it. Hard not to see her getting a Best Actress from the big 3 awards in the future.

      • Yes, I agree. She’s debuted a bit later than her contemporaries and only started to get lead roles in commercial works around 2019. Her breakout project After My Death, which garnered her a # of Best New Actress awards is actually an independent film project. Not sure if this counts as a Best Actress award but based on her wikipedia, she did win the Actress of the Year Award at the 22nd Busan International Film Festival and the Independent Star Award at the 2017 Seoul Independent Film Festival. I think I saw a Best Actress nomination for her Night in Paradise performance 🙂

        I’m happy to have discovered her. Her project choices are interesting. I am rooting for her and Kim Taeri. I hope to see their careers flourish–may it be in films or dramas–even more as they’ve a fresh start with their new agency 🙂

  8. I like Kim ate ri bcoz she is complete number one actress from 90s gen and it is not even close. Likes of woozie yoona etc will never touch her roles.

  9. I get the lesbian vibe between them, more so for Kim Tae Ri in Handmaiden when her chemistry with the female lead is explosive than the male lead. Lol! Fluidity is the trend with the millenials nowadays so I guess if they are happy with it, go ahead.

  10. Hope we get more behind the scenes pictures and videos of them together. Love love love seeing talented, intelligent and beautiful women getting along and supporting each other. I hope they have lots of success with this new chapter at their new agency.

    P.S. Very nice to see an overall positive comments section in a post focused on actresses 🙂

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