2021 Blue Dragon Film Award Nominations Led by Leads and Films Escape From Mogadishu, The Book of Fish, and Space Sweepers

The nominations are out for the 2021 year end Blue Dragon Film Awards, which only fetes the big screen works and remains the most prestigious of the cinematic only prizes in South Korea. This year the nominations are a mix of young talented stars and the usual established lauded veterans. Starting with Best Actor, the nominations are Kim Yoon Seok and Jo In Sung for Escape from Mogadishu, Song Joong Ki in Space Sweepers, and Sol Kyung Gu and Byun Yo Han for The Book of Fish. On the ladies side, Best Actress noms went to Kim Hye Soo for The Day I Died, Moon So Ri in Three Sisters, Yoona for Miracle, Jeon Yeo Bin in Night in Paradise, and Jeon Jong Seo as the villain in Call. Many of those movies are name the Best Film nomination which went to Escape from Mogadishu, The Book of Fish, Space Sweepers, The Day I Died, and thriller Hostage: Missing Celebrity. In terms of who I think will win, I don’t know if the multiple leads from the same film will cancel each other out in the Best Actor category, and I feel like Best Actress is Jeon Jong Seo’s to lose based on the buzz and awards sweeping that she’s been collecting for Call.


2021 Blue Dragon Film Award Nominations Led by Leads and Films Escape From Mogadishu, The Book of Fish, and Space Sweepers — 44 Comments

  1. Sjk get best actor nomination in blue dragon award for 1st time?Hull amazing.So many knetz saying his movie was flop because its only show in netflix. Both him and jeon yeo been has success because vincenzo and their movie lol.I can’t wait their interaction like they did in busan film. Although its very hard for them to win award.I was very happy they get nomination. Btw i never lee min ho get best nomination in baeksang or blue dragon award lol!!Adyjunjihyun saying his drama will get emmy award nomination with pacinko in fact kim soo hyun drama get nomination lol lol. King eternal ppl will mediocre since forever lol!

  2. This is Yoonas third film in a row to get acting nomination- Best New Actress for Confidentia Assignment and Best Actress for Exit and Miracle. She reamains the only idol actor/actress ever to get and acting nomination at Blue Dragon Awards( which is like Korean Osars). People like to doubt her and call her medicre but its clear she has improved immensely and critics recognise this. She still needs to work on her dramatic expression, but she is really good in comedic roles, she is charizmatic and has great comedic timing. Cant wait to see her in Big Mouse with Lee Jong Suk, i think they make a solid couple.

    • I like Yoona’s films and dramas. She chooses well. I think her acting is passable. She improved a lot from her early days. Also, not everyone can form a chemistry with her co-actors. Yoona certainly can do it. For example, Prime minister and I made us forget the huge age difference between her and LBS.

    • I’ll admit I’m surprised Yoona is even on this list but then again she has been slowly building up a prominent movie career without anyone pay attention. I feel like Yoona will be a lot more active in movies and dramas as LEAD lead starting next year. This nomination is going to make her even more highly in demand.

  3. No offence but what did song joongki do in space sweepers to get the nomination??? He was average at best and the others clearly overshadowed him.

    • I love SJK and thought he was very charismatic in Space Sweepers but I tend to agree. The movie wasn’t really a great acting vehicle like Vincenzo was.

      • Agree with you that the role is not really challenging enough to showcase his acting (unlike a werewolf boy) but to be fair, 2021 is a year where there were not a lot of performances that wowed the audience.

        Anyway, I hope he, Jo In Sung, and Kwang Soo attend and that we can see some backstage interactions of the three besties 🙂

      • I agree @flowerpot. SJK was good in Space Sweepers but it wasn’t an awards fare performance.

        I’m surprised Uhm Taegoo didn’t get nominated for NIP. I would’ve swapped him in for SJK. Jeon Yeobin was fantastic in NIP and has been rightfully bagging nominations for it, but UTG was also good and I don’t get why he’s being overlooked by the awards circuit.

      • peanut gallery : IMO, Uhm Tae Goo is average in NIP, she is getting outshined by Jeon Yeo Bin. But in terms of performances,

        and Song Joong Ki in space swweper > Jeon Yeo Bin in NIP for me too …

        I would like SJK imitate that fire acting in The Youngest of Soyang…

    • Sorry, IMO, Song Joong Ki is solid and at his best in Space Sweeper, and one of the only character who has proper arc. . Everyone act so well, But he is the standout one here. deserve a nomination, and heck winning it even not a farfetch

      • Another delusional fan who thinks their fave shits gold. He was mediocre in that mediocre ripoff and outshone by EVERYONE else. He doesn’t deserve the nomination and won’t win anyway. If you can’t deal with it, go smoke some grass.

      • I’m not delulu fan…. I praise My idol when they deserve it, and critics when needs too even if his fans singing his praise all the time, I’m not joining the crowd. . I trust my judgement. I already in kdrama and tv world from 2000, so I know I trust my acknowledge.

      • Quiet late for the reply, sorry for that but I think you personally have some kind of problem with sjk because wherever I saw posts related to him u just start throwing ur negativity there. I think what u and most of the people who unfortunately agreed with u forget that space sweepers was a complete CGI effect made movie and above that it was space movie which is a genre u can’t found in Korea till now. They all were shooting with complete green screens for the whole time. And if u have seen the movies space sweepers or other Hollywood movies – Avengers, etc u might understand how difficult is to do CGI movies. Rather than not appreciating someones hardwork what u can do is Stop reading sjk related articles and if that’s not possible u can imagine he don’t exist in your world. By the he also don’t know that u exist so that will be fair enough.

  4. The same critics you’re praising above for Yoona’s “deserved” nomination are the same ones that nominated Sjk. She deserves it and he doesn’t? Lmfao. He’s a big name and the movie was centered around him. He’s been nominated for almost every prestigious award for that film so clearly critics liked his performance. Overshadowed by no one, except for a couple supporting actor noms here and there, he got all the noms for the film.

    • The critics know their stuffs. They can choose anyone they like that dederves the awards. It is not he is a complete newbie or idol in the flim world.

    • don’t get it why everyone think Song Joong Ki is average here? He give his all here in space sweeper, contrast In Vincenzo, despite solid performances, nothing of his performances that memorable. His character in Space Sweeper has more grown and relatable.

      • Because people have their own opinion on what they consider average? Just like you have no qualms criticizing other actors and actresses but suddenly you feel offended that people think your fave is average?

  5. I feel like perhaps due to the lack of films that screened over the past year, the nominations are really lackluster. Some nominees just acted, if you know what I mean, like they were just in the film, delivered a very average performance and did not leave any impression.

      • Is she nominated for The Call? That was an excellent performance, she really was equal parts sympathetic and terrifying. Not your average female lead role, I can certainly see why she’s memorable.

      • I think she is a shoo-in. But what I said I feel is equally true on the male side, where there might be above average acting but no deserving winners.

      • JJS easily out acted everyone in this list but I’m glad to see Lee El get her due for Call. They were both stand out performances.

      • I personally feel there is something wrong with nominators or the nomination criteria. Its quite disappointing for park shin Hye for being a actor for more than a decade and doesn’t qualify the criteria for best actress along with Jeon jong seo.

  6. Fans can calm their tits here. If you feel sjk deserves the nomination good for you. I felt he was very average and the characters had a memorable performance than him. His Vincenzo was much better if we have to compare his acting but tbh he has a real long way to go in terms of giving outstanding performances. You don’t have to let one opinion ruin your day.

    • Well, blog is a form of opinion. And for me Vincenzo character is lacking depth and organic arc to form a memorable performances from SJK. It will be well deserve if he win it through Space Sweeper since he has been robbed not winning it in a werewolf Boy. .

      • Arnya: If both have a long way to go, why would you single SJK out why praise Yoona! Improvement doesn’t mean anything in terms of award. It’s not the award for the most improved actress.

        About SJK, if you talk sorely about movies, than yes I agree A werewolf boy remains the most memorable because SJK only did 2 more movies since. If you talk about dramas, then I think his performance in innocent man, Arthdal chonicles & Vincenzo are all very memorable. Especially in Arthdal, he did so well in the double roles that I have to keep reminding myself that it’s the same actor.

      • @stranger: because when i commented yesterday, the only other comment was about yoona’s performance and I believed her performance is really charming. And I singled out Song Joong ki because he is the weakest in best actor nominees and actually was really average in space sweepers. His costars for eg jsk overshadowed him by miles. If there were other opinions I would have replied them on as well,

      • I personally believe that, by looking at the characters SJK has been portrayed until now, he has all the acting chops as well as emotional tools to deliver complex character and turn in a memorable performance. Hope he picks a more challenging role next time in his film. Havent seen CWS’s films but I believe he is very good, but YAI is indeed an actor above his peers.

      • you think I’m a yoona’s fan lmao ?? I just thought her performance in miracle was a massive improvement from her earlier performances and one of the charming performances this year. Even I will agree with you she hasn’t delivered many memorable performances and has a long way to go. Same with Song Joongki. His last memorable performance was werewolf boy, his fans love to hype him as some great actor but we will talk when he delivers something like yoo ah in performance in voice of silence or choi woo shik in set me free.

      • @Arnya

        You said it! His stans can cry all they want. Won’t change the fact that he’s still average.

    • @Arnya

      I agree with you. His stans can whine all they want. It won’t change the fact that their oppa is mediocre. Fortunately, his nomination here is just another placeholder like his undeserved Baeksang nomination for Stinkcenzo so he won’t win here either. ?

      • Maybe he doesn’t deserve to be nominated for his role in space sweepers but to say that he is a mediocre actor that is not true he is a good actor and one of the best actors in his age.

      • well all his haters can whine all they want, but the fact he is getting nominated from space sweaper in several award already speak volume especially in Blue Dragon. I’m glad he hasn’t lost that passion after staring in so many commercial drama or movie and get paid High. That’s the reason I still stan him. . .

  7. From yoo ah in, LBH, LJJ last year best actors to this year best actors list is so watered down. Atleast the best actress and the best new actor list is tight. Both these nominations are brimming with talent and anyone who wins would be deserving. I’m guessing lots of wins for escape from mogadishu

  8. Calm down girls,song joong ki will not win best actor in blue dragon award.Kim yoon seok will win best actor for sure. You should know that space sweeper get 8 nomination in blue dragon award.I am sure they will win 1 or 2 nomination in blue dragon award.Too bad artdal chronicle was major flop in 2019 that drama was his best acting. You must be jealous because your oppas didn’t get nomination in baeksang and blue dragon award lol.

    • why is it always about my oppa your oppa bullshit eww. I am genuinely of the opinion that his performance was strictly average in space sweepers and his costars literally overshadowed him. And no I am not a yoona’s fan, you can criticize her all you want, I don’t care. It was just my personal opinion and all his fans are attacking and now I am irritated. Like I mentioned his last memorable performance was a werewolf boy drama/movie and his fans can talk when he gives performances like yoo ah in or choi woo shik. And are you really talking about baeksang, please he won baeksang for some popular couple with song hye kyo, not best actor.

    • well, It’s okay if Song Joong Ki is not winning it. A nomination just makes me super happy. but to make claim he doesn’t deserve a nomination is crazy. If he win it it, it will be a well deserved.

  9. LoL.
    Think whatever you want to,SJK still nominated. If you have the power just complain to the authority to withdraw him!!!

    2019-2020 Film take a huge hit for pandemic. Use logic, you can see the nomination in proper way.

    BTW, with or without award, SJK will still be SJK, working and earning, living his life.
    No one escape criticism,not even SJK, so please criticize him.

    And SJK fan, just ignore some article or comment. He is already nominated! So why you bother, It’s okay. Anyone can say anything, until it’s not effecting him or you personally, just live peacefully.

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