Three Upcoming K-movies Sad Tropical, Dog Days, and 2 O’Clock Date Remove Kim Seon Ho as the Male Lead, He Has No Further Active or Pending Projects in K-ent

This appears to be the wrap up portion of the Kim Sun Ho scandal, which has been a roller coaster three days worth of breaking allegations, silence, public speculation, fan denial, and now admittance. He has now admitted to the allegations posted by his ex-girlfriend and his agency is also in acceptance of his bad behavior. Right after the acknowledgement statement, he was removed from 1D2N where he was a popular member of the core cast. Now he’s been removed by all three movies he had lined up which he was slated to head into filming after Hometown Cha Cha Cha one after another. The movies are rom-com 2 O’Clock Date with confirmed female lead Yoona, human uplifting movie Sad Tropical which extended an offer today to Go Ara to be the female lead, and anthology movie Dog Days. Kim Sun Ho was a stage/theater/musical actor for nearly 10 years before his debut in 2017 in K-dramas so perhaps that realm will be the first place sometime down the line for him to stage a comeback, and who knows when/if that will be. But his major fandom accounts have all started to deactivate or go silent so it really is the end of the popularity he achieved thanks to his breakout in Start Up and the steady work in 1D2N. It lasted for about a year and was poised to level up after Hometown so its just a reminder that we audiences never know the real personality and behavior of stars onscreen. Once again success is comes hard earned but can be lost quickly.


Three Upcoming K-movies Sad Tropical, Dog Days, and 2 O’Clock Date Remove Kim Seon Ho as the Male Lead, He Has No Further Active or Pending Projects in K-ent — 135 Comments

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  2. His ex is being considerate exposing him just after Hometown Chachacha ended and before the three movies began filming. The only staffs/co-stars directly affected by the expose are 1D2N…

    • Seriously! Out of all the drama related scandals this year till now RWTMR suffered the most but managed to recover while JE is the worst off since it got cancelled with just 2 episodes. UC and HMCCC were lucky the scandals came out after the drama finished airing and TD was lucky it happened before the drama started but they still had to suffer through re shoots. I still feel bad for the staff and casts of RWTMR but JE the casts, writer and PD knew exactly what they were doing so its hard to feel bad for what happened to them. School 2021 also went through several scandals but looks like it’ll finally air so good for KYH for hanging on for over a year. Now that I think about it Dear M might be the worst off because they filmed the whole drama but it might never air.

      • Don’t forget Dear M. Park Hae Su case still has no closure and the drama has been put on indefinite hold

      • Chimera was on hold for a year because of a scandal but its going to air next week so Dear M could also air after a year. If people forget kbs might take the risk and air the drama or sell it online. Glad that River Where the Moon Rises was able to pull through and receive acclaim but agree the cast and staff suffered too much and did the whole thing for free the second time. Hometown Cha Cha Cha supporting actors should move on quickly to new dramas to erase the negativity from the scandal. They were outstanding and don’t deserve the slander because of one person. Dramas should be very careful with who they cast and do through background checks. The staff and crew especially don’t deserve to suffer every time things go south.

    • Seriously hoping LDH and SK don’t have any scandals in the future. If we lose 2 more big rising stars the future for rookie actors will be bleak.

    • The variety show that was triple jinxed already was 2 Days 1 Night.. season 1 has MC Mong, season 2 has Jun Jung Yong and finally season 3 its Kim Seon Ho

      • It’s a sign they should axe the show permanently. Then again Knowing Brothers has all controversial members but still going string. Maybe if you have too many controversies people stop caring.

      • For real. I’ve said the same thing. Now what? She got her 15 minutes of fame so I hope she’s happy.
        I don’t understand these people, if something happened between you and somebody why bring it out like that? Why do that? Talk it out with the person and fix it, don’t go on like that, it’s vindictive and evil.
        I don’t care what happens, I’ll still support him and his career. He’ll be ok because a wonder lasts for nine days, something else will come on and everybody will find somebody else to talk about.
        KSH my baby always. #fighting

      • @Sandy
        No matter how u oppalogist cry , he is done for. Trash?? idol like fans. He doesn’t even appreciates his fans ,why are u all bending ur backs for him

      • I am with you. Do not wish to call her a bitch, but the incident begs the question, have Korean chicks ever heard of BIRTH CONTROL? Or, are they silly enough to believe that these men are prepared to marry all the chicks they lay down with? I felt the same way about the SS501 singer situation. Their names are out there, who will want them as wives now?

    • Considerate?How ironic?He just destroyed a man’s life. She probably also think that her life is over without him. Not only considerate, she’s also romantic.

      Later, for sure she’ll regret what she’s done. Look at Koo Hye-sun, she was in rampage online. Then, after her anger subsides and realised the damage she had caused, she regretted big time. It was a stupid thing to do but I can understand, it’s usual for an angry person to do.

      This girl is the same.

    • Considerate? KSH and her and baby r only ones involved. Public should NOT be involved.
      I will not see projects that banned KSH.

  3. Thank gods for a new post. Comments section was getting unwieldy in previous one.

    This has got to be the quickest rise and fall I’ve ever seen. If you charted this as a parabola, it would go straight up and down.

      • True dat. China and South Korea taking turns with delivering huge scandals this year. I’m about to run out of ?.

    • Same …Got exposed the same day his most successful drama as a lead ended up airing. Couldn’t even celebrate properly. Really liked the way how miss A decided to drop the ball.

  4. Question, where does this leave his agency? Can they dump him and cut their losses? Didn’t Kim Minhee’s agency dump her once she was exposed for her affair with the married director?

  5. didn’t expected He will fall this fast. I will welcome him if he is compensated his mistake by marrying her.

    everyone can make mistake, especially at the stage of his age and career when vulnerable taking decision of your future.

    It’s probably that weird Korean ent industry that if they are married, their value won’t be as high as if they are single.

      • and by the look of it, the woman is not an angel either. they have sex with mutual feeling. and abortion is her own decision too.

        I only hate that they have to kill the child, it’s tecnically a murder. otherwise, I don’t know them personally, so I won’t judge them beyond what media report.

      • That’s not a nice comment he did not do the abortion so stop blaming him it was her body her choice

      • we don’t know the real story behind the scene. and don’t assumed what media said all are true. stay netral. I’m not his fans, and I’m glad she expose him to make him reflect. but she is no angel either. having sex outside marriage is already wrong despite it’s now getting normalised. but there is a reason God make it a big sin.

      • @missjb

        You must be lost, poor boo. Go to a religious site, they might appreciate your BS about sins and sex before marriage beliefs. Here, you sound like a fill-in-the-blank.

      • @missjb you tell us not to assume based on what the media is reporting so far, to stay neutral. When this man already admitted he is a terrible person who wanted his ex gf to get a abortion then ghost her…then you go and say having sex outside of marriage is wrong?? Are you listening to yourself when you wrote this?? LOL

      • That’s not a nice comment he did not do the abortion so stop blaming him it was her body her choice so you want to take her side she even said she did not think it would cause so many problems a woman scorned

    • ‘having sex outside marriage is already wrong’ lol says u missjb
      god actually approved premarital sex, it’s true I just gave him a call. He said sex between two consenting adults is totally fine and good!

      you equating abortion to murder – now this is a big sin god is very angry with u now he’s a big pro-abortion guy, he’s preparing your bed in hell as we speak oooohh

      • Their comments reek of stupid oppaologism with the way they are trying to hide under the guise of “staying neutral”.

    • In my opinion it will be wrong to merry her. That marriage never will work. If she really loved him, the best think is to let him go. And this think: forcing her to have an abortion!!!! You can not force a woman to have an abortion, she must agree to do so. And why she didn’t protect herself when having sex. I think she wanted him, dose not matter what. If she is well educated, sorry to tell, but not enough educated how to be a woman. Karma will come back to her and than she will ask why.

    • What do you mean marry men…he and the girl both were adults …had a deep relationship before marriage…than why shoud he be responsible ….she should even be responsible for her decision

  6. The good news is other actors have a chance of starring in these movies. As a commenter said, this story should be number one rule in any agency PR training manual for all rookie actors. Handle your private life carefully. If you get anyone preggers, we’ll slap you silly first then impose gazillion dollars penalty fee. Beware of one’s sin, it will be shouted from the rooftop one day.

    • You think they’ll be scared? Some men will be men but also have no defence for some women who can be equally evil in this respect. Go both ways. Unless the agency boss is like Edward Scissorhands threatening castration, things like this will continue to happen. Lol.

    • Is there no turn the other cheek let no person who has not committed a sin comment others leave him alone it was her body her choice did he handcuff her at the clinic NO so stop slagging him off

  7. 2021 sure is entertaining. Start with scandals, end with scandals. Wonder what other explosives come round before Jan 1 2022. On New Year’s Day next year, Dispatch will drop its annual secret dating couples bomb.

    • Secret dating looks sooo tame now in comparison. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin being outed are like meh. I actually wonder how many secret wives & secret children are out there now.

      • Maybe some have multiple secret kids with different ex-lovers. Probably living in some small towns supported by hush money. Great plots for a new trend of k-dramas.

    • I suppose in SK right now, there is a sudden rush of k-actors treating their gfs or exes very nicely. Yobo this, sweetie that. Once gf in the shower, furiously checking their smartphone & computer for damaging info. Hehehe.

      • You are so right!

        Does this mean that in Korea, behavior between two consenting adults behind closed doors is everyone’s business? Or is it just actors and other entertainers?

        I guess I’m just an uncouth American and can’t be expected to understand.

    • So what about IG. Personally I dont think IG is important compared to advertisers and PDs dropping him? That’s the thing i dont understand why so many fans want to compare about IG followers. It is just a indicator (only for popularity). I follow his IG too but as a lazy person I just leave it there too. Is not important to me at all.

  8. Shouldn’t have lied about paying huge penalty just to get rid of baby. Materialized on himself this problem via bad karma. If story about her possible being in sterile risk is true, this is not an act of simple mistake for me.

  9. I am positive it isn’t just him. There are many actors who are secretly dating or had flings. Those women involved were paid for their silence and moved on. Just imagine the amount of money involved.

    I think celebrities who are in the rise would now think twice about getting involved in a relationship or anything that involves sex if they aren’t ready to settle down.

    And those who remained popular over the years should now be worrying that the skeletons in their closets might be found out.

    I wonder how many male stars will remain scot free of scandals this year.

    This is the end for KSH, reminds me of Kim Jung Hyun’s case with his gf.

  10. I really don’t think using a child as leverage is the right way to get married. Women need to wake up(female myself) and realise that you won’t be discussing marriage after dating 6 months….
    It also seems it was a relationship of mutual consent, even up to the abortion. It was discussed and he truly stated he was not ready. You may think of it as murder, but true murder is when a child is born and not wanted/resented by their own parents. Isn’t it worse if he made her have the child and then left her? How about if this was reversed? If she had insisted on keeping the child against his will? Where’s his say? I’m confused.
    If she had a medical condition as such, then perhaps calculating your fertility cycle is not practicing safe sex -_- . Both are in the wrong here but I feel like personal matters like this should not be disclosed to the public. Think about the mental health of all involved. Sigh. So what she gets an apology or marriage now? Will they ever be truly happy? Would she be happy if he decides to end his life? Would she then feel “wow. I’ve won” ?

    • Yes, true, its a pity people did not how unfirtunate it is for him, it was consentual. Both agreed to make love , but he is not ready for d baby. It is his right. The girl can have d bsby if she wanted it. But as it is she is also cunning n conivving

  11. I saw in soompi forum thread that the ex is 37 and a divorcee. She is rumored to be a former weather forecaster and is now a YouTube influencer. And that the reason for her anger is that KSH is dating a twenty year something.

    Ms. Koala can you verify if this true?

    Because honestly if she is 37 and a divorcee then it makes the whole scenario a lot different from how it was presented. I thought the gf was young, naive and a non celebrity.

    • Her age makes her story more credible, esp the part abt possible sterility. Just makes him seem even worse. But, predictably, knetz are already jumping on the woman and some of his fans are trying to run their own smear campaign on the victim

      • 100% agreed that this story seems even more plausible and sad if the age is correct. How is he somehow less guilty because she’s older. Wtf are people smoking these days?! The logic is an insult of the word itself ??‍♀️

      • The fact that she’s 37 makes her story more laughable! She’s 37, an influencer… but cannot stand up for what she wanted??? She had a choice to not abort… but she stupidly agreed to abort! So what if KSH cannot love the baby? She’s 37, she has a good job… just raise her baby her own. There’s no need to beg a terrible person like KSH to be in their life!
        And now… she even said she didn’t mean to ruin KSH’s career? Yeah right! She gave women a very bad name!

    • how does it make the scenario a lot different lmao???? so women stop being gaslit, abused, and mistreated once we hit 20??? i’m seeing the weirdest justifications and “oppa didn’t mean it” over this case, it makes me laugh that actor fans consider themselves above kpop fangirls when yall the same brand of deluded and weird. a jerk is a jerk, you can stan jerk men if that’s your thing, this is a free world, but don’t try making him into some innocent angel trapped by a resentful woman.

      • @magnolias, what she/he means is she is no angel and Innocent woman in this case. they have sex with consent FFS… She want it too, they get pregnant because of lust (They worship their own lust). After that, get the consequences… She get pregnant. The woman make an abortion, which means she kill her own child (and abortion is a sin). Either she get manipulated by him is non of our concern. She doesn’t has guarantee he will married her, considering his profesion, if she want to think. she make decision based on her own free will. Both are wrong. Now both has to take the consequences. She is possibility no longer can carried a child, and he has a career downfall.

      • your whole comment is a mess starting from the first sentence. so what if they had consensual sex? i mean that’s the bare minimum???!!! she’s not angel doesn’t justify being abused wth women don’t need to be spotless innocent creatures of god to be abused. that’s on MEN, they take advantage and they know the woman won’t be taken seriously if she complains. this is abuse 101. not even gonna start on your commentary about abortion. i think people saying “ksh is a good guy oppa fighting” to defend him are more reasonable than whatever i just read. have a nice day.

      • @missjb So because she had consensual sex with someone she is in a relationship with, she is the devil. On the flip side, someone who doesn’t have pre-marital sex is an angel? Even if that person may have a shitty personality? Wow this is the most backward thinking I’ve seen on this site. There is no black or white.

  12. Some of the justifications are ridiculous. No one cares that he had sex or had relationships, its the fact that he had unprotected sex and at 36 yrs old didn’t realize pregnancy is a consequence of that? He’s not a kid. He should have known better. Sounds like the girl was ok with the pregnancy and baby but he probably made her so fearful of losing him that she felt she had no choice but to abort. He promised to marry her and likely have a legitimate child afterwards. Instead he dumped her and didn’t even apologize. KSH’s statement admitted he didn’t have a ‘chance’ to apologize yet. Wtf?

    Her age and marital status doesn’t matter. She was 36 and knew she had reproductive issues so he likely screwed her over for the chance of future children. This is part of why she is mad. Sure could she have ignored his wishes and kept the baby? Maybe but its easier said than done. Doesn’t sound like he would have done right by her and that child.

    • She clearly didn’t carr about not having a baby as long as he was ready to marry her… That speaks volume…
      Now she has made a statement saying there was a misunderstanding and she didn’t mean to ruin his career… How innocent can a 37 yr old woman working in a broadcasting industry be?

      • Her statement doesn’t change anything. People found out her identity and are now harassing her. She has seen that KSH has lost his endorsement and future projects and perhaps feels bad. He apologized to her so maybe he buttered her up a bit. She can feel bad about what transpired and it doesn’t negate what took place. KSH admitted what he did. The facts don’t change much.

      • This part I agree.

        To her, him taking precedence over the baby.

        And I still couldn’t fathom the logic of how she could bought his promise of a marriage once she went ahead with the abortion. Normally, the baby is the one holding a couple together, albeit a forced one. Once the baby no more, on what ground would he wants to stay with her?

        KSH is obviously a player. I read on soompi that in his past interviews, he said his ideal is a simple traditional ordinary lady, not glamourous type. If it happened to be true that the ex-gf is an influencer, then I can say he really knew how to curate his image of “good boy” that somehow came back biting at him.

      • He manipulated and gaslighted her to doing the abortion (lied about 900m won penalty, lied about promise of marriage, stuff about his parents). Honestly did you guys even read her post in full??

      • @wintergardencouple her statement did change… firstly she said she was young and naive… she is 37… neither young nor naive… she worked in the entertainment industry way more than he did… so she clearly knows how Korean entertainment industry works and now she is saying that she didn’t know her post would have such big consequences and would put him in such a position… she said she once loved him and don’t want to see him loose everything… now who is the real manipulator here?
        now that all her information and identity is out in the open and she is getting the heat she wants it to end by saying all this is just a misunderstanding b/w these two? like seriously misunderstanding… she just ruined his entire career and its just a misunderstanding…
        she clearly used the abortion and her weak health as a weapon to ruin ksh… if it was hard for her to conceive what will change even if ksh married her after the abortion? she will still have it hard.. so everything downs up into him not marrying her and not about telling her to abort the child… she is manipulating the public by using her abortion…

      • ….it’s not the abortion, it’s the lies (about penalty fees), gaslighting and his behaviour afterwards that amounts to emotional abuse.

        Also he’s in his mid 30s. That’s the age at which people in k-ent start announcing relationships, marriage etc. There was nothing stopping him from at least acknowledging his gf in public other than his own greed to keep up the image of a ‘young and rising single actor’. (K-ent fans’ attitude to celebs dating is a little overly conservative but even they tend to be accepting of 30s+ celebs getting married, dating etc – he was totally exaggerating to scare his gf into keeping quiet about them).

      • @rjpv
        Go read her full statement before spewing this bs. She did ask him what if they break up in the future and he ends up getting married and have kids of his own meanwhile she wouldn’t be able to conceive. But he gaslighted her saying that it doesn’t matter , she is his family and they shouldn’t think abt all those things ?

      • @val and why is her post the Bible? She clearly said there has been misunderstandings in her next post and that she exaggerated stuff as she was angry… So whatever she wrote wasn’t 100% true either…

  13. As a foreigner, this situation is hard to process. I can totally see how a couple would grow apart after experiencing and deciding to end a pregnancy. Being in that position should force you to consider whether your partner is really someone you can be with forever. And that’s under the best circumstances. Apologies and explanations are nice-to-haves and appreciated during breakups however you aren’t entitled to either.This all seems like a steep price to pay for a breakup that went south. I recognize I may feel this way because I’m unfamiliar with Korean dating culture.

    • Agree with you here. I’m not from SK as well and although I would agree that KSH should have been a better human being/man, I don’t think it’s fair for him to lose his livelihood over a relationship that turned sour. She could have just sued for emotional damages if she wanted, I think she’s entitled to some compensation but to air it all out publicly when it was a mutual decision to abort the child, it also low. In the end, she chose him over the child, and he chose his career over the child, so they’re both at fault.

    • The previous posts have been illogical and insane.

      I am familiar with how false marketing happens in the entertainment industry and am an Asian living in a Western country.

      I have read both translated articles and also in Korean of her posts and other articles relating to this couple.

      Whatever happened did. Her post did made him sound like a douchebag. But at the end of the day it was 2 adults who had a relationship and it ended badly. A mental health professional can see how his behaviour has a consistent pattern. And so, as a female; and someone who has seen consequences of the legal protection or lack of for single mothers in South Korea- I feel sorry for her. Being a single mother in any country is tough but I find it impossibly hard reading or seeing how hard single mothers have it socially and financially in SK.

      Having said that with that sort of messed up relationship they had why would she have to marry him? This is from viewer comments that she should be able to marry him because she was pregnant with his child too. Vs what she wanted. People get together because they want to be together. Not be blackmailed to it. Makes me wince reading it.

      I have seen plenty of douchebags males amongst my own colleagues and acquaintances here to know he’s not done the worst things like some can. His personality and history itself- if what she says is true- makes it sound as if he has personal issues himself.

      But his job is his job. All these consequences because he refused to have a baby and there was an abortion is so common in the country I live in. If the couple or female chooses to have a child she raises them alone. I do understand how it is difficult in SK. But a break up is a break up. Ruining the other party that much publicly is almost the equivalent here of how women or men expose their ex on social media here. If she wanted to use anonymity then she should have just used real names, screenshots and dealt with the consequences. He had to. So should she.

      Both parties are just * descriptions defies me.* What a mess. But here when people break up at least they have a job to continue on until they move on. She just ruined his career. Like is her whole life just him? She had no family or job to consider about? Just because she didn’t expose her real identity and she outed him?

      I am trying so hard to defend her as a hurt women who aborted her baby. But it is making me cringe so much as a female reading some comments making it sound as she is dependent on him to marry her. Like for real? Marriages don’t last these days. And expecting a guy to marry you just because you’re pregnant is just nuts. It doesn’t happen in real life as often as you think. You have to stand up for yourself. If you wanted a baby then raise him/her yourself if your guy can’t be dependant on especially if you know your gynae condition preludes further babies once you have an abortion; and you really wanted your child.

      And the rhythm method of contraception was known to be 100% unsafe decades ago for God’s sake. It’s your body. You don’t depend on a guy to know when you’re fertile or not. If you have regular sex and have no protection then yes it will not be 100% safe. Geez Louise. The whole slew or articles on this couple is so terible to read. Their age makes them be able to have legal consensual sex but their mental age and how to handle a relationship ending is so messy. It’s not rare enough to say it doesn’t happen but now all of SK and any fan who watches Korean entertainment has to know all about it. Ergh. And sad thing about it all; the majority of comments on this site the last few days just let me realize how disturbing some of their thoughts processes are. And made me realize that you know what? Some of the douchebags in real life I encounter at work and in my personal life are less disturbing mentally than some of the viewers who posted here are.

  14. Why remove him from this all k drama. I don’t understand this is his personal life and we enjoyed see him acting in the drama and he’s good. I hope he won’t get this down but all this news stand up for himself for his career and we are looking forward to see you back in K drama king I’m sure you can make it we are all standby you support you all the way. Don’t have to be sorry what you have done to your ex girlfriend because everything happen for a reason. This is your personal life and we don’t have to know we only wish you can bring out good I think of you as an actor and give us good drama show that we can enjoy . We hope to see you again soon fighting.
    Are your friend from Singapore

    • Would you say the same thing about Kris Wu? Personal is personal? These public figures are supposed to be role models and KSH portrayed himself as one when he’s the complete opposite. It’s like falling for a scam.

      • I wouldn’t put Wu Yifan and Kim Seonho in the same boat though. The former is a sex offender and women should be warned about his antics. Exposing him is for public safety. I don’t think the latter’s expose is for the same reason.

    • Reading the full translations of A’s post opens my eyes to the world of secret K-actor’s dating relationship. He sounds like a manipulative narcissit the way she described him, if all are true. No fellow actors would want to work with ungrateful foul mouth actor like KSH.

    • Reminds me of the whole John Mulaney fiasco. Para social to the max. When his skits were all about his wife, & then he leaves her and gets another woman pregnant fast. KSH also has a new younger gf too. This guys image was a lie. Playboy to the max. LEE Byung Hyun must be so happy that his abortion story happened in the past. Your favs aren’t safe, many have secret marriages and babies. It’ll come out eventually…

      • The John Mulaney saga was EXACTLY what I was thinking of when I dropped the parasocial word.

  15. Surprisingly, his ex girlfriend apologized for causing his downfall and said there was some misunderstanding between them. Wow,??

    • This lady is really something, working in media industry, she definitely knows her game. He is bad but she is such a master manipulator.

      • Naive? Lolzz:) are you talking about yourself? That’s why I said she is a big master manipulator, using the media as her sword to bring him down but later writing a letter saying “ I didn’t know that would cause such damage”
        Lolz she gets what she wants.. or are you that naive to not know she is so innocent and doesn’t actually know the domino effects and her strategy?

    • @TA you are a shk stan aren’t you? After all she had to go through during that divorce u are still sucking up for a dick. S.k is a misogynistic society ur oppa and his career will be fine . But what abt her feelings??
      Also she didn’t apologise to HIM, but rather to the people she caused inconvenience. Stop twisting her words. I would say she is a nice woman who chose to wait for his drama to finish and now probably feels bad seeing his downfall. Mind u she didn’t even name him. It was all anonymous. If kim seon ho wished, he could have issued a denial. But instead he got scared once his name was brought up.

  16. As an actor, KSH’s only responsibility is to deliver and give justice to his role. His messed up personal life is a different matter. We don’t know the real story. I understand if he losses his CFs but why pull him out from his future projects? I hope he can come back and is given a chance to act again. As an actor, what’s so good if you are “pure” if you can’t even act?

    • I don’t know how long you followed k-ent but if you have, you should be well aware that a lot of it involves marketing a celeb’s personality and looks (often to the point where actual talent comes second – this is most explicit in the idol industry but is commonly seen for younger actors too). Whether it’s through variety shows or endorsements. Personality revealed to be bad —-> loss of fans. And I don’t blame them!

      • Been watching k dramas since 2009. Never cared about actors/actresses beyond their acting ability. I’m just interested in watching good and interesting dramas. Don’t even know some of the names of the actors/actresses in the dramas I’ve watched. I just recognize them because of their past or current works. Never liked the “idol” culture. Those actors/actresses are people too. They make mistakes some worse than the others just like ordinary people. Anyway, I just felt bad bacause KSH can legit act. Such a waste of talent.

      • @mai – I’m not talking about how it is for you personally, but what the domestic celebrity/fan culture is like.

        When ‘personality’ is part of the product, that personality being revealed to be flawed is a much bigger liability than it would be if the industry really operated only on the basis of ‘can they act or not’.

      • @Royal We – that is a great point about personality being part of the product. That reminds me of one of my favorite comedians, John Mulaney, recently getting into a scandal. He went to rehab for a drug addiction that reared its ugly head again, divorced, started dating a new gf who is not well-liked, got her pregnant, and is now saying how this baby is saving him. All with somewhat suspicious timing. He’s been upfront about his drug addiction in his routines, but otherwise, his public persona is really on the innocent, relatable, classy guy side. He still is, but maybe just less perfect than we thought he was. His comedy is a lot of personal anecdotes, including some wonderful bits about how he gets along his wife and how he’s like the beta male with this smart, take-charge wife. Fans were really invested in their relationship. When the divorce news came, so many people, including myself (yes, I’m ridiculous) were crushed that we actually don’t know much about the man or his marriage.

        Still love his comedy. Just sad I’ll have to FF the marriage bits.

  17. I’m not a KSH fan. I just “discovered” him in HCCC and liked his acting and chemistry with Shin Mina. I enjoyed that drama and is one of my favorites.

  18. It’s so sad…He was such a talented actor. I agree that he was wrong but I don’t think he deserves all the cancellations also…

    It’s so scary how a stupid and selfish mistake in the past could destroy your career and ruin your life in just a blink of an eye. All his efforts and hard work had vanished just base on what she said without any clear verification. He was wrong, there’s no doubt about it but in this case all we have was one side story. It was good that he didn’t try to defend himself but that also made people think all the things she said were true and I think it was very unfair to him. I don’t believe in “he didn’t refuse it so it must be true” or “he apologizes because he couldn’t reach a settlement with her” kind of stuff. I’m sure they had happy time together before and after the incident otherwise she wouldn’t want to marry him or wouldn’t stick with him until he decided to break up with her a few months ago. Her statement and comments from netizents made it feel like he was an evil and it was all his fault.

    I understand her action but I hope she didn’t let the anger and frustration got the better of her that caused her to release the statement. I’m wondering how she’s feeling now. Happy? Satisfied? knowing that she has not just destroyed his live but probably his family’s life,too. I feel really bad for his parent.

    I sincerely hope he can find his way to come back after a while because I really like him as an actor.

  19. How come a grown,woman in her 30’s can’t just say no to him,she’s an educated ex anchor for God’s sake.
    Deuchbag Kim seon ho,hopefully he reflect and repent,good riddance.

  20. It amazes me how countries dump on their stars so easily. No one has an unblemished past. No one. And please, don’t call yourself a fan when you flounder in supporting the star. It’s really sad how accusations come to light once someone hits the limelight. But should be expected of one who wants fast money. “He without sin should cast the first stone.”

    • You nailed it. Let him apologize and once the apology is accepted let the agency set him up for another drama. It is so sad to note that a baby’s is lost in the scenario but he can ask For forgiveness by asking God to forgive. He is a good actor and he should be given another chance.

  21. I’m just looking at it from a different point of view here… yea what KSH did is pretty shitty but there really is 2 sides to every story. KSH can’t even rebuttal anything because it’ll just make him look like more of an ahole. All he can do is apologize even if some of it isn’t entirely true and stfu (we can’t just blindly believe what she saying is 100% factual without exaggeration).

    Knetizens are so easily hurt by everything as if KSH personally attacked them. He made some mistakes and is he a crappy person? yea for sure, but she didn’t have to ruin his entire life as revenge. That itself speaks volumes about her personality. she’s 37,she isn’t a child and every woman knows with age comes less fertility. That being said if she wanted that child she would have done everything possible to keep it and no man could force her otherwise (unless he was physically violent). Maybe he insisted on the abortion but she definitely agreed to it.

    Hollywood actors do way worse stuff and nobody gets this easily upset. knetizens need to chill out.

  22. so shallow. everyone makes mistakes but everyone else is quick to distance the person in the limelight for the wrong reasons. this seems to be happening frequently this year i wonder why.

    seriously premarital sex is so common in korea isn’t it? why non celeb is fine but celeb is not fine? do they need to be perfect and without sin? come on who can be sinless??????

    poor guy finally starting to have his dream come true but 1 heartbroken letter is all it takes. what happens in their relationship should stay within their relationship. what’s the motive for publicizing? just to make herself feel better or for revenge?
    consent is from both parties. hard decisions were made also stemmed from both parties. she feels that she had been the only one suffering that’s why she did this. for the wrong purpose this is just wrong. she must have forgotten the good stuff that were present in their past relationship. not objective at all.

    • I agreed with hope on 10-20-21 at 1:05PM, love life is between 2 adults and the girl should be shameful for her decision if she went ahead and did go thru abortion… when a man said no, that meant he’s Not In To You, getting pregnant before married was already wrong, publish the private issue between 2 grown up is 2nd wrong, destroyed another person career is 3rd wrong, being clingy when other doesn’t want you is 4th wrong… shameful girl

  23. All these stupid ass comments. Everybody makes mistakes, some just don’t get publicized. That’s something that has happened, old news, that’s why she’s an ex. All I can say is, LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE.
    I’ll always love you KSH. A wonder lasts for nine days. You’ll be ok.

  24. Wow. I went to sleep thinking this scandal is all over and woke up to more info published. So my initial bet is correct. Someone in the media/entertainment industry. Mid 30s, a former divorcee married for 17 days in total if that info is true. That changes the narrative quite a bit. Soompi published her apology letter for hurting many people with her post so the backlash might have gotten quite a bit to her. If she’s been married before and had a lover allegedly whilst married, she would not be so gullible to be gaslighted by KSH promising marriage after aborting baby. Her background info as claimed by fans did seem to paint her as a calculative, vindictive and manipulative person no less. So this is a tale of hell hath no fury for a woman scorned. In light of new revelations, I would say KSH will be able to bounce back next year after around 5-6 months of lying low.

    • Jeng jeng jeng. Part 2 of KSH saga just started. Somewhere in Korea rn, makjang ajumma scriptwriters are furiously rewriting their scripts to keep up with new bombshells coming left right and center. So Ms A morphed into Alexis ala Dynasty taking revenge on Blake Kim Seon Ho when he has a younger 20 something Krystal new gf. Ruined him but her identity outed by vengeful fans, couldn’t take the heat and folded like a cheap tent therefore issuing apology & threaten to sue against death threats & personal attacks. Not very well thought out revenge plan. Lesson learnt-if one doesn’t have the mojo to go all the way then don’t go post that blind item in first place. Sigh. This sh*t is more twisted than reel life.

      • *sigh*

        Homegirl needs to *lean in*. It was inevitable that she was going to get death threats and be doxxed, but once you go public, you gotta lean in and commit, not half ass it and fold easily.

        Now all she accomplished is cast doubt on herself and get attacked by everyone instead of just one faction.

      • fawkes, there’s another case called celeb L. Not sure who this dude is. Maybe not an actor.

      • every stan in twitter rn is pooping in their pants hoping their oppa is not the next one outed.

      • @cheeky, at the rate at which the gossip mill is minting scandals imma need to take PTO and perch in front of my screen with ?.

      • I’m waiting for Koala to pick up on this new one. My head is spinning before soju is even out.

    • Seems like A’s plan backfired spectacularly. Now they are both hurting in terms of career and mental health. Such a stupid thing to do in the first place creating dramas. The real victim is the innocent baby. RIP angel.

    • This is just so sad to read. It reminds me of the messy divorce of Koo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun. Please I hope both KSH and Ms A get mental help. Ugly details spinning out of control.

    • She can be calculative, vindictive, and manipulative, and he can also be manipulative, abusive, and greedy. These two truths can co-exist. I push back on the notion that a female accuser needs to be lily-white in order for her allegations to be taken seriously.

      Reminds me of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorce, and how they were both problematic in that relationship.

      • Both seem like toxic people. Best they stay apart. However in SK ent. industry leaders tend to support male actors in scandals. Sadly, it’ll be harder for her to bounce back than him. I just have a gut feeling KSH will come back albeit slowly and quietly. I read somewhere that the lady in question has a chaebol background and ability to hire attorneys to sue so I guess she can move on to other things.

      • If he does comes back, his followers are going to treat him like Jesus arisen from the grave ?.

      • @Ophelia, my reply went missing. Another case surfaced called celeb L abandoned a netizen after she got pregnant. Source from Pann via dailynaver blogspot.

      • Oh oh. I read the post. It seems a new trend has started to expose all the tr*sh b*st*rds in the entertainment industry. The celeb L married last year. Accuser said his wife tried to pay her off didn’t get her hub to say sorry. Very specific clues, he left for studies in France, cousin in K broadcasting and bro-in-law a singer in Japan.

  25. Kim Seon ho is one of my favorite Korean actors. I’m sad about the abortion but it takes two to make a baby and she should have been woman enough to have said “No”
    It sounds like she just wants to ruin his name, shame on her. I hope they give him another chance to be an actor. Cause I have no doubt their is alot of other actors that have done this and it was hidden, which I don’t want to know everybody’s dirt. I’m not the Judge God is. Kim Seon ho I hope they let you come back.

  26. He’s not the first one to be worshipped like a cult. Btw, another netizen has come forward to claim K-celeb named L abandoned her after finding out she got pregnant and fled overseas. Apparently she used the wrong birth control. Source from Pann via dailynaver blogspot. She referred to him as trash bastards.

  27. Kim Seon ho is one of my favorite Korean actors. I’m sad about the abortion but it takes two to make a baby and she should have been woman enough to have said “No”
    It sounds like she just wants to ruin his name, shame on her. I hope they give him another chance to be an actor. Cause I have no doubt their is alot of other actors that have done this and it was hidden, which I don’t want to know everybody’s dirt. I’m not the Judge God is. Kim Seon ho I hope they let you come back.

  28. OMG SO KSH is human and made a mistake. So ruin his career and life. Thank God i am a nobody so my life is not an open book. Judge not others lest u be judged.

  29. Ohhhh gosh, was so looking forward to watch his dramas. Hopefully Agencies would continue to support him and give him a chance. Both parties make their decisions as an adult, seriously, it’s not fair to blame on one person. Awwhhhh… KSH pls stay strong and come back again

  30. I’m not going to comment about KSH but I want to comment about the ex. Why do Asian woman made themselves to be so pathetic, is their whole being been a married woman/wife/mother and nothing else? They can’t be single/ single mother and having their own career? They put all their future into the hand of the husband, do they not realize that divorce and death still happen?
    I guess I read enough news about woman not being able to handle their own affair after a husband death or divorce that made we cringe when I read the post about the ex.

    • SK is an extremely patriarchal society. Class & status conscious to the hilt. Single mothers & their kids face discrimination in almost every aspect of their lives including being disowned by their immediate families. It’s no surprise a lot of babies born out of wedlock are abandoned in orphanages to be adopted out to US. Hollywood celebs like Mia Farrow and Katherine Heigl’s mum adopted Korean kids. Single mums in SK are excluded from career opportunities, connections, networking, social groups, etc. Korean international adoptees returning home to SK are also discriminated. Now you know why their suicide rate is high? There is a documentary made by a US Korean adoptee who went back to Korea to search for her birth mum only to be rejected by her.

  31. Off course our life is associate with GOD. You are who condemn sex outside marriage all misguided people trying to justify a person who already misguided and get the consequences. Trying to blame the man alone despite they do it (including the woman) with consent in the first place. try to play victim when the consequences take place.

    I won’t make you to change your mind. But Anyone who break GOD laws and ignore GOD will end up in misery and get the consequences… Don’t protest and blame others,.

    • What a stupid reason to try and defend this guy, WOW. What century are you living in? Where you are defending a man who wants an abortion and is blaming the girl for having sex outside of marriage?? So you’re God prefers abortions but condemns sex outside of marriage…got it.

  32. Yup. Koreans have a warped mentality. Most regard orphans as lepers although the last decade things are changing but very slowly. Children without parents are considered as the lowest class in society. Regarded as uncouth, uncivilised and bad luck. Didn’t KSH’s Dusik role make that clear? Hye Jin’s father despised him at first for being an orphan, both his parents died then his grandfather died too. That should give you a clue how Korean society view single mums and out of wedlock kids. I-fans have no idea. Blah blah blah about pathetic Korean women.

  33. Sigh. This is so messed up and shouldn’t be how things like this should be handled. Imo, both showed very bad judgment. I wouldn’t resort to name-calling since I do not know them personally, and a tiny glimpse of their life doesn’t define them as a whole. If her allegations are true, what he did were certainly terrible and he definitely owes her an apology, at the very least. However, airing your dirty laundry in public is still such a stupid decision to make. What did exposing him like that achieve for her? She got her revenge? It just created more resentment than what was necessary. He lost his livelihood. Does she think he wouldn’t resent her for that? She was a victim before her expose. Now people are looking at her like an equal perpetrator. She unnecessarily exposed herself to public humiliation and hate. Did she really not think people hating on her is not a possibility with her public expose? Now people are also trying to expose her identity and find dirt on her. Sigh. Was he really worth it? Was revenge worth it? She couldn’t be happy with how things are spiralling out of countrol right? Things like this should always be handled in private. Now it has turned into a big public mess. She must feel like Pandora releasing all the evils from that box. Unfortunately, once it’s opened, she can’t bring them back in. I feel sorry for both of them, but they can’t do anything now except to cling to hope and weather the storm. Sigh. I hope the best for both of them still. I hope they learn from this. Sigh.

  34. I am not expecting Koreans are this pathetic after a break-up. He did not abuse or sexually assaulted her. They were in a romantic relationship. No one liked their exes and it is rude to discuss in public a conversation you had in a relationship with. We all talk trash with people closed to us but after that we are ok and realized sometimes letting it out is enough for us to move on. If that person we trusted turn a conversation against us, then he/she cannot be trsuted with anything. That makes others a better partner and a wife or husband material. KSH deserves better, the opinion of an ex partner is never a reliable opinion because they are all biased. The moral of Korean drama looks like fake in the real Korea. Hypocrites.

  35. Bitch of ex girlfriend.. . Psycho
    She will receive her karma
    Why did she wait till now.. Divorced & wat not. Seon ho must be so scared now with no backup and ppl turning their backs he can only apologize.
    Korean culture is so harsh… He did make a mistake to get on with that #bitch

  36. some of these comments are painful to read. They are so harsh. Is Korea society really that ill? No wonder the suicide rate is out of control.

  37. What the heck? I don’t care about his or any other actors’ private life. I mean his acting is awesome. Now there are no upcoming projects. wow . I have to say they all are losing a great actor.
    Please be a little more logical.
    Why should we care whatever they do with their lives. We are just watching a drama or movie.

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