Lovers of the Red Sky Episode 6 Crosses 10% Ratings as Chun Gi Takes a Step Forward as a Painter and a Step Back in Her Childhood Love Reunion

Lovers of the Red Sky isn’t a great sageuk (so far) by any measure of a drama but it does two things exceptionally well – keep the narrative fast paced and interesting and the elements tightly meshed together. There is a coherence to this drama and that threads are all interconnected. Episode 6 got 10.2% ratings so a new high and also crossing into the two digit mark is no small feat these days. The painting competition comes to a close and I thoroughly enjoyed the poetic topics and how the different painters interpreted and conveyed the theme from their own skill and perspective. Prince Yangmyung finally felt like a fully rendered character and I’m going to enjoy seeing him stand up to power crazed hyung Prince Juhyang and fall for Chun Gi like he’s halfway there already. Unfortunately Ha Ram and Chun Gi are like 100% there in liking each other, those childhood flutters never went away and the reunion definitely lit the spark. Sadly the demon monster in Ha Ram means they can’t even KISS (da fuq) without him being triggered so Ha Ram goes from succumbing to his first genuine emotional attachment to running away as fast as his horse and his lies that he has no feelings for Chun Gi can take him. Which is like not far at all so Chun Gi better get her romantic gumption ready to start pursuing her man even if he keeps insisting he is like so not into her anymore.


Lovers of the Red Sky Episode 6 Crosses 10% Ratings as Chun Gi Takes a Step Forward as a Painter and a Step Back in Her Childhood Love Reunion — 21 Comments

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  2. Happy for the cast and crew. It’s a light and fun watch. I just think EP6 lacks some sort of introspection by Ha Ram on why he reacted that way (violently, 2x already) when Chu Gi is around, since he’s supposed to be intelligent and wise. Did I just miss it? Does he already know that there’s in evil monster inside him?

    • I was wondering about that as well. My guess is he is really doesn’t remember his violent reactions? I mean that doesn’t explain why he doesn’t question a period of not knowing what actually happened to him. And I hope the drama will go there in the upcoming episodes. On the other hand he is so focused on his revenge that he might just ignore what’s happening to him.

      • Yeah, he probably doesn’t remember those episodes. I suppose Chun Gi should wonder as well – “Is he sick?” lol. Anyways, yes, hopefully in the upcoming episodes the 2 leads will start to wonder about the supernatural.

      • It maybe coz the lapses only occur when Chun Gi touches him, hence I am assuming its not often. Maybe would explain he doesn’t really wonder coz its rare.

  3. First things first. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! I didn’t expect it this early but that kiss was EVERYTHING! I’ve replayed it so much that the screen is stuck. Lol. I don’t care about anything else. I just need more of this OTP and that angst and irresistible allure of the star-crossed lovers/forbidden romance. Also, I enjoyed the whole Maejukheon competition with the badass painters, topics and interpretations.

    I hear next week is Chuseok in Korea so no new episodes. Drat, how am I going to survive two weeks?

    Plot-wise, still got a jillion questions and I hope the pace picks up. Looks like the dreaded love triangle has started taking shape.
    Kwak Si Yang is so damn fine in all his villainy glory. But I want to see him do more than just scowl or smirk or laugh maniacally.

    It might not be a great sageuk so far but it’s got a lot of charm. And I love it!

    • Right there with you on the kiss, squealing and all. Hahaha. I’m confused about a few things in the drama. But what are some of your questions?

      • Y’know, I’ve been in such a severe drama drought. And this drama (plus one or two others) are the new arrivals so far that have gotten close to quenching that thirst. Which is prolly why I’m holding onto it so tight. Lol.

        Uh, let’s see:

        ~ How was the investigation of the murdered royal guards resolved? Is it a cold case being investigated offscreen? It kinda just ended when they found Ha Ram.

        ~ Did Ha Ram try to find out more of what happened that night when Ma Wang first broke free? I mean, he inexplicably went missing. And the guards sent to find him were mysteriously killed. Isn’t he curious at all? Also, does he think his outbursts are due to his past trauma?

        ~ Did the current king have Ha Ram’s dad killed? We know the late king ordered it and he fled. But then after the rain ritual, that guard killed him (again!) and his mum and hauled off the blind little Ha Ram in a cage. I’m surprised the current king did this when he adamantly refused to sacrifice Ha Ram like the shaman wanted and even punished her for disobeying. So how does he turn around and have his family killed, then brings Ha Ram to the palace as some protector god? I hope Ha Ram gets his revenge.

        ~ What’s the purpose of that green-eyed goblin? Is he benevolent or malevolent? Neutral?

        It appears Juhyang and the shaman know/suspect that Ma Wang is inside Ha Ram. So far they haven’t made a move. But they need to get proactive soon. I sorta miss the fantasy parts, hoping Samshin, Ho-Ryeong and other supernaturals show up in the future.

        Anyways, these are the few ones that spring to mind off the top of my head. I hope the drama stays charming and fun.

      • I feel you on the drought. This year’s been the worst for me. Hopefully, the dramas premiering this Friday will help. Great questions! I agree. Plus, the lore and mythology has been murky and inconsistent. Like Ma Wang’s curse. And the gods only show up when the plot needs them to move it along. Right now, I’m just going with the flow. The drama is enchanting, despite the flaws.

  4. The last two epis were the best.
    The story has started taking shape and on its way to bring many heart breaks and pain to us viewers.
    Cant wait but have no option so will watch the 6 episodes again.
    Why is 27th so far(sad)?

    • She is also actively giving her ideas and views on filming set(bts) which is liked by the PD and included in the drama. She is really a veteran in the industry with still a bright future ahead.
      Proud of you, my girl.

  5. Lovers of the Red Sky episode 6 is very amazing & touching. Especially the Maejukheon Competition.The explanation of black rocks painting really make me cry because Hong Chun Gi was blind when she was a child.

    And the reunion of Hong Chun Gi & Ha Ram kissing @ the lake. Because of the water demon in his body, he become violent when he’s intimate with Hong Chun ji. Ha Ram lied that he is not the boy she met @ peach garden.

    Lastly the drama is really good. All actors interact are very good especially the crown prince fall for Hong Chun Gi. Although I watch a lot of Kdrama. I love this drama very much.

    Kim Yoo-Jung is a very good actor. I have been following her drama since she is a child actor. Recently I’m watching May Queen & Back Street Rookie on Cable TV.

    I’m going to watch the full episodes again.

  6. Congrats to the LOTRS Team and actors! Reaching a double digit rating is such a good news. LOTRS is really a beautiful work, the painting scenes, actors especially Kim Yoo Jung are good.

  7. Red sky is like a small meal that always comforts you, Idk if it can be more than that, I can expect stuff to happen but I am willing to be surprised.

  8. i love this drama too! the first 5 episodes were slow and steady whilst episode 6, seems like the director and writer realised that this a 16 episodes drama and still have a lot to unpack! it was very apparent that they even cut short the intro music to accommodate the plot and even the transitions were at a faster pace. anyway, one of my favourite parts is definitely the way they swap their childhood dialogue and ha ram initiating the sweet kiss. it was sooo goood! but again, this is like the cold version of MLFAS kiss! ma wang seems to always remind him to prioritise hate, very true to his demonic side.

    and how feisty cheon gi is! she call up to him to explain why kiss her if only to reject her after and even said it is fine and doesn’t believe him! hahahaha.. you go girl, claim your man!

    my second favourite part is the competition between prince and ha ram to buy cheon gi’s painting. ha ram literally said to he forgets her and reject her the night before and there he actually gifted her a house! dang that guy really cannot let go hahaha.. reminded me of The Best Love scene here?

    27th Sep seems long, but i can always reply the six episodes hehe.. hopefully more good dramas premiere to fill in the void. LOTRS, congratulations on the rating and hope the drama continues to deliver!

  9. Hmm..third prince has big chance to be King..
    The Crown prince is sick and we are not sure if he will be survived in the future..
    The Second prince is a bad guy…
    So he will be a great second male lead..
    However Chun Gi’s heart has been already given to Ha Ram..and so is mine. 🙂

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