Lovers of the Red Sky Episodes 11-12 Ratings Stay at 8.8% as the Plot Also Stagnates While the OTP is Kept Apart

Whoever in the plot department thought it was a good idea to put Ha Ram in a jail for the entirety of two full episodes and separated from Chun Gi deserves a spanking. They are the only interesting aspect of Lovers the Red Sky and without them together the entire drama devolves into (1) Chun Gi must restore the royal painting! and (2) HOMG the Demon (Mawang) is inside Ha Ram whatever that means for the various folks. There is nothing else going on, whether from Chun Gi growing as a painter organically or Ha Ram moving his revenge forward, though I guess what the drama will do is have it all dovetail in the end when Chun Gi is good enough to restore the painting and in getting rid of the Demon then Ha Ram also will get his revenge as a by product. It’s pretty lazy writing but the pretty is still enough to keep me interested. There was a good scene when Chun Gi and Ha Ram touched hands and got transported to the spirit realm and encountered the Demon together. I wish the Demon was scarier but he just seems douchey and all he does is yell “my eyes” and try to grab Chun Gi’s eyes, over and over. That’s the problem with the wafer thin plot now of this drama, it’s just the same main problem getting repackaged in different scenes without anything new in recent episodes.


Lovers of the Red Sky Episodes 11-12 Ratings Stay at 8.8% as the Plot Also Stagnates While the OTP is Kept Apart — 69 Comments

  1. I’m not convinced by the main couple. HGC is ready to become crazy for a guy she doesn’t know. She thinks he’s a nice and bling astrologist. She doesn’t know about his revenge and his double life (he had a lot of occasions to tell her about it when she had issues with Jung Shwen-Nae).

  2. This series has a potential to be a big hit but, SBS is not promoting this well. Hence, this was stuck in 8-9% ratings, which was same like River.

  3. it is so absurd yet hilarious for hcg to wail hardly when haram was arrested. what is more absurd was her line “scholar ha, why u said like that as if we’ll never meet again?”. then she cried hardly…haha..this line is so awkward and so sudden lol. can’t she pretend to be a strong lady instead of being a crybaby? did the novice writer want this to be a heart wrenching scenes? well, it failed. it doesn’t work for me at least. i feel pity for yj for having to do this scene.

    then for the latest ep. i don’t know what had happened to yj’s acting skill in this episode. i like her crying scenes in the previous episodes, but I’ve to say that she really overdid her wailing acting in the prison scene which really turned me off. I’m confused whether she is supposed to cry or angry coz there is only little tears came out. also sorry for saying this, she even looks like a madman at some point. it remind me of male actor in eastern palace. but maybe if it’s the director who wanted her to cry like that, then it’s understandable.

    as for haram, most of the time, he doesn’t act like a blind person at all, which doesn’t make senses. like when he looks at hcg, it seems that he knew where hcg eyes were. and he can hit accurately despite being blind. blind person doesn’t act like that.

    and for yang myung, he suddenly turned into evil from such a sweetheart. arghhh.. i blamed the novice writer for writing such plot. is the prince in the novel also like this?

    lastly, sorry for saying too much here. i know many fans will come at me for being too direct. so I’m sorry for voicing out my honest opinion about this.

    • Don’t apologize for giving your opinion, you were nothing but sincere. I agree with most of your criticisms, I believe most of it is because the show just doesn’t have enough plot for a full series. It goes around in circles, and in the end the actors suffer because their performances are attached to sub-par and straight up shallow scenes.

      Personally I fail to see the Big Romance between the OTP because she’s completely devoted to the point of risking her life to save HR multiple times including the painting which can ruin her, while HR is devoted to his Big Plot For Revenge that she has absolutely no clue about (while she tells him every single detail of her life lol). Seems quite unbalanced imo. Ironically, I do support YM even though I usually don’t like the actor. He’s stuck in the middle of 463 plots coming from the king to the painters to his brother(s) to the gvt officials ksjnskjsns Dude can’t catch a break haha He just wants some normalcy but everyone keeps going further and further into crazytown.

      It’s a pity because I loved the first few eps, but now I can’t wait for this to END ALREADYYY. I can’t believe there are 4 episodes left, it should end next week argh D:

      • @magnolias
        If u don’t like the drama u can stop watching it, why wish to end the drama soon.
        There are many who are enjoying the drama so plz let them enjoy.
        Yes u can state ur opinion and thats what it is, ‘YOUR OPINION’ so let others enjoy the drama who has other opinions.

      • @ana I do not understand what will come from me hoping the drama would end faster and why it matters to you, it’s not like they will cut it because the SBS CEO cares about my opinion. For me, it’s a way to say that I don’t see how many more conflicts are there when most of them should be resolved in the next 2 eps and the show has been dragging for the last 4 eps. It is, as you notice in your comment, just my opinion (I say “Personally” in my comment so that’s quite clear that I do not consider my POV universal or the factual truth). Me not liking it, or more like feeling disappointment, shouldn’t stop fans from liking it. I’m just some guy on the internet. Have fun! Cheers!

  4. As for me, my love for this drama is still very strong. The plot is mesmerizing specifically if we talk about supernatural stuff. I love the flow of the romance. Chungi and Haram are worried about each other. Dare to sacrifice themselves for the people they love very much, whatever the risk they have to bear. They keep sending me poetic love chills.

  5. This drama combines both the genres that I love, fantasy and sageuk. It is actually a delight to watch. Having finished 12 episodes, so far, I have been enjoying it. It has all the elements that make it a unique sageuk,fantasy romance for me. I love that the leads has subtle romance and just by watching them smile from side to side and having cute dates, their chemistry is already off the charts without too much skinship. All in all, I just love this drama and it’s on the list of my favorite dramas this year.

    • Beyond the protective aspect, I think both Cheon Gi and Ha Ram have a role in the schemes of destiny and fate. The Demon has to be sealed or the world will have to live in fear, darkness and evil. 

  6. I think I’m in the minority, but I’m literally in love with the story, the characters, the acting, the visuals, the cinematography and everything. I first watch it because I love the PD’s past works,but I also ended up loving the leads chemistry and great acting. The past 12 eps has been a roller coaster of emotions,The more you watch this drama, the more you’ll crave for every next episode. At least for me.

  7. Anyways, for me, Red Sky is really different from other sageuks so far. It made me laughed, confused, and also makes my heart beat so fast! I also love the acting of main leads. Plot is really interesting and different…
    Ratings nowadays, 2021 are not that high especially for monday/tuesday schedule. You might be lucky if the drama is on friday schedule or weekends.

    Miniseries that reached double digit so far this year. (Even just a single episode)

    Penthouse 2 & 3 – SBS
    Mr. Queen -TVN
    Love 2 – TV Chuson
    One the Woman – SBS
    Vincenzo- TVN
    Hospital playlist 2 -TVN
    Taxi Driver -SBS
    Royal Secret Agent -KBS
    Hometown Chachacha- TVN
    Uncanny Counter – SBS
    Mine – TVN
    HongChunGi – SBS

    For 2021 dramas aired in public channel for Mondays and Tuesdays schedule, Lovers of the Red Sky has the most good ratings so far. They reached 10% in episode 6 and it’s timeslot is being sandwhiched from kbs and tvn, but they still manage to be number 1 from episode 2 up to 12. They are still the most watched monday and tuesday dramas in the rival timeslot. I just hope it will still increased to double digit again in the remaining eps because they deserve it.

    • Whatever you say, Red Sky performed underwhelmingly. Yoo Jung continues her streak in starring at flop and underwhelming dramas. CWPFN, BSR, LORS. HAHAHHAA

      • Sorry to hear your comments are too much jealousy of KYJ.. her performance is getting better and deeper compared to the previous drama. She is definitely a good actress.

    • RWTMR also reached double digits despite of B-list writer and director. LOTRS is not performing well because it was helmed by popular director and the drama is based on the work of a popular novelist. LOTRS did not live up to the expectations.

      • It’s not counted as double digit per episode. It should be the whole episode. Don’t mention that drama because you know, you will start unnecessary fan wars.

      • I beg to disagree that it did not live up to the expectations. You probably don’t know how it’s doing in korea.

      • Nope. It is counted. The 2nd part is always considered the final rating.

        Further, we can say that it is doing well in Korea. But, not LITM level like what fans hyped it to be. As said above, LOTRS lacks the proper promotion. The reason why its ratings are stagnant.

    • no they aren’t. it’s royal secret agent who has the best rating for monday Tuesday schedule, while lotrs rating has similar performance with rwtmr rating. i agree with RAE. the rating isn’t live up to expectations after being hailed as the most anticipate drama in 2021, directed by one of most popular pd, and adapted from highly critical novel from popular novelist. btw, before blindly copying the info from twitter, please check that uncanny counter isn’t sbs, but ocn. and i don’t know whether it’s intentionally or not, but almost everytime, u guys always excluded rwtmr from the list. 10% is still a double digit, only 0.2% less than 10.2% from lotrs. and there are tons of naver articles that mentioned that rwtmr is among the 2021 drama who had reached double digits in rating. just because they divide the part, but the 2nd part is still considered as a single episode.

      • @jijie LOL Don’t bother with that emma, she’s most likely a biased KYJ fan so of course she excluded River Where the Moon Rises lmao
        The fact that she said that Red Sky has the best ratings among Mon-Tue 2021 dramas so far, when Royal Secret Agent (it aired up to early 2021, so it still counts) is considered a literal hit, and she also said that Uncanny Counter is from SBS, should tell you all you need to know about her comment’s credibility lol

      • I see. Thanks for the correction about the Uncanny Counter. I see, it’s Royal Secret Agent who did great on that time slot in terms of rating. Ok. Thanks.

      • LOL. It’s not really counted. It’s just half of an episode and if you combine it to the other half, the whole episode is not double digit.
        You keep mentioning that River drama when I am focused on the LOTRS achievement. Didn’t live up to it’s expectations? It did. You just want to bring it down so you can mention that River drama when I never mentioned that in the first place. Why bother to insist that. You should focus to what you like rather than bringing down this excellent drama.

    • @Emma Don’t mind them.
      They will keep comparing to their hearts content. I also don’t know why they keep mentioning that drama when I know that you just want to highlight the achievement of LOTRS. That comment from @EZ speaks so much jealousy from the main actress. Hahahaha! Whatever they said, it is well loved in Korea and still number 1 in ratings for its timeslot despite rival competitors in public channel as well. They want to bring up the drama that you never mention. That speaks jealousy in all ways. I will stop here and if they comment again, don’t bother to reply anymore. They will just continue to make no sense.

  8. Red sky has a lot of charms that of course, far from perfect but also very worthy to watch for me. They just keep my interest in every episode that every ending is a cliffhanger. I am just so glad that it is a fantasy sageuk and didn’t have the same fate of what happened to Joseon Exorcist which airs in the same channel. I’m totally loving each episode as it gives me different flavor. I just really like the drama in general.

  9. Ep 11 and 12 I can say,not that bad but not that good as well. But totally, this kind of drama a bit new concept and love it. With these actors, I don’t mind waiting and watching.I do really love both main character and they did a good job and gave justice to their characters but I do hope next episode will be much better and interesting.

  10. Red sky has a lot of charms that of course, far from perfect but also very worthy to watch for me. They just keep me interested in every episode that every ending is a cliffhanger. I am just so glad that it is a fantasy sageuk and didn’t have the same fate of what happened to Joseon Exorcist which airs in the same channel. I’m totally loving each episode as it gives me different flavor. I just really like the drama in general.

  11. whatever you all say guyz,this drama is my monday and tuesday vitamins.i love the story very much.its not just a typical or common story where you have to be in love with prince or king.its a unique one that viewers must doesnt matter to me if you guyz dont like the plot but viewers all over the world are screaming for LOVERS OF THE RED SKY..we do have different taste and respect and lets just be all happy and be positive in our much love for LOTRS..fighting!!!

  12. we only watched lovers of the red sky here.go go go hahong couple.thank you for all your interactions but so much love we give to LOTRS.

    • Hahong couple is the purest couple of this year! I so love them as well! Such great actors and the chemistry is really explosive!

  13. we only watched lovers of the red sky here.go go go hahong couple.thank you for all your interactions but so much love we give to LOTRS.waiting till last episode.

  14. This drama has parts of every genre-
    Romance ,fantasy,melodrama,art, good chemistry, best visuals.
    I like this drama so sooo much but sad at the same time as only 4 episodes left.
    Hope we get season 2 with same cast.
    Will binge watch again once the drama ends.
    Best drama of 2021 for me.
    Best acting from all the actors.
    Hope this drama gets the attention and recognition it deserves .

  15. I don’t care what you think about Lotrs. The important thing is..many funs love this drama…so please stop the negatif comments ok.

  16. Boring n shallow plot. SO Cliche. Silly dialogue n OTP crying by FL.. poor n lazy scriptwriting n directing. The 2 lead actors need to improve their acting skills… they n the drama are popular just because of hype marketing n promotions.

  17. Boring af.

    The first 4 episodes were amazing. But then.. sigh. I quit at ep 10. Prefer The king’s affection. But it only has 2 episodes so far. Hopefully it’ll get better.

  18. I enjoy LOTRS. What I don’t understand is the zero promotion of the drama by SBS.

    1. Views from their behind the scenes video ans clips don’t go higher.

    Their social media team must have been busy promoting their drama, but nothing has been done since Episode 1.

    2. No magazine cover, interviews, or guestings from KYJ and AHS, to think AHS’s agency should have worked hard to promote this drama.

    This is his first male leading role. However, we never hear from them.

    Again, problem with promoting the drama.

    3. It’s such a waste of time and budget for SBS to push through with the drama when they don’t even bother promoting and hyping it.

    Again, we go back to zero promotion.

    4. AHS should have tried harder to promote it, too. He doesn’t seem to care.

    During the presscon of the drama, his answer to the question was out of the blue.

    He preferred the characters of KYJ and GM to end up together rather than his character. Like seriously?

    5. Is AHS naturally shy? He doesn’t look like he’s trying to interact with his leading lady.

    I’m asking because this is the first drama that I watch from him.

    6. Their chemistry is there. I find his acting ok. It’s just the lack of promotion and interactiom from AHS.

    Does his agency prohibit him from doing these things to his leading lady?

    I can go on, but it will still boil down to the lack or zero promotion from SBS.


    • Very true. I super duper enjoy this drama. And it is still a mystery why is their no couple promotions. There’s a lot of questions about it, but no one can really give a specific answer. At first, I thought the channel is afraid to promote it because of what happened to Joseon Exorcist. But when it was totally well loved in korea, their PR team didn’t bother to update anything. As in after the presscon, no content anymore.

    • Why this sound like AHS is the problematic one, I may sound being too sensitive but that’s how it looks to me, even with your over the top pointing at SBS lack of promotion,but you always find way to drag AHS.

      • I admire AHS. No one is dragging him.

        I find his acting ok in LOTRS. His chemistry is on point too with KYJ.

        However, the point is that his agency could have helped with promoting his drama since this is his first lead role.

        So, why then are there no promo materials for them?

        If you’re an agency whose talent has a lead role, you would definitely be busy promoting his project.

        Moreover, same goes for KYJ’s agency.

        Both AHS and KYJ have no uploaded photos together on their respective IG accounts.

        They spent 8 months filming this drama, then SBS doesn’t bother with the promotion.

        Again, as a viewer who loves the drama, why is that?

        No one is bringing down the cast. It all boils down to SBS.

    • I somehow agreed that AHS has lacked interaction with KYJ. Non bias opinion, From the first bts till now, KYJ was trying her best to keep close with all her co-workers. And especially to the main male lead, she is trying her best to break the chain between both of them. The main male actor is cool like and ice berg, and the interaction with her female lead is minimal. I don’t think the reason is He is shy, I watched his previous work with other co-worker he wasn’t like that. No doubts he looks like abit introvert but 8 months filming together, still feel shy? Just feel sad why he did that to KYJ.

      • actually I also have the same problem with AHS. Their chemistry in the drama is really good but in the bts it is so much lacking. Even if he is shy, he is an actor ,so he can act in the bts also. Initially I thought he was shy but now it just seems there is some another reason. just hope dont have any controlling girlfriend because he is a good guy , always caring towards yoojung like a gentleman but chemistry , can’t see. Hope my comment won’t offend his fans because this is just my genuine concern ,and not meant to criticism him.

  19. They say that this actress is one the best in the k drama She’s so OA in her scenes, especially in her crying scenes. Is it the new trend now?

    • LOL. If that’s what you think so be it. It doesn’t make her any less of an actress. And yes, she is one of Korea’s good actresses

    • I think I have a very different take on her acting.
      I was moved by her acting. Specially the crying and breakdown scenes. When she was pleading and screaming to save Ha Ram, I also want to scream in frustration. “Please save Ha Ram,” that was my thoughts too. My heart is racing at that scene. What a truly great actress she is.

  20. I’m a historical Kdrama fan but so sorry this drama didn’t meet my expectation. The first ep is really spectacular with the Mawang story but after that it went to the drain. Cannot help to compare…Love in the moonlight KYJ & PBG is far better

  21. I will stick to my opinion that this drama is well made with its unique plot and everything. Well, this is really my cup of tea drama. I am happy with the flow and can’t wait to watch the last 4 episodes left. And yes, it’s still number 1 in it’s timeslot even with rival dramas who is also very good.

  22. No bad comments can change my love for the drama. It is well executed in all its elements. Every episode has a cliffhanger that make me want to binge watch it but ending up waiting every week. This is one of fantasyvsageuks that I will rewatch from time to time when the airing ends. I’m very invested with it’s interesting story. I love it so much.

    • This drama is my cup of tea.I love the drama. The father and daughter relationship is so touching.Good Job KYJ and also AHS.

  23. Oh, the drama Hong Chun Gi is my current favorite airing drama. It’s really good! It was a roller coaster ride for me in the past 12 episodes. I really hope Hahong can have a happy ending.

  24. LOTRS is the subtle version of River(e.g storyline aspect) and both full of noisy fan. Scroll to the mf who tells me why drag other drama, wake ya hell up from your hypocrisy, there will always be comparison whether you like it or liked it!(and everyone knows because of the both FL). Just like I’m saying, Red sky began with this beautifully made aesthetics as well as with this promising plot; while River began with this epic historical plot,warmy tone and political stat resembling those of classic sageuk. Both did not live up with the hype, good but not good great, don’t come up to me with the not promoted well(both River and Red’sky);because there are lots of mon-tue Kdrama that did fine with all these network’s incapability to promote their show(even with the double digit did not still bother to promote,pity). That’s all and thank you mwaa!

    • @kes
      Maybe its not her, but yourself who looks aaaah after you see yourself in the mirror.
      By the way did your nose surgery go wrong so came back to rant your distress on yoojung.
      Ohhh poor kid , u should try again ,maybe ull look better than ‘ahhhh’ after another surgery.

  25. Regardless of what people say, it’s doing good in Korea.

    Hong Chun Gi is considered to be the word that caused the romance historical drama craze on small screen recently. It has been ranked no.1 in viewers ratings for 6 weeks in a row.

    There’s wrong with hyping it.
    If you love the drama that’s normal.
    Why some people here keep attacking those who love it. If you don’t like it, ok.

    • I definetely agree with you.
      I don’t get it as well why international fans bother to comment on those who love it and keep mentioning other drama that is not related.
      For the 2nd quarter, HCG is the first sageuk to be shown, and the next sageuks are mostly similar to it, though not fantasy like “The King’s Affection”, “Red Cuff Sleeve” , Inspector Joyi”

    • I mean, there’s nothing wrong on hyping it.

      @Peng Let’s avoid them.
      They have nothing good to say.
      They always want hate and negativity.

      Fighting Lovers of the Red Sky!
      Hong Chun Gi!

      • And also this:

        “A wave of historical dramas rushes into the small screen at the second half of the year. While the fantasy romance historical drama ‘Hong Chun Gi’ is recording box office hits, youth historical dramas line up are waiting to air.”

        I can hype it all I want because I love the story line of the drama and I will not get myself bothered by haters. Just mind your own business.
        Ratings nowadays are not that high, but when it comes to popularity in Korea, Hong Chun Gi lives up to its name. If you will just base it on the ratings alone, for sure you will not agree with me.
        But this drama is also on the Top 10 of most influential drama.
        Lovers of the Red Sky or Hong Chun Gi re-enters the top 10 of the Content Impact Index in the last week of September.
        Top 10 is composed of 5 variety shows and 5 dramas – LOTRS is the only Mon-Tue drama in it.

  26. @L
    still 4 episodes left so dont be too confident about your prediction.
    Hope it reaches double digit and ppl like you can stop bringing the rating card, so we fans can peacefully enjoy the drama.

  27. @Ez .. sorry to say this, you speak so much of jealousy of KYJ. She is definitely a good actress and her performance in LOTRS is getting better compared to her previous drama. Please focus on her acting!

    @No idea.. I somehow agreed with you that AHS did not put much effort to get closer to KYJ. From the first bts till now, I can see KYJ is trying her best keep close relationship with everyone especially to her partner, she is trying her best to break the chain. No offend, But seems like AHS is so cool like an ice berg and he seems has no much interest to get closer with her partner. Many people said that he is shy, well no denial he is abit shy and introvert but think of a whole, after filming 8 months together still feel awkward ? Still feel shy? In latest bts we can see some improvement whereby he can jokes around with KYJ but he is still awkward. Well I can say I salute to KYJ’s persistency to keep going and making Him feel comfortable working with her.

    • it’s obvious tho how hard kyj tried her best to get closer to her co-star, but the opposite side didn’t act like the same which made me pity her. actually, i noticed the same thing happened to ksh on rwtmr. if you watched their bts, u also can see ksh trying her best to get closer to niw, but niw just gave a lukewarm reaction, just like how ahs did to kyj. i felt pity for both ladies actually for being treated like that. they tried so hard to uplift the atmosphere. but at least, ahs mentioned kyj in his interview. but niw didn’t mention ksh at all. lol

      • @jijie What? NIW was actually quite sweet to KSH in the BTS videos tho, he literally hugged her two times and even comforted her during her crying scene lol
        In their BTS selfies, they both have big smiles too

    • @jw, AGREE with you. They filmed for 8 months but still awkward and shy?

      In Episode 6’s BTS, KYJ even surprised him with a birthday cake. Still awkward? Sigh!

      Nevertheless, I still love the drama. I just hope SBS could grant magazine interviews, dance collab, or guestings for them. 4 remaining episodes to go. Sigh!

  28. @mimi.. My view for ep 11 &12, it is nothing to do with KYJ’s acting skills. Her acting is insane in these two episodes which she was able to deliver deeper emotions. In the jail scene, this is not a typical scene which she need to shed a lot tears! Imagine her loved one is suffering in front of her and she can’t do anything..If you watch closely, firstly she portrayed the emotion afraid, panicked and mad and then desperate the emotion formed by trembling voice. After the prince calms chungi, her facial emotions turned slightly calm and blank stared. Why the writer need her to do so? These two episode is telling us “desperate love”!

    Chungi has a strong and bold character. The bottom line of the story is she will have a own way to save haram the one she loves. The writer is trying to tell us, chungi and haram are devoted love for each other. In your statements you mentioned she barely knows haram and begging and cry badly to free him. She knows him 19 years ago and he made unforgettable memories to her. As they reunion, things are getting better and the feeling for him is even getting deeper until one extend haram confessed his love to her. She was full of hope that this relationship will bloom. Unfortunately things aren’t going her way that end up they need to be separated. And when the tiger spirit told Chun gi, the demon manifested because of chungi that make her feel even worse and she was blaming herself. Hence this make the solid reason why she devoted herself to save him in regardless all kind of risks she will face. There is a strong fated destiny for both of them hence this is the path they have to go through it.

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