TW-actress Ariel Lin Delivers Healthy Baby Girl, Her First Child with Husband of 6-years

This news is a week late but still worth posting especially since its such good news. TW-actress Ariel Lin delivered her first child on October 20th in Taipei, a healthy baby girl. Her husband of 6-years a non-celeb typically resides in the US with the two of them traveling back and forth but for this year he’s been in Taiwan with her. The couple reportedly has been trying for a baby for many years and they were thrilled to finally be expecting. Congrats to Ariel, one of TW-ent’s shining stars in acting talent and general well-loved image across all of Asia. She’s even managed to navigate the tricky world of C-ent doing multiple C-dramas that were all popular. She hasn’t indicated any plans to retire and be a full time mom and I hope she finds the right balance that works for their family.


TW-actress Ariel Lin Delivers Healthy Baby Girl, Her First Child with Husband of 6-years — 19 Comments

  1. Thanks for good news! ❤

    Wish her and the baby all the best.

    BTW, I don’t know what happend to this blog. Maybe it’s because it has gained more visitors over the years, but it gives me bad mood most of the time, when I read the comment section.

    I’m reading this blogs since the “Lie to me” days (2011). So it’s been a while. It has lead me to check out TW drama beside my kdrama favorites and it was fun to read the different opinions or to discuss things. It was overall a good companion.

    However, 3 things are tiresome now:

    1. the change in fan wars,

    2. China- is-better-than-the-west comments  (up to directly advertising Chinese politics  ‘ziganwu’ style)

    and the most important

    3. constant criticism on Koala’s choice of content.

    I  like to elaborate a little bit.

    1. Fan wars have always been there. And yes, at times it was fierce and some stepped out of line. No harm in that. Now it’s seems like just saying a name the mob is out to burn everything to the ground. No boundaries with personal attacks or dragging down a celebrity not involved in the post to begin with. Why? To each their own!

    2. There is no homogeneous ‘west’. Each country has their problems. China politics is heavily influential on the entertainment biz. Values like freedom of speech and the right to one’s own personal living choices are an issue. Defending by pointing out that there’re also problems in the ‘west’, doesn’t lead to anything in the discussed cases. It’s not about wounding someone’s national pride, if one points out an issue.

    3. Koalasplayground is a personal blog. Not a newspaper. She’s free to choose topics and to write about what every she likes. It’s her personal opinion!  Nobody is claiming an overall balanced reporting of every entertainment news. Of three countries, no less. It’s like you can’t read a blog post without someone or many constantly complaining in the comment section about what she wrote, how she wrote it and why she didn’t write about someone else in comparison.
    If it irks you so much, start your own blog. And see what happens.

    I know my comment won’t change anything. Just venting my frustration.

    Back to the good news. A healthy baby  ?

    • Yes it is her blog that she made open to the public. I am sure she’s not be too naive to expect that the public will agree with her.

      • It’s not about agreeing.

        It’s about respectful manners and avoiding personal attacks.

        Everybody should be able to disagree or state their opinion without harming some else in the process.

        Attac the issues not the person!

      • But you have to admit, at times, the tone of her writing is not respectful towards some artist she does not like. Of course she can expect a similar tone in the comment section.

    • Yes! Preach ! Been here since 2012 myself and she’s the reason i ventured into Taiwanese and Japanese dramas. It’s one thing not to agree with what she writes but coming at her for her opinions and thoughts isn’t OK. She writes what she likes, how she likes, we can’t change that. Even if it is a blog that’s public, she’s airing out HER thoughts, whether she finds a drama good or bad, that’s HER opinion, just as she expressed hers, readers are free to express theirs without coming at her.
      I’ve seen comments on her “biased” coverage, she’s not a reporter who’s required to give accounts of every situation. She chooses what she wants to cover, they’re plenty of sites that are there to give impartial news, if you find this isn’t one of them. You can go there.
      I like coming here and hearing her perosnal thoughts, whether I agree with them or not. The comment section used to be a place people could connect, debate, converse harmoniously but the vibe now sucks. I hope she ignores them and doenst stop blogging for a very long time

      • If she’s brave to air her opinion publicly, she should be brave to receive the public backlash. The tone of her writing will get similar tone of writing in her comment section, even worse. For sure, she was not too ignorant yo expect that all her followers will be nice to her. Beside that, she filters, delete and deny comments.

    • Yup, been here for a long time too. I’ve learned to take the comment section as a cross section of society – there’s all sorts out there – and use it as an eye opener that there are extreme views to just about anything. It’s nice to see the other side, but also important to see the vile comments for what they are and not get dragged into it by some troll.

      I’m quite sure Koala doesn’t take it to heart any more, she’s a veteran by now. Glad to see she didn’t give up. I love this blog and hope to see it and Koala chugging along happily and healthily.

      All the best to Koala.

    • Yes to everything you said! Been a reader since the early days before all the ugliness in the comment section.

      I now play “Guess what this article will set off” before reading the first 2 or 3 comments, then stop. It’s ridiculous that she can’t even say what she thinks or likes on HER OWN BLOG.

      There are a few usual nasty commenters and while everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, it’s not a reason to diss someone who has a different view. Just stop coming here if you dislike her articles so much

  2. So many long time drama chingus are still here! HUGSHUGSHUGS. I also miss the days when people can disagree with my take on a drama or star or performance but still enjoy reading a different opinion. It’s either discourse has deteriorated in quality or those commenting more are simply the most extreme fringes.

    • I hope you never let those negative comments get to you. Just know you still have a fan, who drops by daily. And judging from comments here, I’m not the only one! Hwaiting! ????

      • second that.

        Mrs.Koala, don’t lose your spirt.
        I appreciate all your efforts, even when I have a different opinion in some cases.

        Thank you for all your hard work.


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