Netflix Prepping Horror Action Drama Sweet Home Season 2 with Song Kang in Talks to Return

I think the start of the Netflix 2021 K-drama bonanza was absolutely Sweet Home, which premiered on December 20, 2020. It was a big hit, got tons of great reviews, and even dovetailed nicely with Netflix produced J-dorama Alice in Borderland which also premiered at that time for a one-two punch of apocalyptic survival. Sweet Home was always touted as likely to have a sequel/season 2 but this whole year nothing concrete was discussed until now. Netflix announced that it is preparing to film Sweet Home 2 and currently in talks to bring back male lead Song Kang. I thought he was decent as Hyun but it was Lee Do Hyun as Hyuk that was the more compelling young male lead performance. The drama was so good because the supporting cast delivered across the board great performances so without spoiling who lives and who dies it’s clear the full cast can’t come back so if it’s just Song Kang then I hope the casting again surrounds him with top talent.


Netflix Prepping Horror Action Drama Sweet Home Season 2 with Song Kang in Talks to Return — 5 Comments

  1. Wait, the first season had good reviews? Was pretty forgettable to me, I rmb finding the main dude and the young girl annoying (the characters, not the actors). To each their own I guess. But it made me discover Lee Do-hyun, pretty charismatic young actor. I’ll probably skip this one, unless the reviews say it improves.

  2. Season 1 good in terms of acting, story and grp performance. Watchable.? But besides these things some aspects make it so intolerant that annoyed me till the end. Some of them were direction and VFX/ CGI work which were sooo bad. O can’t believe the direction was by dots director. If season 2 is going to be same as 1 then I don’t think it will be must watch series.

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