Lim Ji Yeon Joins as the Second Female Lead Opposite Song Hye Kyo in Kim Eun Sook’s Upcoming Revenge Drama The Glory

On the heels of K-actress Song Hye Kyo‘s new drama Now, We are Breaking Up premiering last weekend, this week there is casting news of her upcoming next drama. Famed screenwriter Kim Eun Sook‘s next drama The Glory will star Song Hye Kyo as a revenge driven teacher getting justice on her high school era tormentors who are now rich wives with kids. Lim Ji Yeon has been cast as the second female lead in The Glory which means she’s a rich wife that everyone envies. The drama is slated to be an 8-episode run in each season for a two season run. Directing is the PD of Secret Forest (Stranger) and Record of Youth, whose most current drama is Happiness, so it’s a new collab with Kim Eun Sook rather than her using the PD she’s worked with multiple times. The drama is scheduled to air in 2022.


Lim Ji Yeon Joins as the Second Female Lead Opposite Song Hye Kyo in Kim Eun Sook’s Upcoming Revenge Drama The Glory — 44 Comments

  1. What the heck happened to Im Ji Yeon’s face? She looks like Lee Hye Young in that photo.

    I can’t imagine that anyone is really looking forward to Kim Eun Sook working outside her favored genre with a wooden Song Hye Kyo cast opposite yet another actor 10+ years her junior.

    • i notice that she looks best when she looks serious or upset because of her expressive puppy eyes. I think her smile tends to highlight the asymmetry of her face.

      It would be interesting to see what Kim Eun Sook can do outside of her usual rom-com. She’s probably rich enough to take some risks in her writing. I don’t think the male lead has been confirmed yet, but it may that the male lead is more of a supporting character, like the ML in Lee Yuri’s drama -Heaven’s Promise, where he is just the guy she is romantically linked with who occasionally tries to be her moral center “oh no. vengeance is bad.” A waste of the charismatic Song Joong-ho, but the story is ultimately about the female lead and her journey and making the big bad cry and beg on their knees.

      It’ll be nice to see Song Hye-kyo take on a character who can get her hands dirty. I mean the character is plotting revenge on her tormentor’s kid using her status as the kid’s teacher to hurt them. I wonder which child actor is going to be the kid and if Song Hye-kyo will have some maternal chemistry with him/her. If she can pull off acting with a child actor well, I think this can open her up to more roles.

      • @prettyauntumn : the problem with korean drama, they always had 16 eps route which is ruined everything. I noticed on KES writing, she always drag the story in the middle, with a lot of filler eps and repeating the same thing, if only the production drama shorten it, I think it would be so much better

        I do agree with you, this drama is a female centric drama with revenge plot, I dont think love line would be necessary as main story, so I dont worry at all about about ldh cast and age gap. Probably thats the reason too ldh cast hasnt comfirmed yet, because he might rethink his choice because he would be playing supporting character not the main

      • @Haeki
        I remember while reading the synopsis on soompi a few months ago and it said that this is going to be a multi season series. And recently it’s been confirmed it will air on Netflix . So I don’t think season 1 is going to be 16 epi long

    • So sad. She’s messed with her looks with with fillers. most women who get them would look 10 times better staying away from that needle. 🙁

    • It’s too late to save him from Im Soo Jung. She should honestly get similar flak but at least she’s not a bad actress. Her ‘love’line with Jang Ki Yong was the most absurd part of that terrible drama that they did together.

      • Search:WWW was actually really good if you cut out all the parts with Jang Ki-yong. It’s a story about 3 women working in the search portal industry, but they shoved the bland romance in there that didn’t add anything to the story. Lee Da hee’s romance with Lee Jae-wook was nicely done though. It added humor to the story.

        I like Jang Ki-yong, but sadly, he’s like the go-to actor for well-dressed-no-personality-love-interest. Someone please cast him as scruffy guy who needs a shower.

      • @rina : Sorry but you seems hate SHK but its so weird that you keep watching her even so updated about her?

        Girl If I were you just ignored her at all cost, like you wasting your time watching her ‘wooden acting’, while there are so many ‘good’ actress and drama out there? Lol.
        why need to forced yourself to watch something that you dont like, then you rant about it to everyone. Yikes

      • @Haeki

        Sorry that I upset you. As I’m free not to watch Song Hye Kyo (I’ve only seen clips of this latest drama which is enough to confirm what everyone’s saying btw), you’re free to not reply to my comment. Have a nice day.

      • shk stans must been tearing their hair apart at their fave getting slaughtered online for her new drama. No amount of food trucks will help.

        buckle up snowflakes. It’s going to be a long and bumpy two months.

      • Why so serious. Like – watch. Watch a few eps dun like. Dun watch. Hate Shg dun watch. Its that simple. Hahaha some ppl here sound like they are going into a physical and mental battle with the drama when the only thing required is a decision and changing channels. Xiang tai duo.

      • Oh now SHK fans wanna act brand new after two straight years of dragging SYJ who’s ten times as talented and various other actors just to overhype her non-existent acting skills? No matter what ratings her trash drama gets, the fact remains that she’s in her 40s with no actual talent to speak of. As a Naver commenter said, she’ll never put out anything worthy or artistic. She’d be 45 still mediaplaying her wooden acting and pairing with young men. Criticism is a part of viewer experience, You guys should know that since most of y’all spend all the time dragging down anyone perceived to be a threat to your talentless fav.

      • @joanne : lmaooo. Who hurt you?

        Its so funyyy you care a lot about what she will remembered as lol. I thought you hate her but you seems care a lot about her and her reputation? I doubt she will care because she is already pretty, rich, famous. nobody is perfect gurl, I dont think she will feel bad about it, she cant have everything on this life.

        Also dunno what you’re talking about, I don’t even care about actresses competition (like tf?? Who even cares??) So stop hallucinating

        I am just curios why someone investing soo much to something that they dont like then ranting about it to everyone and everywhere on her article. I mean you hate it in the first place, so why you act surprised that you dont like it and mad about it lmao. it’s just plain stupid

      • @Haeki oh please, joanne is right. you’ve gone under other actresses’ articles ranting about how you don’t get their hype because they’re not pretty lmao. imagine thinking visual is more important than actual acting skill as an actress. no wonder you stan song hyekyo who after 20+ years is still superficial enough to act the same type of pretty but cold woman role while her contemporaries in their 40s or even the trendy and popular actresses in their 20s are challenging themselves and improving themselves. your girl can’t relate lmao.

  2. Kim Eun Seok did well with Mr. Sunshine. That wasn’t her usual room com. I think it’s time for her to work with other equally capable PD.

    They really should cast actors and actress who could give strong performances since this is supposed to be a revenge drama.

    LJY’s casting is not a good sign at least for me. When the leads are not written interestingly, I need strong second leads.

    For me I often look at the cast members first to get me interested in a drama. Then I would look at the story premise.

    Like say with Penthouse there’s Uhm Ki Joon, Kim So Yeon, Eugene and Lee Ji Ah.

    Hospital Playlist has YYS, JJS and JKH.

    Mr. Sunshine had LBH, YYS and KTR.

    Goblin had GY, LDW, YIN and KGE.

    I think the only time I didn’t even look at the cast was with Reply 1988 and Prison Playbook. I wasn’t familiar with any the cast then but the drama poster caught my interest. Reply felt so nostalgic while PP made me interested because of the jail settings. It was the first time I watched JKH and PHS. Now I am a fan of both.

    The Glory sounds interesting on paper and with KES writing it there would be a lot of buzz, good or bad.

    To be honest after watching the first episode of NWABU I am no longer sure if SHK can pull off a revenge thriller.

    • “To be honest after watching the first episode of NWABU I am no longer sure if SHK can pull off a revenge thriller.”

      Ya know, I’ve been critical of SHK’s acting in NWABU, but maybe a genre change is exactly what she needs to shake things up. A revenge thriller might help her break out the same way it did for Han Sohee. Credit where it’s due, at least she’s trying something different next.

  3. We already know SHK is gonna play another cold, zero-expression protagonist but this time in a revenge thriller. The genre may change but her acting? No chance. KES’s ghostwriters have deserted her too so that’s a double whammy.

  4. KES dramas have had some capable second leads, but Lim Ji Yeon? Damn. I guess Lee Do Hyun is the only one who can act in this cast, so far.

  5. It’s apparently airing on TVN, so KES won’t have to suffer the indignity of losing her double-digit rating streak on a public channel again. I hope that The King: Eternal Monarch debacle would finally make her shape up.

  6. Song hye kyo next project with kim eun sook and lee eung book.Both of them lost midas touch after mr.sunshine.Like knetz said she should work with veteran actor rather working with lee do hyun and jan ki young. Young male actor just make her acting bland,wooden, 0 expression lol.Lets see in next ep. wonder of nwbu will get double digit rating.I bet it will not get higher rating like one the woman.
    Please shk stop using botox and filler cause thats make you look older.

  7. Is there something wrong with Lim Ji Yeon? Not understanding the discouraged comments here. I watched her years ago in the film Obsessed and thought she was good.

      • Does she have stigma against her for doing two films with sex scenes? Korean films frequently feature sex scenes. I’m not getting the issue here.

  8. After 25 years of the same acting style, do you think she will suddenly show something completely different in her next role? It may be a different genre, but it will be the same expressionless acting.

    • @Jin – SHK has a higher chance of showing something different if she does revenge rather than romance. I respect actors who try different things even if they might not succeed at first, because at least they’re trying.

      What would you propose? She just call it a day and quit acting?

      This discussion shows exactly why actors should take all the risks when they’re young, else they’ll be stuck in a box and have trouble getting out.

      • Why must she show something different? People don’t watch SHK for her acting skills. She’s a very limited actress and she knows it, writers know it and the audience knows it. She’s enjoying fame as a top celebrity in Korea status quo, why would she want to challenge herself now in her 40s.

  9. Since PDs, writers, staff, and actors love to work with her, she won’t run out of acting offers anytime soon so we’ll keep on seeing her on TV and haters will continue wasting their lives ranting about her acting. Who wins?

    • No one ever pointed out that she will have some disadvantages for that! Everyone knows she is loaded with Money, multiple CF and connection in the industry.

      They’re just wanting an actress(senior+experienced) to act like an actress not just some idol turns actress as a time pass/ hobby.

      Obviously, She will win! And you Won’t get the point that are different from your point of view, as a fan.

  10. While watching NWABU, I cannot help but think that SHK is not helped by the roles she’s played. I like to see her in a women’s drama like the C-drama, Thirties, where she is working with other ladies. That should show a personality that is not what she is playing now or maybe what she is not in reality. That should widen her repertoire and expand her acting range. I’d like to see her mess up with other ladies, laughing out loud, running, just having fun (please no bingeing on alcohol). Commercial modeling and her roles in Encounter and this latest one only show a stiff, stuck-up demeanor. A ‘revenge face’ will be more of the same.

      • Not a chance. If you’ve seen who they casted for 39, you can tell where the director’s acting preferences lie.

    • What she really needs to do is step outside the comfort of dramaland and try film again. A lot of the younger rising stars are mixing dramas and movies. Dramas can be limiting and formulaic, especially the ones she often chooses. Most actors shine in movies.

    • also, isn’t NWABU supposed to be a female-centric drama? she has girlfriends and is supposed to be working with them and drinking with them. she just can’t act it out.

    • acting cold but still emoting is anot an easy fit.just because your character is stoic means the actress label can’t act. you can feel their acting by just see their real emotion. minimal technique with more emotion and more gravitas, only the best who can execute that to perfection.

      SHK can do this in TWTWB. I don’t know what’s wrong with her here. but she can show more when her character has something more depth i think.

  11. Just watched ep 1 of nwbu.. fell asleep 2x.. but managed to finish.. shk is definitely gorgeous n stylish but she really have the same cold no expression face and her chemistry w jky is meh.. i like her to be the face of brands n magazine more than her acting

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