Penthouse’s Infuriating Ending Prompts K-netizens to Revisit Worst Drama Endings of All Time and Top of the List Remains High Kick Through the Roof

I feel like every few years I see a post as angry and filled with lots of participation because it just takes everyone down memory (headdesk) lane. The ending this weekend of Penthouse with the everyone dies AND two of the dead people get married in the afterlife really triggered folks and I don’t blame them. Is Penthouse up there with worst ending ever? Probably, but then it basically went to cray cray land the entirety of season 3 so the even more cray ending should not be a surprise. A true worst ending ever must append itself to an actual good show that was 99% great UNTIL the WTF ending moment. And that remains High Kick Through the Roof, and in this post K-netizens and even C-netizens in their own post all agree – no other drama can touch the High Kick kick to the stomach ending. But there are a few just a notch below including Lovers in Paris, Temptation of Wife, and Sky Castle. Others netizens think are honorable mentions are Hi Bye Mama, Memories of Alhambra, and Sisyphus: The Myth. I will also throw in a personal trauma of mine Fashion King. Any others to add?

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