Penthouse’s Infuriating Ending Prompts K-netizens to Revisit Worst Drama Endings of All Time and Top of the List Remains High Kick Through the Roof

I feel like every few years I see a post as angry and filled with lots of participation because it just takes everyone down memory (headdesk) lane. The ending this weekend of Penthouse with the everyone dies AND two of the dead people get married in the afterlife really triggered folks and I don’t blame them. Is Penthouse up there with worst ending ever? Probably, but then it basically went to cray cray land the entirety of season 3 so the even more cray ending should not be a surprise. A true worst ending ever must append itself to an actual good show that was 99% great UNTIL the WTF ending moment. And that remains High Kick Through the Roof, and in this post K-netizens and even C-netizens in their own post all agree – no other drama can touch the High Kick kick to the stomach ending. But there are a few just a notch below including Lovers in Paris, Temptation of Wife, and Sky Castle. Others netizens think are honorable mentions are Hi Bye Mama, Memories of Alhambra, and Sisyphus: The Myth. I will also throw in a personal trauma of mine Fashion King. Any others to add?


Penthouse’s Infuriating Ending Prompts K-netizens to Revisit Worst Drama Endings of All Time and Top of the List Remains High Kick Through the Roof — 37 Comments

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  2. The flying saucer thingy in Indiana Jones Kingdom of Crystal Skull. For those old enough to remember, in Dynasty (1987), Fallon Carrington Colby was abducted by aliens in the desert. Smh.

      • they have all the budget, all the time, and the resources but they still feel like an unfinished product, it feels like the Kdrama shooting schedule

      • I vote for Hanzee mowing down the Gerhardt crime family including the matriarch. Stab, stab, stab like Jon Snow. Imo, last episode felt a bit deflated actually after all the build up.

      • Just couldn’t wait for George so Benioff & Weiss effed up the last season. Greedy. Could have waited a bit more to get more meat for the whole series. Fans can wait. Instead we have a Bollywood movie ending.

  3. sky castle ending might be abit vanilla compare to the rest of the show. but still, it’s not ruining the whole drama. not bad at all….

    and I disagree whoever think Hi bye mama ending is bad. from the first episode, I already can tell the ending that would fit better is sending away the female lead in peace. if u make her comeback from the dead, it will be crazy weird.

  4. People had complaints about 49 Days, but I guess I am in the minority that found the ending fitting because Ji-hyun already became more alive when she was in limbo and started tearing down the lies.

    Big was the one that really drove me mad. Never watched a Hong Sisters drama since then.

    • Yup! Memories of Bali ending gave me ptsd for took me a very long time to watch any of Ha ji won’s Jo in sung’s and so jisub’s drama..?

    • Memories of Bali is the ultimate! Such a solid drama and daesang worthy acting all the way until the last one minute of the last episode! 🙂

  5. because this is my 1st life?
    it’s not bad but I think it reaffirms how I think the female lead is all talk, no action,
    she gets everything she wishes without deserving any of it
    this drama is a whole middle class fairy tale but pretending like isn’t because they have “monologue” at the end of each episode,

  6. Sky Castle wasn’t bad, but more positive than the rest of the drama.

    I hate the end of 49 Days, God’s Gift – 14 Days, Because it’s My First Time, Fashion King, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Bad Guy.

  7. 49 days: I liked it, it was not bad ending to me
    I need romance 1 – the end made sense but I hated it a lot.

    Now….. I hated god’s gift ending, the writer tried to make some big twist but it ended looking stupid… the way he died is just…..

    Also memories the ending of alhambra was useless, the writer was lost and didn’t know what she was doing in the last episodes of it.

  8. Worst Endings for me:
    – Marry Me if you Dare (I was really angry at the End)
    – What Happened in Bali (I was stunned!)
    – Do Do Sol Sol (What was that????)

    • Also let me add some more: 49 days, high kick, W, Scarlet Heart Ryeo:Moon lovers (i still can’t believe how they ruined moon lovers, with such a promising cast, all those beautiful sets and everything they somehow managed to ruin the show oh god)

      • The Chinese version actually great narratively, she was never up for the cruel heart in the palace and her place isn’t there. She is captured in one painting that resembles the happy memories.
        Maybe a wrecked emotionally but it makes sense.

        The Kdrama Scarlet Heart ending is a giant PPL about BB Cream, making the female lead left a child which makes no sense narratively and has her own paparazzi that paint her intimate scenes, what a way to break out the feeling. It’s a mess both narratively and emotionally.

      • The k-drama ending wasn’t my favorite but I thought the C-drama ending was a total cop out in the maybe-we-will-make-a-contemporary-version…..which they did. Now the novel, I’ve heard about but haven’t read so maybe that was the best way to go but neither drama did that.

    • Well the drama hasn’t complete yet. But that ending is still suck tho because I feel like the drama has potential to end already in smooth way after everything happened in 2nd season

  9. I loved Unstoppable High Kick and remember looking for the next variation….and then I heard about the production messing it up. What were they thinking?

    I will throw Black in the mix. I watched it knowing the ending went sideways so I wasn’t as upset, but it was really a solid drama until the end. Allegedly the writer wanted to stay the course and the PD wanted a total cop out for the end. The PD won.

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