Han So Hee Cast in Vincenzo PD’s 2022 Musical Romance Drama Why Did You Come to My House

The strong positive reaction to K-actress Han So Hee‘s headlining Netflix revenge action drama My Name absolutely validates now her rise to among the top of the casting food chain for roles in her age group in record time. K-ent has brushed aside the underwhelming reception to jTBC romance Nevertheless as outside of her control while seeing the good reviews for My Name as indicator that she’s genuinely bankable. She’s now been cast as the female lead for a 4-episode musical romance drama airing in 2022 from the PD of Vincenzo and the screenwriter of Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick. It’s the story of two opposite gender long time friends of twenty years who has to cohabit in under the same roof for two weeks and end up discovering their romantic feelings for each other. Yup, definitely a K-drama romance for sure. The musical element is the fresh one, I guess it means she’s singing so that will be a stretch of her ability for sure. I’m guessing the casting call is out for a K-actor who can act and sing, so someone with musical theater background and will be engaging onscreen as a male lead viewers can root for to get the girl. Four episodes also sounds cool, like all the filler will be removed and viewers will get only the good stuff.


Han So Hee Cast in Vincenzo PD’s 2022 Musical Romance Drama Why Did You Come to My House — 38 Comments

  1. Didn’t know she could sing. Okay, I’m excited. She’s definitely a talented actress, and I finally understood the beauty people saw in her. She’s not very photogenic, so before actually watching her works, I didn’t understand when people called her pretty. The filming favors her more.

    • A lyricist character doesn’t need to sing. Koala left out crucial info unlike soompi article who correctly reported on the female lead role. leading all the commenters here to question whether hsh can sing. it’s irrelevant. lots if singers pay lyricist/composers to write songs for them.

      • Yup, koala as usual is twisting the tone & withholding facts to undermine hsh just like the ksh scandal post.

      • you’re right. according to soompi. drama’s emphasis is more of the music making process not characters having to sing in concerts or perform in musicals. we’ll see who’s right or wrong. there’s always the koala’s version of plotline and the official version.

  2. I’m impressed by HSH’s eagerness to stretch her acting, and she’s smart to be doing it early in her career before she gets typecast.

    The Vincenzo director is the hottest director in town rn.

  3. She was pretty good in “My Name”. For male lead, what about Lee Sang Yi? He can sing and act given his musical theater background.

  4. I didn’t specially like her in My Name.

    But I really liked Vincenzo and She Would Never Know. So I guess, why not. I wonder who they will choose for the ML.

  5. I like her choice of projects, she seems to have a clear vision for her career. I’ll probably check out this next project.

  6. She could easily sign flowerpot roles and do nothing there, but being a prop to male lead. But she is building filmography where her roles are author backed. She has beauty of Goddess but focused on career and she is cf queen too. She is going places .

  7. Also hsh is getting the best projects out of 90s gen actresses now. And she really turned it around since wom. Refusing movie. Another big drama lined up ( kim tae ri is at top )
    This girl has changed the game big time and blew away competition. And best thing she doesnt relies on her beauty as her best tool. But acting chops

  8. Thumbs up for the director but I don’t know about that writer. Sunbae Please Don’t Put on That Lipstick drama was so bad.

    I hope this being a musical doesn’t mean they will cast an idol as male lead.

  9. Based on her current career trajectory, a super smart move for HSH. I vote for SIG to be the male lead a long-time fan, not a teen shipper here, lol). Seen him since 2009 in Superstar K. He’s a singer, writes his own songs and can act as well. They are both from Ulsan. Them swearing & cursing each other would be a delight if that part is written in. Reminds me of Yoon Jae going full satoori with Shi Won in Reply 97. The HSH-SIG chemistry would be interesting to watch. Having only 4 episodes would lessen sloppy writing, heighten interest and potential for season 2 to have different actors/actresses brought in. I’m totally invested in this project. Do something different Netflix style.

  10. Ok, don’t shoot me here, lol. I vote for Ji Chang Wook to be the ML. Based on wildly entertaining cat fights on this blog, I’m sure all JCW fans/shippers would be salivating for their him to sing & act with Han So Hee. She’s the biggest IT girl at the moment. JCW has done musical theatre while serving in the army. I’ve just stalked his IG to do background research. Heh. Now I get my popcorn ready for the endless speculations for ML role. Three, two, one, go.

    • Oh shucks!!! The musical theatre role would be PERFECT for Kim Seon Ho. Can we pretty please haul him back to do this role? Weren’t they in 100 Days My Prince as support team? Gosh, imagine all hit potential. Damn the timing for this dream casting pair.

      • @cheeky, I don’t think KSH has musical theatre b/g, only theatre or plays? Lol. I dunno whether he can sing like Pavarotti. Anyhoo, maybe Do Kyung Soo or Park Hyung Sik would be more appealing as the ML? Legit idol turned actors.

      • @popcorn, throw in Nam Ji Hyun in there as well. Little birdies told me she’s besties with Han So Hee. Actually, IG is pretty handy to look for gossip. Lol. So we can have a HSH, SIG, NJH & JCW line-up to satisfy all the teen shippers, twitter stans, & genuine solo fans who don’t care a crap who their oppa is acting/dating crowd. Rubbing my hands with glee for these pairings.

  11. I would love an actor who can legit sing as well. Too bad Jo Jung Suk is too old opposite HSH. Kang Ha Neul and Jang Geun Suk are my top choices. KHN has acting credibility. HSH’s character is a lyricist so she doesn’t need to sing. Let the ML do all the singing.

  12. koala as usual left out crucial info to make hsh look bad. soompi article reported her character is a lyricist. A person who writes the song lyrics. Hsh’s character doesn’t need singing ability. Like drew barrymore’s character in music & lyrics. hugh grant played the washed out former 80s boy band singer modeled after andrew ridgely.

  13. She is the moment. Suzy fans are threatened. This girl is a real talent. Not a mediaplay one. She is the current 1 of their age group. Suzy is no. 2 now.

    • Just praise HSH as much as you like, no need to drag Suzy! Suzy won’t be affected by anyone, she holds her position firmly even after 11 years in industry no matter how many it girls come and new actresses rise! She never did any mediaplay without any award under her belt either! She just won First brand best actress and Hallyu excellent actress award at Seoul International drama awards this year, her name constantly appeared in Gallup drama actors list, Government Hallyu survey, most favourite celebrities and models survey etc all these years, she’s been doing so well since debut! really looking forward to her new drama Anna and movie Wonderland!

  14. Hsh is on fire rn. Wonder who they’re looking for in ml? Rookie, rising or established popular ones? My fave is Park Seo Joon. Any A-list actor within her age range would not mind acting opposite her. Go girl.

  15. Lee Seung Gi. I think his dating controversy has died down now. He has acted with Suzy, SMN & HJW. I can picture him with HSH. He’s an all round entertainer.

  16. It will be the second time HSH work with the PD, after Money Flower. I think she needs a break from doing bed scenes but this short drama has a cohabitation themeā€¦ anyway for male lead maybe Kang Haneul and her could work

  17. I just pray they won’t pick a baby-faced actor opposite her. It will kill all romantic feelings. If casting turns to gold, this could be 2021 version of shk-hb worlds within or lmh-syj personal taste. I wonder whether it will be old school style cohabitation k-drama or new style mockumentary like lovestruck in the city. i actually miss a lot of the good old romantic k-dramas like marriage not dating.

  18. If it is Han So Hee, it will be a great series. Her versatility in acting really gives her the praises and recognition from co actors, directors and fans. She is the best actress in her generation. She is brave, fierce to do bed scene that no other actresses can do even those award winning actress. She is an actress that can be level to international actresses. My high respect to Han So Hee.

  19. She is definitely the it girl at the moment, but I haven’t watched World of Married which made her so popular. I can only say at least she is willing to challenge herself with varied roles.

  20. Nice that my name redeemed her from nevertheless which did her no favours. Anyway my name was sooo good so now I’m a fan and can’t wait to see her kill it in future roles.

  21. Koalaa aunty ur passive aggressive tone can be read and u leave out many good details. U r so pressed about hsh and her rise to top. She is getting calls from top pds, directors , cf companies bcoz she has looks, acting skills. She is overall package. She can play glampur , at same time she can play rough tough roles like jjh. She can play a seductive women role. Range. Atleast she doesnt play showpiece roles like that idol actress u stan . Hsh is self made. Didnt got roles on platter bcoz of big 3 idol company. Deal with it. Netflix dont bankroll showpieces u stan. Her success is earned and she is most in demand actress from her age group ( kim tae ri is at top )

  22. HSH basically wiped out the entire 90-95 line and GMS could potentially wipe out the 96-00 line. Netflix really changed the game and people are into the edgy yet stunning actresses these days. The JJH-KTH-SHK types don’t attract attention anymore.

    • Who GMS? Go Min Si? Dear, she is no match to KSH and KYJ. Yes, she worked with top PD but, supporting roles only. She has yet to prove her worth as a main lead. To wipe out is an overstatement.

    • I agree with HSH but with GMS, she is still far. Some of the 96-00 liners already established a strong filmography and leading lady aura like Yoo Jung and So Hyun. GMS may have worked with top PDs but, it is only supporting roles. She has yet to prove her leading lady capacity.

  23. Ji Chang Wook is handsome and good to play his part as an actor but he is a Chain Smoker. Hope he can quit smoking. Thank you.

  24. Still, looking forward for Kim Tae Hee, we love her. Hope by next year she can get a part even once a year we will be happy to see her. Thank you.

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