Honey Lee Gets Married to Non-celeb Boyfriend After One Year Dating in a Small Family Ceremony

Gosh, what a great early Christmas present for the newlyweds and for their friends and family as well! K-actress Honey Lee had tied the knot with her non-celeb boyfriend of one year, the two got hitched this Tuesday in a small family attended ceremony. She’s coming off a banner series of career movies starting in 2019 with The Fiery Priest and Extreme Job and this year she delivered one of SBS‘s few hits with the drama One: The Woman. She’s well on her way to becoming the most successful former Miss Korea and gosh she just exudes this beautiful warmth and unexpected physicality when she acts, a really unique actress onscreen for sure. Congrats to her marriage and wishing the couple a lifetime of happiness to have found each other.


Honey Lee Gets Married to Non-celeb Boyfriend After One Year Dating in a Small Family Ceremony — 16 Comments

    • She isn’t the first celebrity to do that, Hwang Jung Eum also married someone else after dating someone for 9 years.

      Sometimes one is in a relationship with someone for so long without getting married, the end result is breaking up and marrying someone else.

    • Dated my husband for less than a year. Now we are happily married for 5 years with two kids. The best decision i have ever made.

    • Noticed that friends who meet their spouses in their 30s get married quick. If they’re serious about getting married, they know what they want and don’t want. There is more of a laser-focus. They do pre-marital counseling and are more open to communicating and getting on the same page because they got less time to waste.

      People can marry after a long period of dating only for it all to fall apart after a year. I am really encouraged by stories of marriages of people in their late 30s after a short period of dating. Mostly because I’m about Honey Lee’s age.

      • @prettyautumn: Thar’s right. I think once people are in their 30s they are more established, know what they want and don’t have time for messing around and playing games. If they find someone who fits the criteria and ready to settle down, they are more likely to do it quickly. In your 20s it feels like you have so much time but once you reach your 30s it feels like there isn’t enough lol

  1. Congratulations to Honey Lee and her new husband! I hope they have a very happy marriage.

    When Honey’s agency confirmed the dating news last month, they said the couple were only introduced earlier this year. Clearly the relationship got serious very very quickly but I guess when you know, you know!

    I wonder if they will release any pictures? I need to see her wedding dress! She will be a gorgeous bride.

    • I don’t think they are competing with each other but is telling that they broke up last year after SEVEN years together and not even so much as an engagement ring but both have immediately moved on and remarried to new partners barely a year later.

  2. Congratulations Honey Lee!!
    I got engaged to my husband 3 months after meeting him, married less than a year after that. We are happily married for more than 5 years now.
    Sometimes, we spend time with someone we hoping to commit for happiness, whether marriage the answer is unknown. I believe she met the person perfect for her, with no reason to wait. Wishing all happiness for her.

  3. What a great year for her ! A hit drama + a wedding + an award ? It’s kinda funny how sometimes you date someone for several years to finally wed a boyfriend of one year . We never know what life has in store for us ! I wish her the best . My brother was with someone for 5 years , they break up , 6 months later he met his wife , they wed a year later, 10 years later i’m the aunty of 2 beautiful children ( 6 and 3 years )

  4. Wow people are so quick to judge. No wonder korean celebrities don’t often date publicly. The scrutiny is severe even when the relationship is already long over ppl will still bring up her ex when talking about her marriage to another. Who knows maybe they both found their happy ending after splitting up. A long term relationship doesn’t always end up in marriage or guarantee a happy marriage for that matter.

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