Salt Entertainment Makes Statement Nearly 24 Hours After Kim Sun Ho Scandal Breaks and Still Checking on Veracity, 11th Street, Nau, and La Roche Posay Delete Him From Official Instas, and Costars Cancel Scheduled Hometown Cha Cha Cha Interviews

A burgeoning scandal is like a fire. It can die on its own if it’s small and has no tinder (truth and/or coverage), but if it has legs behind it then the only way to stave off burning the house down is to fight it properly with water (i.e. a response and follow ups). The exploded within the past 24-hours scandal surrounding K-actor Kim Sun Ho is still developing but his agency Salt Entertainment went MIA and reporters said phone calls were not picked up and voicemails left not answered, and that’s a bad way to respond. Of course the agency could be hamstrung in being able to respond in a manner that can quiet the storm and is still figuring things out, but that leaves the fire to burn out of control and it’s questionable when Salt does respond whether Kim Sun Ho’s career by then is already over or salvageable. Salt finally released a statement early Tuesday morning nearly 24 hours after the allegations broke that it was still checking on the truth. Uhm, they could have released that particular “checking on it” statement right away instead of waiting for now. In the meantime, another of Kim Sun Ho’s endorsement deals 11th Street, Nau, and La Roche Posay have deleted him from its official Instagram account, and his costars in Hometown Cha Cha Cha K-actress Shin Mina and Lee Sang Yi‘s respective agencies announced that post-drama interviews scheduled for today was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.


Salt Entertainment Makes Statement Nearly 24 Hours After Kim Sun Ho Scandal Breaks and Still Checking on Veracity, 11th Street, Nau, and La Roche Posay Delete Him From Official Instas, and Costars Cancel Scheduled Hometown Cha Cha Cha Interviews — 94 Comments

  1. So they either 1) can’t locate KSH, 2) they’re trying to square up the story, or 3) they’re trying to pay off the girl.

    The Hometown 3Cha team must be feeling whiplash from this. My condolences go out to the cast and crew.

    • And the KBS PD and editors are now scrambling on how to handle next Sunday’s 1n2d broadcast. I do foresee a re-org of this show, since Ravi will most likely enlist this year as well. They might as well reorg or plan for a new altogether Sunday variety show, as they seem to have a curse.

    • @fawkes, in a previous post i said the same thing , I feel for the cast because the drama would end as My Queen .As for the rest, it’s his private life . But when you work in K entertainment there are strict rules if you want to maintain your image . After all the scandals how can new actors still don’t understand that they need to be “clean” without skeletons in the closet .

  2. It took that long for the agency to respond only to come up with a lame statement.

    I guess the next step would be for KSH to admit and apologize.

    • anyway, given the claim is true, it’s a good thing that the girl decided to expose it just after the drama was finished. she’s sensible for thinking on behalf of the production team. coz she would jeopardise the drama and the team hardwork if she exposed it in the middle of the airing. unlike jisoo’s victims who were selfish to expose it in the middle of airing which almost caused the entire production to fell into a bankruptcy. they could choose to expose it waay before the filming begun, but they chose to expose it right after the drama reached double digits. I’m sorry, but I’ve no sympathy for those victims who choose to expose the crime during the airing time when they have the option to expose it just before the filming or after the drama ends. coz their decision caused the other innocent peoples in the drama production to also become a victim due to their actions. meanwhile, taxi driver was fortunate for not airing the drama yet when naeun’s scandal was exposed. i believe it would face the same situation like rwtmr if it was airing at the same time when the scandal was exposed.

      in this kim seunho case, only himself was affected. the girl is sensible and thoughtful enough to ensure that the production crew aren’t affected with the scandal

      • What? JiSoo victims were not selfish!

        Guess you didn’t follow the news at the time but it was the right timing to expose Jisoo, because it was a time everybody was watching, checking and paying attention to the bullying claims, his victims thought it was a good time to expose and be heard, and they got heard!

        So no, they are not selfish, the one to blame is Jisoo for his actions.

        Plus the drama did good after his leave and it can be even aired again in future or promoted in other places since they filmed it with another actor.

        Waiting it to finish would be worse.

    • On what do u spread this fake news.
      What a travesty to besmirch anyone especially without complete verification of truth. Let he who is without sin pick up the first stone.

  3. The agency is most likely trying to reach an agreement with the poor victim, that’s why they are too scared to simply say yes or no LMFAO. Only his horny delusional ajumma fans would believe otherwise.

    • So you are one of those maniac fans like that girl. There are many evidence that shows she is lying. First, why did she wait for so long to post this? was she waiting for the drama to be over? or was she waiting to see how famous will Kim Seon Ho be? And dude.. she dint had to abort the child, she could have kept the child and used as proof? does it make any sense now? If you can’t support don’t act as if you know all. I bet you have done so many mistakes like this and trying to spread the toxicity here. Please refrain yourself from doing this. Its trash!

      • You are perfectly right. I do not trust a girl who is waiting so long to reveal something if she is not having a secret agenda. And l am sorry, but a smart woman will not get pregnant. She wanted to get pregnant for her own gain.

      • Maybe read the full translation posted by koreaboo . They broke up only 4 months ago. She saw kim yong gun’s case and other idols who took responsibility and realised how ksh basically tricked her. She was hurt and angered because he wasn’t remorseful at all. The girl probably waited for his drama to finish so as not to repeat RWTMR ‘s scenario. She did say it was not all of a sudden that she decide to post it.
        She wrote how he manipulated her and even said that he will resent the child forever . She has her fault and she herself regrets her decision but the evil person is kim seon ho , who even lied abt the penalty fee.

      • @maria avam how disgusting. Girl was aware that how people don’t take preventive measures in sk. That’s why she was always alert and used to take contraceptive pills while dating him. There was a time when due to her health she couldn’t take it. During that period the ksh wanted to finish it inside her,she couldn’t refuse. He didn’t want to use condom. That was the only time where they had unprotected intercourse and she became pregnant. Now why u are blaming the girl for it when ur horny oppa lacks sex education

  4. Well damn, it’s likely true then. I feel so sorry for his ex. He’s cancelled. This is a bigger downfall than Seo Yeji because he’s pretty much become A-list after HomeCha since the drama ended it’s run in the Top 10 highest-rated TvN dramas. He really had less than a day to enjoy that superstardom haha.

    • he gains more popularity m, but i don’t see him any way near the A-list status unless he win best actor or nominated for best actor from it. higher rating doesn’t make u an A list actor. just take an example from jo byeongkyu and kim saejong. they aren’t A-listers even tho uncanny counter have high rating. same goes to kim junghyun in mr queen and many more. win a best actor award first, then you deserve an A list status

      • No, he hit A-list with HCCC. There were k-ent industry articles designating him as that during airing. I’ll defer to k-ent’s word here.

      • K-ent articles always hype up airing dramas with good ratings, they are paid to do that. Gong Yoo, Hyun Bin, Kim Soo Hyun, etc. are A listers and I wouldn’t say Kim Seon Ho is at the same level as these guys with just one hit drama.

      • A-list for where? An alternate universe, perhaps? K-ent industry articles that mediaplay the heck out of everything is the gospel now? Hold on a sec while I lmfao. ???

        Seeing the way this peabrain gallery has been taking shots at people criticizing this dude, she must be one of his horny delulus trying to act like she’s not a fan. Love, blow it out your ass and go tell your oppa’s agency to stop scrambling about like headless chickens and save his career.

      • Whatever I don’t really care if he is truly considered A-list or not, my point is that his downfall is worse than Seo Yeji’s because this guy is actually popular and well-liked in SK before this scandal happened. Seo Yeji was only popular among international drama fans. Anyways, the guy is trash and I hope his ex is in a better place now that she’s at least exposed his good boy image as fake..

  5. Fact-checking is always a good move, but they could have release this statement yesterday. The best option for them is if the girl agrees to settle and not release anything else. If this dies down, the agency still needs to pay the penalty to all those CF brands, right? As for Kim Sun Ho, he really doesn’t seem to have much option but to have thick-skin. I know he is a theater major, so this is his only choice for a living and he only recently shot to fame, so I don’t think his finances are that strong.

  6. If I were Kim Seon-ho, I’d not reply to media and sue the the accuser straight away. I hope he didn’t sign an onerous contracts with the advertisers. Lesson learned for actor or public figures, don’t be trapped with commercialism and don’t endorse any products you don’t own.

    Vengeful and cancel culture should not be tolerated. A mistake can’t be fixed with another mistake but will create another disaster.

    • A mistake? If the accusations are true, that’s hardly a mistake. It was instead a calculated decision that his contract was worth more to him than his partner and their (possible) child. That he has now quite likely ALSO lost the money he was trying to protect is not “vengeful”, it’s a reminder that actions have consequences.

      • If the accusations were true, the girlfriend does not have the right to destroy anyone and spread info in a malicious way.

        Kim Soen-ho is allegedly responsible to have caused her pain and should pay monetary equivalent for damages. On the other hand, the girlfriend is responsible for damaging KSH livelihood and she should be the monetary equivalent for that as well.

      • @misty eyes always tries to be diff .lol!!! The girl decided to post because he wasn’t apologetic or remorseful. She needed an apology.
        Maybe if he wasn’t such a dick ,there wouldn’t have been a need to expose him.

      • Well in the kind of bubble you’re living in. This is an entertainment industry we are talking about.

        Better be these celebs have saved up alot of money and start suing people who’s destroying them.

        Apology, if she wants that, she should talk to him and not try to destroy someone’s livelihood. That itself is a crime. This is the ex gf crime whilst KSH is allegedly morally indebted to the exgf.

        With your narrow mindset, you may have difficulty understanding that.

      • She clearly knew it was hard for her to get pregnant and she still went for an abortion and unlike kim jung Hyun who had depression even before meeting seoyejin, she is a perfectly fine human being… So if she went for an abortion she is equally responsible as him and there is no use of putting the entire blame on him… Also unlike seo ye jin no one else have come forward and said anything bad about kim seon ho or his bad behaviour… So we don’t know if his ex gf is saying the complete truth…
        What if they did had a mutual abortion and she is trying to extort money from him and blackmailing him and when he refused she did this? If she was his gf and they had an abortion it’s hard for him to prove that he didn’t force her for an abortion as the abortion part is literally true…

      • Reading the full post of the girl, if what she said is true, he is really a terrible guy, not only about abortion but many other things

    • What mistake? He treated his girlfriend like trash and straight up lied and manipulated her to co-erce her into getting an abortion.

  7. Dang, that’s an even worse response than SYJ’s. If that’s what you’ll come up with, why not release it right after the news came out?! Lol the PR teams of these agencies are so incompetent.

    Anyway, thankfully the drama is done at least. It will cause everyone else associated to that drama less issues. He tho, is sooo guilty. They’re clearly looking for ways to pay off the girl. Whatever the outcome, I wish her all the best and this jerk everything he dreads.

      • Gaslighting is a form of manipulation, something Kim Seonho is accused of doing as well. However, in a broader sense, what Seo Yeji has done is mental abuse.

  8. Imagine a plot twist if for example he was trying to leave SALT and it’s the agency that leaked this scandal lol. Oh K-ent, you put your stars on the pedestal too much, it’s not healthy for both the artists and the audience. As a female who is empowered to make my own decisions about my body or my life or how a guy should treat me, I still think this was a personal matter between 2 consenting adults. I wouldn’t just make out the guy to be a monster for not wanting to have a child with me. I pity the girl if she felt she had to get the abortion because he suggested it. Sure, it would have been better for all if he was a better, more decent man who took responsibility for the child, but I also wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t want to be in a relationship with me. I wouldn’t take him down publicly and cause him to lose his livelihood. What then if the roles and circumstances were reversed and it was me who wanted out of a relationship? Too bad he wasn’t able to part amicably with the girl. Having observed how it goes in SK, I think he’ll be in hiatus for a year or so starting yesterday.

    • Seo Yeji was only on hiatus for…less than a year before announcing her comeback. The days of years long hiatuses may be over.

    • If true….She got the procedure she was reluctant to get because he had convinced her 1. if she was caught with his baby, he would have to pay some exorbitant contract penalty fee (which she discovered was a lie) and 2. he was planning to marry her. So even if the procedure rendered her unable to have a baby, she would still at least have him.

      The strangely, after the procedure, he grew cold. Maybe feelings naturally grew cold. Maybe the stress of the abortion decision tore them apart. But that one lie about the penalty fee puts the promise to marry her under suspicious. Was it a sincere promise that he was unfortunately unable to fulfill? or a nefarious ploy all along?

      Fertility is a sensitive and emotional topic for a lot of women who want to have kids. The possibility of being infertile puts a lot of mental and emotional stress. And even social stress, especially in a country where adoption is rare.

      And if this is true, he may lose his stardom and future lead roles, but he can always return to theatre or go into directing. It’s not like he spat on King Sejong’s statue while waving the Japanese rising sun flag. There are probably quite a few guys in the industry who have done this to an ex-gf and can sympathize with him in a twisted sort of way.

      • what you said “so even if the procedure rendered her unable to have a baby, she would still at least have him” speaks volumes. We don’t know how she truly feels and it’s traumatic to get an abortion for most and I do feel for her, but if (just hypothetical here) there is some element of truth in that she has come undone because he broke up with her, then it wasn’t really about the baby but ultimately about her losing him. If they were still together, I wonder if she will ever bring up the abortion or her guilt about it. I am in by no means defending him, he’s clearly not the “good boy” that his fans made him out to be after Start Up. To have this public fall out and downfall because of a relationship that soured is a cautionary tale that can happen to anyone in K-ent. No wonder most stars are probably paranoid to have an open, trusting relationship since anything they say or do might be used against them while they’re still in the limelight.

      • the strangely, after the procedure, he grew cold – not to say anything to defend him but they were a one night stand. Any guy who said they’ll marry you out of one night stand is a fraud. As I understand the scenario, they were never in a relationship before the one night stand

        He did her wrong, truly but the pregnancy should’ve been preventable, practice safe sex people and also don’t pressure someone to abort their baby.

  9. If this is true, I will never doubt my guts ever again… It’s nth times that I’m doubting the auras/vibes of celebs and they later got major issues.

    • Can you give me your vibe on Jung Hae In?
      I really liked KSH in hometown CCC , my first time watching his wor. The ironic part is I fell for his personality first before his good looks. I must not be good at judging someone’s character. Lol.

    • ? Vibe read this entire list of people then:

      Jo Jungsuk, Gong Yoo, Park Seojoon, Do Kyungsoon, Kim Woobin, Park Boyoung, IU, Kang Hanna, Son Yejin, Kim Taeri, Jeon Yeobeen, Bae Doona, Cho Seungwoo, Lee Minho, Ji Changwook, Song Joongki, Hyun Bin

      Don’t be shy. Go ahead and show everyone your talents in real time.

      • @peanut gallery
        Stop salivating over your abusive oppar and spamming this shit on every other comment

      • Stop spamming every other comment about this creep with this bs list and go cry over your oppars career

      • If you want to boast about your talents, then you best be ready to back it up with receipts.

        Also, yen/en, try changing up your spelling if you’re attempting to use different usernames to post the same thing.

    • Can you read Lee Joon Gi and Ju Ji Hoon to?
      I’m not even KSH fan, only watched him in 100 Days My Prince even back then I didn’t know who he was. And I only following this case out of boredom.
      I just don’t like people who said I knew it. I knew he’s bad from the vibes. Even for my favorite actors/actresses, I can’t say things like that, because I don’t live with them, I don’t know how they like in real life.

      • Jjh had ex troubles with Ga!n, she alleged that his friend gave her weed. Other than a messy breakup, he seems to be more careful now. For Ljg, I read that while he was serving in army, during an army concert he was rude and a prick to a fan. Maybe off day, or dude bought into his own hype then? Outside that, it’s been quiet for both guys.

    • It’s the eyes, I’m telling ya, the eyes don’t lie. No matter how good a person is at acting, no one can maintain a fake expression for long, their eyes end up looking awkward.

      • Well well well look at all the amateur psychologists and behaviour analysts coming out whenever a K-scandal comes out ?

      • @Blergh It’s called life experience. And micro-expressions exist. Sure, a normal person wouldn’t be able to list out detailed psychological terms like a specialist could, but we can still associate certain expressions to a certain feeling. Just like you don’t need to be a linguist in order to talk.

      • @lilith just 2 names that came to my mind… For a fact I know JCW isn’t as cute and goody as he acts… I get the feel that if he wasn’t a korean celeb he would have been much more open and free… He just seems to have a bit of a wild side

      • Sweetie you’ve got it the wrong way around. You’re pretending to be a linguist when all you know is gab. So you think you know someone just cause you’ve seen them a few times on TV? Yeah right. Keep telling yourself that?

      • @Blergh Pretending to be a linguist requires me to actually declare myself as one, did I do that? No, lol. You should work on your comprehension skills as well together with reading expressions, will help you out in life after this rebellious stage.

      • @lilith i still like JCW though… Being wild is not a bad thing and it don’t make him a bad person…
        I don’t think whatever ksh’s exgf said is completely true… It’s evident she did it to get back at him for breaking up with her rather than making her abort the child… She decided to have him over her child and he decided to have his career over her which she couldn’t handle…

  10. I think they are just stalling for time. If he hasn’t done anything then it’s pretty easy to flat out deny the rumours. However, from a PR perspective, I think it’s better to just deny it and then settle at all costs with the victim rather then release this ambiguous statement that allows them to backtrack. I’m guessing either 1) they don’t think this scandal is huge enough to completely derail his career or 2) they don’t think he is worth the effort or 3) the victim is not open to mediation at all and has ample proof of her claims.

  11. I wouldn’t be too quick to make a judgment. Same thing happened with Taeyong and Lucas and it turns out the allegations were false. I’d take a wait and see approach on this before hastily cancelling a person. As for KSH, he may or may not be guilty but I think his agency will issue an apology soon enough. I think based on past incidences, that could be the best course of action. People are more forgiving than they are given credit. Public perception is still the gamr here. People are more sympathetic of a sinner that sincerely repents than a self-righteous man who insists he did nothing wrong.

    • Lucas allegations was not false, some of Taeyong was also not false, he apologized for some of it!

      I get really scared how fans of idols buy their companys media play!

      • Taeyong did make one bad comment about overweight girl when the girl doesn’t even see the message, I understand if there is repetition in bullying and comment but he was chimed in and in a group chat. The girl doesn’t even know the comment. It’s bad but hardly call a bullying.

        Other things he did is have a quarrel in 2nd hand online transaction. The dude drag back and fort for this and I think this is too much

      • Taeyong fans are so stupid believing in sm’s media play. He apologized but miraculously dispatched saved how if sm would let his golden boy’s career go down the drain. Same goes for lucas . And even karina’s case, sm just said those texts aren’t true and they are going to sue but provided no follow up. Kpop fans are so gullible

      • @val

        I think people can’t make mistake or get better nowadays, badmouthing your coworker is actually normal, it’s not good but it’s not like everyone didn’t do it, live in real life, people did it but that doesn’t mean they are murderer.

        I find the kpop people react to one slight bad comment from an idol is so severe that they group them together. There are mistake that can be corrected, attitude that can be adjusted, people that change but to act like everyone should’ve been saint growing up.
        If they are shitty, then they’ll exposed and there will be no more 2nd chance.

        It’s like people don’t know any real people with mistake that can be corrected in real life, even prison is for correcting people so no one held them accountable after the court judgement

    • His case reminds me of P@uL RudD. Of course, PaUL also has a nice image and he is a nice guy. But for dating, he’s allegedly a man whore who allegedly has a secret child. If he kept the child and still helped the child and his ex, my respect for him would go up. Anyways, this ain’t Hollywood it’s Korea which means news like this can torpedo your career. Smh, what a mess as this guy was going from a career high, and going into films.

  12. Amazing how many delusional fans completely disregarded the fact that an innocent life is gone.. forever.. even before it gets any chance. That’s murder! It’s not as simple as ‘a matter between 2 ppl’. It’s an innocent life. He thinks a child don’t fit into his plans, so he just ‘abort’. How to forgive such an irresponsible cowardly action? Far more than it is about the girlfriend , or two-face badmouthing about coworkers.. everyone does that. The main point her is he is a murderer. He killed his own unborn child without any conscience and continue smiling and acting innocent. This is karma from the innocent unborn child. Just think I should hightlight this point. I could forgive if he had the child out of wedlock, but not this.. if he didn’t want the child, he shouldn’t have played in the first place..

    • This! If all of these is true, then he wanted fame and fortune at the expense of the life of a child. And now, his fame is tarnished and currently facing huge penalty fees. Karma got him good.

    • By your own “delulu” thinking, all who had abortion are murderers and criminals, including the lady in question here. Nice.

      • I never said that. The difference here is there were no other reasons for abortion in his case other than fame and fortune. Not rape, not health. He just didn’t want to be responsible for his actions. Accept it. He is a murderer who may not be judged by the law, but his judgement came in this form through karma. This is God’s judgement.. his career is as good as over. If he had a heart, he wouldnt have gone through with the abortion. He just didn’t have a heart. Even if he doesn’t love the woman, that innocent baby is from him. He can just kill his own child without a blink.. without any regrets.. what does that make him?

      • @Bpb09 abortion is not equal to killing a child… Eduacte yourself… If a couple is not ready to have a child they are free to abort… Abortion is better than an unwanted child… Abortion is abortion no matter what the circumstances is…

    • if he didn’t want the child, he shouldn’t have played in the 1st place,

      as it was a one night stand, she also shouldn’t, protection comes from both side, shouldn’t be enforced for one gender.

      and I am not saying this to make him not guilty but that line is dangerous to say in a one night stand, that line is exactly why people can get to the girl and said,

      you shouldn’t have play the game either, you have the time to come clean and have the baby cause he clearly doesn’t want it and a scum

      • If u read her post then u will find out that she was on birth control pills cause he never used protection. The only time when she didn’t take the pills because of health issues, he insisted finishing it inside and thus ended up getting her pregnant.

      • Have you even read her story? It wasn’t a one night stand. They were in a relationship and dating for about a year. She was using birth control but had to stop for health reasons. He was supposed to be using condoms but he pushed her to have unprotected sex and because of her cycle she thought it was safe at that specific time so she let him but she fell pregnant.

      • @Sunny

        they had a one night, then dating because he promised her,
        this should be a warning for woman that no matter what the man said, if they didn’t say yes, they should

        I think people should take the making a baby is 2 person job, there should be awareness to woman that their womb and their body is at stake and they shouldn’t accept whatever the man said, even if he insisted, if she didn’t consent, then it’s rpe.

        I don’t like that no matter how we curse the man or cancelled him, the woman already has suffer a lost she couldn’t ever recover. So don’t ever trust a man without your own birth control, it’s a gamble and I think not many woman aware that, no cycle is safe.

        I’ve encounter this story many times and not just about celebrity, the protection mostly use and advertise towards men cause “it just this instances”, “the pill doesn’t help me this time”,

        but no matter what, women suffer the most, therefore, the sentence Bp09 said to ridicule the man like “don’t play the game” is a slippery slope because it works both ways. Woman should always protect ourselves and find way to work because the stake is higher,

      • @pippy Wrong. They were dating and in a relationship. They were not a one night stand. You Seon Ho fans need to stop spreading lies to try and excuse your fallen idol and his trashy behaviour.

      • @Sunny
        I am far for being his fans, haven’t even watched his work but this kind of case happens in many people, not just celebrities, regarding the one-night stand, that’s from an early translation source that I read.

        I just want to say that the idea that we should always think that we are safe, base on cycle, that we used to drink pills that he’ll be responsible for dealing with unprotected sex is not fine.
        Also that wording
        “if he didn’t want the child, he shouldn’t have played in the 1st place” is inaccurate because that’s too vague and also can work for blaming the woman while this is about irresponsible scum who played with life, love and trust. They aren’t trash because they have sex and accidentally make babies.

        The man is trash because what she did after the pregnancy. People are so sensitive that they can’t even recognize other support for them.

        Also the blog can’t make me use the same email to reply

    • The way you talk it’s as if woman A’s story is Biblical truth ? No one has verified this yet so your abortion arguments sound pretty stale and just reek of self-righteousness. Keep at it though until you’re blue in the face, best of luck! ?

    • @Bbp09 I am with you on this. Hate the slogan my body my choice. How about the baby’s choice?!! Him getting the gf pregnant, or badmouthing coworkers or even if dating a hooker does not bother me. The reason k-netz and CF companies are exiling him right now is due to the allegation of pressuring gf to get an abortion. If true, what a manipulative trash who would sacrifice a life to get ahead.this is the most sickening part. S.k legalized abortion in early 2019, and she got an abortion only a few months after it became legalized. The S.K.society has not fully embraced this abortion legalization. No matter what his agency says at this point, his acting career is toast

  13. Deep down i am wishing its not true about the abortion.. but looking at how long salt is talking to release a statement is most likely be true..
    arghhh im nt nt a fan of him but he seems really nice n if its true means really dont judge a book by its cover..

  14. Abortion is such a disgusting thing to me. I haven’t watched a single Kim Sun-ho drama, but I hope this is not true because if ever, poor child who never even had a chance to live life just because of a selfish father. Poor woman too who was manipulated into doing it. It makes me wonder how often this happens in the industry. It makes me admire Exo’s Chen and Ikon’s Bobby all the more for taking responsibility for their children.

  15. The delayed response of the agency which does not categorically denies this claim plus the cancellation of endorsements is very much telling that this is likely true.

    If the claim is unfounded, a prompt simple statement that it is not true with threat of legal action is all it has to take to kill this rumor. Sadly the agency is stalling.

    Well at least he break-out as a actor although his fame is brief. On to the next one…

    • The delayed non statement+cancelled cfs+being edited out of 1n2d. If that isn’t a confirmation I have no idea what is. Fans want to continue to delude themselves is a choice but a bad one.

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