K-netizens Upset that tvN Drama Queen Cheorin’s Naver Channel has Been Restored as TVing Tries to Re-promote it on Streaming

It’s nearing the one year anniversary of when Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) premiered on tvN on December 12th, 2020. Oh what a year makes, for this drama it’s been the see-saw of hugely successful airings and audience feedback when it aired followed by blacklisting afterwards as collateral damage from other fallouts tied to K-netizens sudden fixating on punishing shows that distort history. The drama hasn’t been talked about for months now but it back in the news this week when K-netizens noticed that it’s Naver Channel has been restored (after being taken down) and that TVing is actively promoting it again to gain viewers as it owns the streaming rights to the drama in Korea. Some are talking about cancelling their TVing subscriptions to protest to which I say whatever floats your boat. Watch if you like, don’t watch if it offends you, but the kinda cancellation of Queen Cheorin is still one I’m sad about. The first half was so entertaining and well done and yes the second half fell apart and the ending was a huge pile of steaming crap but it does not deserve this level of disdain for what was just fictional liberties in storytelling.


K-netizens Upset that tvN Drama Queen Cheorin’s Naver Channel has Been Restored as TVing Tries to Re-promote it on Streaming — 22 Comments

  1. People are kinda hypocrites, this drama had great ratings and suddenly is not acceptable anymore? It doesn’t make sense.

    They’re just petty people who have too much time in their hands…

    They really need to stop this cancelling culture and let people deciding what they want.

  2. shin hye sun deserved all the best actress awards but got stolen due to unnecessary controversy over this drama… its rating is proof that the majority of the Korean public loved it and its just a small noisy knetz that is having a problem…

  3. Wow just wow
    If drama rating 17.4% has the second half fell apart the end is a pile of crap as you wrote. What about the other drama that got less than 13%?
    A small group of haters, do you know? the more you act, the more Mr. Queen receive love and protect.

    • Hi the unreasonable controversy against Female lead was from the writer, The Cho family (queen clan) to her chicken ads.
      For male lead, his rerun drama just aired on KBS. Not be cancelled from K industry only from his haters.

      And Both leads gain more love from fans all over the world after all.

  4. Wow this the best kdrama I’ve ever watched why the hate????
    Im looking forward for shin hye sun’s next project its been a year now. I miss her acting skills

  5. This is so unfair. Everyone knows it’s fiction anyway so why the hates. A lot of people really enjoy this drama and all the actors act their heart out in this and the rating is also high better than any comedy drama out there.

  6. Everyone has different favourites but arguing about historical distortion in a fictional work is more than inappropriate when the same netizens will praise webtoons where the authors are using exact copies of european castles, churches, schools ( mostly it’s Neuswanstein castle, Brunelleschi’s architecture from Firenze, Cambridge, Notre Dame de Paris, etc.) and making “historical” fictions which don’t make sense like one I checked recently about Erzebeth Báthory where they little know about her + they named her supposed son Miguel (Hungary Empire – the north west part of Slovakia today, they won’t be giving a spanish name at that time, after the boom of South American and Mexican telenovelas in the 90’s there is more possibility to find one) and all the historical facts are just fragments of released movies, where it was fiction as well ( fiction made from fiction…) To be sensitive about their own history and excuse their own incompetence and arrogance in other fields is very hypocritical.

    Shin Hye Sun was excellent and hilarious in here.

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