Kim Sun Ho Issues Formal Apology Statement, Admits Relationship with Ex-girlfriend and Apologizes for Hurting Her, Will Leave 1D2N and All Filmed Scenes to be Cut

The hardest thing is to take responsibility especially if there are dire consequences, but then to hope to recover one day then it must be the first step. K-actor Kim Sun Ho just released an official statement this morning, nearly 48 hours after the scandal broke by an anonymous woman A who claimed her ex-boyfriend a recently made top star Actor K, convinced her to have an abortion with promises of marriage and then summarily dumped her four months later. Kim Sun Ho was outed via the entertainment grapevine as said Actor K and over 10 brands have dropped him via deletion of him from their official Instagram accounts, though his agency took nearly a day to issue a weak statement that it was still investigating the facts of the relationship. Now Kim Sun Ho has personally issued a statement, not sure if it was drafted with his agency but it’s posted on his own SNS. He starts off with an apology for taking so long to respond, when the news first broke he was terrified and could only release his written statement now. He did date this person, and in the process his thoughtlessness and negligence (lack of consideration) hurt her. He wants to meet personally and apologize to her but right now it’s not possible so he wants to convey his sincere apologies via this statement for now and wait for the time to apologize in person. He also wants to apologize to everyone who believed in him, supported him, and trusted him and is now disappointed. Because of all those supportive people he was able to appear as Actor Kim Sun Ho, but he had forgotten that.

Due to his lacking, he brought inconvenience and harm to those who worked with him on projects and he apologizes sincerely to those people. He knows this meandering statement won’t be enough to reach people’s hearts but he still wants to convey his sincerity. Truly, he is sorry. Salt Entertainment then released a short statement apologizing for the problems caused by Actor Kim Sun Ho, this matter has disappointed a lot of people and brought harm to a lot of people, Salt wants to apologize. Well there you have it. I think the biggest problem with the reveal of Kim Sun Ho’s bad boyfriend behavior in the past is that he has 100% sold the image of being a “Good Boy”, done through his agency and his large fanbase. And that disconnect is probably the main reason for him likely being done as a top actor in South Korea to the degree he was/was becoming. If he had a bad boy image, perhaps a Rapper type or serial date in K-ent, then it wouldn’t be as bad since brands and fans already don’t have such high expectations of him. With this first step, I don’t think his career is 100% over but let’s wait and see. K-netizens said one thing that’s really the core of star image – there are many types of misconduct (tax evasion, drunk driving, fighting, bullying, etc.), but the one thing Koreans will not accept is mistreating women and children. And this case involves gaslighting a girlfriend leading to the decision to terminate a pregnancy and she now says she never wanted to do but relented because of his convincing. Sigh.

It’s also confirmed by the network that Kim Sun Ho will leave 1D2N the popular variety show where he was a permanent member and played a big role in his success.


Kim Sun Ho Issues Formal Apology Statement, Admits Relationship with Ex-girlfriend and Apologizes for Hurting Her, Will Leave 1D2N and All Filmed Scenes to be Cut — 161 Comments

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  2. The ex-gf must’ve had mountains of iron-clad evidence for him to admit to everything. He and his agency probably saw no room to spin themselves out of this.

    Maintaining popularity by selling a pure, lily-white image is probably the most dangerous way to go about being a celebrity. Just be messy from the get-go and level-set expectations with the public.

    I wonder where he goes from here. Do we have any PR experts around?

    • This is so true. It is really easier to dirty the color white, than a baseline darker color. And in his case, the lily-white image was initiated by him and his team through variety shows and that is the stickiest as there is a perception of similarity to his real persona.

      I just read the complete entry of the ex-gf, and he’s just trash in how he treated her. And it seems that’s how he is, I guess growing up being coddled coz he is handsome, they really don’t have a concept beyond themselves.

      • Also damning were his comments about his Start Up cast members and other industry colleagues as not good-looking enough. He was no Romeo in high school.

        I hate how this colors my opinion of Hometown Cha Cha Cha, which I truly loved.

      • The problem I have with this whole thing is that we don’t know his side and being in his position his pr won’t let him say anything, he has to take the fault of any of it is true in any way. We also don’t know the context from when he said things. I know many cases where the accusing party was also not innocent in their behavior. I have seen people become a certain way towards another in a relationship based on the treatment they received. No one is perfect. Also, he is not solely responsible for them having an abortion. I never would have no matter the situation and if I chose that it would be on me as I would have been the final decision maker. In addition, most relationships don’t last after abortion no matter their original intent. I believe their personal life should remain private and this is simply her immature attack well after the fact because she feels jaded. Either way ay it is not the public’s business and in my opinion makes her look no better. Him being a jerk to her is sad but there are always two sides to a story and everyone is responsible for their choices, her included. Hopefully she will be wiser in the future.

    • I completely agree with you. The K entertainment industry is big on these perfect boy/girl next doors type of celebrities who can do no wrong and then when they mess up it’s like no mercy is given. It’s actually quite sad and scary.

    • TVN, Studio Dragon & Netflix will save his backside, seriously. Most of his dramas are shown on Netflix – 100 Days My Prince, Start-Up, HCCC, Catch the Ghost, Two Cops. He can still come back but takes time.

  3. for the amount of time they took to release an official statement i thought there would be more to the story or at the very least he’d have a apology a bit more specific to his ex-gf’s accusations but this looks like something they just came up with in 2 hours

    • Not defending him, he is about to lose his new stardom career, I doubt he made the written apology in 2 hours. I understand why it takes this much time for his agency and him to make statement. Somehow I can see why he wanted abortion and so anxious about his relationship, I bet he didn’t even predict he could be this famous this fast. But anyway, he should have own up to it. I think he is getting married will not affect his career as bad as what he has been doing. The way he handles his personal life is just foolish, he doesnt deserve his new found fame & career if he acted like this. Fortunate for his ex girlfriend found out his truly personality. Imagine have to stuck for a life time with his terrible personality. Yuck.

  4. I just hope my fave actors don’t have hidden terrible secrets. Altough I know it’s hard to be a star. You have to be always smiling and perfect.
    I’m not a KSH fans or hater, so I just watch this scandal from the side. But I can’t imagine if my beloved actor turns out to be an a**hole.

  5. I’m the last one who’d claim to have bought his BS “good boy” persona, but this apology was good. He didn’t try to weasel out of it. It was straightforward, to the point and admits to his mistakes openly. At least he didn’t pull a SYJ.

    He might be able to recover, but he’ll never be the big star he might’ve been without this scandal. There have been worse things done tho, so he should still be fine coming back later on I’m predicting.

  6. Like what I said, they were stalling for time but the lady wasn’t open to settlement. She didn’t even want to meet. I think he can still make a comeback, but he’s probably going to be stuck in cheap productions and weekend dramas.

  7. Such a self-serving and generic apology, only issued because attempts to shush/pay off the ex probably failed hence the delay and he’s trying to salvage what’s left of his career. His fans are just hopeless at this point. First, they refused to believe it was true, swore their oppa was a pure virgin and dissed the girl with every insult under the sun. Now that their boy has admitted it, they’re going all “everyone makes mistakes, we forgive you and will support you all the way.” They really go hand in hand. Like trash fave, like trash fan.

    • I’ve seen the worst! Can you imagine park yoochun still has pay fan meeting?!
      I can’t understand this urge of a fan. KSH’s fan really gonna beat pyc’s fan at this rate.

      • They’re not even thinking at all about the ex-gf and what she’s been through/going through. And they aren’t apologizing for the vitriol they spewed at her in blind defense of him. Some of his fans are still in denial, they say he only apologized to close the case, not because he’s guilty. Hopeless.

    • Even worse, some of his fans are now spinning this as “it’s still not true, he didn’t do anything, he’s only apologizing to end it” …saying that some celebs just apologize even if they didn’t do anything wrong and the “truth” will come out someday.

      The mental gymnastics some fans do… smh.

      • I disagree. Many of his fans, including the bigger accounts, have disavowed him and are no longer wanting to be connected to him. Many are still grieving and obvs very traumatised from this, and as I am on stan twt myself I can only feel for them. They feel betrayed and disillusioned.

        Ofc there are always the bad apples in the bunch. But please don’t generalise a whole fandom.

    • If you want to judge, judge with fairness. Talking trash and taking one side will not give you any good since we are not the one in their shoes. So let’s not talking bad about people. Everyone made mistakes and I believe you did too, and that mistakes grow you to be wiser.

  8. Well the writing was on the wall. On one hand I want to give him credit for owning up to it, but maybe the evidence was enough that he had no other choice.

    Some will say this is just a personal matter but we know how conservative SK society is and how image conscious these celebrities are. Moreover he painted himself as such a puppy dog, playing characters that woman fall in love with because he’s the “perfect guy” who would do anything for the woman he loves. But in real life he was coward, manipulated and gaslighted someone he was in a relationship with to do something she wasn’t comfortable with and would threaten changes of future pregnancies. And then he dumped her and didn’t even apologize until being forced to publicly. Sheesh.

  9. Legit questions I have….. Is there ever an acceptable reason for a man to ask for an abortion from the mother carrying the child? The woman, if not ready or for other reasons, can decide for an abortion or not but is there a reason for a man to be able to ask that mother to consider abortion?

    And if a mother decided to keep the child but the father did not want the child, is there a legal way for the father not to be responsible for the child or for supporting the child in way of a child support? Or is the father responsible whether or not they wanted the child before being born?

    Just curious.

    • These qte things the man has to consider before having unprotected sex. After that ideally it should be a mutual decision but the man has no real legal standing.

    • The only legal way is when the child was made from rape or when the mother’s health is gravely affected through the pregnancy, like cancer, or pregnancy related health risks.

      And why would any honest and decent man ever want an abortion of their own child made from love? Unless they didn’t really love the woman and it was just his own lust and satisfying himself? Then what does that make the man?

      A child is born out of 2 consenting adults. Which decent, honest man ever don’t want his own flesh and blood?

      Ur questions sounds like u don’t even have the basic respect for human life or females. What are you? Even if the woman is the one pregnant and giving birth, the man is as much responsible. How can a man ever wash his hands off after pissing, unless he isn’t a decent man with good morals to begin with.

      • Wow… I was just asking questions and all of a sudden I have no basic respect for human life or females… You are too judgmental. Even in college, I can ask a question because I am curious but here, I am attacked for curiosity. Between the two of us, it’s not me lacking a sense of respect.

        FYI, I am a female and pro-choice… Also, no where was I defending KSH or a man, I really am just asking questions.

        Also, I was just asking because even a decent woman has her reasons of why they may want an abortion so I was asking if a man has legal and acceptable reasons.

      • Also, I was just asking if it’s a straight “No, it’s just up to the mother” as the only answer.

        I am also not looking for the man to be absolved of any responsibility. You could have just said, “No, a man must go along with the woman” as your response and that would have been a great respond but now, you are questioning my character for something I just wanted an answer to without the attitude.

        As for your question of what am I? I am someone who has more decency than someone who judges others for their curiosity. Also, my comment was not anything political or in support of men abandoning children or mistreating the women. It was just a question.

      • Whose to say he took it lightly. You’re not him, no one truly knows unless they are in that relationship and situation. I personally don’t believe I ever would have but I’m wise egg bough yo know it isn’t my place to judge either.

    • Your question reminded me of what this famous American standup comedian said, ‘if women have the option to terminate it, men can at least have the option to abandon it’. It’s something along these lines. 0.0

      • @Trina – This is completely off tangent and I know Dave Chappelle is in hot water himself right now, but his “Where Is Ja?” sketch is one of my favorite comedy sketches. Hilarity.

        Come to think of it, I should’ve asked “Where is Ja?” in the last 48 hours when were were all trying to make sense of this mess.

      • I am reminded of that too.
        Dave Chappelle and his comedy mostly gets me cracking up.

        If your are curious about something, always ask, anywhere and anytime. People’s answer whether from an experts side, or random people, or like above type of answer, or even a silence should all to be heard.
        I say this, because as I grow older I realized, Asking questions about things one is curious about and listening to all types of answers will give you broader perspective.
        So compared to staying silent in your head, definitely ask and listen.

        PS. Though also tune out most of Sh*tty other things.

      • @rein, thanks!

        I like to think that asking questions is okay but apparently for some, you can’t. Even if you legitimately are just asking a question.

        Maybe because it’s through the internet that people are so judgmental. I often asked others about their stance on things, like political or their religion (cuz I seem to be around a lot of people from different backgrounds – must be because I’m from Vegas), and they always know that I’m just a curious person and not attacking or defending anyone.

    • I can accept the man asking for an abortion if he had done his job of using a condom in the first place and both parties were willing to have sex but the woman still got pregnant. In such a case, if the man asked for an abortion but the woman didn’t want to yet ended up still aborting the child, then it’s the woman’s own responsibility.

      • I think a lot of miss the point, that she could end up being sterile from this procedure. Even if he wore a condom asking woman to sacrifice her health for his monetary benefit is a very selfish act. Because she would lose everything, while he only gains. More than that, with fully knowing possible compilations it would cause to her health he still used lies to make her “decide” and gaslight her, didn’t accompany her to doctor and never apologized.

      • @hmmm We are discussing about abortions in general. But in any case, even if we were to add sterility to this general issue, it is still the woman’s responsibility. There is mutual consent to have sex, protection (condom etc) was used which indicated both parties didn’t want to have a child yet, but unfortunately still got pregnant. If the man wants an abortion and the woman doesn’t due to the risk of becoming sterile, then she should break up with that man and raise the baby on her own.

      • @Lilith, when woman’s sterility in question you don’t even ask her to make abortion. It’s that simple. Because it’s asking too much. It’s one thing when you simple don’t want a child, it’s another psychologically pressure her, when it comes with health complications. You both enjoyed the process and condom/pills failed you both. I dunno, where that “but all responsibility and consequences only hers” comes from. Abortion is needed and should be a part of women’s right, but it never should be an instrument to get men to ignore their part on making a baby and taking responsibility for their own actions as an adult. Condom, not condom. Sleeping could very much lead to unwanted pregnancy. No one can force you to marry woman, but taking care of a child and owning to the fact, that you can’t ask woman to risk her health for you is another talk.

      • @lilith, that’s why I asked the questions. If a man decides to not wanting the child and the woman keeps that child, what happens? I don’t think a man can legally get out of the responsibility because then a lot of men will be using that excuse to free themselves of the paying the woman and other responsibilities that come with being a parent.

        That’s why I asked my questions.

        I’m always for fairness. Fairness in giving everyone equal opportunity and responsibility. But this is one issue where I don’t ever see anything being fair for anyone. Which at this point, I think fairness should not be the focused but really about the lives of the mother, father, and the baby.

        If anyone gets confused about my questions and train of thought, everyone else I know get confused too. Might be my overthinking and just my mind always wandering too much. Also why I don’t get political, because to me, there’s not always a “right answer”… but there might be an “right answer” for the “right person”… Also why my friends and family say I am always looking for a utopia where everyone is happy and there are no struggles… Unfortunately, such a reality is non-existent.

      • If we’re talking about this case like hmmm said, not only were there stakes of her getting sterile but also the fact that even if she delivered the baby, that would’ve been a hanging sword for KSH. If not the woman, the reporters or paparazzi could get to it any time. And abandoning your child is worse in the eyes of the society. So I guess she was only given the option to abort (hence also the fake promises of living together in 2 years). But yeah these are speculations and generally that’s a good question. In an ideal society the parents of a child should both take responsibility but that doesn’t happen in this world. We see many cases of men abandoning their child and if there is something good coming out of this scandal is that atleast people will think that no matter personal, this behavior should have no place in the society.

      • @hmmm Firstly, you are adding additional conditions to suit your argument that the man must take responsibility and raise the child up at all cost, you even added psychological pressure now. In that case I can also throw in additional conditions such as both man and woman simply do not have the means raise a child up now and giving birth to the child will make the whole family not have enough food to eat. Being sterile and starving 3 persons to d*ath, which one will you choose?

        Yes, abortion and giving birth is the woman’s right, that’s why I said the woman is free to break up with the man and raise the child up on her own. The law of some countries states that if they are not married, the man is not obliged to play a part in raising the child he doesn’t want, sh*tty yes but that’s how it is, I’m not sure about SK’s law on this though.

    • there is nothing wrong for him to say yes to the abortion but to lie to your gf to get her an abortion is totally unacceptable
      secondly she definitely had the choice to keep the baby but was manipulated emotionally by him
      also she could have gone legally against him but seeing his new found popularity and star status she felt that they would pressure her to keep her mouth shut and so she felt the best option was to expose him publicly

  10. when i said in the previous post that this case most probably true, his fans came at me saying that I’m spreading a fake news. also scold me for assuming something that isn’t sure yet, while they’re already insisted that this is a fake news. while in my previous comment, i just praised the victim for being thoughtful enough for exposing this deeds just after hometown chacha had finished airing

  11. KSH is in a deep sh!thole to say the least. All those penalty fees and his “good boy” reputation in shreds. Nobody would touch him with a 10 foot pole at this point. It would take a miracle worker of a PR company to come back from this.

    • I’m actually quite curious on who would pay for the CF penalties. They said that his contract with SALT Ent has ended in September, and the extension is only for support on his drama. And no company will be willing to discuss anything with him, as he brings about negative profit and unlikely to be profitable for awhile.

  12. 1) This dude deserves to get exposed and cancelled.
    2) It is gross to see some users like @Irides, @~, @?, and @Helen dancing with glee at KSH’s downfall and sticking it to his fans, and rubbing their claws anticipating the next rising star who will get cancelled. You are just as much vultures as the toxic fans you look down on.

    • The fact that you’ve been more focused on the reactions of others in all the posts about this issue rather than the issue itself says a LOT more about your grossness than theirs you’re alleging.

      • @icicles

        Ignore this fool. They’re one of his stans so they’re making shit up to make themselves feel better. Not worth a clapback at all. Just dirt under a shoe.

      • Oh get off your moral high horse @icicles. I’ve already stated my position about the issue in other posts. The vultures care less about the issue at hand and more about cheering his and his fan’s downfall.

        As for @?/?/whatever, what a particularly nasty twit you are who goes around trolling posts, and you aren’t even witty at trolling (or clap backs for that matter).

      • Uhhh lol…why am I being named here when I haven’t commented at all in any of his posts (except for this one)??? Darling, I know it must hurt like hell that your idol let you down but you’re taking it out on the wrong people. And if your new mission in life is to call out ‘vultures’, then you’ve got your work cut out for you because the world is teeming with them. Wish you prevail though. ✌️

      • @~ you’ve been bitching about SYJ and KSH and their fans and egging people on in many posts. If you delight in being a pot stirrer, at least own up to it instead of acting “who me? ?” when called out.

    • P-R-E-A-C-H fawkes! And before someone calls me a KSH stan or oppa lover or whatever, maybe do your research first and check my previous HCCC posts.

      That orange emoji user is a real nasty one.

  13. Apology won’t bring back the life lost. The poor unwanted and aborted child. He needs to be forever regretful for taking away the life God gave and atone for it. I hope he never forgets it. Live in a corner and never return.. he don’t deserve any fame or fortune, because he has shown that he don’t know how to handle or value it

    • I feel so crushed for his ex gf. She said she had a weak uterus, meaning that if she aborted, she would never be able to conceive again. But Kim Seon Ho was selfish and only thought about his money, career, over the woman he was with for almost two years. He should pay her monetary fees to help her overcome the trauma she faced due to his douchebag ways. His career is rightfully done.

      • I don’t know if he even have any money to pay the woman after all the breach of contracts he has to pay.. he may as well be in deep bankruptcy.. and he didn’t have a good family to begin with? Who will ever help him pay?

        I think all humans should be given a second chance, because that’s what life is all about. But when I think about how he never even gave the poor innocent life a second chance.. I can’t see how he should be given one himself. That innocent life is as precious as his own. Would he like it if his parents had aborted him before he was even born? If he don’t, how can he do that to his own child? So disgusted…

  14. It took 3 days to come up with that apology letter. He did not deny any of the allegations. Oh well, no one is perfect but i hope he realizes that a future doctor, or teacher or daughter or son has been murdered because of his selfishness. I am inserting my view and personal opinion that I am entitled to. I wish they would have been more responsible, mature, and caring. I dont care if your dating relationship does not work out, that’s your business, but poor baby that will never have the opportunity to be born and loved. Even if they werent ready to have this baby, they would still be able to make another family happy through adoption. He will lose all CF sponsors now and future. But is likely able to act again

  15. Just went through some tweets on this news. His fans are unbelievable. Still blaming the girl for ruining their oppa’s career and completely ignoring the fact that their beloved oppa is a complete douchebag. FYI, the oppa you are stanning has been scamming you all along. Lying and pretending to be a good boy and making money off his pretense and your gullibility.

  16. Don’t most k-actors have a “good boy” image except for the dozen that have been outed as rapists, drunk drivers, and cheaters? Actors are pretty good at preserving their “above-reproach” images. Even if they’ve had gfs in the past, there is something still virginal about them, like we’re supposed to believe they don’t go past 1st base and it’s just handholding in the dark at the movies. I guess you can say he was given a more aggressive shine after he joined Salt Entertainment.

    I doubt he can get back to high profile prime-time dramas. And the ex had mentioned he badmouth his coworkers, which would be considered highly unprofessional. And who would want to work with someone that you know will talk shit about you. Maybe he’ll squeeze out a lead role in a weekend drama or one of those dramatic dailies. K-entertainment was able to make an exception for Park Shi Hoo.

    I wonder if there is now a rush by any actor in a similar position to keep anything similar hushed up. Like double-checking the locks after a neighborhood robbery.

    • His story should be part of every agency’s training manual for new actors/actresses. Handle your personal lives well, and, DON’T TRUST anyone who can speak or write lol.

    • The “badmouthing” coworkers part is the least offensive on that list. I rant about my work and coworkers to my bf frequently and he does the same, and I imagine that to be a pretty normal thing to do with your sig o.

      Media is going to have a field day wondering which coworkers he badmouthed though.

      • I agree that the badmouthing is the least offensive. I’m sure most actors do it and I bet there are actors working together who hate each other’s guts, but to get caught doing it…there’s going to be a lot of bad, awkward feelings, especially if the target of the badmouthing has a positive or veteran reputation in the industry.

      • Agreed. It’s one thing to badmouth in private, it’s another for people to know you’re badmouthing them in private, and then have to continue working with those people. Awkkkward.

      • ok, my first comment went missing. I’m salivating for his rant on SMA, Nam Joo Hyuk, Jo Jung Suk, Suzy, Hyeri, EXO’s DO, Han So Hee and Nam Ji Hyun. Imagine another round of scandal if that comes out.

      • He said Jo Jung Suk didn’t talk as much as he thought or gave him much advice. But with news that came about his two faced behavior, explains why. He is probably the veteran in question, and it seems JJS didn’t like him during shooting lol. He probably had a sixth sense.

      • I want to hear his rant on his costars. Hope his ex-gf spills the beans on that.

        I so over all of these Korean actors giving generic and bland praises to their costars when you *know* they think anything but. Give me Mariah-JLo levels of shade throwing! Don’t let the fans do all the mudslinging work!

    • The pure virginal image is a trap. When these guys or girls are active. The fact that sells, is creepy. PR made their image that would sell these actors the best. Salt really honed in on the good boy image, when he wasn’t. It was only time, this would blow up if not now, probably in the future.

      Park Shi Hoo’s father has/had a top ranking position in KBS, KSH doesn’t have that type of connections. Also, Korea and assault laws are laughable, even with evidence, his case like Lee Jin Wook got innocent or dismissed verdict. Here, he admitted to his faults and confirmed he was Actor K.

  17. Now the repercussions of his selfishness are coming at a lightning speed. Good luck on getting an offer from another agency. Good luck on paying those CF penalties. I hope A can find healing, physically and emotionally. If he truly reflects, he may be able to return. I can’t believe I was so deceived by his goody two shoes image.

  18. My first and foremost thoughts go to the young lady in question. I sincerely hope she’s getting what she needs to recover and heal from everything she’s been through. My best wishes and prayers go to her. ?

  19. Pretty sure he’s not the first K-ent actor who didn’t own up to the responsibility of being a father, was shitty to his girlfriends and would rant about his co-workers. The others just probably knew how to wrap it up nicely with the girl (NDA, financials, etc.) The lesson for the fans here is not to buy into the “good boy” image, it will make it harder for you and your favorites.

  20. The point here is that she chose KSH over her own baby and still he left her. Now she use the abortion to her revenge when she is also responsible for her own action. I really hate this kind of persons who can’t stand their own actions and want to play victims. If you made the mistake then own it and move on.

    • If you read her full post, he obviously gaslighted her. She wanted to keep the baby and raised it herself, but he said he won’t be able to love the child and might even hate it. He told her to wait and they’ll marry in two years but he dumped her instead. He manipulated her through multiple reasonings using his parents and career as excuses. Trash.

  21. Well the evidence must have been staggering in order of them to simply admit it. Guess there was no other alternative. According to kboo – the translation – he constantly belittled the show that gave him the initial boost of popularity, badmouthed the screenwriter and director, trashtalked about the other actors who helped him through and commented on the second lead actress appearence, calling her ugly and old fashioned. What people just conveniently ignore is that all this cult he managed to built for himself wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the talent of the writer to elaborate such a well developed character, which he got lucky to grab the role of and even luckier, I don’t know how, to have his image associated with the “good boy”. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the quality of the writing and of the drama as a whole – and that includes the directing and the rest of the cast, yes. Ungratefulness is ugly, very ugly. Also, wth, is he blind? Kang Hanna and Stephanie Lee are stupidly gorgeous – Idk who he referred to.

  22. Sad to see his personal affairs ruined his career. I only watched him in HomCha and he’s a good actor.

    I am not taking side but why 100% wrong is the guy and she does not have to be responsible? By the end of the day it’s your choice, even he fabricated everything it’s still your choice. You had unprotected sex with him, fell pregnant, had abortion that’s all your choices. Just because he became famous and you don’t get the share, that you want to see him fall hard. The timing of her speaking out is suspicious. Sometimes people portrayed to be the victim may not be true. In situations like this, as a female we have more advantages than male.

    As a woman we should love our selves first, think first and take responsibilities and consequences for our actions.

    • Same thoughts. I suppose not all women think like we do, that we’re responsible for our lives and happiness first and not some guy.

      • agree. We should love ourselves first. We are strong like others as well so why must we be a victim and get dragged into the men’s plot. Everyone should be responsible of one own’s action. Blaming others wont bring you long-term satisfaction

    • Yes there are consequences, but I think she should have some sympathy too. What Kim Sun-ho did was scam her. When an old lady gets scammed into sending a voice-phisher all her life savings (the old “i’m your grandson’s friend and he’s hurt at the hospital. send money!”), wouldn’t we feel sorry for her? I think if Kim Seonho was upfront and said he didn’t want to marry her and that she could raise the kid as a single mom or abort the baby or whatever she wants, then maybe it’s easier to brush off. But he provided some pretty big lies to manipulate her to go with his plan, and she believed him because they were dating and she trusted him. I guess you could say it ended up being a mutual decision. In that case, she got her punishment, and now he gets his.

      As for her timing, I read she was spurred by the recent shotgun engagement+unexpected-fatherhood of 25-year old idol rapper, Bobby. The pics of him and the baby are pretty cute. Also not long ago, 28-year old Chen from the idol group, Exo, also did the shotgun marriage thing too. If those younger idols could stand by the women they’ve impregnated and support their children, why couldn’t Kim Sun-ho? That was the thought. In a way, exposing Kim Sun-ho for his lies was her loving herself. And she was thoughtful enough to wait until Hometown Cha Cha Cha was done.

      • You summed it up pretty much. She also talked abt kim yong gun too. What irked her most was how unapologetic he was towards her. Anyone would be bummed especially when idols who have even more rabid fans stood up for their baby.
        She has her fault but kim seon ho holds the major share. Lying abt 900M penalty to having unprotected sex. It was all his deed.

  23. All these scandals in K-ent and if/when the actors/actress can make a comeback would be a good topic for a college paper lol. I wonder what’s different in SK that there are always exposes by disgruntled gfs, classmates, neighbors etc., and ultimately leads to a star’s downfall. Do the k-ent reporters actively seek these out much like a witch-hunt. Does the SK audience demand perfection in their celebrities. Does this also happen in a corporate setting, I mean, do ex-gf in SK go to the ex-bf’s HR dept and report him? In Hollywood/other countries, even ex-cons, ex-addict, cheaters, Woody Allen (lol) can have a good career in the entertainment industry.

    • @uh-oh – Other entertainment industries don’t put their celebrities on a moral pedestal. If KSH were in Hollywood, he’d be dating and hooking up openly and no one would blink an eye. Exposes in those industries don’t lead to downfalls unless it on a whole other scale like Kris Wu and Harvey Weinstein.

    • i agree.. I wish SKoreans can focus more on the talents rather than the private lives of the actors, but thats not the case.. i mean celebrities are human too and they make mistakes, but thats their private life let them deal with it. who are we? The parents, God? Who are we to ruin and cancel their career? We are only enjoying their performances not things about their private lives..

      I am not talking about kimseonho just in general the differences between hollywood and SK entertainment

      • @Flav – It’s not so much focus on private lives as South Korean celebrities have to fake this lily-white image as part of the job, because that’s the societal expectation there. It’s all but impossible to maintain a lily-white image, so they’re always walking on eggshells to avoid breaking the illusion they’re selling.

        I don’t ever want to be a celeb, but if I had to be one, I would let everyone know upfront that I’m a messy ho and don’t expect anything else.

  24. According to kboo – the translation – he would belittle the show that gave him taht initial boost of popularity, badmouthed the screenwriter and the director, failed to recognize his costars as helping him on his path to sucess and commented on the second lead actress appearence, calling her ugly and old fashioned. What is conveniently ignored, however, is that by absolutely no means he would have been able to built for himself this worshipping cult if it wasn’t for the talented screenwriter who elaborated a developed, complex and sympathetic character, which he got lucky to grab the role of and even luckier, I still don’t know how, to associate his image with “good boy”s. Ungratefulness is ugly, very ugly. The fact that he got this huge is very much (mostly) due to a the high quality profile of the drama, and this includes directing, writing and overall good cast. He’s likely cancelled now not only for the abortion issue, but because no one wants to work with someone fake who trash talks behind their backs. Also, wth is he blind? Kang Hanna and Stephanie Lee are both stupidly gourgeous – idk who he referred too but he needs glasses, now.

      • I don’t think he mentioned shin minah in front of his ex. They already broke up 4 months ago. According to her post, it was directed at kang hanna who he called ugly and old fashioned.

      • What?! Kang Hanna is so much more prettier than his supposed ex gf the newscaster imo. How does he get to call her ugly?!

  25. His fans trying to be woke but can’t help but shade his ex. Lol go read her full post and see how he tricked her.
    Trash, i want him gone for atleast 2 years. But knowing how men have it easy in k-ent, he would come back in 4-5 months. Even seo yeaji had it easy despite not giving any clarification

    • why should she give any clarification to the public… its b/w kjh and syj… syj, kjh and ksh are damn talented actors and are amazing at their job unlike actors with so called squeezy clean image and squeezy clean expressions… they have every right to make a come back as actors…

  26. I have not watch any of his shows (i think) even the most recent. He and his gf should have resolved this on their own. I get it that the dude is a k-actor and everything but it doesn’t make sense to solely blame the dude for the things that happened. It’s already 2021, it’s not like the gf needs permission to raise a child on her own. He is an actor, he acts for a living; the good boy image is just a persona/brand. It’s a little bit weird that they have to settle this in public. I think this is more of a revenge or just a way to get even. Oh well.

  27. Hmmm, a child’s life is precious in SK even if it is still a fetus. Given their conservative Confucian values I would say it’s hard for KSH to make a comeback. Some way younger K-pop idol boys own up to sudden pregnancies by marrying the mother of their baby. There’s been a rash of young idols announcing engagement or wedding with baby on the way in Soompi lately so I’m assuming most of these are shotgun weddings. A guy not taking responsibility for a pregnancy whether wanted or not is a big no-no in Korean society. This girl did not deliberately trap him with a baby. Even if there is no more love involve, a decent guy would register the marriage so the baby can get a birth certificate & be recorded under the family register of the father. It’s possible the girl & baby would be stigmatised & could not get a birth cert when baby is born due to mum being unmarried. A well-known actor’s mum & dad only registered their marriage when he was born, that was how I found out about this antiquated SK law. Hence the girl chose to abort thinking KSH will still marry her and hopefully can conceive again. She took a risk for his sake but got betrayed. Some variety show stars have been secretly married for years with kids without anyone finding out. Oh well, what’s done is done. Healing for the girl and hope KSH will genuine repent of this action and be a better human being in the future.

    • I read somewhere that impetus to expose Kim Sun-ho was registering these younger kpop-idols who go through their shotgun marriages and just take responsibility even with threat of losing their fans and career. Most recently, 25-year-old idol rapper, Bobby, got engaged last month (he was not publicly dating anyone so it was a shock) and his fiance had his baby a few weeks ago. Last year, Chen from the idol group, Exo, went through his own shotgun marriage+fatherhood. Because the exo fandom is huge, the backlash to that was intense. If those younger idols could bravely take the hit, why couldn’t Kim Seon-ho, who is in his mid-30s? It makes him look craven and selfish.

      He and his company could have definitely spun it into something positive.

      In the end, it’s better that their marriage didn’t happen since it would likely lead to heartbreak and wasted years.

      • Yup. 100% percent agree with you on that one. Well said and expressed my sentiments exactly.

  28. No matter how much of a douchebag apologist his fans are and how hard they victim blame, the cold hard reality is that your oppa is cancelled and done for.

    Say goodbye to him now. It’ll be long long time before you’ll see him again. Treasure those fake dimpled smiles photos because that’s all that’s left of him now.

  29. You want to meet ur ex now? Hah. What a joke. Probably to abuse her in private or to do a drama in front of cameras or public. Lame idiot.

    • Let’s be real. What he truly meant was, “my ex refused to meet me and I can’t weasel my way out of this or shut her up with money, so I have no choice but to fess up to everything.”

      There was bare minimum comms for 48 hrs and now we know why. They were trying to get a hold of her and she said nope.

      • Yeah, I’m guessing they were trying to find her so that they could shove an envelope full of cash. She probably was like “nope, this ain’t about money!”

  30. His only apologetic because his company told him to, of course they need him to pay his fines and comeback after year or 2 heinous bastard

    • My reaction was similar – “the one thing Koreans won’t accept is **a spotlight being shone on** mistreatment of women and children” might have been more accurate

      • Cultures that value saving face are really hypocritical. They all know people are having premarital sex and abortions but rise up with unparalleled fury when it’s brought to attention in this manner. I don’t believe for a second that it’s out of any real concern for the child.

    • LMAO what a funny comment from knets when molka is a widespread problem in SK and two of the biggest online community sites like Ilbe and FMKorea absolutely hate women. I won’t forget what they did to An San, and of course the ??? controversy LMAO

    • South Korea is infamous for the growing misogynistic and anti-feminist movement among its younger generations of males. It has gotten so bad that even publications such as Foreign Policy and The Economist have taken notice and done features on it.

      So yeah, I don’t know what they’re talking about.

    • LOL as well. korean *wont accept mistreatment of women and children* but the fact is disrespect towards women happens everywhere specially in workplace. Those who has experienced working in korean company would be able to relate.

  31. I first knew him through his drama Catch The Ghost but I didn’t watch Star Up. I like him as an actor and I genuinely think he’s a great actor/ entertainer.

    I’m just really sad for the young lady who had to experience all those terrible things and I’m really disappointed and angry at him.

    I couldn’t help but wondered how different entertainers/actors would do if they were in his situation.This thing happened when he just started to get the attention in the entertainment industry, he was trying to build a career besides his theater work and he didn’t have that much money. Obviously the exposure of having a girl friend let alone having a baby would have a huge impact on his effort, especially in SK’s entertainment industry. I know some people have the need to have a steady career and a strong financial state before they want to start a family and I’m sure he’s not the only person who ever did this kind of thing. What he did was wrong in every way but how many famous people would handle the situation differently, I wonder?
    As a woman i totally understand why the ex girlfriend wanted to expose him because I know I would if I were her. I also thought about being in his situation and I wasn’t sure what I would do.

    I’m just trying to say what I’ve been trying to figure out. I’m by no mean defending him. I just feel really sad for all the people who got effected by his wrong, stupid and selfish actions, especially the 2D1N staff and members.

    • The kicker is his ex even said for his career and him, that she would raise the child in secret. Then when he was ready to come out and tell the truth, she would wait. Even with all that, dude still lied.

      Imagine someone you dated for over a year, who promised you marriage and a future flukes once they hit it big. It hurts, especially since his image was so reliant on good boy. He should’ve accepted his child, and helped her with it.

  32. I reckon he’s gone for good. Can’t see anyway back for him. Sigh, he could have just married the girl ffs. Divorce quietly later after baby is born or older id there is no more love like Lee Dong Gun-JO Yun Hee. It’s not the end of the world to marry. Better than the outcome now. At least the mother can get a birth cert for the kid but kid will grow up go thru hell if KSH doesn’t want his name on the birth cert so I can see why the girl aborted baby. Divorce is no longer a stigma if we look at shk-sjk. It’s just their fans that causing problems.

  33. I don’t understand why anyone care except those brands want to have a good cleaned image to represent their products, this woman A, unless she is a minor, she is not wife, it’s her choice to get pregnant, it’s her choice to get abortion, did he take her to hospital for abortion… if she went by herself, then why complain to ruin his career, this is personal matter, why it affects his work when he is an actor, why its an issue with his love life to others, is it her revenge because he dumped her. I guess I’m too Americanized, people in US have more open mind, look at actor’s work, not his personal life.

    • Given the very low failure rate of oral birth control/IUDs, I would err on the side of her getting pregnant on purpose. I very much doubt either of the two people here is a saint.

      • She specifically said she was taking birth control but due to a medical reason had to stop for a little while, and he refused to wear a condom. So she was making efforts to be safe and when it wasn’t possible, this weasel wouldn’t wear a condom to prevent something like this happening in the first place. Such a moron.

  34. There may still be powerful executives backing him up. Time will tell. As for now, persona non grata. May have to do an awful lot of self-flagellation & walk of shame to regain SK society favour. No sympathy for this guy. To think he was acting with Han So Hee, Lee Hyeri and Nam Ji Hyun as his co-stars, I wonder if he ever cussed or badmouth them in front of the ex. What a scum bag.

  35. OMG, would I love to know who’s he badmouthing? I’m imagining his rantings: Look at THAT idlo actress, her nose is just tooo big, ugly b-tch, bland acting. This guy here thinks he’s so good just because he’s got the ML role, he can’t act for sh*t. He got the role coz he’s part of a big idol group. I can’t stand this gooody two shoes nation’s princess vasepot. Lol.

    • Somebody already mentioned he dragged Shin Mina’s looks. Imagine Kim Woo Bin giving him a walloping for dissing his gf. Lol.

      • Goodness, I never imagine him being so foul-mouth but I guess you never know. I once overheard 2 Korean workers speaking in Korean badmouthing the non-white customers in a Korean owned dollar shop. This happened in a suburb in a Western country. Coz I watch K-dramas a lot and I even know the swear words, I was chuckling to myself. They were saying bad things about coloured customers being potential shoplifters, look out for that guy, this woman carefully. lol.

      • KoreabooHe was not dating A when filming HCCC. He talked about Kang Hanna or Stephanie Lee. As if he’s Cha Eunwoo himself.

      • @ G V HCCC was filmed starting May 2021, he broke w/ his ex gf in July 2021. So yes, HCCC filming does work out since the only projects he filmed was Start Up, his two plays after (Forbidden Dreams or something and Ice), & HCCC. So he either insulted Kang Ha Na Kim Ye Won, or Go Won Hee. CTG ended filming in Dec 2019, and he dated this gf in early 2020. But he did say he & MGY hanged out and eat together, so MGY being friendly he probably mistaken that for flirting. The seniors who hated him, I think Jung Suk because JJS was his idol. He said he annoyed Namgoong Min with many questions on Chief Kim, so dude annoyed both his seniors lol.

  36. His delulu fans still sticking to the narrative its her own choice, an adult woman who was manipulated ,pressure and brainwash by your oppa to kill a god given blessing and even risk to not be able to conceived again. One does not choose to be manipulated they only realize they were used once they were out of it

  37. Funny how he thought having a baby would impact his career and look at him now… I feel so bad for his ex girlfriend and she is already being super considerate for not revealing this until his drama was over.

  38. Tbh, I don’t see the big deal about this. 2 adults were in a relationship, female fell pregnant, male asked her to abort and she agreed, relationship didn’t work out and they broke up. Similar thing happened to my university friend. These actors are normal human being, stop putting them on pedestal and pressure them to lead perfect life, don’t meddle with their personal relationships. Let’s separate work and personal matter. Just enjoy their work and give them recognition when they deserve it. Let us live and let live.

    • Agree but that is not what happening in Korea. Their people always meddle in private life and think they own the celebs’ life. They plant high expectation on their fav celebs and once the celebs’ dark sides are exposed, they start playing role as a judge, thinking they should punish or relief someone’s career.

  39. I read he said “leading lady flirted with him but he rejected her because she was ugly”

    I think this is not about SMA because he and the girlfriend already broke up, also it is not Suzy because he thinks she is pretty and was always talking about this.

    I’m guessing the leading lady he says he rejected because she was ugly was Moon Geun Young – lots of fans call her average etc, and I do remember MGY being very friendly with him on behind the scenes!
    Hope it is not her, my poor Moon doesn’t deserve this!

      • Exactly. Never saw the appeal on him, and I don’t mean that like he’s not my type or something, it’s that I never found him handsome in the first place. To watch millions swoon over something I’m still failing to see is dumbfounding.

      • @GV Forreal I don’t find him appealing too but I never bother until I see this where he call MGY ugly. Never like his acting and something about him look very force.

  40. Lesson: 1. celebrities of any country’s entertainment industry have carefully curated images so 2. don’t put them on a pedestal; and 3. if fans want these scandals to stop then we must cultivate a culture that allows adult people to act like adults. It’s ridiculous that a man of thirty-five feels that he has to hide his relationship because it’ll will jeopardize his career. Could you even imagine Leo DiCaprio, Usher, Nick Cannon, Taylor Swift and a slew of other westerner entertainers hiding their romances for the sake of public decency?

  41. Anybody who has read the entire blind item knows a lot went into this, not a simple unwanted pregnancy and unwanted abortion. Kum Seon Ho is a good actor but he pretty much sounds like a trash to be around and incredibly toxic. Will he survive this, yes! Just stop pretending you are taking his side cause it is personal business….at least own up that you want to defend your problematic Oppa no matter what. Saves everyone time.

  42. If only he had apologized to her in the most graceful manner privately, this would not have happened.

    No matter how hard anyone try to sell the good boy image, I still can’t understand why anyone out there would actually believe that actors/celebs can be lily-white virgin.

    I don’t really view the ex-gf as a victim. She bought into his empty promises which been done by a lot of men out there, except in her case, he is a celeb. Secondly, why would any woman believe a man going to marry her once she aborted the baby. There’s nothing to hold him ransom anymore, why would he wants stay with you once the baby no more? But I also understand that she must have felt disturbed esp after reading idols like EXO Chen and IKON’s Bobby actually taking responsibilities and marrying their gfs.

    I have never been a fan of KSH. Never watched any of his works. Never understand his appeal. BUt this is really a case of “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. He should have ended the things with her in the most respectable way instead of letting her felt dehumanize till she went out for revenge. Karma definitely gets back at him.

  43. I’m flabbergasted how people compare SYJ scandal to that KSH that guy kill his own flesh so he can have his stardom stop dragging hername you want an apology when this guy insincere apology just to mask his wretch personality acting like good boy the misogony in dragging women

  44. He kill a baby and user here said everyone is happy he is ruined what the sickness of his fans. Like i said before, like stars like fans

  45. Nah, you feel sorry because you got exposed for the type of person you really are and your career trajectory is ruined. You had many chances to truly feel sorry and apologize to your ex but you didn’t. I bet you $50 she told him at some point, if not several times that she was going to expose him for who he truly was and he ignored her if he hadn’t already blocked her already.

    He behaved like this and had the audacity to be badmouthing people he worked with…even if he didn’t have a nice guy image, she really exposed him for just being a generally crappy person but people will make excuses for his behaviour. Maybe this will be his wake up call to change how he lives his life and treats other people.

  46. Honestly, if he recovers from this, i will eat my hat . Even Yoon Eun Hye Couldn’t for less than that . I don’t mind about his private life , i know that the “apologizing thing ” is a must to do . The problem is that he isn’t a good person . I know that nobody is perfect , we all make mistakes and have our secrets but what he did was bad . The girlfriend has responsability too as a woman owns his body and the right to choose .Was she blinded by Love or by a glorious future with a futur star ? Or was she too young ? Now it’s their problem . Page turned !

  47. Theres no a “good boy” in the entertaiment lifes koala,girls,everybody..yaa litterally sad,but every celebs did!so wake up girl!dont be naive
    Feel sorry for him,hope his career still have a good way to joy

  48. Makes me sad that this woman chose him over her baby. Doesn’t matter how convincing he was, it was her body and she made the decision to go through with it. Is abortion still seen as very taboo in Korea? I thought they were a conservative country.

    • She is a full grown woman capable of making decisions with a mind of her own. I don’t like how she is portrayed as a victim when she consented to the abortion. Seriously. I am not a hard core fan of the guy but hey unprotected sex leads to pregnancy, if you are in your teens sex education is taught in schools if you don’t wanna use condoms there are birth control pills and a morning after pill that can be used. Just so dumb idk why this is an issue in the first place.

  49. The innocent victim here is the aborted baby. But maybe for the better as it would have been an unhealthy family to grow up in.
    Kim Seon Ho built his fame through his puppy dog image, his career is over after being exposed as a two-faced douchebag.
    His vindictive ex-gf, allegedly former KBS broadcaster, Choi Young Ah, is now backpedalling, claiming that it was all a misunderstanding after her identity was exposed. Thats blatantly dishonest, she planned it for max damage, first leaking the news to the media while his lead drama was showing, followed by the anonymous post after the reporters failed to pick up on her initial leaks. For someone who knew she had a weak uterus, common sense not to be having unprotected sex. She is a grown woman in her mid-thirties, not a naive teenager.
    Anyway she got the revenge she wanted, may this be a lesson for other artistes trying to sell a goody two shoes image, better make sure their private life is 100% clean

  50. This is my opinion only. Im from USA where this happens all the time. It’s not always the man’s fault but he’ll take the blame, so he doesn’t have to here the mess coming out of the ex’s mouth. It takes two to tangle. Whether or not he and his girlfriend wanted this child it is a personal issue,not public. The girlfriend also had opportunity to leave him. Why did she wait until now to say anything about the gaslighting. Im suspicious of her motives. Yes a real man will take the blame and not expose the dirt that the woman brings in the relationship Ex means exactly that. There are some ex’s who can’t get over the hurt because of rejection. She could be jealous because he moved on and she hadn’t accepted it. I think he’s a great actor and will always love him. Get the monkey off his back. Be
    BET you this is about money!! Conniving behaviour has no color. Praying for restoration for him. Y’all didn’t give him his talent. You’re taking his livelihood away. STAY STRONG KIM SEON-ho❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  51. Saw in yt the ex-gf’s identity is out. Former newscaster. Married for 17 days cuz she brought her lover home while her husband was away. Want to be the upperhand on the divorce so hire someone to dig dirt to the wealthy husband. Now, to KSH the exbf, got a new young gf so she got jealous and got her revenge through her post with the abortion excuse. So who’s the manipulator here?

      • Isn’t KSH the gold digger in this case? He went after a chaebol wealthy educated woman. Haha, she has the connections and power to sue them into the hundreds. These crazy fans don’t know who they messed with. I’m glad she has the means/power to sue and protect herself. Meanwhile, KSH has no $$/power. He came from a poor background, so he’s most likely going to be bankrupt.

      • Oppalogist your face geValVal. Go and search for your self so you wont eat tae later for ur ignorance. It’s all over the net.

  52. It is disappointing as a fan but imho, at the end of the day the ex and seonho are consenting adults and the ex who decided to abort even after apparently “being talked into it” should have kept things between them. Why destroy someone’s career over a decision you both eventually agreed upon? Idk, seems immature to me. Decisions as an adult should have been given more time and not done recklessly. I guess the girl is full of regret after the abortion. I have no ounce of sympathy for her.

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