Joseon Exorcist Leads the Joynews Poll of K-ent Insiders Pick for Worst Drama of 2021 Followed by Penthouse

The counterpart to the Joynews insider poll on the Best Dramas of 2021 is also here, the same group of over 200 K-ent professionals were asked what their pick for Worst Drama of the year was. I was not expecting to see this drama make the list since it aired only 2-episodes before it was yanked but by a Titanic wide margin with 75 votes the number 1 worst drama of 2021 was Joseon Exorcist. Makjang ratings queen Penthouse came in second in the race no one wants to win with 43 votes, and third place went to the mopey high brow Lost with 17 votes. After that it’s like a smattering all around: Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music got 10 votes, Sisyphus: The Myth and Gentleman and Young Lady each got 7 vote, Hometown and Hospital Playlist 2 and Black Hole and Luca tied with 5 votes each, Nevertheless and Imitation received 4 votes apiece, then the 2 vote getters were Hush, Undercover, You Are My Spring, and Kingdom: Ashin of the North, and finally these dramas all got 1 vote with The Devil Judge, Doom at Your Service, Yumi’s Cells, Sunbae Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick, and My Roommate is a Gumiho. I find the pick of Joseon Exorcist as worst drama probably a knee jerk reaction to all that controversy versus anything related to quality since it only aired 2 episodes but for the ruckus it caused then yeah, it’s pretty darn unparalleled in its badness.


Joseon Exorcist Leads the Joynews Poll of K-ent Insiders Pick for Worst Drama of 2021 Followed by Penthouse — 25 Comments

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  2. I don’t think it’s fair that they picked JE, they could choose River in this case. Because the plot wasn’t better and had a big scandal too.

    I’m surprised for some choices. HP2 wasn’t as good as the first season and could be better but it was still a good drama overall.

    You Are My Spring was a nice healing drama. The twin part wasn’t the best but it didn’t take too much place and let the main couple shined.

    Yumi’s Cell and She Would Never Know : you like or not the style but the quality was there. They don’t deserve the worse drama title.

    Sysiphus was pretty bad ; Monthly Magazine Home was a bad rom-com ; Cheat on Me, If You Can the ML was bad…

    • You have some misconceptions about River because in Korea it’s been heralded as an example of a drama that successfully evaded a controversy. It was literally trending on Theqoo just 3 days back as a precedent on how actor replacement should be dealt with when Sad Tropics refused to change out Kim Seonho. Not to mention it won Best Drama at the Broadcasting Awards and the writer was shortlisted for the Prime Minister Award which ultimately went to the writer of Vincenzo. River by all measures was an extremely successful drama in both ratings and topicality and was nominated for 2 Baeksang Awards. In addition Kim Sohyun is currently in the running for Daesang at KBS. So to put River on the same level as Joseon Exorcist which was panned by literally every single person in South Korea is a reach.

      • You didn’t really read, did you? I said it was unfair to choose it because of the scandal because we know nothing about the quality of the drama. The scandal of River was more awful for me.

        River was not so good, the scandal or not. They had the courage to start again with a new actor, congratulation to them for that. But my issue with this drama started before that…

    • It’s not bad, it’s actually great. Maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and we’re in pandemic so most people don’t want to watch such a heavy melo.

    • It was great. It’s definitely not perfect and not a mainstream drama but I genuinely enjoyed it. Lost is probably one of my favorite drama of the year so far and I’m not drepressed lol

      I didn’t watch all the shows listed there but the most disappointing was Doom at your service. What it could have been with better writing.

  3. Amused by the inclusion of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, until I remembered that Jang Ki-yong and Hyeri had a drama together and Koala meant Roommate.

  4. Koala forgot to add Sisyphus and Young Lady & Gentleman which garnered 7 votes each.

    Them picking JE as worst drama is quite the overreaction. Can’t believe they left out Oh My Ladylord and Monthly Magazine Home. I’m adding LOTRS and River to the pile. They’re not the worst of the worst but they deserve at least one or two votes. (Not interested in any stan essays about blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.)

    Looking forward to their list next year! Hopefully, there’ll be more good dramas than stinkers.

  5. I like more of these dramas than the ones on the best drama list lol. Lost and Yumi’s Cells may be polarizing, but I thought they were high quality dramas. I also liked Hush, Undercover, You Are My Spring, and The Devil Judge. Revolutionary Sisters was must worse than Gentleman and Young Lady IMO.

    • I could name several that were much worse than those on this list but there are always dramas that are just forgotten. It may be better to be named worse drama than to be forgotten lol.

  6. I dont think the list mean anything at all. Industry insiders here just mean some staff working in the entertainment búiness and not nessessarily professional critics so I wouldnt take this seriously.

    • It’s a bit unfair to call it the worst when it was only able to show two episodes. With Penthouse three I agree it should have ended at Season two.

      Doom at your Service should have gotten more votes though.

  7. Them choosing an incomplete drama as the worst drama of 2021 alone shows how bs this list is. No wonder hometown and vincenzo made it to their list of best dramas.

  8. Can anyone tell me when this poll take place as i was surprised that Yumi Cell & Gentleman and Young Lady (especially this drama) got voted the worst drama of 2021. It’s been a while since i love a family drama that is 50 episode.

    • I don’t know when it took place but only 12 episodes of Gentleman and Young Lady have aired. It’s a little unfair to put it on the worst drama list already. I think it’s probably on there because of the controversy over the first episode, but it’s really no better or worse than most weekend dramas.

      • Forgot about the controversy. Thanks for reminding me.

        For me personally, i don’t watch a lot of family drama and able to finish it. There are a certain few that i watch till the end and loved it; My Father is Strange, Come Jang bori and Life is Beautiful 2010. Even though Gentleman and Young Lady is only 12 episode currently, i already love this drama just as the drama i mention in my previous sentence.

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