K-variety Program Discusses the Highest Net Worth Korean Celebrities with Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, and Yoo Jae Suk Ranked Top Three

Well this is a way for fraudsters to know who to target, lol. K-ent program Entertainment Company Live this weekend had a segment discussing the highest net worth individuals in the industry. This comes from a combination of salary for drama/movie/hosting and of course CF endorsements. The top of the chart is none other than Jeon Ji Hyun who commands top salary and also rakes in over a dozen brand deals. Second place is Kim Soo Hyun flor the same reason on the men’s side, so Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon are still top together lol. Third spot is variety veteran and beloved host Yoo Jae Suk who hosts countless shows and also featured prominently in ads all over Korea. After that it’s Song Joong Ki in 4th, then Lee Seung Gi at the 5th spot, 6th goes to MC Shin Dong Yup, then followed by Song Hye Kyo in 7th. Honestly, each one is definitely super blanketed all over CFs domestically so it’s hard to deny that earning power, plus each gets tons of media coverage so clearly the top earners just have that ability to get to the top and stay up there in popularity and earning power.


K-variety Program Discusses the Highest Net Worth Korean Celebrities with Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, and Yoo Jae Suk Ranked Top Three — 36 Comments

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  3. As expected of my queen. Where are Lee Min No-No and Suzy “I only got fame from dressing hoochie when I was 15, but my fans call me a multi-talent” Bae? Still bribing people from Gallup?

    • I can understand the start of your post as either being curious or maybe snarky; which probably is bound to hapoen given how these stars are being marketed and how fandom gets to be when lists like this come out.
      But the other comments on suzy is completely unnecessary.

      I thought Yoo Jaesuk would be top 1 always in this category. He is well and truly beloved and trusted by audience.

    • it’s okay to dislike suzy, but your comment is completely out of bounds over how extremely misogynistic and utterly gross it is, especially when you are calling a (then) child a hoochie.

    • Wow, the brainless stan run fast here and said nonsense again! don’t care her name is on this list or not, I’m sure the girl must be doing fine for already donating around 700 millions just last year and this year!

    • These things never are accurate. The figures are all estimates as even the news reports about this said. If it’s not estimates, it’s usually some ballpark figure from “industry sources.”

  4. Thanks to vincenzo song joong ki get 4 korean cf and 3 southeast asia cf.When he was divorced he get zero cf. Where hyun bin and park seo joon?They also have so many cf. As expected lee min ho not included in the list because the king eternal monarch was rating flop and his acting was bland and mediocre. I think lydia will saying this was mediaplay because lee min ho is not in the list hehehe.

  5. Good to see a woman on top! It’s not often in Korea or the world in general I suppose.

    Even better to see Song-yi and Min-joon still kicking ass 7 years later lol. They were such a legendary couple. I hope KSH and JJH reunites for a project soon.

  6. Kim soo hyun and jun ji hyun are always known to do media play surrounding their incomes so i am not surprised. Interesting how we never see actors like lee min ho, gong yoo or even park seo jun in such types of lists.
    Anyways i heard these are not accurate.
    Plus I read the reaction of knetz and they are quite angry especially with the pandemic going on.

    • Jun ji hyun has so many cf when she comeback doing drama 10 cf maybe?Song joong ki has 4/5 korean cf and 3 southeast asian cf thanks to vincenzo.He get his popularity back and also jeon yeo been doing so many cf and doing in interview on magazine. It’s not media playing lol. Sjk and jyb make a lot of money because vincenzo lol.

    • Joy? More like bitter envy. If those names you listed were on the list, then it wouldn’t be mediaplay? Not accurate according to who? You? You and your imaginary K-netz can keep being angry and miserable while these folks get richer and live their best lives. Suck it.

  7. Rather than saying this list is incorrect, I rather say is incomplete.

    This is not solely an actors list. It includes variety stars. I think is more like estimating celebrities 2021 income till date.

    Why always must have a LMH, PSJ etc then the list is correct? If LMH have a drama only in 2022 and not 2021, then somehow is not strange that he is not in this list.

    The only correct list will be from their income tax department, which nobody will get hold of it. ? All other list are just creating some noise and entertainment. Just read for fun.

    • U are right abt the part that this list is incomplete. However it is not completely strange that people brought up lee min ho. I mean even kim soo hyun’s last project was in 2020.

    • JJH gets dragged a ton over not donating but if she pays her taxes honestly, that’s actually better in the long run than donating since its a civic responsibility.

      It’s crazy to think she’s been this cf goddess for over twenty years now. Income inequality is real but making celebs the target of public anger over it leaves the actual wealthy (chaebol groups and industrialists) completely out of it.

  8. Eh, I don’t get why people get their knickers twisted over salary and popularity rankings. They give an idea of relatively who earns alot, but are not accurate ordinal rankings.

    Fighting over the order is like fighting over the Forbes list and who is richest – Arnault or Bezos. Doesn’t matter and likely neither. Eat the rich.

    • Preach! It’s hilarious how people get so invested. Like even if so-and-so actor was on the list, what does it do for you? Not like you’re getting a single won of that moolah.

      • Must be bitter envy like someone wrote. Bitter at their crappy pay (assuming they have jobs) and envy at how these stars easily make a shit-ton of money they’ll never have no matter how hard they grind.

      • Exactly! People are better off channeling that energy into negotiating their own salaries.

        Plus, if I were a celebrity, I would actively try to make sure my name DOESN’T appear on any “richest” lists, especially when the economy is doing poorly and public discontent is growing. It’s like painting a target on your back for when the lynch mob comes.

      • Shrewd strategy there. HB, LMH, PSJ, GY and co not being on this list doesn’t make them any poorer. They’re swimming in more dough than most of us here will probably ever dip our toes in. And they’re safe from the alleged backlash.

      • @peanut gallery – exactly. The real power and mega-riches is in the hands of people whose existence we barely know about or don’t know at all.

        It’s easier for people to get angry at JJH earning that much money for an endorsement than to think for one second about the company bosses who have that money to pay her and at what expense.

  9. People fretting over a list with no obvious source. According to forbes korea, I remember last year the highest earners were bts , blackpink, son heungminin etc…variety star Yoo Jae Suk was above actors. As for actors it was something like Hyun bin, Lee Min ho and Kim soo hyun who were in top 10.

    People asking where is lee min ho, maybe wait for that forbes list .

  10. I am disappointed in the media king KSH..he said he made more than Tom cruise last year..I was hoping to see him at the top with no one close by. In fact, By now I thought his earning will near Beyonce and jaz z combined level.. He needs to fire his PR crew, they are slacking

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