Screenwriter of Critically Acclaimed MBC Sageuk The Red Sleeve Cuff Says in Post-Drama Interview that This Drama Was Written to Pay Respect to the Lives of Court Ladies ala Dae Jang Geum

This was one post-drama interview that felt intimate, meaningful, and adds additional depth to the drama. The screenwriter of The Red Sleeve Cuff, who also wrote Ruler: Master of the Mask and Gyebaek, shared her thoughts and insights on this production this week after the drama finished airing. She was approached to do it three years ago by MBC but she had just given birth so declined, but felt like now was the right time. She noticed that there had not been a traditional sageuk that focused on the life of the women who lived in the palace from the serving court ladies to the consorts/queen/princesses from the female point of view since Dae Jang Geum, so she was keen to take on this challenge. She is so pleased that there remains an audience for a well-written and acted sageuk and hopes MBC continues to produce such dramas. She said that she put in a few dialogue Easter eggs from Dae Jang Geum and Heo Joon for viewers who watched those dramas.


Screenwriter of Critically Acclaimed MBC Sageuk The Red Sleeve Cuff Says in Post-Drama Interview that This Drama Was Written to Pay Respect to the Lives of Court Ladies ala Dae Jang Geum — 15 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing more news on TRS.

    I’m immensely happy for the TRS cast, crew and staff. It’s a complete package offered great writing, beautiful direction, gorgeous cinematography, harmonious BGM and mesmerizing acting. I dare to say years later TRS will become a classic like Dae Jang Geum. And I’m so happy the screenwriter mentioned about Dae Jang Geum in her interview.

  2. I loved the drama, specially the acting of the female lead, she was such a natural. Also the two guys were great. Little spoiler ahead, The only odd thing that felt like a plot mishap was the fact the Crown Prince had a crown princess/wife/queen all along and was never shown even once. Almost the entire first half of the drama I was in the impression that he had no wife and suddenly the dialogues in the later part of the drama implied that he always had a wife. Part of me sometimes got confused when new girls were introduced as to whether they are the queen or just concubine. In the end, I realised that his queen was never shown, only implied once or twice. Which is so weird. Other than this plot hole , the story was great. I know they wanted to focus on the court lady story so perhaps left out the queen/crown princess but that’s really weird to leave out the person who’s been a wife all along of the crown Prince/king.

    • That’s because its the English subtitles that confused you. The Korean conversation actually had all the ranks or their positions. So I knew who was whom. The honorifics also changed when the ranks changed. The ranks of the court ladies were also clearly denoted when they addressed each other.

      It’s not a plot hole per se. Its historical fact that he was married when he was 10 years old I think. They never showed him talking about the Queen. But historical fact mentioned DI knowing the Queen and vice versa as friends.

      You would miss a lot just watching it for the sake of a drama and using English subs.

    • I think they don’t mention it to place the focus on San’s relationship with Deok Im and-let’s be real-polygamy just isn’t romantic.

      Crown Prince San was actually married since he was about 9 or 10. A lot of people overlooked it but there are references here and there to the Crown Princess throughout the drama from episode 1 but they don’t emphasise it and we never see her.

      Interestingly, in real life Deok Im and the Queen (San’s wife) apparently had quite a cordial relationship and her respect and friendship for The Queen was allegedly one of the many reasons she didn’t want to become his concubine.

      • Just realised I contradicted myself in my reply above! I meant to say: they don’t SHOW her to place the emphasise SanDeok’s love story but she is mentioned here and there. For instance, I remember in the first or second ep they mention that one of her friends looks after the Crown Princess’ clothes.

    • I think we saw a glimpse of little yisan marriage. It was when Prince Sado hit little Yisan, blamed him for taking love from Yeong Jo. That time, little Yisan wore a marriage cloth.

    • the exact reason why i don’t want to watch this drama. i can’t root for a king or any male leads who has other spouses or concubine besides the female lead. it’s against my moto. my bias will always be inclined towards the 1st wife. this is also the reason why i abandoned jang ok jung right after the king confirmed his relationship with jang okjung. i felt pity with the queen. polygamy isn’t my thing and i don’t feel it’s a romantic things. i know my points isn’t really related to ur point. but just want to express my opinion abt this concubine things

  3. She says this and yet she wrote the bulk of the drama to embellish the ‘swoony’ ML and his arduous journey to become king while the FL got crickets and criticisms till the last two episodes. And even that heartwrenching scene in EP16 where Ui-bin waves goodbye to Deok-Im wasn’t in the script but added last minute by the director. ?

  4. The writting was the weakest part of the drama for me. It was a novel inspired by real historical figures. She didn’t invented anything and what she did bring to the story wasn’t the best part like the Head Lady Court’s cult…

  5. @Sayaris: It’s a pity but I do kind of agree about the cult. I suspect they were told they needed to add some “action” and that’s why that plot was written in but that storyline went on for too long and took time away from other more important aspects of the plot. I also think it cheapened the Head Court Lady’s motives.

  6. What are the Easter eggs from “Dae Jang Geum” and “Heo Joon”. I watched “Dae Jang Geum” thrice and it was the first Korean drama that I watched, but I didn’t notice the Easter eggs at all?

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