Namgoong Min Takes Home the Daesang at the 2021 MBC Drama Awards for The Veil and the Cast of The Red Sleeve Cuff Wins Big Across Multiple Categories

The first of the three network drama awards was the 2021 MBC Drama Awards which was less about the depth and breadth of offerings (slim pickings this year) but about the veteran versus the youngster for Daesang. It was a genuine competition with two very compelling acting performances that were nevertheless a comparison of a great orange with a great apple. The winner was the more likely choice in Namgoong Min for The Veil (Black Sun), which he hard carried and was basically a drama written for him to carry the load both with physicality and plenty of emotional acting range. The big winner in terms of number of awards won was The Red Sleeve Cuff, which took home best screenplay for the writer and leads Lee Se Young and Junho won Top Excellence Acting Awards for a Mini Series. Junho may have lost out on Daesang but he’s definitely going to ride this momentum to great things to come. The two also won Best Couple which was the biggest lock of the night lol. Veteran Lee Deok Hwa got a Lifetime Achievement Award made even more special because he played a very impressive role as the Daddy King in Red Sleeve. The fashion was still predominately black but when I toggled the pictures for the night so no black outfit was followed by another I realized it was around 50% including the men in tuxes so not as bad as it looked. Everyone seemed to be having fun and Namgoong Min getting teary eyed at his Daesang speech was just lovely. This is his second Daesang of the year after winning the 2020 SBS Drama Award Daesang for Stove League so next year he should aim for a Triple Crown over at KBS.


Namgoong Min Takes Home the Daesang at the 2021 MBC Drama Awards for The Veil and the Cast of The Red Sleeve Cuff Wins Big Across Multiple Categories — 29 Comments

  1. Junho is a very good looking man.

    And commenting on his looks because he has been such an intense Crown Prince and King that I forgot about his looks. And have been intent on him being Yi San that it was his voice, his burning intense gaze that has occupied my attention all these months.

    That seeing him today. In the tuxedo has been a shock seeing how good looking he is. When he isn’t Yi San. Looking at the world with his piercing gaze.

    • He really looked dapper and gorgeous in the award show. He assailed my eyes and sensws when he walked on stage to present Lee Deokwa his special achievement award.

      And so many moments he shined, I really got teary eyed when the MC mentioned meeting and seeing Junho promoting years ago in a variety show as an idol, and now to getting Top excellence award. How amazing and hard it is to be loved both as an actor and singer.
      Another was Seyoung’s acceptance speech which really heartfelt. She has been in the industry for so long that i felt it was really hjgh time people dont take for granted the talent and hardwork that she has poures into her craft. Seyoung jjang!!!!

      Definitely BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Namgoong Min, he deserved it. He was so brilliant in The Veil.

  2. CONGRATS to NAMGOONG MIN AND TO ALL THE ACTORS AND PEOPLE INVOLVED IN RED SLEEVE ???????????????????? . A special ? to Lee Deok Hwa and Lee Junho . I ‘m going to rewatch Chief Kim !

  3. NAMGOOOOOONG MIN!!!! He totally deserved the win! His teary speech and the shout-out to his girlfriend? Everything. Thrilled for the Red Sleeve team. A hearty congratulations to all the winners!

  4. As for the red carpet, i’m still stuck in the past with Gong Hyo Jin ‘s yellow outfit in 2013 and Yoon Eun Hye’s orange dress in 2012 . Young actresses don’t dare anything and always play too safe . I’m not telling them to be Zendaya, they are koreans and have to take care of netizens of a conservative nation, but for a country known to love fashion ( late Lagerfeld said it himself) it’s disappointing .

  5. I wanted Junho to win Daesang hahaha I know award shows are just for fun but I’ve become hypnotized by his portrayal of San to the point where I actively rooted for him. It’s okay, looking fw to his next steps as an actor and congrats to all the winners!!

  6. Was rooting for Junho for daesang but I’m still happy with all that he and The Red Sleeve team won! The best couple award was the best part of the night and Junho and Seyoung doing their little dance was adorable. Hope to see them both in even more awesome projects.

    • I think jungo is a great actor but daesang is given to someone who’s more capable not in acting but allover , like Lee swung gi wins it a lot just like Nam going min cause they basically are the face for the drama , jungo is good but he has to do more . Unlike junho who got his first innings because of being a idol other worked harder as an actor

      • Funny how you can’t even spell Junho’s name properly.. why bother dissing other ppl’s effort when you don’t even know them? Bitter much?

  7. I was rooting for someone from red sleeve to get Daesang but Nam Goong Min is deserving too.So congratulations.
    Although the competition was not much but i think the awards were chosen quite well.
    However I do think red sleeve writer shouldn’t have won because first of all this is an adaptation and she messed up the pacing.

    It was funny how people were trolling mbc for holding an award show with 4 mini series. But it ended up having the highest ratings yesterday. Red sleeve is indeed well loved.
    Also, Junho Seyoung were definitely the most anticipated ones as their best couple segment recorded the peak in ratings.

  8. Congratulations ???. Especially the red sleeve team for sweeping 8 awards.
    I am positive that they can get lots of nominations in Baeksang.
    Idk abt other categories but Red sleeve director definitely deserves a baeksang award.

  9. I’m happy for NGM, he did carry the drama by his acting because the script wasn’t good.

    But I’m disapointed that MBC didn’t see that their best drama was On the Verge of Insanity and not The Red Sleeve.

    It was the only one with a good script, the characters were so interesting and the actors were great.

    The Red Sleeve is very pretty and I’m very happy for Lee Jun-Ho and Lee Deok Hwa, they are great in this drama, but the writting didn’t deserve an award…

    • I agree. It’s clear Red Sleeve sewpt the most awards because of its high ratings. The writing is very bad and even Jun-Ho’s acting has degraded in the second half of the drama. Thank goodness he didn’t win the daesang because his acting is definitely NOT on NGM’s superior level and he didn’t deserve to win over NGM.

      • U sound ignorant and just like a hater.. Junho is more deserving than you know it. Only cause you don’t know Korean or the history and the intonations used in the speech, but just rely on subs. Or maybe you didn’t even watch and are just stating your bias opinion . Duh.

      • “Facts only” lmao
        Talk about being bitter and delusional
        Your opinion matters fuck all to anyone. Stay pressed

    • The writing is the most perfect I have ever seen since Jewel in the Palace days.. with a touch of modernism and fresh cinematography. It’s the best sageuk in a long time. You saying it’s not the best writing shows you don’t even know the history… The drama manages to highlight dramatic points while staying true to the historical timelines. Perfect in every way.

      • It’s not and it didn’t follow the novel neither. It shouldn’t have had a modern touch for me. The cinematography is beautiful but it was the case in the other sageuks too.

        The Head Court Lady and her cult was ridiculous. A lot of things didn’t make any sense. Hong Deok-Ro’s revenge because of his sister too, he did bad things but it was political.

        The characters didn’t evolve at all during the 15 episodes…

        The beginning was really good. But the writer focused on Yi-San’s feelings and not Deok-Rim.

    • @Sayaris, if you don’t know how to interpret what you see in a drama, maybe you should watch the reviews and explanation vids on YouTube.. from your reply, I can see your misunderstanding is great indeed..

      • Sorry but I understand very well. I just don’t share your opinion. This drama is not written well for me. There are many things that don’t make sense at all.

  10. MBC only had four dramas, and only two made some splash. It was a lackluster year, but they did regain finally with ratings. NGM is a great actor, but his win doesn’t feel deserved imo. It didn’t really feel like a real win, considering Lee Jun Ho was the only viable competition.

    The Baeksangs on the other hand are sometimes on point, and then they thrown a random choice like Birthcare Centre getting some major noms. I don’t think they’ll nominate Red Sleeve other than maybe Best Actor?.

  11. So Happyyyy for Lee Jun Ho and Lee Se Young. They both are AMAZING hidden gems of this industry that finally shined bright for the whole world to see. I believe Lee Jun Ho deserved Daesang but I’m sure his future performances will be breathtaking as well and he will eventually get the Daesang he deserves. Happy for Namgoong min and happy for the staff of TRS. The TRS couple were the stars of the night and I was just so happy watching the ceremony. All the Best luck to them in their future roles, I will be eagerly waiting.

    • They were stars indeed. Even the ratings peaked when they accepted their best couple award. And the avg ratings came out to be better than last time

  12. Congratulations to the winners! It was close to a sweep for TRS team. I wasn’t surprised Nam Goong Min won. His speech was very sweet and sincere.

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