Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon Beam with Happiness in Official Wedding Photos Released on Eve of Ceremony

Congrats all around to the pretty set of newlyweds in K-ent! Acting couple Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon tied the knot this Saturday in Seoul and their respective agencies released this batch of official wedding photos for their fans to celebrate alongside. The couple absolutely have husband-wife face in Asian parlance, very compatible and hopefully it translates into a long and harmonious marriage. The couple is expecting their first child due in spring so Park Shin Hye will likely not be back with an acting project this year in 2022 but I’m sure her fans are just happy for her new stage in life.


Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon Beam with Happiness in Official Wedding Photos Released on Eve of Ceremony — 21 Comments

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  2. Congratulations to this beautiful couple. Time has flown by, doesn’t seem too long ago PSH was the breakout child actor in Stairway to Heaven to leading Hallyu wave actress in Heirs & Pinocchio

  3. Happy for them. Its my first time to see a not-so-private kceleb couple wedding with so many photos and videos posted on different social medias, even their wedding vows was shown. It feels like I was personally there in their wedding. Lol. Hope the wedding of Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin couple would be like this too. *fingers crossed*

    • I doubt HB and SYJ will broadcast their wedding like this. They have been super private since they confirmed the dating news. Too bad because I love to see weddings pics! PSH’s dresses are all gorgeous.

  4. Never expected PSH have a shotgun wedding let alone a grand star studded wedding. Congratulations to her new life. Don’t expect to see her back on screen for another 2 years.

  5. The funny thing is Lee minho came but the invitation that’s come to him not as lee minho but written for Kim Tan haha
    and after that’s he updated his IG channeling his Kim Tan persona looking confused with message “But i really happy for you tho ” lmao

  6. Congratulations to them! She looks so pretty and so happy, the pics are lovely.

    (lol @Lee Min Ho channelling Kim Tan he’s witty all right)

  7. It’s a pure joy to watch their happiness and sincerity . As i never seen them together i just realize now how beautiful they are as a couple . Hope that their life will be beautiful too . They are sparkling ???

  8. I’m surprised they had a bit splashy wedding. I thought covid cases were still bad in SK and there were limitations but regardless congrats to the beautiful couple!

  9. I was surprised too, as the other celebs that got married recently had small ceremonies with family due to the covid situation.

  10. Congrats to the happy couple. Soompi is full of their gorgeous wedding day photos. They managed to to drag Kyungsoo out of his man cave to perform a congratulatory song. This is the most un-private wedding coverage I have seen in K-ent so far. The couple didn’t seem to mind their friends and media posting the pics. So refreshing!

  11. I agree with koala of the husband-wife similar look (foo chai siong in Cantonese) in PSH and CTJ. May they have a long and happy marriage with safe arrival of little ones. I just could not help wishing more K-ent couples would come out in the open to announce their wedding/relationship/baby news. K-celebs are singlehandedly doing the heavy lifting in raising the lowest birth-rate country in the OECD. Lots of tiger babies this year. Fighting!

  12. Congratulations. Can’t help notice most k-entertainers this year have small private lowkey weddings due to covid but this pair invited a slew of celebs. Lee Min Ho, Nam Goong Min, Ryu Jun Yeol, DO, Seolhyun, Oh Sang Jin former athletes, etc. Even Nam Ji Hyun who starred in SP with CTJ back in 2017 was there snapped by Dispatch. Wonder when will it be her turn next, I get the feeling that she’s dating but time will tell.

    • funny you would say that. both are former child actresses. she could well be the next one to get married, seeing that dispatch is sniffing around her, lol. I tot some commenters said dispatch doesn’t bother covering minor b-list actors/actresses. they only cover high ranking celebs. she may be dating someone famous.

      • dispatch isn’t sniffing around her lol she attended a star-studded wedding and they reported and photographed the celebrity guests who arrived through the main entrance. dispatch didn’t even capture lee min ho pic even though he is a top star, he probably took a back entrance.

  13. Such a sweet couple. Their wedding wows are going viral in socmed. Both of them help up their left hand as they said their wows like witnesses in the courtroom. Lol. The star studded guest list is eye popping. It can rival the Song-Song wedding.

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