Ro Woon and Park Eun Bin Only Have Eyes for Each Other in New Couple’s Poster for KBS Sageuk The King’s Affection

Man, this drama could be the sanitized version of A Frozen Flower except totally het instead of BL, and that would be fine with me but probably couldn’t air on network television as yet. The way The King’s Affection is set up, the titular king is really girl Park Eun Bin (his twin sister) pulling the world’s most dangerous cross-dressing con, but the eyes and heart don’t lie and she’s totally goner for her court official/tutor/bae played by Ro Woon. The latest poster is basically eye lovemaking between these two, with the lovely touch of Ro Woon holding the king’s robe behind Park Eun Bin who is dressed in her princess regalia. Surrounding them is a quartet of youngsters also attempting to do their best sageuk performance with Nam Yoon Soo, Choi Byung Chan, Jung Chae Yeon, and Bae Yoon Kyung, with the production released first stills of these supporting leads this week. The young guys look like they are cosplaying but the ladies are just radiantly pretty solely on visuals alone, so colorful!


Ro Woon and Park Eun Bin Only Have Eyes for Each Other in New Couple’s Poster for KBS Sageuk The King’s Affection — 15 Comments

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  3. Everytime a young newbie actor is getting cast as a lead, I always wonder about actor Lee Tae Ri. Whyisn’t he getting opportunities to be offered lead roles? It’s so easy for everyone, but not him. Him, Rowoon, and Kim Young Dae all worked together in Extraordinary You, but he’s a veteran above them. Yet they sre the ones getting lead roles fast but not him. Especially as he’s proven a good actor in historical dramas (aside from Moon Embracing the Sun, he was also in many other sageuk productions, he and Eun Bon also worked as kid versions of a couple getting married in a sageuk from the early 2000s). I’m not saying the other young actors don’t deserve the lead roles, I’m just noticing that Lee Tae Ri isn’t getting the long deserve lead (or even second lead tole I would be fine).

    • I think about that too. It seems like he’s dogged by bad luck. He was Lee Min ho first and was a child actor, acting years before The Lee Min Ho came onto the scene. Then he changed his stage name to Lee Taeri. I feel like with child actors who don’t become big stars while acting consistently through the years sometimes get short shrift since they don’t have the “buzzy, fresh new actor” shock factor. It’s not like he’s getting 2nd male lead roles too…more like supporting actor, which is a bummer.

    • It’s the same with KDY, he’s hit big through Vincenzo but all his follow up dramas are still supporting roles. Even if it’s a big supporting role it’s still not second lead. Hounds has potential but I bet LDH will be the bigger focus in that. Child actors who don’t become A tier never really beak out after transition. Even A tier child actors struggle like YSH who hasn’t had a good drama in years and lacks the popularity his peers have despite acting for a longer time. YJG despite having hit dramas seems to lack visibility and popularity which end up going to his co-stars like LDH, IU and ofcourse SHK. In terms of the 97 line he’s also overshadowed by the likes of CEW and LJW but to be fair YJG is bad with romance and generally lacks chemistry with his female leads. Just being a good actor isn’t enough the IT factor needs to be there. As the competition gets tougher most child actors fade away while fresh new faces take over.

      • KDY had second lead roles like in ID: Gangnam Beauty and Strange Hero. He was the main lead when he was younger in teen dramas and later in Never Twice.

      • it seems that all the former child actors mentioned here lack some physical factor e.g. height or the attractive hero face features (e.g. strong eyes ala kim woo bin or ryu jun yeol) as well lacking the X factor i.e. likeability to attract and maintain viewers interest to them as an actor. amongts them, i love YJG but i can see that his drama usually outshine himself as an actor and the memorable chemistry he had with a leading lady is with KYJ and in crowned clown. all the best to them but i cannot see them as future bankable stars though. but who am i to say, only god knows..

    • Just my opinion hope no idol fans take offense
      Nowadays I feel dramaland is taken over by idols(whether they can act or no is not impt) their popularity gives them the needed break and their popularity brings rating(story of course matters).
      So all the veteran actors who are not famous have to step back(becoz casting them is not rating guaranteed)
      Luck is another factor .

      • Of course some turn out to be hidden gem but some show no improvement which I feel is a wastage of real talent

      • Lee Tae-Ri isn’t casted as second lead neither. Actors like Jung Hae-In, Kim Sun-Ho, Kim Kyung-Nam, Yang Se-Jong, Woo Do-Hwan, Lee Jae-Wook, etc. started as supporting cast, then second lead and now they’re lead and they’re not idols. But they shined in their roles.

        He’s far from main lead roles.

  4. Everything look pretty, but overall Park Eun-Bin as Prince and Princess! I’m ready for all the comedy moments between both of them, it will be fun!

    Rowoon really impressed me in Shw Would Never Know, so I’m curious to watch him in a new drama, sageuk are not easy.

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