First Stills of Junho and Lee Se Young in Traditional MBC Sageuk The Red Sleeve Cuff

The fall of sageuk has officially started this week with the premiere of SBS drama Lovers of the Red Sky (Red Sky) which is NOT a traditional sageuk in any sense of the genre, but up next is MBC drama The Red Sleeve Cuff which looks super traditional. It deals with the love story and politics behind King Jeongjo and royal concubine Uibin Sung. The first drama stills show leads Junho (Lee Jun Ho) as King Jeongjo and Lee Se Young as a young court lady who will become Uibin Sung. Junho totally grew up and glowed up being away for two years in military service and he’s back looking super intense and lost his boyishness. Lee Se Young just glows with that beautiful sageuk aura, she’s an absolute rock star in this genre and I can’t wait to see these two in action.


First Stills of Junho and Lee Se Young in Traditional MBC Sageuk The Red Sleeve Cuff — 15 Comments

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  3. I always admire Leee se young.She totally shines in this genre. She has a unique aure that other actresses don’t have.She is talented, visually appealing, suitable for any kind of genre.I don’t understand why k-industry is hyping Han so hee. She doesn’t have wide acting range like LSY. She seems female fox to me. Lol

    • I agree with u absolutely. LSY is very gorgeous and talented as well. HSH isn’t the same level as her. She even doesn’t have one award. But Hailed as a next Hallyu queen. She’s beautiful; that’s true, however, why is she considered IT girl. I don’t get that. She doesn’t carry the ratings on her own yet

      • I agree that Lee Se Young is the better actress but HSH was in the bigger hit drama. That’s what tends to determine ‘It girl’ status. I hope for LSY sake that she has a major hit soon, she’s really talented and lacks nothing in terms of what Korea likes in their leading ladies – she was excellent in The Crowned Clown.

  4. What a bugger, I love the leads and both look amazing but I hate the saguek genre. Ugh why is that especially so popular this year.

    • Suzy’s level is far above it girl level, she’s an established top star for many years already, her name constantly appeared on Gallup list, Forbes, Government Hallyu survey etc, how many previous it girls or current it girls can achieve that?

  5. The military serviced out most of his usual boyish aura and totally intense manly vibes.
    He totally looks like a man with so much on his shoulder being the crown prince yet also labeled as a criminal’s son.
    Really excited with this pairing with Lee Seyoung, really one of the most promising young actresses of her generation who has been amazing in whatever genre and role given to her.

    excited for this drama….

  6. Already stills for a drama that will air in November.

    LSY is so beautiful, she was really good as queen in The Crowned Clown.

    Except Just Between Lovers that I really loved at the beginning but at the end, it was too repetitive. I didn’t watch other JH’s dramas, so I don’t have any exceptations.

  7. This writer is a big question mark. RULER was one of the most snore-fest sageuk ever written and a total waste of two young talents (Kim So-hyun and Yoo Seung-ho).

    I’m gonna sit in a corner and cross my fingers and toes.

    Lee Se-young <3.

  8. I am curious about the drama thanks to LSY. But the writer is making me apprehensive.

    So many dramas with a cast that I like, failed to keep my interest.

    So far the only recent drama I completed watching is D.P.

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