Kim So Yeon, Song Hye Kyo, Lee Je Hoon, and Honey Lee are the Daesang Nominees for the 2021 SBS Year End Drama Awards

Well this is going to be a tight two lady race for the winner and it’s trending nearly evenly split among the K-netizens commentary. SBS released the four nominees for this year’s SBS Drama Award Daesang and it’s Kim So Yeon in Penthouse, Song Hye Kyo for Now, We are Breaking Up, Taxi Driver himself Lee Je Hoon, and Honey Lee as One: The Woman. It’s clearly a showdown between Kim So Yeon and Honey Lee and I actually don’t know who will win. Last year the winner was Namgoong Min in Stove League but Kim So Yeon was also up for Daesang then since Penthouse season 1 already aired and was a ratings hit, so it could go to her both for continuing a memorable performance and also losing out last year. But Honey Lee absolutely hard carried her entire drama and brought in higher than expected ratings. Song Hye Kyo’s nom ins clearly to respect her seniority and doing a SBS drama but her somnolent character and performance in Breaking Up is one of her least impressive. Lee Je Hoon could have had a shot if the Taxi Driver aired closer to now but it’s lost a lot of steam and buzz since it finished this summer.


Kim So Yeon, Song Hye Kyo, Lee Je Hoon, and Honey Lee are the Daesang Nominees for the 2021 SBS Year End Drama Awards — 67 Comments

  1. Why is Song Hye Kyo on here, she’s super bad in NWABU that it’s unbelievable. Since when do they nominate people because of seniority?

    Taxi Driver aired this year and Lee Je Hoon gave a brilliant performance, it seems wrong to me that he’s been neglected because it aired this summer and lost it’s buzz.

      • When I say neglected, I meant koala almost believes 100% that he couldn’t win but am not in support of that, even though Honey Lee was just too good in One: the woman that she’s nailed on for this.

    • I agree with you 100%
      Song Hye Ko has no business being nominated and it’s so not fair on Lee Je Hoon, he had an outstanding performance in Taxi Driver.

      • So sorry for you who think SHK should not be there. She’s there Because she deserves to be there. Low rating on free TV, hey but top internationally!!! SHK has the talent and had portrayed the role being asked. So that’s it. DAESANG for SHK

  2. From the female ones I prefer Kim so Yeon. I don’t say Honey Lee isn’t good, but in my eyes Kim So Yeon is better, her character had more emotional scenes.

  3. kim soyeon should win this. After all, she got best actress in baeksang. anyway it’s really funny to see how mad, desperate and crazy kyj fans in twitter coz she wasn’t nominated in daesang but shk did (note that they used foul languages too like bitc*, mfs etc). they even insisted that how song hyekyo snubbed her place lol ? sorry not sorry.. she wasn’t even knetz and media favourite in the 1st place ? i bet that if shk wasn’t nominated, her ifans wouldn’t become this crazy. just because they think shk doesn’t deserve the spot, doesn’t mean that kyj automatically should be nominated instead! her performance in hcg wasn’t daesang worthy ok. it’s all about acting talent, not necessarily based on high rating only. park eunbin won top excellent last year despite do u like braham got low rating. sbs will nominate yj if her performance is daesang worthy. but her fans can’t understand this that she isn’t at that level yet. and sbs also agree with this. all they know is to get angry and shaded why song hyekyo was nominated instead.

    read this. apparently, only yj ifans behave like this. it is true that many knetz had questioned why shk is in the list, but seems that they don’t even care if yj is nominated or not. no complaints on why she wasn’t in the list ? her ifans needs to wake up and take a chill pill instead of shading shk.

    • Bhahaha song hye kyo will win best botox and filler or plastic surgery award. Can’t believe that she has rumor chinese sugar daddy make her look like grand mother next to jan ki young.

      • All Korean actresses and actors has a little plastic surgery from here and there so what’s so exciting to mention SHK. Should all the actresses and actors win an award for that. Such nonsense.

  4. It is clearly a pity nomination and it exposed how both knetz and inetz have such a low opinion of shk. This is what happens folks when you just coast along in your job and don’t do any effort to improve your skills.

  5. I cant read Korean hangul, just curious, will SBS decide the Daesang winner only based on the voting mechanism? If yes, it will be ridiculous. Because SHK has bigger fandom compared to other 3 nominees, yet her performance in NWABU is worse than them. Shame SBS

    • Song Hye Kyo’s performance in HYe is superb. I don’t know where do you get that her acting is less impressive. Watch it so you’ll know what she’s there. Song Hye Kyo for the win

  6. SBS acting like they only have fri-sat slot dramas.
    Also, I actually don’t get the reason behind song hye kyo’s nomination . Her drama failed massively both critically and commercially. The only reason sbs picked her could be due to the fact that she chose to make a come back on their channel.

    Anyways, my vote is for Lee Honey.

  7. One of these things is not like the others…

    They nominated all this year’s SBS drama leads with the notable exception of Kim Yoo Jung. Why did they snub her when her drama got better ratings and her acting got better reviews than a certain someone who is breaking up?

    • Y’all cry about it. Not SHK’s fault for being relevant. Rather than blaming SHK. You should protest on SBS. Besides, if the girl deserve it she will be nominated or maybe they don’t even consider her as an option.

      • @frills

        agree with u. that’s the point. if she’s worthy, then she would be nominated. it’s not shk fault if kyj wasn’t nominated. they should be angry on sbs why there are only 4 spots, not 5. probably kyj never even has been considered by sbs as a daesang contender. but they’re going crazy and attack shk in twitter make them looks so immatured. her fans are very problematic. they’ll throw shade to everyone to make yj looks better. so weird. before, they even said that it’s a karma that the current sbs dramas (nwbu, obs) has a lower rating. wonder what sins that these two dramas has to do with their fav? they really need a reflection

    • Song Hye Kyo deserves to be there not that she’s senior but she did an outstanding performance as what the character demands. Don’t attack SHK but those who chose her to be there. And I’m so agree why she’s there..

  8. Okau, SHK leads the vote of Daesang nominees on SBS website. Wow does SBS really need money? Intentionally put SHK into the Daesang nominee, make voting mechanism on their website, let international fans stupidly bombard voting, gain money from yhe voting and the web traffic. Capitalist SBS

  9. I agree, she should have not been included in the nominees. Usually it is those actors and actresses whose shows were huge hits that are nominated. NWABU is not even that.

    I don’t think SHK even cares if she’s nominated or not. Or is it because SBS felt bad for SHK?

  10. Okay, now SHK lead the vote of Daesang winner in SBS website. Wow SBS wow. Does SBS really needs money?? They intentionally put SHK on the Daesang nominee because she has bigger fandom than other actors (who more deserve get the Daesang), open the voting mechanism even for international fans who will crazily do biased voting, the higher the voting means the higher traffic on SBS website, the higher the web traffic means more advertisement, which ultimately means more money for SBS. Hail the capitalist SBS

    • Will SBS really choose the Daesang by the votes of viewers? I did not read anywhere they will do it. I know MBC is choosing the Daesang through the public voting.

    • SHK deserves to be there. Accusing SBS of such is a big mistake. Song Hye Kyo’s performance as Hye is perfect to a T. That was the flow of the story so why attack her that much. I do appreciate the story since the beginning so sorry for you who didn’t like it

  11. I don’t believe it when someone says that some people here are anti-fans of certain artists; they are just waiting for the opportunity to purposefully make bad to the artist’s image and say things that are not true. Now I’ve seen some already. lmao come on guys
    I’ve been a fan of LJH since 2013. I know he doesn’t have a chance to win this year’s Daesang when the opponent is too strong but I still hope even though the win rate is not high 🙁
    But obviously, I was also surprised when I saw the nomination named SHK. Not only me, most fandoms, even idol fan accounts with huge followings, were surprised and tweeted about this announcement. Because a few weeks ago, some articles were published predicting this year’s Daesang as KSY, LJH, LHN and other actress names.
    I assure everyone that KYJ fans haven’t said a word that affects SHK. They all knew it wasn’t her fault.
    KYJ fans are just mad at SBS. Don’t tell me I’m wrong guys, let me show you how to check the truth. Create a twitter account and search #KimYooJung to find all the tweets from her fandoms. See if what the people above claim is true :))))))))
    Even KYJ fans urged to be careful with their words so as not to affect SHK. SHK’s fans are also very mature, they know their favorite actress is not appreciated in this comeback so they only operate independently in their fandom.
    Kaola should open the feature of attaching images so that commenters can prove their words, and make the bad guys say things that are not true to bring down artists they dislike shutting up.

    • Thanks for telling us what to do. Too bad, I immediately saw some KYJ fans throwing shade on SHK by calling her lousy, mediocre, and undeserving of the nomination.

      Didn’t KYJ say in a radio show in 2013 that her role model is SHK? How could those fans do such a thing to their fave’s beloved sunbae? :((((((((

    • Did you even see the comments on PC? Her fans were dragging SHK through the mud the entire time saying she only got the nomination for seniority when Knet never once mentioned her name for Daesang because her sageuk drama was nonsense and her performance was not worthy of the nomination. That is fact which her fans can’t accept.

  12. I wonder what was the purpose of including SHK in this. Obviously it would bring negative reactions and will sort of invalidate this list.

    For the winner, I think it will be Honey Lee, because she’s the center of her drama. They will probably give another award to KSY.

  13. Nice game, SBS!

    SHK in daesang…. Wow.Mind boggling!!!

    They’re trying hard to get the money they lost through this.

    I heard about this comeback drama all around this year, count her coffee truck with her Ernest Fan,get excited after the promo,edited pictures,waiting for sizzling chemistry with JKY then the drama come and now this.
    She is indeed the Queen of media play.

    If the whole system based on public voting system, then I really feel bad for the deserving candidate.They’re the collateral damage of SBS,for goddess SHK sake.

  14. What actually she did in NWABU that I can’t see but SBS saw?!?!?!
    Even the best actor category isn’t rightfully hers but they give her daesang nominee!!!!

    • It’s okay guys…. World work like this. Money>>>>>> hard work, beauty>>>>>>>>talent. ‘The king’ was also not that good but because Lee min Ho has huge fan base things turn in, in the favour of money.

    • They saw superb performance. And I Believe in their credentials. They are there because they deserve to be there. What about you? What qualifications do you have to say that

  15. SHK getting nominated for a Daesang for looking beautiful while mechanically reciting her lines off fhe script book, talk about coasting on your name and looks. Great job I guess for SBS for doing everything in their power to not make it look like NWABU was that much of a failure because at least it got a Daesang nomination despite the low ratings, minimal buzz, and negative reviews of SHK and the drama in general.

  16. Why are people taking this so seriously? Its SBS network awards not Baeksang. NWBU is currently airing so it makes sense for them to try to get more promotion for this show. And maybe its a respect thing because to not nominate SHK would might be embarrassing given her status. Although based on people’s reactions it looks like nominating her ended up causing more embarrassment lol

    • Because there are more deserving actors to be nominated. That’s why people aren’t happy.

      But yeah, to be nominated is such an embarrassment for her ??

      • Yeah I get it. There are more deserving but I’m just saying the SBS and other network awards are not prestigious or anything. I dont take their nominations too seriously.

      • Sorry you are not one of the judges and SHK got a nomination and that’s already a bonus for the excellent performance she did for NWABU. Winning will definitely be a feat

    • Don’t make a habit to put down on SHK’s acting abilities. She is there because she deserves to be there. SBS organizers or whoever voted for the nominees have standards criteria and SHK met or even went above that standards

      • And what exactly are her acting abilities? Was she ever recognized by a critical award-giving body and not just some lousy end-of-the-year, vote-based award shows? Maybe it’s time for u to step back & get off your high horse to see everything that your favorite is lacking. If she’s really “deserving” then why is the MAJORITY of both knets & ifans questioning her nomination? U can’t possibly label all of them as haters in their large numbers? And to make it clear, the standards of those year-end award shows are not as high and credible as Baeksang, so the “criteria” u’re trying to use is not enough justification if she’s truly worthy to be in that lineup or not.

    • SBS really set her up for this one. Even though these network awards can’t be taken seriously, but to include her in the nomination list makes it a joke. At least the other three know they have a 1 in 3 chance.

      • Who are you to tell that she doesn’t deserve to be there? Wow pity you she’s there and she has every inch to win it. Saying those things is the big joke since you may not have watched single episode to say those things to SHK

    • Don’t worry many are celebrating and there are people who are just so envy.
      Bring it on SHK. These people will definitely not have what you have. Your supremacy in the field you are into by which they failed to see.

  17. The loath and bashing for SHK is really disgusting and sad. Women are scary. I used to think that men are scary when talking down on a woman but this prove me wrong. I feel sorry for her. I hope her next drama is good. I also hope she don’t pair up with any popular oppas or she’ll kill another handsome oppas hard works.

    • I agree with you ? because women really are toxic. It’s SBS choice to nominat her but people make it sound like she is desperate to get herself in the list. I’m won’t be surprise to see people accused her for buying rating and voting to benefit herself.

      • People who think that way are just full of envy and negativity. I had watched Now We Are Breaking up in the beginning and surely til the end. She did well as Ha Young Eun. She deserves to win period.

    • Bleh. Stop playing your feminist card to gain sympathy and supports for your fav

      This isn’t even about women or men. It’s about WORTHY OR NOT WORTHY to be nominated. If a man, a lousy actor got nominated for Daesang, then people will also shit on his nomination all the same as they do with SHK.

    • How do you they all are women??? None of them are men?

      And second thing I can understand what you want to say but, there are so many people around here which keep her in shell, where are those people?? Why they are not supporting her now??? It’s sad.

    • Song Hye Kyo deserves to be there not that she’s senior but she did an outstanding performance as what the character demands. Don’t attack SHK but those who chose her to be there. And I’m so agree why she’s there..

      • Tin and celine was same account lol!!Song hye kyo acting mediocre lol,can’t believe she was veteran for more than 20 year.I guess rumor she has powerfull backing in industry was true.No wonder she landing in many hit drama lol!!

    • Song Hye Kyo deserves to be there. Watch NWABU so you will know why. By the way those questioning why she’s there, who are you and how far do you know about acting skills?

  18. Only her hard core fans are saying shk deserves to be there or in this case, one fan using multiple usernames. Lol. Shk just keeps accumulating haters. The perks of having problematic fans. Lol.

  19. You know you wish you have a sugar daddy so bad but it never happen to you. So you trash talk about someone else’s image because of some lousy tabloid headlines. What a piece of shit. All the celebrities in the Korean entertainment has plastic surgery done to their face and tones of botox to stay youthful but you choose to shame SHK. These people who love to mock others appearances are disgusting minorities only. If to criticize her performance, I understand but it has nothing related. I looks to me like these commentary hate her but claim to critique her acting. I myself thinks her acting has became bland after Full House and wasn’t able to finish any of her recent works but would never go as far as these commenter here. I wonder do people ever look in the mirror to see how good of a person they are to talk so much trash about someone they don’t even know?

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